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    SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

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    SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

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    Students now have it easy with the introduction of the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card. A whole wide world of benefits come with it because of which students can now save and spend smartly. With a plethora of features, this card is a blessing in disguise. The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is only for the customers of SBI Education Loan and can be secured with a fixed deposit with the bank. Students can now earn cash points which can be redeemed for fantastic gifts and more. And what’s more, this SBI card can also be managed online and alerts can be accessed via sms as well. This new card is every student's’ ticket to a whole new exciting world.

    Benefits of the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card:

    Cash Points:

    Cash points are one of the primary benefits of using the credit card. Every time Rs. 100 is spent, customers can now earn 1 cash point. These points can be redeemed against exciting gifts or can be used to pay outstanding credit balance. However, it is to be noted that cash, balance transfer and fuel transactions are not included under this program.

    Value back:

    Customers also stand to receive value back till 2.5% on all Grocery and Departmental store spends.


    Purchases can be converted to easy EMIs with this SBI Student Plus Advantage Card.

    Fuel Freedom:

    Students can now get a fuel surcharge of 2.5% waived for transaction amounts ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000. This is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax, and other charges wherever applicable. The maximum waiver available for surcharge is Rs. 100 per credit account, per statement cycle.


    International spends invite upto 10 times more reward points. Reward points differ from cash points in certain aspects. Rewards points can only be exchanged for items that are present in a rewards catalogue, however cash points can be used redeemed for gifts in the Rewards catalogue and also can be used to pay the outstanding credit card amount.

    Spend based reversal:

    If over Rs. 35,000 is spent on purchases through the card in the previous year, there is no annual fee charged on the card.

    Features of the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card:

    Credit Convenience:

    The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card offers an increased credit facility along with interest rates as low as 2.25% per month. The card also comes with credit free period of not more than 50 days.

    Ready cash:

    Customers can access more than 10,000 SBI ATMs over 100 cities in India along with cash withdrawal limit of upto 80%. Along with this, cash can be withdrawn from over a million Mastercard and Visa ATMs across the world which includes 18,000 ATMs in the country.

    Easy Application Procedure:

    This card is only available for the customers of the SBI education loan, and is procured with a Fixed Deposit with the bank.


    The SBI Student Advantage Card is truly international in the sense that it can be utilized across the globe in more than 24 million outlets and this also includes over 3 lakh in India. The users only have to ensure that they look for an acceptance sign from Visa/MasterCard and use the card.

    Credit Facility:

    With a great payment flexibility, this card can be used to clear outstanding dues quite easily. An increased credit option gives users the choice to pay an amount of their choice that falls in between the total outstanding amount to be paid and the minimum amount that is due. This is as given in the monthly statement. Apart from this, the balance that is unpaid can then be carried forward at a very low finance charge.

    Add-on Cards:

    Customers above the age of 18 are can apply for a primary credit card, if not they will receive an add-on card and his parents will receive the primary card.

    Online Railway Ticket Booking:

    One of the biggest advantages of the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is that railway tickets can be booked online along with doorstep delivery. This is a highly convenient feature and tickets can be booked in the following steps -

    • Register on the IRCTC website. The registration is free.
    • Provide your username along with your password and login on the website.
    • Follow the instructions given on the IRCTC website to book tickets.
    • Use the SBI card to pay using any of the available payment options. Please note that the website’s terms and conditions governs all payments and transactions on the IRCTC website.
    Utility Bill Payment Facility:

    The SBI card can be conveniently used to pay various bills such as insurance, telephone, electricity prior to the last date. The Easy Bill Pay facility makes this payment possible and easy.

    24/7 Helpline:

    Customers can use the SBI Credit Card Customer Helpline and the Visa/MasterCard Global Customer Assistance Services which is available 24-hrs all over the world, in case of an emergency. Before using the card, please remember to check the logo in front of it as the services are available only for Visa and MasterCard users.

    Balance Transfer:

    Customers, while paying their credit card debt can now save money as SBI offers a convenient and quick means of transferring the amount owed from any other credit card to their SBI card at low interest rates.


    Flexipay is a simple installment plan available on the SBI Card which can be used to buy almost anything and everything and allows the user to repay in simple monthly installments. Customers can choose whichever plan best suits their financial requirements and this can be obtained at low interest rates. A call to the helpline within 30 days is all that is needed for this facility to be availed. Further details can be sought by calling the Helpline.

