Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.
  • Axis Bank Credit Card Statement

    Axis Bank is the third biggest privately-owned bank in India. The bank has customised financial products and services to offer to individual and institutional clients. It also provides a huge spectrum of credit card offers with attractive features and benefits.

    The credit cards offered by Axis bank include Miles and More Credit Card, My Choice Credit Card, Neo Credit Card, Pride Signature Credit Card, My Business Credit Card, Pride Platinum Credit Card, and My Zone Credit Card. Each credit card differs from each other in terms of offers. Once issued, credit cards are used by users for various purposes, including purchases and bill payments.

    Axis Bank sends credit card statements every month. A credit card statement can alternatively be called as a billing statement. It is a monthly statement, which gives users a complete picture of debits, purchases, credits and payments made by their credit cards. It is a very important document that helps customers manage their accounts. In other words, a credit card statement is a summary of transactions made within a billing cycle, which is a time period between billings. For instance, a billing cycle may commence on the first day of the month and completes on the last day of the month.

    Prime Features Of Axis Bank Credit Card Statements

    • An Axis Bank credit card statement is a complete financial document that suffices various purposes.
    • Being a record of financial transactions, it helps you understand the fees and interests imposed on your credit card accounts and check whether or not unauthenticated fees.
    • Axis bank also sends e-credit card statements periodically, thereby enabling customers track their financial transactions online.
    • The bank issues credit card statements online and offline at no cost.
    • The bank promotes newly introduced financial products and services through credit card statements. It shall be beneficial for customers.
    • Customers can track the monetary and non-monetary incentives through Axis Bank credit card statements. They can also effectively monitor their personal finances.

    Tips for Managing Electronic Credit Card Payments

    If you would like to receive e-statements, here are a few tips for you:

    • You will get an email stating your credit card statement can be accessible. Once you get an email, do not forget to download it. Save it in a separate folder so you can refer in the future.
    • In lieu of waiting for a monthly statement, check your account once a week.
    • Closely monitor your credit card bills and a keep a track on the payments you have made and the payments that are due.
    • Make sure your contact details are up to date. If you change your email Id, you will not receive an e-statement.
    • The devices through which access e-statements should be secure.

    Benefits of E-credit Card Statements at Axis Bank

    • Credit card statements are emailed by Axis Bank at no cost.
    • e-credit card statements can help you track your transactions in a better way.
    • This facility offers greater accessibility.

    Terms of Axis Bank Credit Card Statements

    • Total Payment Due
    • Minimum Payment Due
    • Statement Period
    • Payment Due Date
    • Statement Generation Date
    • Credit Card Number
    • Credit Limit
    • Available Credit Limit
    • Available Cash Limit
    • Previous balance
    • Payments
    • Credits
    • Purchase
    • Cash Advances
    • Other Debit and Charges
    • Total Payment Due

    Common terms of Axis Bank Credit Card Statements

    • The statement period is usually found on the right-hand side of your credit card statement. If you understand the credit card statement, you can make use of interest-free days of your credit card. The precise number of interest-free days depends on the cycle of your statement when a purchase is made by you.
    • The payment due date is the due date for remitting at least the minimum dues. Any payments made after the payment due date will attract a late payment fees. Late payments will also harm your credibility. If your credit score is poor, be sure to improve it.
    • All credit cards users are required to remit the minimum due amount every month. It is computed based on the total due amount. The minimum repayment is normally 2-3% of your total dues. If you remit less than the minimum due amount, you may also be fined.
    • The overdue section of your credit card statement will tell you the total due amount till date. Like mentioned earlier, late payments shall overburden you financial obligations.
    • The closing balance of your credit card is the total amount of due. It turns negative when you remit more than your debt obligations. The closing balance should be minimal.
    • The transaction summary is an important section of your credit card statements. This section summarises the total amount of transactions you have made within a billing cycle. You can cross verify your purchases or other transactions on this section.

    Requesting an Axis Bank Credit Card Online

    Credit card customers of Axis Bank can obtain a credit card statement online. The process is simple. It takes a few minutes to process a request. You just have to furnish credit card details such as the date of birth, the validity of a credit card, a credit card number and the name of a credit cardholder. The information you have provided should be checked for completeness and accuracy. Once you authenticate your details, the request can be processed.

    How to Rectify a Billing Error in Your Credit Card Statement

    Your credit card statement may sometimes contain an error. So, be advised to read the document carefully to ensure they are error-free. There could be minute errors such as a double swipe of your credit card. If you find an error, it should be rectified. The following are a few steps to fix errors in your credit card statements:

    • Speak to merchants if you find an error with the credit card statement and the purchase receipt. Merchants may fix errors. If they do not fix errors, carry your complaint to the next level.
    • Read your credit card statements carefully, especially the billing address, the date of purchase, the date of earlier payments, the billing amount and merchant details.
    • Write a complaint letter to your creditor within 60 days of obtaining the credit card statement in question. The letter should be sent through an authenticated email.
    • Your creditor has to respond within 30 days from the date of the complaint registration. Complaint ought to be resolved within two billing cycles.

    FAQs on Axis Bank Credit Card Statement

    1. Who can get registered for an Axis Bank credit card email statement?
    2. The people who hold the current and savings bank accounts of Axis Bank can get registered for an Axis Bank credit card email statement.

    3. How frequently can I receive Axis Bank e-credit card statements?
    4. If you hold an Axis Bank savings bank account, you shall receive a monthly update on your credit card account. If you hold an Axis Bank current account, you have an option to receive daily, weekly and monthly credit card statements through your registered email ID.

    5. Do I pay any charges to receive e-credit card statements?
    6. You do not have to pay anything. Axis Bank does not levy any charges.

    7. Will I still get hard copies of my credit card statements even after registering for an electronic delivery?
    8. Once you have registered for an electronic delivery of credit card statements, the printed copies of credit card statements shall not be delivered to you.

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