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  • Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Reviews

    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Really good"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I do have a Gold visa card with Syndicate Bank and the service provided is really good.They donâ??t provide any EMI or any other option in this card.I mostly use the card for shopping purpose.I do pay my bills on time which is around 10th of every month.The charges applied was quite high in the card.
      Was this review helpful? 12
      , shimoga
      Reviewed on Sep 10, 2015
    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Better One"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      The problem of the syndicate bank credit card is lacking the online service. Satisfaction level of the customer is not so far because of the transparency. The services are fine. I would like to suggest that they need to provide the online service. Offers are nice and they are redeeming the points through the cash.
      Was this review helpful? 6
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Sep 01, 2015
    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Reduce the cost"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I am having the syndicate bank credit card. The gold card that am using is having good credit limit and I would like to increase it. The services are good with them and the rate of interest is high with them. There are offers which is not good for me.
      Was this review helpful? 5
      , sivagangai
      Reviewed on Aug 25, 2015
    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Excllent bank...."
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Syndicate bank is charging Rs.250 yearly for annual fee and they offered credit limit of 60thousand where I can withdraw cash up to 50thousand and 45thousand for purchase. The payment date is 20th of every month and I feel convenient. Syndicate bank is giving terrific service to customers so very satisfied. Mine is gold credit card and customer service is wonderful.
      Was this review helpful? 12
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Nov 21, 2014
    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Needs to improve on their customer service"
      0.5 2.5/5 "Just OK"
      We cant expect too much from syndicate bank as they are performing like public sector . Probably they should increase their customer service aggressively to attract more customers for better service. It would be really nice if they implement some points redemption offer for my titanium credit card
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Sep 04, 2014
    • Syndicate Bank Credit Card
      "Pleasing service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      The reason why I have rated 5 for Syndicate Bank is because of their Branch Banking is really good their approach is excellent right from junior to the senior most people they are very pleasant and lovely I really like the way the handle the situation and this has to be appreciated definitely and the challenge what I face with them is the Net banking and phone banking which has to be improved.
      Was this review helpful? 9
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jun 23, 2014
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    Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payment is Rated as "Excellent!" by 6 Users

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    Syndicate Bank offers an array of credit cards with features that complement the lifestyle needs of the cardholders. To enjoy these features to the fullest, the cardholder must ensure that the credit limit is not exceeded and at least the minimum payment due is remitted before the due date. For the benefit of Syndicate Bank credit cardholders, the bank offers a range of credit card payment modes, both online and office. A customer can choose to remit the credit card bill through a method that he is most comfortable with. Also, easy payment modes are offered for Syndicate Bank credit card holders who do not hold an account with Syndicate bank.

    Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Online Modes:

    Do you want to pay your credit card dues from the comfort of your home? Simply use any of the modes given below and navigate through the user-friendly interface online to make your payment in no time.

    • NEFT Payment:

      You can pay the credit card outstanding amount from any bank account by making use of the NEFT facility. To do a NEFT transfer towards your Syndicate Bank credit card bill, just follow the easy steps described below.

    • Log on to the Net Banking portal of the bank of your choice and go to “Third Party Funds Transfer” page.
    • Add a beneficiary by mentioning your credit card number as the account number and the relevant IFSC code.
    • To know the right IFSC code for Syndicate Bank credit card fund transfers, enquire with the bank.
    • After the beneficiary is approved and added, you will be able to make fund transfers through NEFT to your credit card account to pay your outstanding dues.
    • VISA Money Transfer:

      Syndicate bank credit cardholders can use the VISA cards of other banks to pay their credit card bill through VISA money transfer. Simply follow the steps given below to do the same.

    • Log on to your Net Banking account using the right credentials.

    • In the “Third Party Fund Transfer” page, choose Visa credit card Pay or Visa Money Transfer.
    • Fill in the necessary details including your credit card number and contact information. Enter the sender and recipient details to start the transaction.
    • On successful authorization, the amount will be debited from your account and will be credited to your credit card account.
    • Syndicate Bank Internet Banking:

      Customers who hold a savings account or current account with Syndicate Bank can pay their credit card dues through Internet Banking. Go through the instructions given below to make a hassle free payment through Syndicate Bank Net Banking portal.

