UAN - Universal Account Number Last Updated : 06 Jun 2020

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) allots every employee and employer who contributes towards the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme with a distinctive 12-digit number known as the Universal Account Number (UAN).

  • All EPF Member IDs under one UAN
  • Easy transfer of EPF
  • Simple EPF withdrawal process
  • Easy access to EPF statement

Why is UAN important?

Employee Provident Fund operations have now been digitised and all EPF-related services are carried out online. Therefore, in order to avail of EPF information and services, it is important to have a UAN. Using the UAN, employees can carry out many EPF-related services online with little time and effort, services such as EPF withdrawal, EPF transfer from one account to another, check EPF account statement, access EPF account passbook, and apply for loan against EPF.

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Features of UAN

The UAN for an employee remains the same even if he/she changes jobs. However, employees will be given a new Member ID every time they change or switch their jobs. These Member IDs will be linked under one UAN. When employees take up a new job, they can submit their UAN to new employers and request for a new Member ID.

Mentioned below are the main features of the UAN:

  • The introduction of the UAN helps in keeping track of the number of times an employee has changed jobs.
  • The EPFO was allowed to have access to bank and Know Your Customer (KYC) details of an employee only after UAN was introduced.
  • The introduction of the UAN has helped reduce the number of early withdrawals from the EPF scheme.
  • The introduction of the UAN helps in reducing the trouble that companies and organisations go through in the verification of employees.

Documents required for UAN

The documents required for obtaining a UAN are mentioned below:

  • Bank details such as branch name, IFSC code, and account number must be submitted.
  • Proof of identity such as Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, etc., must be submitted.
  • Any address proof with the member’s current address mentioned on it must be submitted.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card.
  • Aadhaar Card must be submitted. The submission of Aadhaar Card is mandatory as it is linked to the member’s mobile number and bank account.
  • Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Card.

Benefits of UAN

Given below are the advantages of the UAN:

  • It is very easy for members to download the EPF statement. They can either use the EPFO portal or send an SMS to avail this facility.
  • Employers will not be able to withhold the EPF money of the employees due to the presence of the UAN. Employees can check on a regular basis whether the employer has contributed its share of the money towards EPF.
  • All Member IDs of the employee come under one UAN. Therefore, it is easy to access all the Member IDs.
  • Transfer EPF amount from the old Member ID to the current one can be easily done online with the help of the UAN.

How to get the UAN

The two methods that employees can use to find their UAN are mentioned below:

  • Through the employer: Employees can find out their UAN by asking their employers. The UAN can also be found on the salary slip of the employees as well.
  • By using the Member ID on the UAN portal: In case employees are unable to get the UAN from the employer, they can use the UAN portal to get their UAN. The below-mentioned steps must be followed for employees to get the UAN on the portal:
    • The first step would be to visit the UAN portal (
    • Next, the member must click on ‘Know Your UAN Status’. This can be found on the right-hand side of the page.
    • Know Your UAN Status

    • On the next page, the employee must enter all the details required such as the state and EPFO office, name, date of birth, and captcha.
    • After entering all the above details, the member must click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
    • Get Authorization Pin

    • The member will receive the PIN on the registered mobile number. The next step would be to click on ‘Validate OTP and get UAN’ after entering the PIN.
    • The member will receive the UAN on his/her registered mobile number.

UAN Activation

In order for members to avail of all the benefits of the EPFO portal, they must first activate their UAN. The activation of the UAN is a simple process and it is mentioned below:

  • Initially, the individual must visit the EPFO portal (

Visit EPFO Portal

  • Next, the individual must click on ‘For Employees’ which can be found under the ‘Our Services’ tab.

Click on For Employees

  • On the next page, the employee must click on ‘Member UAN/Online Services (OCS/OTCP)’ which can be found under the ‘Services’ section.

Click on Member UAN

  • On the next page, the employee must click on ‘Activate UAN’.

Activate UAN

  • On the next page, individuals must enter their UAN, name, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, and captcha details. Next, individuals must click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.

Enter Details

  • Individuals will receive an OTP on their mobile numbers.
  • Next, the individual must click on ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’ after entering the OTP and checking the disclaimer box.

Validate OTP

  • Individuals will receive their UAN and password on their registered mobile numbers. They will need to use these details to log in to the EPFO portal.

