Employee PF Account Number

The Employees’ Provident Fund Account Number is an account number that can be used by employees to check the status of their EPF, the balance in the EPF account, etc. The number is mandatory for withdrawals from EPF.

However, at certain times the EPF number is not known by the employees because they wouldn’t have made a note of the contributions made towards the scheme on a monthly basis. The employer may not inform the employees of their PF number as well. It is very important that employees know their PF number at the time of working as it could be difficult for them to get the number after they quit the job or after retirement.

The process to know the EPF number has become very simple since the introduction of the Universal Account Number (UAN) by the EPFO. The UAN is allotted to every employee and does not change throughout his/her employment life. All Member IDs of the employee are mentioned under one UAN. Employees will be able to get their UAN from the employers or by visiting the EPFO portal.

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Employee PF Account Number
Employee PF Account Number

Procedure to know the EPF number

The registration of the new employee, allotment of the EPF number, and ensuring that EPF contributions are made in a timely manner are handled by the employer. Therefore, the employer plays an important role in the EPF scheme and it is vital that they ensure the employees receive their EPF account number. In case the employer does not inform the employee of his/her EPF number, the employee can follow one of the below-mentioned steps to get the EPF number:

By visiting the EPFO office: Employees will be able to get their EPF account number by visiting the EPFO office. The employee must provide all the required personal details in order to receive the account number. It is vital that proof of identity is carried by the employee and the application form must be filled as well.

By using the UAN portal: In case employees know their UAN number, it is very easy to get their EPF account number on the EPFO portal. Employees can log in to the EPFO portal and will be able to access all PF details.

By asking the employer: Employees can contact the Human Resource (HR) department of their employers in order to get the PF account number.

By checking the salary slip: Most employers will mention the EPF account number on the salary slip of the employee.

Steps to fill EPF Account Number

In order to avail various facilities on the EPFO portal, employees will need to fill in their EPF account number. In case employees wish to know their UAN number, the EPF number can be used. The procedure to fill the account number in order to get the UAN is mentioned below:

  • First, employees must visit the page on the EPFO portal where the details to find the UAN must be filled (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/no-auth/uanActivation/activationForm?_HDIV_STATE_=12-7-A8866D65A63637671C01A234F6CCB97D).
  • Choose the EPF state: Next, the individual must enter the state where the EPF account has been opened. Various states would be available from the down-down menu which the employee can choose from. The first two alphabets of the EPF account number denotes the name of the state.
  • Select the EPF office: The next step would be to choose the appropriate EPF office. Once the employee chooses the EPF state, various options will appear under the drop-down menu of the EPF office. The three alphabets that follow the name of the state, denote the name of the EPF office. Once the EPF office has been selected, the relevant code automatically comes up.
  • Establishment code must be entered: The next step would be to enter the relevant establishment code in the respective box. The first seven digits of the EPF account number will represent the establishment code.
  • Extension code (if any) must be entered: The next step would be to enter the extension code. The three digits that follow the establishment code represent the extension code. Many establishments may not have an extension code. In such cases, the box can be left blank. This is the only box that can be left blank. All other boxes must be filled.
  • Enter the Member ID: The next step would be to enter the Member ID. The last seven digits of the EPF account number represents the Member ID. The Member ID can be a maximum of 7 digits.
  • Once all the above details are entered, the employee must enter his/her name, date of birth, mobile number, and captcha details.
  • On the completion of the above step, the employee must click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
  • The employee will receive an OTP on his/her registered mobile number. Once the OTP is entered, the employee will receive the UAN on the registered mobile number via SMS.

Format of EPF Account Number

The EPF Account Number consists of both numbers and alphabets. Details of the EPF office that handles all operations of the employee’s EPF account as well as the code of the organisation is mentioned on the EPF account number as well. Given below is an example of the format of the EPF account number and the various details present in the number:

PF Account Number: TN MAS 054110 000 0054321

  • The state is represented by the first two alphabets (TN). In the above example, the state is Tamil Nadu.
  • The next three alphabets (MAS) represents the regional office. In the above example, the regional office is Chennai.
  • The first seven numbers represent the establishment ID. The establishment ID can be a maximum of 7 numbers.
  • The next three numbers represent the extension code of the establishment ID. Big establishments do have an extension code. Therefore, an establishment ID will be present. However, for most employees, no establishment ID will be present.
  • The last seven digits is the actual EPF account number and it is employee specific. It can be a maximum of seven digits as well.