    • Log on to your Syndicate Online Banking account using the right authorization details.
    • Click on “Synd BillPay” listed under “Applications”. Select “Register a Biller” under “Ebpp Transactions” to go to “Service Maintenance Screen”.
    • Select “SYBK Credit Card” and from the drop down, choose “Register New Service”. Enter your credit card number and Name.
    • You can view the amount due for payment and choose to pay the due after viewing the bill.

    Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Offline Modes:

    For people who prefer to go to the branch or outlets directly to make payments, Syndicate Bank offers offline payment modes also. Here are the offline credit card payment modes offered by Syndicate Bank.

    By Cash Over the Counter:

    Cardholders can visit the nearest Syndicate Bank branch and make a cash payment towards their credit card due. Here are the steps that you need to follow to make an over the counter cash payment.

    • Visit the nearest Syndicate Bank, obtain a pay-in slip for credit card payments.
    • Fill in all necessary information including the credit card number, the payment amount and your contact information.
    • Present the slip to the teller and obtain a receipt for the payment made.

    Through Local Cheque or Demand Draft:

    Customers can use a local cheque or demand draft to make a credit card payment. Just follow the simple steps given below to make a credit card payment using DD or cheque.

    • Obtain a cheque or a demand draft payable to SBGCC with the account number as your 16 digit credit card number.
    • You can present the cheque at any Syndicate Bank branch or submit it in the drop box provided.
    • Make sure you mention the name and phone number on the back side of cheque.

    By Demand Draft:

    Customers can obtain a demand from Bangalore branch to make a payment towards credit card dues.

    • Draw a demand draft payable directly to Syndicate Bank, Jayanagar Branch and Bangalore on Bangalore only.
    • Such Demand Drafts can be purchased from any Syndicate Bank branch without any commission.
    • Present this demand draft at any Syndicate Bank Branch to make a payment.

    Auto Debit Facility - Standing instruction

    Customers can avail the auto debit facility to make credit card payments through one time standing instruction. This facility is available to all customers who have an account with any of the Syndicate Bank CBS branches.

    Syndicate Bank Credit Card Statement:

    The credit card statement for all Syndicate Bank cards are generated on the 20th of every month and is sent to the customer via email or post. The billing statements for credit cards show the transactions, payments and charges levied for the month. For a period in which there have been no outstanding dues or no transactions, the statement will not be sent. The cardholder can view the credit card statement on the Internet Banking account. The statement will contain information about the credit limit available, cash withdrawal limit and the credit limit as on date of statement. If you have any queries about the billing statement, do enquire with Syndicate bank regarding the same.

    Syndicate Bank Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. I have not received my credit card statement for the month. How will I know my due amount?

      The credit card statement will usually be sent to your mail id or postal address. If the billing statement has not been received by the 27th of any month, you can enquire about the same with Syndicate Bank on their toll-free number. Also, you can check the credit card due payable online if you are a registered Syndicate Net Banking user.

    2. When will my credit card bill payment be acknowledged?

      The credit card bill payment will be acknowledged in subsequent statements.

    3. How do I find my minimum payment due?

      The minimum payment due (MPD) is 10% of the Total Payment Due (TPD). If there are any arrears of Minimum Payment Due of the previous statement, the same will be added to the current statement. If the Total Payment Due exceeds the credit limit, the the amount by which it is more than the credit limit will also be included in the Minimum Payment Due.

    4. I have a dispute regarding my credit card bill payment transaction. What should I do?

      If you have any dispute with your credit card payment transaction, do enquire with Syndicate Bank by getting in touch with them through the 24/7 helpline, You can follow up by writing a complaint to Syndicate Bank Card Centre with relevant documents proof.

    5. Will I incur any charge if I use the Syndicate Bank Internet Banking portal to make a credit card payment?

      No, you will not incur any charges if you pay your credit card bills using Syndicate Bank Net Banking portal.

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