UAN Activated

UAN Login

After activating the UAN, employees can log in to the EPFO portal using their UAN as username and the new password that they had created. After logging in, the following EPF-related activities can be taken care of:

  • Download the UAN card and passbook
  • View PF linking status and list all member IDs
  • View PF transfer claim status, file transfer claim and system generated transfer claim status
  • Edit personal details including mobile number and email ID
  • Update KYC information and upload KYC documents
  • View helpdesk contacts

Important points to keep in mind regarding UAN 

  • UAN is a lifelong account number. 
  • UAN facilitates the linking of a member's multiple EPF accounts. 
  • PAN, Aadhaar, and Bank account details of a member are the KYC documents that should be submitted for UAN linking. 
  • Previous EPF accounts can be clubbed through digitally authenticated KYC. 
  • EPF services can be accessed directly through Aadhaar enabled UAN. 
  • UAN is allotted by the EPFO for those members who have made at least one contribution during January 2014 or later. 
  • Those EPF members who have don’t have UAN and have not made any contribution during January 2014 or later can request the EPFO to allot UAN. 
  • For UAN activation, a member has to register his or her mobile number with the EPFO. He or she has the option to alter the mobile number linked with UAN at a later stage. 
  • Any Indian citizen can request for UAN regardless of whether he or she is an EPF member or not. 
  • Those members who have Aadhaar enabled UAN can submit their EPF claims directly to the EPFO. Members need not approach their employers for claims attestation. 
  • Online applications for all UAN enabled member services are allowed. 
  • UAN enabled member services are useful for EPF members who tend to change their jobs and locations often. 
  • EPF members can download their UAN card from their online account after logging on to the Unified Portal. 
  • Members who already have UAN should provide their KYC and UAN to the new company when changing jobs. This will facilitate the auto-transfer of the member's previous EPF account. 


  1. What happens to an employee’s UAN in case of job change?
  2. If UAN is already allotted to the employee and if he or she shifts to another organisation, all he or she has to do is just provide the UAN upon joining and the new employer will link a new member ID to the employee’s UAN. UAN remains the same throughout a person’s career.

  3. What is a UAN card and what information does it contain?
  4. The UAN card has an employee’s UAN number. The front side of the card displays photo and KYC (in case the KYC documents are verified by the employer). The backside of the card has the latest five-member IDs along with contact details of EPF helpdesk.

  5. How to transfer the balance from old EPF accounts and link it with the UAN?
  6. After an employee’s new EPF account is linked to his or her UAN, the balance can be transferred from the previous/old EPF accounts. The transfer can be done online. The status of the transfer can also be checked online.

  7. What to do if an employee has been allotted two UANs? How to get a UAN validated?
  8. In some cases, employees might be allotted two UANs due to various reasons while submitting the UAN to previous and current employers. If that happens, the employee has to contact the EPF helpdesk immediately and mention both the UANs and after due verification, previous UAN will be blocked and the current UAN will be activated.

  9. What to do if an employee’s date of birth has not been mentioned correctly in the EPF card?
  10. In case an employee has to change his or her date of birth, father’s name, or their own name, he or she can apply for the same with supporting documents through their organisation. Contact the EPF helpdesk for more information regarding change of personal details in the UAN card.

  11. What facilities are EPFO members entitled to?
  12. Presently, members are entitled to the following facilities:

    • UAN Card can be download
    • Passbook can be downloaded
    • Previous Member IDs can be viewed
    • KYC details can be entered
    • Personal details can be edited
    • Eligibility for online transfer claim can be checked
  13. What is the login password to the UAN portal?
  14. The member will have to create a password during his/her activation of UAN. The password must be 8-25 characters long, have a special character, and must be alphanumeric.

  15. What are considered as KYC documents?
  16. Documents that can be used for KYC are:

    • Driving Licence
    • Bank Account Number
    • Ration Card
    • Permanent Account Number
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Election Card
    • National Population Register (NPR)
    • Passport
  17. How to include photograph on the UAN Card?
  18. Photographs on the UAN Card are not available now. The facility will be available on successful seeding of KYC of Aadhaar. Currently, the process is ongoing.

  19. Can a scanned KYC document be uploaded?
  20. A scanned document with a maximum size of 300 KB can be uploaded. Up to 8 scanned documents can be uploaded.

  21. Who can employees contact for any queries regarding the UAN portal?
  22. For any queries regarding the UAN portal, call the toll-free helpdesk number - 18001-18005.

  23. Why is member activation required for completion of auto-transfer process?
  24. Ensuring members are updated on the status of their transactions via his or her registered mobile number is the main idea for linking activation and EPFO services.

  25. How long will EPF take to make changes in personal particulars?
  26. Once the employer sends the complete information to the respective field office, it will take 1 month for the changes to be uploaded. Changes will be as per EPF norms.

