• UAN Registration Procedure for EPF Account

    Everything You Need to Know about EPFO's Universal Account Number (UAN) 

    Documents Required to Generate UAN

    • Bank details - account number, IFSC code, branch name.
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar card
    • PAN card
    • Ration card
    • Driver’s license
    • ESIC card

    Benefits of Seeding KYC Documents with UAN Account

    • Subscribers can transfer funds seamlessly without the attestation of their previous or current employer.
    • PF account holders can make withdrawals without the attestation of their employer.
    • PF account transparency.
    • SMS notification when contributions or withdrawals have been made.
    • Merge multiple PF accounts seamlessly.
    • Make personal detail corrections - name, mobile number, father’s name, date of birth, etc. - on the EPFO portal.

    How to Access UAN Details on the EPFO Website

    As already mentioned, the last step when activating the UAN is to create a username and password. Once that is done, all that the subscriber needs to do is to visit the UAN portal or the EPFO portal and enter the username and password. Once the credentials have been entered, the portal will display the details of your UAN.

    How to Generate UAN through Aadhaar Card

    Subscribers can self-generate their UAN using their Aadhaar card. To do so, they should follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Visit the EPFO member portal.
    • Click on "Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment"
    • Enter your Aadhaar card number.
    • Click on “generate OTP”.
    • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on “submit”.
    • The page will then display the Aadhaar card details.
    • Click on “register”.
    • Once that is done, the UAN will be allotted.

    Procedure to Allocate UAN to New Employees

    As soon as you join a new company, your employer will collect your previous PF account details, make a verification and then forward the same to the EPFO to generate the UAN. The employer will then pass on the UAN once the EPFO generates it.

    Benefits of UAN

    Listed below are the benefits of UAN and the changes that it has brought about to the EPF processes:

    • Subscribers can merge up to 10 PF account in one go using the UAN. For this to happen, the subscriber will be first required to seed his/her Aadhaar card details to the UAN.
    • Subscribers can carry out the auto-transfer process of their PF accounts using UAN.
    • PF members can make transfers, check PF balance, make a contribution or withdrawal using the UAN.
    • Once the subscribers’ details are seeded with the UAN, he/she will receive a notification message everytime a contribution or withdrawal has been made.
    • Apply for PF transfer online.

    UAN App(Umang App)

    Subscribers can carry out all the EPF process through the UAN app as well. One will first need to download the app via Google Play Store and then register using his/her registered mobile number and UAN. Once all the fields have been entered, the subscriber will be registered and carry out all EPF processes via the UAN app.

    What is the Procedure of Allocating a UAN to New Employees?

    If your UAN is not generated by your previous employer, your new employer will collect the required information such as your previous employer details and PF Account number, verify it and forward the information to EPFO for UAN generation. Once UAN is generated by EPFO, it will be communicated to your current employer who will then make it available for you.

    How is UAN Generated?

    UAN is generated for each PF account holders by the Employee Provident Fund Organization and made available to employers on the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP).

    What is the URL of the EPFO Member Portal?

    The URL of the EPFO member portal is http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in

    Can I Change My Mobile Number or E-Mail ID in the UAN Member Portal?

    Yes, you can change your mobile number and email in the UAN portal. What you have to do is to go to the profile menu and select the option called “Edit Mobile No" or “Edit Email ID" where you need to enter your new mobile number or e-mail id.

    How to Correct Personal Details in UAN?

    Employees should submit their correct details which employers will verify and send to the concerned officer. After proper verification, the correct information will be updated in the UAN portal.

    What is the Procedure of Uploading KYC Document in the UAN Member Portal?

    You can upload your KYC document in the portal by using Bulk KYC Text File Upload.

    Facilities Available on the UAN Member Portal

    The UAN member portal enables you to enjoy the following facilities:

    • Download UAN Card.
    • Download Passbook.
    • Get a list of your previous member IDs.
    • Enter and update your KYC details.
    • Online eligibility check.
    • Edit personal details
    • Link UAN with Aadhaar.
    • Apply for PF transfer, claim partial withdrawal of funds, or claim full PF.

    Basic Things You Should Know about UAN

    Listed below are the important things an employee should know about UAN

    • An employee should know his/her UAN status by contacting the employer.
    • Activate UAN by entering the UAN provided by the employer, mobile number PF Account number.
    • In case an employer does not provide a UAN, the employee should check whether he/she has been allotted a UAN or not by EPFO by visiting the Employee Provident Fund Organization.

    Can My Employer See the UANs Allotted to its Employees?

    Yes, your employer can see the UANs allotted by EPFO to its employees. Any employer can view the UANs allotted to employees by visiting the UAN member portal and clicking on the “UAN Menu”. In the menu, there will be an option called “Download UAN List’. By clicking on this option, employers would be able to see the UANs allotted to its employees. Besides, they can also download the PDF version of the same. For any queries, employers can contact the toll-free no: 1800-118-005 or email EPFO.

