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    SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card

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    SBI Corporate Platinum Card Overview:

    Corporate employers can now easily manage their company and employee expenses with a SBI Platinum Corporate credit card, which offers simple yet comprehensive spend management solutions. This card enables employers to track employee spends, evaluate their spending patterns and also understand future expenses. Employers do not have to go through the rigmarole of keeping huge records of the expenditure done by their employees, but have to simply avail a SBI Corporate Platinum Card. Employees are the greatest assets to any organisation and it is important that their needs are well taken care of. Along with giving employers a convenient tool to manage corporate expenses, the SBI Corporate Platinum Card also provides employees, unbeatable privileges and rewarding experiences, without companies having to bear the brunt of the spending huge amounts on employee expenditure.

    Benefits of a SBI Corporate Platinum Card:

    Dual Benefits:

    The SBI Platinum Corporate Card offers convenient expense management solutions to employers and excellent privileges to employees when they use this card for various transactions.

    Employer Benefits:

    Corporate organisations can benefit by easily monitoring employee expenditure, control spends and discover new avenues to cut costs and save money.

    Employee Benefits:

    Employees using the SBI Corporate Platinum Card can earn reward points, lounge access at airports, complimentary travel insurance and other unbeatable benefits.

    Features of a SBI Corporate Platinum Card:

    Enter into a world of exceptional privileges and make your life a tad simpler with the SBI Corporate Platinum Card. As a credit card loaded with exemplary features, this card serves up as a convenient tool for both corporate companies and their employees to track expenses and much more.

    What does the SBI Corporate Platinum Card offer Organisations?

    Spend Analysis:

    Corporates can now track employee spends and manage them efficiently using the VISA Intellilink Spend Management provided as part of the SBI Corporate Platinum Card features.

    Expense Management:

    The Expense Management system offered by SBI Corporate Platinum Card helps employers review expenditure incurred from service providers and manage future expenses without any hassles. Employers can track expenses based on specific categories and then according to the expenses, they can negotiate with service providers, hotels, airlines, etc., for better rates. Employees can enter non-card transactions, create online expense reports and make various requisitions using the Expense Management system.

    Quick Data Processing:

    With the SBI Corporate Platinum Card, companies can easily track their everyday expenses. Employers can view and track all transactions done by a cardholder from any corner of the globe.

    User-friendly Reporting:

    Offering maximum flexibility to employers, the VISA Intellilink Spend Management carries a user-friendly interface and dashboard. Data is available to employers 24/7 and they would have immediate access to the expense management system.

    Spend Category Control:

    Corporate companies can completely control the types of merchants that employees can use their SBI Corporate Platinum Card at. They can block particular merchant categories, if those do not fall in line with their company policies.

    EMV Cards:

    SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Cards offer enhanced security in the form of embedded EMV chips. Card transactions will be completely protected against skimming and counterfeit fraud.

    24/7 Customer Services:

    Card holders can get support from Relationship Managers and SBI’s 24/7 service desk for any card related emergencies.

    Worldwide Acceptance:

    As an international credit card, the SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card can be used at 24 million outlets around the world and at over 3,25,000 merchant outlets across India.


    Customers can have their monthly statements delivered to their email addresses and have 24/7 access to their credit card details.

    Consolidated Payments:

    Organisational expenses can be managed efficiently using the consolidated payment system available to employers on the SBI Platinum Corporate Card.

    What are the features offered for Employees?

    Shop & Smile Rewards Program:

    Companies also have the option of activating the rewards program for their employees by paying an annual fee of Rs 300. The company has to send a written request to SBI to participate in this rewards program. Accrued reward points can be redeemed for gifts, vouchers, etc., from the SBI Card Reward Redemption Catalogue. SBI Platinum Corporate card holders can earn 1 point for every Rs 100 spent on domestic transactions. Every Rs 100 spent on international transactions can earn customers 2 rewards points. Rewards points cannot be transferred and can be accumulated only for a time period of twelve months. Points cannot be earned for balance transfers, cash advances, drafts, disputed transactions, fuel purchases and on financial charges.

    Cash Withdrawals:

    SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card holders can also make instant cash withdrawals during emergencies, while they are traveling abroad.

    Compelling Offers:

    Travel in comfort with the SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card offering the best deals on travel and entertainment from world-class hospitality chains and travel operators.