  27. What are the benefits of updating KYC details?
  28. On updating KYC details, members get the following benefits:

    • Easy withdrawal of PF amount
    • Transfer of PF amount is easy
    • Members will get a SMS intimation on a monthly basis regarding their PF
  29. Why is it necessary to link Aadhaar Card with UAN?
  30. Several measures have been introduced by the EPFO for EPF claims to be settled quickly. For a quick settlement of claims, the Aadhaar Card will have to be linked with the UAN. Linking Aadhaar Card with the UAN can help in submitting claims without the need of an attestation from the employer as well as not needing to provide any documentary evidence to the EPFO for partial withdrawals for medical, education, or marriage needs.

  31. How to link Aadhaar with UAN online?
  32. Subscribers can now link their Aadhaar number with their UAN via the EPFO website “”. This facility, which has been made available since Diwali eve 2017, has been introduced with the aim of boosting volume of online claims, and eventually going paperless. The steps to link Aadhaar with UAN are as follows:

    • Users can avail of this facility by going to the "eKYC Portal" on the EPFO website, under “Online Services” tab.
    • From there, users need to click on 'Link UAN Aadhaar' to move forward in the process.
    • Subscribers then have to enter their UAN to proceed further. This will trigger an OTP being sent to their mobile number registered with UAN.
    • After OTP is verified, members will have to enter their Aadhaar Number. This will trigger another OTP to be sent to their mobile/email, but this time to the one linked with their Aadhaar.
    • Once this OTP is also verified, and the UAN details match with their Aadhaar details, their UAN and Aadhaar get linked.

News About Universal Account Number

  • UAN can now be generated directly from PF portal

    Thanks to an initiative taken by the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) now allows members to directly access their UAN (Universal Account Number) without their employer’s intervention. A Universal Account Number is basically a 12-digit number that every EPF member is allotted to make it easier to control their EPF accounts. The Ministry of Labour and Employment issues the UAN to members, and it becomes easier for the members to track their PF accounts whenever they change jobs and get a new one.

    Sunil Kumar Yadav, the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, offered his views on the same, saying that the employees can now visit the PF portal and generate their UAN with ease. He said that new employees can use this facility when they are joining a workplace, and even employees with older PF accounts who don’t have their UAN can avail the same on the PF portal. Mr. Yadav went on to say that at the moment there is a huge number of joiners in most establishment who are facing issues regarding data mismatch. The government has therefore provided an open functionality where UAN can be generated by employees on their own. It also makes it easier for members to link their PF accounts through their UAN.

    28 Jan 2020

  • Change in EPF withdrawal rules regarding online and offline claim requests

    The EPFO has recently changed EPF withdrawal rules which concerns PF withdrawal requests made through the offline method. If an EPF member's Aadhaar number is linked to his or her UAN, he or she can no longer opt for PF withdrawal claims offline. They will have to make PF withdrawal claims online through the EPFO portal.

    This change in PF withdrawal rule was made because of the increasing number of offline claim requests made at the field office. As per the circular issued by the EPFO, since the offline claim requests were increasing in the field office and resulting in delays in PF claim settlement, only online claim requests will be accepted for those who have linked their Aadhaar with their UAN. If an EPF member makes online and offline claim requests at the same time, only the former will be accepted.

    26 July 2019

  • Details of 100 Million Workers to be Linked with Aadhaar by the Government

    The Union Government is making plans to link the information of around 100 million workers with Aadhaar in an effort to create a more effective record of job growth in the country. The move is also expected to lower duplication in payroll data, according to government officials. The delivery of services associated with pensions will also be enhanced by the linking. What will also improve is the insurance and employees’ provident fund for employees prior to the general election next year, according to the same officials. The EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) which has its headquarters in New Delhi and has around 60 million subscribers, has requested its regional offices to ensure that Aadhaar linking is done on priority basis. The ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation) – an organisation that offers healthcare facilities to almost 40 million industrial employees, recently made a decision to link their subscribers’ details with Aadhaar.

    3 October 2018

  • KYCs of More than half of the EPF Members Remain Unseeded with UAN

    Four years have passed and more than half of the EPF members have failed to seed their KYC with their Universal Account Numbers. As a result, they are unable to avail the EPFO’s (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) online services. All establishments that are covered under EPFO have been directed by the government to get 100% KYC seeded with Universal Account Numbers of the Provident Fund members. The seeding of KYC information with Universal Account Number is compulsory. Failure to seed KYC with UAN is a punishable offence. All PF members received a 12-digit UAN since 2014 so as to receive speedy, dependable and convenient services.

    21 September 2018

  • EPF Members can now access their information Online

    The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has recently announced that members of the EPF who receive updates about the money credited in their accounts through SMS will now be able to avail the same services through various methods of e-governance.