    Easy Money Facility:

    Bank drafts can now be ordered easily by customers and the draft amount will be directly billed to the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card. The user can avail this by making a call to the local SBI Card Customer Helpline. This is useful for bills, fees, taxes and other payments. More details can be obtained by calling the SBI Card helpline.


    SBI Card users can now receive monthly statements directly on their e-mail without the hassle of postal delays and lost statements.

    Card Alerts:

    With the SBI Card Alerts, customers can now receive information about the status of their credit card as a message on their mobile. These consists of Cheque alerts, Cash limit alerts, Credit limit alerts, Mini Statement alerts and Payment Assistance Alerts. Users can visit the SBI Card website or call the local SBI Card Customer Helpline to subscribe to the SBI Card.

    SBI Card Online:

    Managing the SBI card account is quite simple. Users can log on to the SBI Card website and check their account statement online or request address changes. They can also locate the closest SBI ATM or win various prizes on their offers.

    SBI Card Drop Box Locator:

    Customers can locate their SBI Card Drop Box by the following easy steps -

    • Users need to type “PIN” followed by a space and their pin code which is of 6 digits
    • The SMS needs to be sent to 56767
    • Post this, the user will receive a list of the available drop boxes in that area.

    Please note that premium SMS charge rates are applicable.

    Documents required:

    • PAN card
    • ID proofs (Any one) -
      • Passport
      • Driving License
      • Voter’s ID
      • UID Aadhaar Number
      • PAN card


    All customers of SBI Education loan can avail the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card against a Fixed Deposit with SBI.

    Fees and Charges:

    Joining Fee Nil
    Annual Fee (per annum) No annual fee in case the total amount of items bought on the credit card in the previous year are below Rs. 35,000, then from the second year the fee is Rs. 500.
    Add on fee (per annum) Nil
    Extended Credit - Interest free credit period 20-50 days and this is applicable if the previous month’s bill amount is paid completely and only on retail purchases.
    Extended Credit - Finance Charges Upto 2.25% per month which comes up to 27% per annum from the date of transaction and with respect to loans, this also includes EMI
    Extended Credit - Minimum Amount due 5% or a minimum of Rs. 200 of Total Outstanding amount along with Government Service Tax and in case of loans, EMI.
    Cash Advance Limit Credit Limit of not more than 80% which includes a maximum of Rs. 12,000 per day for SBI Gold Credit Card holders and Rs. 15,000 for SBI Platinum and SBI Signature Card holders
    Cash Advance - Free Credit Period Nil
    Cash Advance - Finance Charges Not more than 2.25% per month which is 27% per annum, from the withdrawal date
    Cash Advance fee for SBI ATMs and other Domestic ATMs Withdrawal amount of 2.5% or Rs. 300 per transaction
    Cash advance fee for International ATMs Withdrawal amount of 3% or Rs. 300 per transaction
    Late Payment If the total amount is less than Rs. 200 then it is nil. If the total amount pending is higher, the amount payable ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 750 is charged based on the amount that is due.
    Rewards Redemption fee Upto Rs. 99

    SBI Student Plus Advantage Card FAQs;

    1. To whom is the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card available?

      All SBI Education Loan borrowers can procure this card. Based on a minimum Fixed Deposit amount of Rs. 5000 with SBI, the card is issued. 70% of the Fixed Deposit is the card limit provided to the borrower.

    2. Where can a SBI Student Plus Advantage Card be used ?

      The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card can be used worldwide. It is an international card and can be utilized in more than 24 million outlets which includes over 3 lakh outlets in India.

    3. How can one earn a Cash Point and how much is it worth ?

      Everytime Rs. 100 is spent on the SBI Student Plus Advantage Card, one cash point is earned. If the cardholder has 2000 cash points, he/she can use them to pay Rs. 500 from the credit card balance.

    4. Can the cardholder encase their Cash Points?

      Yes, the cardholder will have to contact the Customer Service Executive to credit his/her Cash Points. Cash points can be encashed only if it is above 2000.

    5. Is there a joining fee to be paid for this?

      No, there is no joining fee required.


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