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    While almost every credit card can be used to pay utility bills like gas, electricity, water and telephone bills, there are some credit cards that offer specific benefits and services just for such payments. These special offers can present themselves either as cash back offers or as discounts on the bill. At times these can even be accesses to special feature that allow you to regulate and schedule the payment of utility bills in advance so as to avoid any defaults in the payments. Such services could be a boon for the credit card user as there may come a time when the regularity of paying bills, or a lack of thereof, may have a direct effect on the cardholder’s credit scores.

    Credit cards that provide Utility benefits:

    There are many banks that offer credit cards that will have special features related to the use of the card for utility bill payments. Some of the cards that offer such benefits are:

    • Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

      This is a credit card that comes with a bunch of special offers that range from cashback on expenses on fuel to cashback on expenses related to phone bills. The card will also offer a 5% cashback on payments that are made towards electricity, gas or water. Other benefits offered by this card also include the waiver of 2.5% surcharge on fuel expenses.

    • Citi Cash Back Credit Card

      This is card which offers benefits like 0.5% cashback on all expenditures and loans as well as EMI options for expenses. The utility benefits offered by this card provide a 5% cashback when telephone, gas or electricity bills are paid using the card and the online payment options for these services. The card also comes with a nominal fee of Rs. 500 per annum.

    • HDFC Platinum Plus

      This credit card offered by HDFC comes with the facility of registering with SmartPay facilities that ensure that your utility bills are paid on time and with minimum inconvenience to you. Some of the other facilities this card provides are zero liability if the card is stolen and reported as such and a rewards program that can earn the cardholder 2 points for every Rs. 150 worth of spending.

    • HDFC Platinum Times Card

      The HDFC Platinum Times Card also offers the SmartPay registration to ensure utility bills get paid on time. Some of its other features include things like 3 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent, 0% fuel surcharge and discounts on movie tickets.

    • HDFC Titanium Times Card

      The Titanium Times Card is another card that comes equipped with the SmartPay facility meant for the payment of utility bills. It also comes with other features like discounts of up to 25% on movie tickets and up to 15% off at certain restaurants. It also offers 2 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent on the card.

    • Axis Bank MY Choice Credit Card

      This credit card offered by Axis Bank comes with the facility of a 5% cashback when the card is used to pay utility bills. It also allows for payments to be turned into EMIs and also offers 5% cashback on things like fuel expenses as well. There is also a rewards program associated with this card, which allows you to earn 4 points for every Rs. 200 spent on the card.

    Before you go in for any credit card, it is a wise idea to go through the terms and conditions since while these cards do offer benefits for utility bill payments they can also attach certain terms and conditions to the use of such facilities.

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