    This facility is available to all members who have registered their mobile number with their Universal Account Number (UAN). These members can receive information about their EPF account such as an online passbook through the UMANG app, email, SMS, and missed call.

    The EPFO has also issued a notification stating that an age-wise band estimate of all subscribers to the EPF as provided by their employers. Six categories have been established for all new subscribers to the EPF. The EPFO stated that the data from these categories would help with policy making,

    4 May 2018

  • Now you can merge all PF accounts in a few simple steps

    A sigh of relief for 4.5 crore subscribers across the country, now, through the EPFO’s 'Employees' Corner’ portal, employees using their UAN can now link multiple PF accounts and use it as one. To do so, the attestation of the employer is not required, a benefit of linking the UAN and Aadhar card. The campaign  "one employee, one EPF account" has been launched recently, and subscribers can look forward to carrying out the process in an efficient manner.

    12 November 2017

  • New Facility to Link Aadhaar With UAN Launched by EPFO

    EPFO introduced a system for its members to link their Aadhaar details with their UAN online. The announcement of the launch came just before Diwali this year.

    The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) said that this facility would provide fast and effective EPFO service to its subscribers.

    After linking Aadhaar or the 12-digit unique identification number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) with EPFO issued UAN, members will be able to avail various EPFO online services.

    There are 5 steps to remember when using EPFO's new online facility to link Aadhaar and UAN:

    • This facility is available through EPFO website only.
    • A subscriber can use this facility by selecting the eKYC Portal option under Online Services on EPFO website. From there the member can proceed by clicking on the Link UAN Aadhaar option.
    • The EPFO subscriber shall provide his/her UAN to move forward. An OTP will be sent to their mobile linked with UAN.
    • After OTP verification, the member will have to provide his/her Aadhaar Number.
    • Another OTP will get sent to the member’s mobile or email already linked with Aadhaar. After OTP is verified, their UAN gets linked with their Aadhaar.

    20 October 2017

  • EPFO Defers Decision To Hike ETF Investments To 15%

    According to reports, EPFO trustees have postponed the discussion regarding the proposal to hike ETF investments from the current 10% to 15% of investible deposits in the FY2017-18. The Central Board of Trustees (CBT) has however, agreed to cover nearly 62 lakh volunteers (Anganwadi Asha) and mid-day meal workers under the EPFO run social security scheme. Apart from this, the trustees have also unanimously agreed upon allowing banks, including private banks, to collect employer’s contributions and make payments to employees. Banks which have already been doing this on a pilot basis include SBI, nationalized banks and payGov platforms. Treading with caution, EPFO had previously made the decision to only invest 5% of its investible deposits, amounting to approximately Rs. 1 lakh crore, each year into the stock market in August 2015. Till February 18, 2017, EPFO has invested nearly Rs. 18,069 crore in ETFs which have provided a return on investment at about 18.13%.

    4 April 2017

  • EPF could soon be optional for apparel workers

    According to sources, much to the disagreement of the Trade Unions, the EPFO is considering making EPF optional for apparel workers. The Trade Union feels that such a move might encourage other sectors to back out of the EPF as well. Disgruntled D L Sachdev, All India Trade Union Congress Secretary said that all central trade unions will oppose this proposal because it would start a new practice of making EPF contributions optional for a set of categories of employees and that this will set a wrong precedent.

    31 March 2017

  • Duplicate UAN to be Deactivated by EPFO

    In a move to reduce the number of duplicate UANs, the EPFO has decided to deactivate any UAN from which a PF transfer has been made to another account which has a different UAN. Therefore, once the PF is transferred, the old UAN will be deactivated. Individuals with more than one UAN will benefit from this as the PF amount in different accounts will be consolidated under a single UAN. This rule will be implemented across all the accounts that fall under this category regardless of whether the account holder has requested for deactivation or not. The account holder will be informed about the deactivation of the old UAN. The information will be sent via SMS to the mobile number registered under the account. The problem of duplicate UANs arises when employers do not furnish the employee’s date of leaving the job in the Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) and when new employers allot a fresh UAN if the employee has not provided the previous UAN number.

    27 September 2016

  • U-Win Card to be paired with Aadhaar

    The U-Win Card, which is meant to replace the smart card offered under the Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana, is to be paired with Aadhaar to validate identity of the workers who are eligible to gain welfare benefits under Unorganized Workers' Social Security Act of 2008. The U-Win card will provide insurance cover such as disability cover, life insurance, health cover, protection in old age and maternity benefits for workers who fall under the unorganized sector. Aadhar card will be linked to the U-Win card in order to validate the identity of the beneficiaries and to prevent any misuse of this scheme.

    12 May 2016

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