    Airport lounge Access:

    Card holders can enjoy additional travel benefits like complimentary lounge access at over 22 airports, worldwide, along with facilities like shower, lodging , F&B, etc.

    Priority Pass:

    Customers can also choose to have a membership under the Priority Pass program, which provides access to over 600 VIP airport lounges around the world. A membership fee of Rs 180 for a year along with a usage fee will be charged by SBI.

    Visa Lounge Access Program:

    SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card holders can get up to 2 complimentary Visa lounge access at various airports. Unlimited paid lounge access can also be got for members other than the free visits.


    Every SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card customer can get complimentary insurance benefits provided by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. The insurance benefits include the following covers - a) Lost card liability for up to 3, 00,000 covering fraudulent transactions for up to 48 hours prior to loss of card, b) Personal Air accident insurance of up to Rs 50 lakhs inclusive of worldwide cover and terrorism related activities. c) Loss of checked in baggage for up to Rs 75,000, d) Delay of checked-in baggage for up to Rs 7500 e) loss of passport and f) domestic flight delays for up to Rs 15000.

    Employee Fraud Insurance Cover:

    Companies can also avail the Employee Fraud Insurance Cover for up to an amount of Rs. 20, 00, 000 offered by Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. The sum insured is generally equivalent to the available credit limit for a SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card.

    Emergency Card Replacement:

    State Bank of India provides emergency card replacement services to all customers if the credit card has been lost or stolen, free of cost.

    Documents required:

    • PAN card
    • ID proofs (Any one) -
      • Passport
      • Driving License
      • Voter’s ID
      • UID Aadhar Number
      • PAN card


    Eligibility for a SBI Corporate Platinum Card is determined based on the company’s annual turnover shown as per the latest audited balance sheet submitted at the time of application.

    Fees & Charges:

    Annual Fee Nil
    Joining Fee Nil
    Extended Credit - Interest Free Credit Period 20 to 50 days (only for retail purchases / the previous month’s outstanding balance should also be paid completely)
    Extended Credit - Charges Up to 3.35% per month
    Minimum Amount Due Total Outstanding Dues.
    Cash Advance limit Variable
    Free Credit Period Nil
    Cash Advance - Charges Up to 3.35% per month
    Cash Advance fee - SBI or other domestic ATMs 2.5% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs 300/- per transaction
    Cash Advance fee - International ATMs 3% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs 300/- per transaction
    Emergency Card Replacement Charges Free of Cost
    Late Payment Charges SBI does not charge any fee for outstanding amounts of up to Rs 200. For amounts above Rs 200, the banks charges late payment fees ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 750, depending on the outstanding amount.
    Rewards Redemption Fee Up to Rs.99
    Annual Priority Pass Fee Rs 180
    Over limit Charges 2.5% of the Over limit Amount or a minimum of Rs 500
    Annual Reward Fee Rs 300

    SBI Corporate Platinum Card FAQs:

    1. Does the SBI Corporate Platinum Card offer any surcharge waiver for fuel transactions?

      SBI Corporate Platinum Card holders can get a maximum waiver of 2.5% on surcharge or a minimum amount of Rs 10, when they make fuel purchases for any amount ranging between Rs 500 and Rs 4000. The maximum surcharge waiver permitted for a single credit card account is Rs 250.

    2. What is the order of payment settlements done for a SBI Corporate Platinum Card?

      SBI follows the below given order while accepting payment settlements for a SBI Corporate Platinum Card -

      • Total Amount Due
      • Other Fees and charges
      • Interest Charges
      • Outstanding retail amounts
      • Cash Advance
    3. Can rewards points accrued on a SBI Corporate Platinum Card be converted to cash, credit or for paying any charges?

      No, accumulated rewards points cannot be converted into cash, credit and cannot be used to make payments towards transactions done using the SBI Corporate Platinum Card.

    4. What are the exclusions under the Employee Fraud Insurance Cover?

      The following transactions are excluded under the Employee Fraud Insurance Cover -

      • Purchase transactions done using a lost or stolen card will be excluded.
      • Credit Card transactions done without a second level of authentication as mandated by The Reserve Bank of India, inclusive of online and IVR transactions are not covered.
    5. What should I do in case my SBI Corporate Platinum Card is stolen or lost?

      Customers should immediately contact the 24/7 SBI Card Customer Helpline and report the loss of card. SBI would instantly block the card account to prevent any fraudulent usage.


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