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  • All about EPF Claim Status

    EPF Claim Status

    EPF or Employee Provident Fund can now be accessed online in a few simple steps. This service is a lifesaver for numerous employees who have no idea how to access their EPF accounts and take actions on them. Online EPF facility provided by the government offers the feature of checking their EPF balance as well as downloading the PF pass books and other related features.

    Track EPF Claim Status Online
    Figure 1. Check PF Claim Status Online

    Checking EPF claim status

    You can check the EPF Claim Status online by following a few steps if you are a member, subscriber or pensioner. People who have submitted a claim at any of the EPFO offices in India can use this service to check the status of their applications in real time. An applicant simply needs to know his/her PF account number to access this service.

    1. Open EPFO website.
    2. Click on ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Our Services’ section.
    3. Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’ under the ‘Services’ section.
    4. In the next page, click on ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’.
    5. A new page will open with a single field where you select the state of PF office.
    6. In the next page, you will see a list of EPFO offices in the selected city.
    7. Select the EPF office where the claim is to be settled from a drop down menu.
    8. Once you have selected the relevant office, the Office Code and Region Code sections will get filled automatically with relevant data.
    9. Next, you need to type in the establishment code of your employer in the 3rd box. This code is maximum 7 digits.
    10. If there is any extension or sub-code for the establishment code, you need to fill it in the 4th box. If there is no extension or sub-code, you can leave the field blank.
    11. Next, fill in your account number which is a maximum of 7 digits long in the 5th box.
    12. Recheck all the fields and click on submit.
    13. You can now view your EPF claim status.

    EPFO’s Unified Portal

    You can check the status of the claim submitted through the unified portal. The member will have to be a registered member and should have a UAN (Universal Account Number).

    • Open EPFO’s unified portal created for members.
    • Log in using the UAN and password.
    • Find the ‘Online Services’ drop down in the top panel of the page.
    • Click on ‘Track Claim Status’.
    • You can then view the status of the claim.

    By Accessing the Member Claim Status Link

    The status of the claim requested can be viewed by simply accessing the link https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemClaimStatusUAN/.

    • Click on the above link.
    • Fill in the UAN.
    • Enter the Captcha code.
    • Click ‘Search’.
    • The Member ID will be displayed as a link to the next page. Click on the link.
    • You can now view the status and other claim details.

    Benefits of online EPF claim status feature

    • It allows you to view the claim status online and do away with visits to concerned EPFO office.
    • You can also check the PF balance if online EPF has been activated.
    • Simple and hassle-free process to view claim status.
    • The status is updated as and when an action takes place.

    Claim Status Information

    The section for selecting the state (where the employer’s registered office is located) is as shown below. Once you select the state, the region name, office code, region code, and office name will be generated as shown in the example below:

    Select PF Office State KARNATAKA
    Select your EPFO Office
    Region Name Region Code Office Code Office Name

    Here you are required to click on the Office Name where your organisation maintains the EPF accounts.

    What are the things required to track your claim status?

    In order to track your claim status, you only need to know the following information:

    • Your EPF account number

    • EPF regional office of your employer

    • Establishment/Company Code and Extension Code (if relevant)

    Checking transaction status on your mobile app

    You can download the mobile application from the EPFO website to check the status of your last transaction, using your pensioner or member account. This will also show you the status of your claim request, i.e., whether it is approved or pending.

    Checking transfer claim status

    In the event of a job change, you would have to request for the transfer of the PF amount. In such a scenario, you can visit the member’s portal and check the status of your transfer claim. You would be required to enter your membership number, ID document, and mobile number. Then you can login to your account for checking the status of transfer.

    SMS alerts on claim approval

    If your EPF member account is linked to your mobile number, you can use the SMS facility to check if your withdrawal, pension, or transfer claim has moved to the approved status. The SMS is sent in the following instances:

    • When the claim form has been received by the EPFO.
    • When the claim has been approved and the corresponding amount has been moved to the bank account linked to the member.

    PF Claim Status – EPF India - Android Apps on Google Play

    The PF Claim Status - EPF India is a mobile application that works on Android 2.3 and above to provide you PF claim data at your fingertips. Using the app, you can check the status of your PF claim. Currently, this application enables you to assess the status of your withdrawal application, when you enter your PF account number and your employer’s establishment code. These two identifiers can be easily found on your payslip.

    News About All about EPF Claim Status

    • Over 40,000 EPF claims settled in January 2018

      Following the Government of India’s initiative, ‘Nidhi Aapke Nikat’ (PF Near You) programme , also known as the ‘Bhavishya Nidhi Adalat’, in which the main purpose of the event which is held on the 10th of every month is to settle EPF grievances, the EPFO managed to settle 40,000 grievances in just the month of January. Through the 40,000 plus claims approved by the EPFO, Rs.211.67 crore  was paid to EPF subscribers and Rs. 67.29 crore was recovered from the subscribers as well. 

      20 February 2018

    • Aadhaar Cards may soon allow you to settle PF Claims

      In an effort to make it easier for individuals to settle PF claims and withdrawals, EPFO, the nation’s retirement fund body is planning on making the Aadhaar card as a primary identifying proof for settlement of PF accounts linked to Aadhaar cards which would not require the employer’s attestation. This step is being taken as part of a special initiative by the EPFO to move merge multiple accounts held by an employee.

      Out of the 6.77 crore UANs (universal Account Numbers) issued by the EPFO till April 25, 1.30 crore of them have been uploaded against Aadhaar. Out of these 1.30 crore, 1.03 crore Aadhaar have been authenticated digitally by the establishments. UANs have been issued to all subscribers who have received at least one contribution since January 2014.

      The importance of integrating multiple PF accounts is that it will enable employees / subscribers to continue a lifelong PF membership while also allowing them to receive combined benefits from their Provident Fund, insurance and pension and also expect significant pay-outs in the end.

      Additionally, employers across the country have been instructed that any new employee joining the organization may either provide a UAN, if they have one, or can let the organization know if they are first time PF account holders.

      3 May 2016

    • Kingfisher Airlines accounts under PF microscope

      It has been almost 4 years since Kingfisher Airlines took to the skies for the last time. But the financial woes that the company and its owner left in the wake of the grounding are still at large.

      The Employees Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO has been looking into the account books and balance sheets of the erstwhile airlines for any possible discrepancy regarding the payment of PF. There have been drops in the PF deposits post the 2012-13 period and EPFO is currently investigating if PF deposits had been made equally for all employees or not.

      16 March 2016

    • Crackdown on PF avoidance

      In Madhya Pradesh, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation has reportedly clamped down on more than 600 organisations who were alleged of irregularities in paying PF to their employees. The action taken by EPFO has involved sealing the bank accounts of 636 organisations and also attaching the properties of seven companies.

      These actions are supposedly a result of EPFO’s moves to realise the PF of employees in a drive that was initiated from April 1, 2015 and ended on March 10, 2016. Such moves by the EPFO have also led to the arrest of 14 employers involved in shady deals when it came to depositing their employees’ PF.

      15 March 2016

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