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Whoever said wishes don’t come true hasn’t explored our offers!
  • How to Access UAN Account After Changing Mobile Number

    Accessing UAN Account after Changing Mobile Number

    The UAN portal gives you the facility to see you PF balance, Status of PF transfer, Download PF passbook and KYC upload. The UAN has eased our life. But, you don’t need this account regularly. It is very easy to forget the UAN and its password.

    You can access the UAN number using the status check of the UAN. You can also reset the password using your UAN number and mobile number. But you don’t have a way to access the UAN account without the password or mobile number. If someone loses both, it seems a dead end.

    Offline Mode of Mobile Number Change

    • The registered mobile number is the key to reset UAN password. Hence, if you lose the registered mobile number, you can register new mobile number.
    • The process of registering new mobile number goes through the employer. You have to write an application on the letterhead of your employer. Request for the registration of new mobile number. Attest this application to your employer. Submit the application to the regional PF office.
    • Your employer can also forward this application. You can also send it through the speed post. After 15 days, you should get an SMS about the new mobile number registration. The SMS itself would be sent to a new mobile number.

    Online Mode of UAN Mobile Number Change

    • However, EPFO has taken an initiative to resolve such problems. It had made a mechanism to deal with ‘forget password’ and some other problems. You can expect to solve this mobile number change problem from the EPFO website. However, UAN portal doesn’t have any such link.
    • In the employees section, there is a new link of UAN helpdesk. This link leads us to the new page of the helpdesk. The helpdesk has separate windows for the employee and employer.
    • Going through the employee window, You will reach to the helpdesk page. In this page, you will get a dropdown list of EPF problems. There would be your problem of reset password without mobile.
    • After the submission, you will get an OTP for the verification. Give the OTP and submit the form. This will generate an application ID. Keep it with you. The EPFO will resolve the problem and send new password into your new mobile number.

    UAN Registration

    Every employee holding a PF (Provident Fund) account is eligible to register for a UAN. UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique 12-digit code assigned to every employee holding a PF account. Introduced by the EPFO, the UAN has made processes of the EPF such as transfers, refunds, contributions, etc. seamless. For first time users, this is how you register a UAN.

    • Log on to the link: //uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php and enter the state you are situated in.
    • Enter your PF number and establishment code. Your salary slip should contain your PF number if you’re not sure of it.
    • Next, click on the “Check status” button on the page. After clicking that, the page will show you the status of your UAN. It will say “UAN is activated”.
    • After activating your UAN, take a screenshot of the same and report it to your employer, who will then use your UAN for transfer of PF funds.

    UAN Login

    Once you have registered and activated your UAN, the next step is to login. To login on the UAN member portal, get on to the site (http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/). All you need is your UAN to access your account and check your PF status, balance and so on. For those who have forgotten their UAN and password, using your registered mobile number will suffice. On the EPFO member portal, accessing your account can be done via UAN, proof of identification number - PAN number, Aadhaar card number, etc. - or your registered mobile number.

    Linking Aadhaar with UAN

    Aadhaar is one of the most important step towards digital India. It encodes vital details about a person like name, DOB, photo identity, address, as well as biometric imprints. So it’s logical for the EPFO to link subscriber UANs with their respective Aadhaar numbers. Linking also allows members to merge all their PF accounts from multiple employers into a single one. Members can easily transfer their PF accounts from their previous employer to their new workplace.

    Online Method of Linking Aadhaar-UAN

    Aadhaar can be linked with UAN online by following the below mentioned steps:

    • Go to the EPFO website “http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/”.
    • Login using UAN and Password. Make sure that your UAN is activated by following the registration process mentioned earlier in the page.
    • After logging in, find the “Manage” tab at the top of the page. Opt for the “KYC” option from drop-down menu under this tab.
    • This will take you to an online form with choice to update Aadhaar, Bank details, PAN details, Passport, Election Card, Driving License, NPR or Ration Card.
    • You can update all documents or choose to update only Aadhaar. Select “Aadhaar” from all the options, enter your Aadhaar number and your name as printed on Aadhaar Card.
    • Select “Save” option and your Aadhaar gets linked with your UAN.

    Offline Method of Linking Aadhaar-UAN

    Realising the fact that some EPF subscribers, especially pensioners, are finding it difficult to link Aadhaar to their UAN online, EPFO launched the facility of updating or linking Aadhaar in offline mode.

    The offline facility named "Aadhaar Seeding Application", runs with support of CDAC and CSC (Common Service Centers). With the introduction of this facility, one can now visit their nearby CSC outlets or EPFO field offices with all requisite documents to link their Aadhaar with UAN.

    When visiting any of these CSC or EPFO outlets, the following documents should be kept ready:

    • UAN
    • Aadhaar Card Copy
    • PAN Card Copy
    • Account Number
    • IFSC Code of the bank registered
    • One Cancelled Check

    How to Transfer PF Accounts Online with UAN on EPFO Portal?

