Karnataka Holidays In 2019

We have prepared a table that lists holidays in the state of Karnataka in 2019. The list includes all nations, regional, public, and bank holidays in 2019 in Karnataka. The 2019 list of holidays in Karnataka offers an insight into days which could be used to plan your holidays as well as schedule your business activities and operations.

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The List Of National And Public Holidays Of Karnataka In 2019

Here’s an exhaustive list of holidays in Karnataka in 2019 that includes national, regional, and bank holidays that residents of Karnataka can avail in the calendar year of 2019.

Date Day Holiday Celebrated
14 January 2019 Monday Sankranti In Karnataka
26 January 2019 Saturday Republic Day Across India
4 March 2019 Monday Maha Shivaratri In many states
1 April 2019 Monday Bank Holiday Only for Banks
6 April 2019 Saturday Ugadi In many states
14 April 2019 Sunday Ram Navami/ Dr Ambedkaar Jayanti In many states
16 April 2019 Tuesday Basava Jayanti In Karnataka
17 April 2019 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti In many states
19 April 2019 Friday Good Friday Across India
1 May 2019 Wednesday May Day In many states
5 June 2019 Wednesday Idul Fitr Across India
12 August 2019 Monday Id-ul-Juha (Bakrid) Across India
15 August 2019 Thursday Independence Day Across India
2 September 2019 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Across India
10 September 2019 Tuesday Muharram Across India
29 September 2019 Sunday Mahalaya In some states
2 October 2019 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Across India
7 October 2019 Monday Ayudha Pooja Karnataka
8 October 2019 Tuesday Dussehra In many states
13 October 2019 Sunday Maharishi Valmiki Birthday In many states
27 October 2019 Sunday Diwali Across India
1 November 2019 Friday Kannada Rajyotsava Karnataka
10 November 2019 Sunday Id-e-Milad Across India
26 November 2019 Tuesday Narak Chaturdashi Karnataka
25 December 2019 Wednesday Christmas Festival Across India

Holidays offer that much-required break from a hectic life. To take advantage and plan your holidays in advance provides a stress-free planning for a vacation that you have been waiting to travel.

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Bank Holidays in Karnataka in 2019

Apart from national and regional holidays, there are bank holidays are observed in Karnataka. During these bank holidays in Karnataka, bank officials are off from work. As per an understanding between the Indian Banks’ Association and All India Bank Employees’ Association, all public sector banks in Karnataka and other states of the country are closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

Below is the list of bank holidays in Karnataka in 2019:

Date Day Holiday
1 January 2019 Tuesday New Year’s Day
12 January 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
15 January 2019 Tuesday Uttarayana Punya Kaala Sankranthi Festival
26 January 2019 Saturday Republic Day
26 January 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
9 February 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
23 February 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
4 March 2019 Monday Maha Shivaratri
9 March 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
23 March 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
1 April 2019 Monday Yearly Closing of Bank Accounts
13 April 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
16 April 2019 Tuesday Basava Jayanti
17 April 2019 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti
19 April 2019 Friday Good Friday
27 April 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
1 May 2019 Wednesday May Day
11 May 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
25 May 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
5 June 2019 Wednesday Id-ul-Fitr
8 June 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
22 June 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
13 July 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
27 July 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
10 August 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
12 August 2019 Monday Id-ul-Adha
15 August 2019 Thursday Independence Day
24 August 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
2 September 2019 Monday Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata
10 September 2019 Tuesday Moharram
14 September 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
28 September 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday/ Mahalaya Amavasya
2 October 2019 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
7 October 2019 Monday Maha Navami
8 October 2019 Tuesday Vijaya Dasami
12 October 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
13 October 2019 Sunday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
26 October 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
27 October 2019 Sunday Diwali
1 November 2019 Friday Kannada Rajyothsava
9 November 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
10 November 2019 Sunday Id-E-Milad
15 November 2019 Friday Kanakadasa Jayanti
23 November 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
14 December 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
25 December 2019 Wednesday Christmas
28 December 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday

The mentioned holiday list in Karnataka in 2019 could help you plan your vacations with a smarter approach. With this list of 2019 holidays, one can plan leaves along with the holidays during the calendar year in Karnataka effectively.

Note: All banks will remain closed on bank holidays. ATMs will be open.

