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  • All about the Employee PF Account Number

    When you join a new organisation then you may, if you have never had one, be presented with a part of your salary that is cut as a contribution towards a Provident Fund. These contributions will be made on your behalf into an account and EPF balance can be withdrawn by you under specific circumstances. Just like every other account, this account too has an account number associated with it which can be used by the employees to check the EPF status, the balance, etc. This EPF account number is also the most important thing that you need when it comes time to apply for a withdrawal from the PF.

    Parts of the PF Account Number

    Before we start talking about the account number, let’s take one account number as an example.

    Example 1: KN/KRP/12345/9876543

    Example 2: KN/KRP/12345/000/9876543

    The fields that form the PF account number are identifiers for the region, the employer and the employee. This means that in example 1:

    • KN stands for Karnataka tell us that this account is held in the state of Karnataka.
    • KRP stands for K R Puram which tells us that this account is under the K R Puram EPF office.
    • 12345 is the employer, or establishment, code and
    • 9876543 is the actual PF account number assigned to the employee.

    Example 2 seems a little different in that it has an extra “000” in it. In most cases you will find this entry to be 000. This part of the account number also indicates information about the region where the PF is held.

    It is important to remember that the reason you get a new PF number every time you change jobs is that each establishment you work for will have a unique code attached to it and when they create a new PF in your name, the EPF account number assigned to it is also new.

    EPF and the UAN

    Off late there has been a lot of talk about something known as the UAN. The UAN stands for Universal Account Number and has been conceived to solve a very specific problem. Assume that you have, over the past 10 years, worked for 4 different establishment. Each of these establishments offered you a PF and you never withdrew or transferred it when you left the establishment. Now you have to join a new one and are going to have to keep tabs on 5 different numbers. What the UAN does here is to bring all the 5 PFs under one account number. This means that using your UAN you can actually check on the status of each of your EPF accounts.

    If you don’t have a UAN, then you can always get in touch with your employer to get one generated for you. Once generated, you may need to activate it but once it is activated, you will be able to get a UAN card generated for you. The UAN will also allow you to operate the PF accounts as and when they become eligible for online transfers. You will also have access to passbooks to see the status of your various PF accounts.

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