    Back in the day, transferring of PF accounts following a job change was a tedious process. The employee had to submit Form 19 signed by his/her previous employer to the current employer. The employers then will verify the submission of the Form 19. The process would take an age and as a result employees’ chose to withdraw their PF savings rather than transfer it. Today however, the process is a lot more relaxed with the introduction of EPFO’s member portal. Here is how you transfer PF accounts online using your UAN on the EPFO portal:

    • Once you are sure that your UAN has been activated, the next step is to transfer your funds, and this can be done using the EPFO’s member portal - http://members.epfoservices.in/home.php
    • Enter your UAN, mobile number and the state your current employer is located.
    • Once you have done that, check if your account is eligible for transfer. Click on ‘Check eligibility’.
    • Submit a valid photo ID such as - PAN card, driver's license, Aadhar card.
    • The website will generate a PIN that will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the PIN for verification.
    • The site will take you to the EPFO member portal. Click on the ‘Request for transfer’ tab on the top.
    • You will now have to fill in a form:
      • Firstly, you will have to fill in your name, email ID, bank account and IFSC code
      • Next, fill in the details of your previous PF account
      • Lastly, fill in details of your current PF account
    • The form will be verified by both your employers - past and present - and they will have to attest the form.
    • Preview the form to see if you need to make any changes and if there are any errors.
    • Enter the captcha and generate the PIN. Click on ‘I agree’.
    • Once you have entered the PIN generated to your phone number, your claim transfer has begun.

    Check the status of your transfer using the EPFO member portal. In case of any problems, contact your employers to get in touch with the EPFO.

    FAQs about UAN

    1. When Changing Jobs will My PF Account Automatically Merge or Do I Continue with My Old PF Account?

    You will have to transfer your old account (with your previous employer) to a new one. Your current employer will give you a new PF account number, to which you can transfer your funds from the previous account. This can be done on the EPFO member portal and is a fairly easy task. Though, since the UAN is still in the initial stages of implementation and covering all fields, in the future you wouldn’t need to. Providing the UAN to your current employer is enough to initiate the transfer of funds as the UAN links all PF accounts.

    2. How Will the UAN Help in the Transfer or Withdrawal Process?

    The UAN has all your KYC documents (PAN card, Aadhaar Card, etc.) seeded in its system. In the future you will not need the attestation of your ex-employer (always a hassle for many) to transfer funds or make withdrawals. All that the PF account holder needs to show to make a transfer or a withdrawal is his/her Aadhaar card.

    3. Is it Possible to Upload the KYC Documents using the EPFO’S Member Portal?

    Yes you can, but first you employer has to digitally attest your documents using his/her digital signature. Once that is done, your documents which will be seeded in the EPFO member portal will be valid. Till the process of attestation is done, your KYC will show as “Pending”.

    4. What has to be Done if I Change my Job?

    With the introduction of the UAN, the processes with regard to PF accounts have become far more relaxed. Now, all you have to do is to declare your UAN with your present employer. The UAN will link all your accounts and it will be maintained as a single UAN account.

    News about How to Access UAN Account after Changing Mobile Number

    • Generate your UAN on your own

      If you were an employee that has been waiting for days or even months for your employee to generate your UAN, then this news would be a sigh of relief. Now, the EPFO has set up its online portal to allow employees to generate their own UAN, without the interference of the employer. According to an official, as a new employee, you can simply generate a UAN and provide the number to your employer at the time of joining, when you need to fill up forms for your EPF contribution. As per a circular of EPFO, establishments with large number of new joiners are facing problems due to mismatch of data with Aadhaar. Therefore, an open functionality is being provided where employees can generate UAN on their own.

      29th November 2017

    • You Will Be Able To Settle EPF Claims Through Mobile Phones

      Through a mobile app called UMANG, members of retirement fund body, EPFO will be able to carry out EPF withdrawal and other such activities. The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has more than four crore members and have introduced this app to help them out. Bandaru Dattatreya, Labour Minister, stated in a written reply to Lok Sabha that they are developing online claims settlement process by receiving applications online. He further stated that they will integrate this through Unified Mobile App for new-age governance, (UMANG). EPFO receives over 1 crore applications regarding EPF withdrawals, pension fixations, and other such requests to settle manually.

      11th April 2017

    • EPF members may soon receive medical facilities under ESIC

      More than eight crore EPF members will soon be eligible for treatments under ESIC hospitals after retirement. EPFO’s central board of trustees will meet on Thursday to take a final decision on implementing the same. ESIC has more than 1,400 dispensaries under it, which will provide treatments to pensioners after implementation of the plan. Workers with an income up to Rs.15,000 are eligible for medical facilities for treatment of sickness, disability, and injuries sustained at workplace. The number of people covered under the EPF scheme till March 2016 was 2.13 crores.

      31st March 2017

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