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    Indian Overseas Bank Credit Card Overview

    Indian Overseas Bank is one of the major public sector banks in India and was established in the year 1937. At present, IOB is one of the Indian banks that has an in-house ISO certified Information Technology Department. Indian Overseas Bank has achieved 100% Central Banking System status and also 100% networking status. Indian Overseas Bank is one of those unique banks in India that has found the right balance between traditional banking and the new-age banking using technology, IOB has a wide footprint all over India with over 1150 physical branches and 8 overseas offices. IOB offers a wide variety of unique financial products including loans, accounts and deposits for individuals, corporates and SMEs. IOB offers two credit cards for the customers, each card is carefully designed to offer the best features. Choose a IOB Credit card that matches your lifestyle and open up a whole new world of personalized banking experience, exclusive offers and other range of benefits that will elevate your shopping experience.

    Why Choose IOB Credit Cards?

    IOB Credit Cards come loaded with a line of benefits that are specially designed to make the purchase experience of customer more delightful and rewarding, Cardholders will earn reward points for every transaction that they make. IOB Credit Cards are valid internationally and is accepted at over a million merchant establishments. Cardholders are offered up to 4 add-on cards for their family members. Indian Overseas Bank customers can choose between IOB Gold Credit Card and IOB Classic Credit Card.

    Features and Benefits of Indian Overseas Bank Credit Card:

    The features and benefits that accompany IOB credit cards are many. Given below are some of the advantages that makes IOB Credit Cards, a very popular product amongst all Indians.

    • International Acceptance:

      IOB Credit Cards are accepted at over 1, 18, 000 member establishments for the purchase of services and goods all over the world. IOB Credit Cards will act as as valuable substitute for cheque or cash.

    • Security with SMS Alerts:

      For every transaction that the customer makes using IOB Credit Cards, he will get SMS alerts which will help the customer to track the expenses easily and also be aware of the transaction details.

    • Hassle Free Credit Card Payments:

      IOB Credit Cardholders can make credit card payments easily through IOB Net Banking site. You need not worry about missing the payment due date and paying penalty, which internet payment options, you can easily pay your credit card bill from the comfort of your home.

    • ATM Cash Withdrawal:

      Cardholders can use their IOB Credit Card to withdraw cash from the ATMs and also use the card for transactions at merchant PoS.

    • Supplementary Credit Cards:

      If you are benefiting from IOB Credit Cards, you can introduce the comfort of cashless transactions to your family members also by getting them an add-on card. Cardholders can get up to four supplementary cards in addition to the primary card.

    • Flexible Payment Benefit:

      IOB Credit Cardholders can enjoy the advantage of flexible payment option. By availing this feature, they have to pay only the minimum amount instead of the total due amount.

    • Exciting Rewards Scheme:

      For every e-commerce and merchant Point of Sale transactions that the customers make using IOB Credit Card, reward points are credited to the customer's account. This system makes every purchase more rewarding for the cardholder.

    Charges and Interest:

    The fees and charges for Indian Overseas Bank Credit Cards are as follows.

    Services/Cards IOB Gold Credit Card IOB Classic Credit Card
    Card limit Rs. 60, 000 to Rs. 5, 00,000 Rs. 10, 000 to Rs. 50, 000
    Photo Card Rs. 100 /- Rs. 100 /-
    Charges for issuance of Card No Charges (non-photo card) No Charges (non-photo card)
    Hot listing fee No charges No charges
    Annual maintenance charges No charges No charges
    Duplicate statement copy Rs. 50 /- Rs. 50 /-
    Late Payment Fee Rs. 100 /- Rs. 100 /-
    Cash advance fee Rs. 22. 50 per Rs. 1000 /- or part thereof Rs. 22. 50 per Rs. 1000 /- or part thereof
    Charge slip copy Rs. 100 /- Rs. 100 /-
    Replacement/Re-issue of Lost/Damaged Credit Cards Rs. 100 /- Rs. 100 /-
    Cash advance Interest 24% (Annualized) from the date of the withdrawal till settlement date 24% (Annualized) from the date of the withdrawal till settlement date
    Secured Online Transactions Verified By Visa (VBV) Verified By Visa (VBV)
    Foreign Currency transactions 2.5 % on the transaction value 2.5 % on the transaction value
    Interest on Roll over credit 24 % (annualized) 24 % (annualized)
    Charges for Cash Withdrawal from other Bank’s ATMs(VISA) Rs. 100 /- per withdrawal Rs. 20 /- per balance enquiry Rs. 100/- per withdrawal Rs. 20/- per balance enquiry

    Fees and charges for IOB credit cards are subject to frequent change. Do enquire with the Indian Overseas Bank about the prevailing rates before making a transaction with your credit card.

    IOB Credit Card Rewards:

    For every purchase that the customer makes using an Indian Overseas Bank Credit card, they are offered reward points. The reward points will be directly credited to the cardholder's account and the customer can use it to purchase an item that he wants or convert it to cash. The terms and conditions of credit card reward points scheme is subject to change, do enquire with IOB to know more about the current reward scheme.


