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    SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card

    The SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card is a co-branded card launched by the State Bank of India in collaboration with Future Group's fashion hub, fbb offering attractive discounts on fashion merchandise at Big Bazaar and fbb stores all throughout the year as well as premier services by SBI. The credit card is powered by Visa payWave - a highly secured, contactless chip technology that minimises the waiting time at cash counters. The SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card comes with welcome gift vouchers, reward points, fuel surcharge waivers, add-on cards, and more.

    Benefits of SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card

    SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card cardholders can enjoy a plethora of benefits on their purchases. Listed below are the benefits that customers get to enjoy:

    • Contactless Transaction: The SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card gives its customers the freedom of quick and queue-less shopping. One can wave their card at any secured reader and enjoy cashless, hassle-free, and easy transaction without standing in queues at the cash counters.
    • Easy Money and Cash on the Go with Global Acceptance Facilities: Customers can avail Easy Money facility and get the cheque or bank draft against their credit limit delivered at the doorstep. Also, there are over 1 million Visa ATMs available throughout the world to withdraw cash at any time. The StyleUP Contactless credit card can be used universally in over 24 million VISA outlets as well as in over 3,25,000 outlets in India.
    • Balance Transfer on EMI: One can enjoy easy paybacks and low-interest rates on EMIs by transferring the outstanding balance on other bank's credit cards to SBI Platinum.
    • Flexipay: By logging into individual SBI account within 30 days of any purchase of Rs.2500 or more, customers can enjoy the benefits of Flexipay and for your purchase in affordable EMIs.
    • Bill payment at zero charges: SBI Card Auto Bill Payment facility helps cardholders pay their utility bills like electricity, telephone, insurance etc. so that they never miss the due dates.
    • Family Add-on Benefit: Cardholders can apply for add-on cards for the members of your family over the age limit of 18 and they, too, can enjoy the services of SBI StyleUP Contactless Card.
    • Emergency Card Replacement Facility: In case of theft or loss of the StyleUP Contactless card, while travelling overseas, one can contact 24x7 VISA helpline numbers to get their StyleUP credit card replaced at any part of the world.
    • Safe and Secured: SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card gives its customers the power to make transactions by waving the card at a secure reader. Since they will never hand-over the card to a third party, customers do not have to worry about fraudulence (card skimming) or theft. Visa payWave's superior security key feature can detect if and when the card is waved numerous times at the reader and allows only one transaction to go through in such cases to secure the payment process.
    • SBI Card Drop-box Locator: One can locate the nearest SBI Card drop-box by typing "PIN" 6 digit pin code of their area and sending it to 56767. A message containing the list of available drop-boxes in the area will be sent to the cardholder.

    Features of SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card

    • Customers will receive a sign-up gift voucher worth Rs.500 on select fashion range at fbb and Big Bazaar.
    • They can avail a round-the-year additional discount of 10% on all fashion merchandise at fbb and Big Bazaar. No minimum purchase required to avail the offer.
    • The cardholders can enjoy a guaranteed 2.5% Valueback in the means of earning 10X reward points on shopping at ffb, Big Bazaar, and Food Bazaar outlets. For each Rs.100 spent on the purchase, they will earn 1 Reward Point.
    • They can also collect 10X reward points on all dining expenses.
    • They will get 2000 bonus reward points as anniversary gift on timely payment of annual fee.
    • The customers will be able to exercise 1% fuel surcharge waiver on every transaction between Rs.500 to Rs.3000. One can avail surcharge waiver of a maximum of Rs.100 per cycle.
    • The consumers will experience fast, easy, and user-friendly transactions through Contactless cards.

    How to Collect and Redeem Reward Points

    SBI's Shop-and-Smile Reward programme is specially designed for consumers to enjoy assured value back on every purchase in terms of reward points. As a valued customer of the programme, one gets to collect reward points every time they shop and dine. For the SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card, every Rs.100 spent is worth 1 reward point. The cardholder can collect these points and later redeem them for various fashion and lifestyle products, gift vouchers, discount vouchers, and so on.