Karnataka-Specific Festivals

Makar Sankrati is celebrated throughout the state welcoming the new season of harvest. Unlike other festivals, the date of Makar Sankranti is fixed. It is the first festival of every year. Republic Day honors the date on which the Indian Constitution came into effect on 26 January 2017. On 01 November of every year, people throughout the state celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava. The day is celebrated by distributing Rajyotsava Awards.

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Best Holiday Destinations In Karnataka

Mysore is a renowned destination in Karnataka to celebrate the festival of Dussehra. The festival indicates the victory of good over evil. Mysore has a long practice of celebrating the festival, enticing a great audience including the foreign tourists.

Bangalore, Udupi, Shrirangpatna and Belgavi are the most visited destinations in Karnataka during the festival of Makar Sankranti. Udupi is the terrestrial of eternal paradise. Shrirangpatna is a must-visit destination in Karnataka during the festival of Dussehra. In Belagavi, Makara Sankranti is celebrated as the harvest festival.

Belagavi is the best destination in Karnataka to celebrate the festival of Kannada Rajyotsava after Bangalore and Hubli. Cultural programs will be organised by local communities, schools and colleges. People celebrate this festival by playing Kannada songs.

The State Cabinet has declared the list of holidays for 2019. The employees of the State Government this year have 23 public holidays. In the previous year, there were only 22 holidays. In 2019, the government employees have 87 holidays in total: 23 public holidays, 52 Sundays and 12 second Saturdays.

The list of holidays illustrated in the earlier section excludes Dr Ambedkar Jayanthi and the Chandramana Ugadi. Muslims can apply for restricted holidays on their festivals. The government employees can apply for 2 restricted holidays and 17 days are recognised for this. The government employees relish a total of 118 days of holidays.

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Bank Holidays Karnataka 2018

Holiday Day Date
Makar Sankrati Sunday 14 January 2018
Republic Day Friday 26 January 2018
Maha Shivaratri Tuesday 13 February 2018
Ugadi Sunday 18 March 2018
Mahavir Jayanti Thursday 29 March 2018
Good Friday Friday 30 March 2018
Ambedkar Jayanti Saturday 14 April 2018
Basav Jayanti Wednesday 18 April 2018
May Day Tuesday 1 May 2018
Independence Day Wednesday 15 August 2018
Bakrid Wednesday 22 August 2018
Ganesh Festival Thursday 13 September 2018
Muharram Friday 21 September 2018
Gandhi Jayanthi Tuesday 02 October 2018
Mahalaya Amavase Monday 08 October 2018
Maha Navami Thursday 18 October 2018
Vijay Dashami Friday 19 October 2018
Deepavali Tuesday 06 November 2018
Deepavali Holiday Thursday 08 November 2018
Eid e Milad Wednesday 21 November 2018
Kanakadasa Jayanti Monday 26 November 2018
Christmas Day Tuesday 25 December 2018

The List Of National And Public Holidays Of Karnataka In 2018

Date Day Holiday Remarks
15 January 2018 Monday Makar Sankrati The first festival of the year
26 January 2018 Friday Republic Day Honors the formation of Indian Constitution
13 February 2018 Tuesday Maha Shivaratri
29 March 2018 Thursday Mahavir Jayanti Religious holiday in Jainism
30 March 2018 Friday Good Friday
01 April 2018 Sunday Bank Holiday Closing of yearly bank accounts
18 April 2018 Wednesday Basava Jayanthi The festival of Lingayaths
01 May 2018 Tuesday May Day
16 June 2018 Saturday Idul Fitr Karnataka, Gujarat
15 August 2018 Wednesday Independence Day Throughout India
22 August 2018 Wednesday Idul Juha Many states
13 September 2018 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi
21 September 2018 Friday Muharram Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat
02 October 2018 Tuesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi Throughout India
08 October 2018 Monday Mahalaya West Bengal, Karnataka, Odisha, Tripura
18 October 2018 Thursday Ayudha Puja Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
19 October 2018 Friday Dusshera
24 October 2018 Wednesday Maharshi Valmiki Birthday Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh
01 November 2018 Thursday Kannada Rajyotsava Karnataka
06 November 2018 Tuesday Narak Chaturdashi Karnataka
08 November 2018 Thursday Balipadyami Karnataka
21 November 2018 Wednesday Id-e-Milad
26 November 2018 Monday Kanakadasa Jayanthi Karnataka
25 December 2018 Tuesday Christmas Day Throughout India

News About Karnataka Holidays

  • Fourth Saturday to be a holiday for Karnataka government staff

    The Karnataka Government employees will have a holiday every fourth Saturday of the month. The State government on Wednesday issued a gazette notification for declaring the same. This is in addition to the holiday they already have on second Saturdays. The casual leaves of the government employees will be slashed from 15 to 10 in a year. However, the other existing general holidays remain intact. The new policy would only come to effect from this month.