    To be able to apply for an IOB Credit Card, a customer must satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

    • The applicant must be an Indian resident and must be over 18 years of age.
    • The credit card applicant must have a steady income from a good source. The same will be verified through the income documents and salary slips submitted by the customer.
    • The customer must have a good CIBIL score and must not have defaulted on any payments concerned with IOB or any other bank.

    Indian Overseas Bank Credit Card Documents Required:

    A customer has to submit the documents given below to complete the application procedure for IOB credit cards.

    • Duly filled application form for the credit card of your choice, affixed with photographs.
    • ID Proof - Any one of the following documents
      • Passport
      • Aadhar card
      • Driver’s licence
      • Voter’s ID
    • Address proof - Any one of the following documents
      • Telephone bill
      • Electricity Bill
      • Passport
      • Election card
      • Aadhar Card
    • Proof of Income
    • Form 16
    • Last 3 months’ salary slip
    • Latest IT Returns
    • Last 3 months’ bank statement

    List of IOB Credit Cards:

    Here’s a list of credit cards offered by Indian Overseas Bank.

    • Indian Overseas Bank IOB Classic Credit Card:

      IOB Classic Credit Card is specially crafted to people who are looking for a card that offers sheer banking convenience with exclusive offers & privileges. For people who love to shop, travel and make merry, IOB Classic Credit Card is the best bet. With credit limits up to Rs. 5 lakhs, this card will definitely enhance your purchase power. What more, the cardholder can get up to four supplementary cards and also introduce their family to the enticing world of shopping and purchase privileges.

    • Indian Overseas Bank IOB Gold Credit Card:

      If you are tired of having to carry your cash wherever you go and waiting in line to get that change, IOB Gold Credit Card will give you freedom from all that hassles. This credit card is accepted and recognized globally and can be used at over a million merchant establishments across the globe. IOB Gold Credit Card comes with affordable interest rates and charges. Cardholders can make their purchase experience more delightful with the reward point’s scheme.

    IOB Credit Card FAQs:

    1. Are IOB credit cardholders offered any insurance benefits?

      Yes, IOB credit cardholders are offered personal accident insurance, insurance for baggage while travelling and purchase protection insurance. The details of the insurance covers are as follows.

    2. Insurance for / Member Primary Cardholder Spouse
      Personal accident insurance covering death due to Air Crash Rs. 10 lacs for IOB Gold Credit Cardholders Rs. 4 lacs for IOB Classic Credit Cardholders Rs. 2 lacs for both IOB Gold and IOB Classic Credit Card
      Personal accident insurance covering death due to road/rail Rs. 2 lacs Rs. 1 lacs
      Baggage Insurance Rs. 0.25 lacs -
      Purchase Protection Rs. 0.25 lacs -

    3. Are there any transaction limits for IOB Credit Cards?

      Yes, the transaction limits for IOB Credit Cards are given below.

    4. Purchase at Jewelry shops 50% of Credit Limit
      Per day Ceiling Cash through ATM Rs 15,000 /- for IOB Classic Credit Card Rs 25, 000 /- for IOB Gold Credit Card
      Cash Withdrawal 40% of Credit Limit
      All transactions 50% of Credit limit

    5. Do IOB Credit Cards come with lifetime validity?

      Indian Overseas Bank credit card are valid for 3 years from the month of issue. If the customer holds satisfactory track record and prompt due settlement history, the card will be automatically renewed after three years. Also, the customer can inform the bank branch at least 2 months in advance if he does not wish to renew the card.

    6. Can I use IOB Credit Cards overseas?

      Yes, IOB Credit cards can be used internationally. The cards are accepted at over 1. 18 lakh merchant partners for purchase of services and goods around the globe.

    7. Will I incur any extra charge for foreign currency transactions?

      Yes, if you use your IOB credit cards for foreign currency transactions, you will incur a charge of 2.5% on transaction value which will be added to the total transaction value.

    *Note: All the rates are subject to change, therefore, customers are required to keep on checking the rates from time to time.

    News About Indian Overseas Bank Credit Card

    • Overseas Market in India to Touch Rs.1 trillion by Next Year

      The year 2017 will see the Indian overseas travel market record Rs.1 trillion, owing to the optimum usage of multi-currency travel cards such as Forex. Fuelled by an extensive use of these pre-paid Forex cards, the market for the same is currently valued at Rs.20,000 crore.

      According to ICICI Bank’s Senior GM and Head of Cards and Unsecured Loans, Kusal Roy said that with the increase in yearly disposable income and increase in number of low cost carriers has resulted in a rise in international travel by Indians. Business visitors spend as high as $300 - $400 per night on a trip, while holidaying and visiting friends does not cost more than $100 - $150 for a day. Another new product is the Student Travel Card that meets international education expenses.

      Carrying a debit or credit card from Indian to an international location, every swipe adds a currency conversion charge. Hence, it is preferable to carry multi-currency prepaid or travel card as they more useful and economical.

      19th May 2016

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