Role that is played by EPF Account Number

Given below is the role that is played by the EPF Account Number:

  • It is easy to find the UAN with the help of the EPF account number.
  • In case employees wish to withdraw their EPF amount, the EPF account number is necessary.
  • Employees will not be able to transfer their EPF amount from their previous Member ID to the current one without the EPF account number.
  • The PF account number is necessary for employees to check their EPF balance.

Importance of EPF account number

Earlier, the EPF account number played the most important role in an EPF scheme. Employees would not be able to EPF withdraw amount or transfer the EPF amount from their previous Member ID to the current one without the help of the EPF number. However, since the introduction of the UAN, most EPF scheme functions are handled by the UAN. It is vital that employees know that the EPF Account Number is the main identity of the EPF account and the UAN acts as the secondary number.

EPFO Customer Care Number

Individuals can contact regarding UAN and Know Your Customer (KYC) queries, call EPFO Toll Free No. 1800 118 005.

FAQs on Employee PF Account Number

  1. Can an employee become a member of EPF if he or she is working for an establishment where the PF Act is not applicable?
  2. Only after the establishment applies for the Act can an employee become a member.

  3. Is there any age restriction to become a member of EPF?
  4. There is no age restriction to become a member of PF, but an employee above 58 years cannot become a member of the pension scheme.

  5. Can an employee be given PF membership if he or she works in an establishment without receiving wages?
  6. Employees can become members only when wages are paid to them.

  7. How long can an employee continue to have his EPF membership?
  8. Even after an employee leaves the establishment, he/she can continue to be a member. There is no restriction. However, the account will not earn any interest after the third year if no contribution is made into the PF account for 3 continuous years.

  9. Is it possible for the employer to also join PF?
  10. The employer cannot join PF.

  11. Can an employee join EPF directly?
  12. The only way an employee can join is by way of employment in an establishment which is covered under the EPF & MP Act, 1952.

  13. Are there any other benefits on joining the EPF?
  14. On joining the EPF, the member is provided Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme and Pension benefits. This is applicable only to those employees who earn a monthly wage of Rs.15,000 or less.

  15. How long can a member retain PF in his/her account?
  16. The member can retain PF in his/her account till it is withdrawn.

  17. Is the member required to register to the Member Portal for Transfer Claim online?
  18. Yes, the member is required to register to the Member Portal to make Transfer Claim online.

  19. Is an employee joining an establishment at the age of 58 eligible to become a member of the Pension Fund?
  20. No, an employee joining an establishment at the age of 58 is not eligible to become a member of the Pension Fund.

News About PF Account Number

  • EPFO allows employers to delay deposits in EPF accounts

    Given severe disruptions in cash flows during the lockdown, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has allowed employers to delay deposits in EPF accounts. The retirement funds body has taken the decision keeping the financial stress in mind. Employers will not be charged any penalty for the delay in deposits.

    Usually employers are required to deposit the provident fund dues on salaries by 15th of the next month. Under the EPFO rules, employers are penalised for any delay after a grace period of 10 days.

    Many employers are expected to avail the benefit offered to them given the current situation. It must be noted here that there are around 6.5 lakhs EPF covered establishments in the country.

    07 Jun 2020

  • PF Withdrawal Rules due to COVID-19

    Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Indian economy, many individuals may be facing financial challenges. In order to help meet this cash crunc, the government of India announced, on 26 March 2020, that employees can make withdrawal from their Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s (EPFO) funds.

    This withdrawal is called a ‘'non-refundable advance’'. Eligible employees are those who contribute 12% from their basic salaries on a monthly basis to their EPFO accounts.

    The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is three months’ basic wages or up to 75% of your EPF account balance, whichever is the lower amount.

    Your basic wages is a sum of your dearness allowance and basic salary. The actual amount will be on your pay slip.

    To withdraw the amount, your UAN should be activated, Aadhaar linked to it, and bank account seeded to the UAN.

    To submit the claim for withdrawal, visit the official website of the EPFO.

    29 May 2020

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