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    Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

    How to use Loan against Property EMI Calculator

    You can easily calculate your Equated Monthly Installments for loan against property by using a Loan against property EMI calculator.

    Now, what is a loan against property (LAP)? As the name suggests, a loan against property refers to a loan sanctioned and disburdened against your property. Loan against property is granted against both residential and commercial property. What you have to do is to keep your property as collateral to get the loan. Based on your property value and other eligibility conditions such as your age, total income, assets, spouse’s income etc. bank will sanction a certain percentage of amount as Loan against Property. Usually, banks offers around 40% to 60% of your property value as LAP.

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    What Purpose does Loan against Property (LAP) Serve?

    Like personal loans (Click here), loans against property helps you fulfill your diversified personal needs. The amount received as loan against property can be used for fulfilling following purposes:

    • Business needs: You can take a loan against property and expand your current business.
    • Marriage : The amount can also be used for arranging your son or daughter’s marriage
    • Educational purpose: You can use your property as collateral and take a loan against it to fulfill your children’s dream of pursuing education in abroad.
    • Arranging a pleasure trip: The same amount can be used for arranging a pleasure trip or funding your dream vacation.
    • Paying medical bill/treatments: Loan against property can also be used for paying of your medical bills.
    • Buying new property: You can purchase new properties with the money received loan against property.

    Thus, you can accomplish a lot task by using the amount offered by a loan against property. Many banks in India such as State Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank to name a few offer loan against property at attractive rates of interest.

    Loan against Property EMI Calculator

    There are two ways calculating your EMIs on loan against property. Either you can use the mathematical formula or you can use the online Loan against Property Calculator your monthly EMIs liabilities for loan against property. Calculating EMIs through an EMI calculator is very simple among all other means of calculating EMIs. The only thing you have to do is put the following information in the calculator:

    • Principal loan amount.
    • Tenure of the loan.
    • Rate of interest.
    • Processing fee (if any).

    Once, you enter these information, the calculator will instantly reveal your monthly EMIs liability for a specific loan. Different banks may offer different Loan against property EMI calculators. But the key information that you have to enter remains the same.

    If you use the mathematical formula or excel spreadsheet for calculating your loans against property EMIs, you need to know three variables which include the rate of interest, number of periods, and the value of the loan or present value. Then you can calculate it manually by using the following formula: EMI = [P x R (1+R) N]/ [(1+R) N-1]. Here P stands for the loan amount taken, R for rate of interest and N for the time period for which the loan is taken.

    Benefits of using Loan against Property EMI calculator

    A Loan against property EMI calculator EMI calculator can be useful for you in various ways. Listed below are the major benefits offered by a Loan against property EMI calculator:

    • Firstly, it helps you get the exact amount of your monthly equated installment towards loan against property.
    • It helps you plan your monthly budget and set your other financial goals as you get to know much money you would spend as monthly EMIs.
    • Also, the calculator provides you with a detailed breakup of your total payment procedure. It will provide the loan amortization table which will include how much you have paid so far and how much is left to be paid.
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