    The fourth Saturday holiday was approved by the state Cabinet on Saturday, 8 June 2019 following the recommendation of the 6th Pay Commission. There was a demand from the employees for a holiday on fourth Saturday of every month. Moreover, nationalised banks have already declared holiday for its staff on second and fourth Saturdays.

    The Karnataka state government notified the holiday which will benefit over five lakh government employees from all the state government-affiliated departments. The decision was taken after studying the five-day work week in more than a dozen States in the country. There was a demand from the employees for a holiday on fourth Saturday of every month,

    The government has not taken any decision to scrap holidays on birthdays/jayantis of prominent personalities. Moreover, the Cabinet has also not decided on extending the hours of office work during the rest of the days to compensate for the holiday on fourth Saturday.

    13 June 2019

  • Karnataka State Government Declares Holiday, 3-Day Mourning for Girish Karnad

    In a statement from the office of Chief Minister of Karnataka, a holiday and 3-day mourning will be observed on 12 June 2019 on account of the demise of Jnanpith awardee, noted writer and theatre personality Girish Karnad. It’ll be a holiday for schools, colleges and government offices for one day. Karnad will be cremated with state honours and there will be a 3-day mourning. It’s also clarified that this is accordance with the initiatives taken by the government when Jnanpith award winners have previously passed away. Earlier on Monday, it was confirmed that Karnad, 81, had passed away at his residence in Bengaluru. His cremation is scheduled to be held at Baiyappanahalli crematorium in East Bengaluru later today. Karnad was one of Kannada literature’s well known and foremost playwrights. Following the news of his demise, condolences from across the country poured in including from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Girish Karnad has written several plays and has also acted in various Kannada and other lingual movies. He was conferred the Padma Shri award in 1974 and the Padma Bhushan in 1992 by the Indian government. He was awarded the Jnanpith award in 1999, the highest literary award in the country for his contribution to literature and arts.

    10 June 2019

  • Dr Shivakumara Swami expires at 111, State Government to observe 3-day bereavement

    The State Government of Karnataka has declared 3-day bereavement following the sad demise of Dr Shivakumara Swami on Monday, 21 January 2019. He was suffering from a lung infection. The government also declared a day holiday for government offices, schools and colleges in Karnataka on 22 January 2019. Dr Shivakumara Swami was a popular Lingayat Swamiji and gained immense popularity in the education sector and helping the poor students to get rid of hungriness. He was heading the society that has 100 plus education institutes in the state. He became of a part of the prestigious Siddaganga Mutt in the year 1930 and became the seer of the Mutt in the year 1941 after the demise of Uddana Swamiji, the guru of Dr Shivakumar Swami. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former president of India, visited the Siddaganga Mutta when Dr Shivakumara Swamiji turned 100 and praised his significant contributions to the society.

    23 January 2019

  • In lieu of the second Saturday, 13 October 2018, Karnataka State Government may announce holiday on the third Saturday, 20 October 2018

    H D Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister of Karnataka, is intending to declare holiday on the third Saturday, 20 October 2018, instead of the regular holiday on the second Saturday, 13 October 2018 since Ayudha Pooja is observed on 18 October 2018 and Vijayadashami festival is observed on 19 October 2018. Many government employees tend to remain absent on Saturday, 20 October 2018, because of the festivals. The public will be suffered if many employees take a leave. A DPAR official said the government will issue the issue shortly.

    October 2018 has 10 government holidays: Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, 4 Sundays, Vijayadashami, Ayudha Puja, Valmiki Jayanti, 4 Sundays and second Saturday. Srikant, Secretary of Karnataka State Government Employees Association, said, “The government employees will cooperate in the interest of the public.” When Ramakrishna Hegde was the Chief Minister of Karnataka in 1986, he began the concept on giving off on second Saturdays.

    9 October 2018

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