    Fees and Charges of SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card:

    A table containing information regarding the types of fees and charges with the payable amount and period limit is given below:

    Fees and Charges Amount
    Annual Fee Rs.499 plus taxes (one-time fee)
    Renewal Fee Rs.499 plus taxes per annum
    Add-on Fee Nil
    Cash advance limit Up to 80% of the total credit limit with a maximum of Rs.15,000 per day.
    Cash advance fee
    • SBI or other ATM’s - 2.5% of total amount of transaction with a minimum of Rs.300
    • International ATM’s – 3% of the total amount of transaction with a minimum of Rs.300
    Finance charges for cash advance A maximum of 3.35% per month, starting from the day of withdrawal, and accounting to 40.2% per year
    Free credit period for cash advance Nil
    Interest-free credit period on extended credit 25-50 days. Applicable only if the outstanding bill of preceding months are not due and only when the expenditure includes only retail purchases.
    Minimum amount due on extended credit 5% of the total payable amount (Minimum Rs.200 + taxes + EMI’s for EMI based products + Overlimit amount, if any)
    Cheque pickup fee Rs.90
    Statement retrieval For statements older than 2 months and more – Rs.100/statement
    Charge slip retrieval Rs.225 per slip
    Returned payment fee 2% of the net payable amount with a minimum of Rs.350
    Card Overlimit fee 2.5% of the total amount of overdraft with a minimum of Rs.500
    Reward redemption fee Up to Rs.99
    Cash Payment fee Up to Rs.100
    Card replacement fee Rs.100
    Emergency card replacement fee (while travelling overseas) Nil
    Foreign currency transaction 3.5% mark up
    Late payment fees
    • Rs.0 to Rs.200 – Nil
    • Rs.201 to Rs.500 – Rs.100
    • Rs.501 to Rs.1000 – Rs.400
    • Rs.1001 to Rs.10,000 – Rs.500
    • Rs.10,001 and above – Rs.750
    Railway surcharges
    • Tickets booked through counters – Rs.30 + 2.5% of the total amount of transaction
    • Tickets booked through – 1.8% of the amount of transaction + service tax, as applicable
    Payment Settlement In the order of Minimum Amount Due (including taxes as applicable + EMI (for EMI based merchandise + 5% of the total outstanding amount), Fees and additional charges, Interest charges, Cash Advance fees, Purchase and Balance Transfer Outstanding fees

    How to apply for SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card

    To apply for StyleUP Credit Card online, one can follow these simple steps:

    • Applicants can visit the official site of SBI.
    • Under the ‘Personal' tab one will find ‘Apply' option.
    • By clicking on ‘Apply', applicants will be redirected to a page where they can find all SBI Credit Cards.
    • By scrolling down, one can find ‘StyleUP Contactless Credit Card' option.
    • The applicants can then click on 'Apply Now'.
    • On the new page, they have to fill in your details like name, address, phone number etc. After the phone number gets verified, SBI customer care agents will be contacting the interested party shortly to further the application procedure.

    FAQs of SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card

    1. What are the steps to use SBI StyleUP Contactless Credit Card?
    2. After the cashier enters the bill amount, one can hold their card over the reader or point of sale and enter the pin within 4 cm range. A beep sound or green indicator lights will confirm the completion of the purchase. Customers will also see a message on display indicating successful Transaction.

    3. Can StyleUP card be used at retails that do not have a card reader?

      Yes, StyleUP cardholders can use their credit card at merchants without reader facility. In such cases, they can use the cards like any normal debit or credit card for a dip or swipe.

    4. If one walks past a reader, will the card make a transaction without the customer’s knowledge?
    5. No, unless the merchant has entered the amount of purchase with the approval of the cardholder and they have waved the card within 4 cm range for more than half a second, no money gets deducted from the account.

    6. If one possess more than one contactless credit card, will the money get debited twice from the account?
    7. No, since contactless card readers are designed to read one card at a time in case one holds more than one card it will ask the cardholder to choose the card through which they want to make the transactions.

    8. Can a customer use their StyleUP Contactless Card for ATM and other online transactions? Yes. The transaction process is similar to transactions on any other cards – for online payments, they have to enter the 3D secure pin and for ATM transactions they have to enter the ATM pin.
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