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    Andhra Bank Credit Card Bill Payment


    Andhra Bank offers Signature Credit Cards as well as Platinum Credit Cards. This Bank offers hassle free and convenient credit card bill payment options to their credit card holders. It provides electronic payment processing methods, online as well as offline methods.

    Andhra Bank Credit Card Payment Options:

    Andhra Bank Credit Card Payment Online:

    Bill payment options for the Account holders of Andhra Bank:

    Standing Instruction:

    Credit card holders who are Andhra Bank account holders can choose to place a Standing Instruction in order to debit their account with the required credit card bill amount on the due date. This can be issued at the Andhra Bank Branch where the customer has an account. The standing instruction can be made out for the payment of either the minimum payable amount or the total bill payment and on the due date, this amount will be debited. In order to pay the Andhra Bank Credit Card Bill by way of a Standing Instruction,

    • Visit the branch of Andhra Bank where you hold an account
    • Place the standing instruction mandate at the Andhra Bank Branch
    • The credit cardholder can choose to pay either the minimum or full bill using this payment method.
    • On the due date of payment, the specified amount will be automatically debited from your account.

    Net Banking:

    If you are an Andhra Bank Internet Banking user, then you can register for credit card bill payment through Net Banking. This will enable you to pay Andhra Bank Credit card bills online.

    The process of paying the credit card bill using Andhra Bank Net Banking is as follows:

    • Visit the Andhra Bank online portal to access the Net Banking facility.
    • Login to Net Banking with the User ID and password
    • Specify the amount you wish to pay in the corresponding section and click on the submit button.
    • Once this is done, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway and your transaction will be processed in a few seconds.
    • After successful processing of the transaction the customer will get an e-receipt which is also sent to his/her registered email address.

    Bill Payment options for the Non-Andhra Bank Account holders:

    NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer facility):

    Andhra Bank credit card holders who has an account in another bank and wish to use the other bank net banking to make a payment towards the Andhra Bank credit card dues can use the NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) facility to pay the minimum due amount or the total amount due on the card.

    The process of paying Andhra Bank Credit Card Bill Payment through NEFT is as follows:

    • NEFT facility can be used to pay the Andhra Bank credit card bill only if the other bank is also NEFT enabled.
    • The credit card holder should login to his/her other bank netbanking account and pay the bill online through the NEFT mode. If the credit card holder does not have a netbanking account in his/her other Bank, then he/she should visit their bank branch and submit a duly filled NEFT Application form.

    In order to transfer the Bill Amount through NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer facility), the following details have to be provided by the customer: details of the credit card such as name of the beneficiary bank (Andhra Bank), beneficiary’s account no, the respective IFSC Code of the Beneficiary Bank branch (example: ANDB0000231), beneficiary’s name and the 16 digit Credit Card number. Once the NEFT remittance is made, the Andhra Bank credit card holder should send a mail to the email id provided on the Bank’s website with relevant details of the remittance. This is required for confirming the remittance made and acknowledging the same.

    Andhra Bank Credit Card Payment Offline:

    • Cash:

      One of the offline modes of Andhra Bank credit card bill payment is through cash payment Andhra Bank branch before the due date.

    • Cheque or Demand Draft:

      The Andhra Bank Credit card bill amount can also be settled by way of cheque or Demand Draft which can be deposited at any of the Andhra Bank Branches. Andhra Bank also has specific credit card centres which collect Cheques and Drafts made towards payment of the credit card bill amount. The customer can find the address of the closest credit card centre in his/her credit card statement. A non- Andhra bank account holder has to present the cheque at any Andhra Bank branch for clearing well ahead of the due payment date so that the money is credited to the card holder’s credit card account transaction time does not exceed the time limit.

    • ATM Payment:Another method of offline payment is through the Andhra Bank ATM. This can be done by registering for ATM payment at an Andhra Bank branch and using the Andhra Bank Debit Card to make the payment. By registering for the Credit Card utility bill payment facility, Andhra Bank Debit Card holders pay their credit card dues through any Andhra Bank ATM.

    Andhra Bank Credit Card Statement:

    Andhra Bank credit card statement can be viewed online using the Net Banking account. Another method of receiving the credit card statement is through the registered email ID. The credit card statement for each month is sent to the customer as and when it is generated and this specifies the due date for payment, the minimum amount due, the total amount due, etc.

    Andhra Bank Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. Who can I contact regarding Andhra Bank credit card payment details?

      Andhra bank credit card holders can contact the Help Desk which is available around the clock to offer assistance relating to all credit card queries and concerns such as Card Limit used, enquiry about balance outstanding, details of transactions, Cash limit, PIN usage, etc.

    2. When is the Andhra Bank credit card payment due date?

      The Andhra Bank credit card payment due date is on or before the 20th of every month. If payment is made after the 20th of a particular month then an additional charge for late payment, tax and other service charges will be levied.

    3. How can I ensure that my annual fee on the credit card is waived through my credit card repayment?

      If a credit card holder uses their card and repays the dues for an amount worth Rs.23000 for Visa Gold card and Rs.18000 for Master Cards/Visa Classic Cards then the annual fee will be waived off.

    4. Will my payment schedule affect my credit card validity?

      The Andhra Bank credit card will remain active only if the credit card dues are paid on the due date. At least the Minimum Payment Due (MPD) should be paid on or before the payment due date.

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