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  • HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card

    The HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Card is on offer exclusively to customers who hold a HSBC Advance account. Customers who have a strong financial relationship with the bank, such as a salary account, a mortgage or a Rs. 3 lakh quarterly balance, will qualify for a HSBC Advance account. This exclusive card comes with state-of-the-art features and privileges. Earn rewards like never before with offers to earn up to 5 times the normal reward points. Enjoy this credit card without paying any annual fees and get attractive rates of interest on your outstanding balance. There are a ton of EMI options in store to make your repayments as easy as it can be.

    Welcome offer:

    • Upon joining the world of HSBC Advance Credit Card, you are eligible to get 10% cashback when you spend at least Rs. 10,000 in the first 90 days. You can get a maximum of Rs. 3,000 cash back.
    • For the first 24 calendar months from the card issuance, you can earn 3x points on your purchases for every Rs. 150 spent on online/e-commerce merchants.

    HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Card - Benefits:


    • Earn 2 reward points for every Rs. 150 you spend on your HSBC Advance VISA Platinum Card.
    • Rewards points are valid for 3 years. Redeem your reward points on home appliances, electronic equipment, gift vouchers, airline miles, garments, jewellery, fashion accessories, cosmetics and donation to charities.

    Bonus Reward Points:

    • If you cross Rs. 4 lakh up to Rs. 1 crore spent on your credit card in the first year, you are eligible to earn 5x times the reward points. If you are eligible for the 5x reward scheme, the 3x scheme will automatically cease.

    No annual fees:

    • With this credit card, you will incur absolutely no annual fees. Any add on card you may avail of also will not attract any joining and annual fees.

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

    • For transaction amounts of Rs. 400 to Rs. 4,000 on fuel at any petrol station across India, the fuel surcharge will be waived.
    • A nominal fee of Rs. 10 is charged on transactions below Rs. 400. Customers will incur a 2.5% surcharge on transactions above Rs. 4,000.

    Lost credit card liability:

    • In case you lose your credit card, report it immediately to HSBC. You will not be liable to any fraudulent charges on your card up to 24 hours before reporting and 7 days after.

    Instant EMI:

    • Convert your retail spends instantly into EMIs and pay it back conveniently in small installments.
    • Instant EMI offer is available only on a select range of purchases at merchant outlets. You need to spend at least Rs. 2,000 to convert the transaction into an EMI.

    Loan on Phone:

    • Loan on Phone facility offered by HSBC, you can buy big-ticket items and convert your purchases into easy EMIs. The minimum transaction amount required to avail this offer is Rs. 2,000.
    • Inform HSBC within 15 days of the purchase to convert it to EMIs of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Processing fees and interest rates are applicable but you will still earn reward points. EMI interest is calculated at a lower rate of 15% p.a. to 24% p.a.


    • Available to select HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Cardholders, this facility allows you to withdraw money and pay it back in EMIs. Cash can be availed through cashier order of NEFT facility. To know if you are eligible, call to HSBC credit card customer care.

    Balance conversion:

    • Cardholders have the option to convert the total outstanding retail balance into EMIs and pay back the amount like a loan. The minimum amount required is Rs. 5,000. You can choose EMI options of 3, 6, and 12 months.

    Balance Transfer:

    • Transfer any balance on another bank’s credit card to your HSBC credit card and repay the same in easy monthly installments. You need to transfer a balance of at least Rs. 3000. The tenures for EMI available are 6, 8, 12, 18, and 24 months.

    Dining offers:

    • You’ll enjoy your food more when you get up to 20% off dining at more than 700 partner restaurants in all major cities.

    Movie offers:

    • Spend over Rs. 50,000 in a calendar month and get a movie ticket voucher worth Rs. 500. Avail of a maximum of Rs. 3,000 in a year.

    HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Card - Features:

    Global acceptance:

    • Your credit card will be accepted in more than 18 million establishments all over the world. This includes more than 1 lakh establishments in India.

    Interest-free period:

    • Get up to 52 days interest-free periods on your purchases. Pay your bills in full by the due date to continue the interest-free cycle on subsequent purchases.

    Extended credit:

    • With your credit card, you can rollover the balance amount to the next month after paying the minimum due. The balance will be subject to an interest of 3.3% per month.

    Cash advance around the world:

    • With your HSBC Advance Platinum credit card, you have access to 700,000 ATMs around the globe.

    Online banking:

    • You can register for online banking and manage your credit card anytime and anywhere. Download statements, redeem rewards and contact HSBC directly and privately through online messaging.

    Mobile banking:

    • With your Phone Banking Number (PBN) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you have access to phone banking. Credit card bill payment, balance inquiry and more are available on the phone.

    Add ons:

    • Avail of supplementary credit cards for your family members so that they can also enjoy the benefits of HSBC Advance Platinum credit card.
    • You can take an add-on card for your spouse, parents, children, and siblings above the age of 18.

    Online shopping:

    • Shop online with peace of mind with your HSBC Advance Platinum credit card. A one-time password (OTP) will be issued to your mobile number through a text message for you to verify and confirm the transaction.

    HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card Fees and Charges:

    Type of Charge Amount
    Joining fee Nil
    Annual fee (per annum) Nil
    Add on cards Nil
    Interest free period Up to 52 days interest-free period is given provided the previous month’s outstanding balance is paid in full.
    Interest rate 3.3% per month or 39.6% per annum is charged from the date of transaction on the basis of a daily reducing balance.
    Minimum Amount due 5% of your total payment due will be the minimum due (plus greater of past due or overlimit due), subject to a minimum of Rs. 100.
    Late payment charges 50% of the minimum amount due is charged if the payment does not reach HSBC by the due date. A minimum of Rs. 400 to a maximum of Rs. 750 is charged.
    Cash Advance limit This limit will be set at 40% of the credit limit or will be communicated in your monthly statement.
    Cash Withdrawal interest 2.5% of the transaction value from the date of withdrawal, subject to a minimum of Rs. 300.
    Fees on cash withdrawal at any domestic ATM Nil
    Fees on cash withdrawal at International ATMS Rs. 100
    Balance enquiry at other bank ATMs Nil

    Other Fees and Charges

    Type of Charge Amount
    Over limit Rs. 500 per month
    Card Replacement Rs. 100
    Cheque Bounce/Invalid ECS or standing instruction Rs. 350
    Foreign Currency Transaction 3.5%
    Out of town cheque collection and processing
    • Up to Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50 per cheque
    • Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 1 lakh - Rs. 100 per cheque
    • Above Rs. 1 lakh - Rs. 150 per cheque
    Charges on Cash Payment (applicable on payments made via cash drop boxes and HSBC branches) Rs. 100
    Chargeslip Request Rs. 225 per month
    Duplicate statements more than 3 months old Rs. 100 per statement
    Fuel surcharge For transactions below Rs. 400, Rs. 10 is charged. For transactions above Rs. 4,000, 2.5% of the transaction amount is charged. A maximum of Rs. 250 waiver can be availed of in one calendar month.
    Railway surcharge at counters Rs. 10 of 2.5% of the transaction amount, whichever is higher.
    Railway surcharge for online bookings HSBC does not levy any fees. Rs. 30 processing fee per transaction plus any fee if charged for using another bank’s payment gateway.
    Rewards redemption handling charges Rs. 50
    Copy of Credit Information Report Rs. 50
    Loan on phone A processing fee of 2% is applicable on the loan on phone facility, subject to a minimum of Rs. 100.

    Eligibility Criteria for HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card

    To qualify for an HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Card, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • Be at least 21 years old.
    • Have an annual income of Rs. 5 lakh minimum.
    • Have an HSBC Advance account.

    HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card FAQs:

    1. Who is eligible for an HSBC Advance account?

      The HSBC Advance account can be availed in India if you meet ONE of the following criteria:

      • You maintain a quarterly Total Relationship Balance of at least Rs. 3 lakhs. This is a combination of current and savings account balances, HSBC demat account holdings, fixed deposits, life insurance and investments of HSBC India.
      • You have a relationship of Rs. 3 lakh mortgage with HSBC India.
      • Your corporate salary account is held under HSBC’s Corporate Employee Programme (CEP) in India. You should be earning at least Rs. 50,000 net salary per month.
    2. What are the documents required to apply for a HSBC Advance Platinum Credit Card?

      HSBC will communicate and advise you on the documentation required in respect to your identification, address and income or employment. Any other documentation required such as PAN details to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements will also be communicated.

    3. How do I pay my credit card bill?

      HSBC offers a number of methods to pay your credit card bill as per your convenience.

      • Cheque/Draft - You can drop a cheque or draft at the drop boxes in HSBC branches and ATMs. You can also use the Skypak drop boxes or mail them to HSBC. The cheque should be made payable to “HSBC A/c No. XXX - mention the 16-digit card number).”
      • Cash - You can pay in cash at any HSBC branch in India.
      • Online banking - HSBC account holders can log onto HSBC personal internet banking and make the payment.
      • Standing instructions - You can set a standing instruction to debit the amount due from your HSBC account.
      • Electronic Clearing Service - Customers in Mumbai and Delhi have the option to use the ECS facility from any other bank.
      • National Electronic Funds Transfer - You can also make a NEFT payment. Fill in the 16-digit card number in place of the account number.
      • ATM or Phone Banking - You can access your account at an ATM or through phone banking to make the payment.
    4. If I default on my credit card payment, will it affect my credit score?

      Yes, defaulting on credit card payments and EMIs will affect your CIBIL score. HSBC will adhere to the procedure that is approved by the board in reporting the issue after giving sufficient notice to you about the overdue payment.

    5. There is an error in my credit card bill, how do I fix this?

      You can raise a dispute on any errors, irregularities, omissions or fraudulent and unauthorised transactions on your credit card. You can also raise any other objections to charges on your card. You need to do this within 30 days of receiving the statement of accounts. Please note that HSBC will assume you have received the monthly statement 10 days after it has been dispatched, or upon actual receipt, whichever is earlier. You can notify HSBC via phone, email, post or visiting their bank branch.

    6. How do I redeem my reward points?

      To redeem your accumulated reward points, call HSBC Phone Banking or visit for redemption.

    7. What is the maximum amount I can transfer from another bank’s credit card?

      You can transfer up to 90% of your HSBC credit limit. This is subject to the available balance on your credit card on the date of balance transfer approval.

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