Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.
  • Corporation Bank Credit Card Eligibility

    Credit cards have steadily established themselves as a popular option for making payments. Lenders issue different types of credit cards with unique features. You can choose from a range of credit cards issued by Corporation Bank. If you are planning to apply for Corporation Bank Credit Cards, You must meet the following eligibility criteria

    • You must be a resident of India or a Person of India Origin (PIO)
    • You must have completed formal education.
    • You must either be a salaried employee or a self-employed individual.
    • Your age must fall within the range of 21 years to 70 years.
    • The age of the add-on cardholder must be at least 18 years.
    • You must have an account at the Corporation Bank.
    • You must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN).
    • You must have registered mobile number.

    Check Corporation Bank Credit Cards Eligibility Criteria

    Card Name Age Requirement Minimum Income Required p.a
    Corporation Bank Gold Credit Card

    Primary: 21-70 years


    Add-on: 18 years or more


    Salaried: Rs.1.80 lakh


    Professional: Rs.1.80 lakh


    Self-employed: Rs.2.00 lakh>


    Senior Citizen: Rs.1.20 lakh

    Corporation Bank Platinum Credit Card

    Primary: 21-70 years


    Add-on: 18 years or more

    Salaried: Rs.2.50 lakh


    Professional: Rs.3.00 lakh


    Self-employed: Rs.3.00 lakh


    Senior Citizen: Rs.2.50 lakh

    Corporation Bank Signature Credit Card

    Primary: 21-70 years


    Add-on: 18 years or more

    Salaried: Rs.10.50 lakh


    Professional: Rs.10.50 lakh


    Self-employed: Rs.10.50 lakh


    Senior Citizen: Rs.10.50  lakh


    The credit cards issued by Corporation Bank are placed at affordable interest rates and packed with attractive features. Kindly visit the official website of Corporation Bank to learn more about the eligibility criteria.

    What documents do you need to submit for a Corporation Bank credit card?

    The below are basic documents required to apply for corporation cards,

    • Proof of identity and address proof:
      • Aadhaar Card
      • Passport
      • Driving License
      • Ration Card
      • Voter ID Card
    • Income Proof
      • Pay slip for the last three months
      • Income Tax Returns
      • Form 16 (last two years)
    • 1 latest passport-size color photograph
    • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card

    Factors that affect your Corporation Bank Credit Card Eligibility

    Apart from the generic eligibility criteria set by the bank, there are many other factors that will affect your credit card eligibility. If you do not meet the basic eligibility set by the bank or if your credit card application is rejected by the bank, focus on improving your eligibility before you apply again. There are many ways you can increase your credit card eligibility. Some of the ways are:

    • Your monthly income: If you have applied for a credit card before, you would have submitted your income proof documents. All lenders check your monthly income before approving any lines of credit. To be eligible to get a Corporation Bank credit card, you should meet the income requirements set by the bank.
    • Credit history: Corporation Bank will assess your credit report and check your credit score when you submit a credit card application or apply for a loan. A credit score can range from 300 to 800. A low credit score will affect your credit card application negatively. However, a high credit score will help you get better deals.
    • A high outstanding amount on your existing credit cards: If you have an existing credit card, the bank will check the outstanding due amount and your payment history on the card. If you are not a prompt payer and have defaulted on your credit card bill, your application may be rejected.
    • The number of credit cards/lines of credit you own: Credit card providers check your total monthly debt before issuing you a card. For this purpose, a Debt-to-Income Ratio is calculated. A DTI Ratio is calculated by dividing your total monthly debt by your income. If you have a high DTI Ratio, the chances of your application being rejected will be high. If you pay a lot towards debt every month, consider reducing it before you apply for a new line of credit.
    • Settled accounts: In the past, if you worked out a settlement with your credit card provider, it will appear in your credit report. This remark will have a negative impact on your credit card.
    • Recent delinquency on your credit report: If you have defaulted on any of your loan recently, it will bring your credit score down. Your credit card application may be rejected or you would not get a great credit card deal if you have a low credit score.
    • Multiple credit inquiries: Avoiding applying for multiple lines of credit at the same time. If the lender notices that you have made multiple hard enquiries for credit, it makes you look like a desperate borrower.

    Some other factors that can affect your credit card eligibility are:

    • Age
    • Lack of credit history
    • Job stability
    • Nature of work
    • The organisation you work with

    How to improve your Corporation Bank Credit Card Eligibility

    There are many ways you can increase your credit card eligibility. Some of the ways are:

    • The first step you can take to increase your credit card eligibility is to increase your credit score. You can improve your credit score by taking healthy financial decisions. Closing your existing loans, paying your credit card bill in full, and paying your bills on time will have a positive impact on your credit score. After you have taken any steps to increase your credit score, check your credit score after allowing a few months for the new score to be updated.
    • Increase your creditworthiness by paying your bills on time. When you pay all your bills before the due date, it makes you look like a responsible borrower and increases your repayment capacity.
    • Maintain a good Debt-to-Income Ratio, lower it if necessary. You can lower your DTI Ratio by closing any lines of credit or paying your credit card bill in full.
    • If you have an existing credit card, maintain a good credit utilisation ratio. Did you know that a low credit utilisation rate affects your application negatively? When you have a low credit utilisation rate, lenders think you do not need credit and would think twice to approve your credit card.
    • Avoid cheque bounces, late fees, and penalties on all your active lines of credit.

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