    What are the Benefits of Using UAN?

    The UAN has made PF transfer very easy as all PF accounts will have the same UAN. An employee can enjoy the following benefits with a UAN:

    • Hassle-free and smooth PF account balance transfer procedure, even if you change a number of jobs. The UAN will remain same in your entire professional career.
    • Employees would be able to view, transfer and withdraw EPF balance easily. Besides, they would be able check transfer claim status, update KYC documents and download UAN card.
    • UAN helps in making a direct communication between EPFO and employees. Now, an employee doesn't have to be dependent on his/her employer for PF balance transfer and withdrawal.
    • Employees will receive SMS notification as and when their PF is deposited. Each month when an employer deposits provident fund on your behalf, you will receive SMS notification. This will keep you updated about your PF deduction.
    • If you have a UAN, you can apply for online PF transfer.
    • EPF transfer and withdrawal can be done in very less time, provided you have a UAN.

    Given the number of benefits associated with a UAN, it’s important you take it seriously, make sure your UAN is activated by your employer and all KYC documents are updated in the EPFO portal.

    Linking Aadhaar with UAN online

    Members can link their Aadhaar details with UAN online. The EPFO has introduced this system just on the eve of Diwali in 2017 to facilitate easier linking, as Aadhaar has become compulsory to avail the facility of auto-transfer of PF. Linking facility in the UAN portal itself makes it easier and faster for consumers to access their PF funds.

    The process of linking Aadhaar with UAN through the EPFO website are detailed below:

    • A subscriber has go to the EPFO website and click on “eKYC Portal” section which is under the “Online Services” tab.
    • Next step is he/she should go to the section called “Link UAN Aadhaar” and click on the link.
    • He/she has to provide his/her UAN to move forward. He/she will receive an OTP on their UAN registered mobile number.
    • Once OTP is verified, the subscriber has to enter his/her 12-digit Aadhaar identification number. They will then receive another OTP on their mobile number seeded with the UIDAI database.
    • Once this OTP verification is complete, provided the UAN details match the Aadhaar details, the UAN gets linked with Aadhaar.

    Visit the UAN Members E-Sewa Portal to Know the Status

    You can register at the UAN members e-Sewa portal as follows:

    • Go to the website, https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on ‘Know your UAN status’.
    • Update the PF number details in the columns on the page. After this information is updated, click on ‘Check Status’.
    • You will receive a notification on whether your UAN number has been allocated or not. If it has been generated, you will be required to provide additional details, such as the member name, date of birth, email address, and mobile number. The name and date of birth should tally with the information in the EPFO records. You will also need to give a password for the registration process. Update the CAPTCHA and click on ‘Get Pin’.
    • The PIN will be sent to your mobile number. Update this PIN in the column on the screen, click on ‘I Agree’, and submit the form.
    • The next page will display your Universal Account Number. You will also receive an SMS with your Universal Account Number as soon as it is generated.
    • Log in to the website http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ using the credentials chosen by you.

    The credentials hence created can be used in the future for accessing your account on the website.

    Benefits of Registration at the UAN Member E-Sewa Portal

    The UAN member e-Sewa portal provides you the following:

    • The updated EPF passbook can be easily downloaded here. This passbook indicates your PF balance that can be utilised for availing a loan.
    • You will be able to link all your previous PF accounts through this portal.
    • You can upload KYC data on this website.
    • It is possible to alter your email address or mobile number.
    • You can apply for transferring your EPF.
    • It is possible to link Aadhaar details with UAN if you are registered at the e-sewa portal.

    FAQs about UAN

    a) Is it possible to download or view my passbook?

    Yes, you can download or view your passbook in the following manner:

    • Log in to the member portal using your UAN and password.
    • Go to the menu option ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Passbook’.
    • It is also possible to download the PDF version of the passbook.

    b) My photograph does not appear on my UAN card at all. What can be done?

    Currently, it is not possible to get your photograph on the UAN card. The photo will appear on the card after you update your KYC of Aadhaar, and it will be picked up directly from the Aadhaar database. This facility is being configured now, and will be available to you soon.

    c) Why does the Universal Account Number list all previous member IDs?

    The Universal Account Number was configured to consolidate multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Ids) that were allocated to a single member. This is intended to help a member view his Member IDs and further enable him to check his eligibility for online transfer of PF amounts. However, in the future, members would be required to disclose their previous Member IDs or UAN to the new employer in Form-11; hence eliminating the need to list these Member IDs in the UAN. The linking will be done automatically from the information in the Form-11 document.

    d) Is it possible to upload my KYC document through the UAN Members e-Sewa portal?

    Yes, this is possible. You will have to go to the menu option ‘Profile’ and select ‘Update KYC Information’. This enables you to upload the KYC document from your local system. This document will have to be approved by the employer; until then the status of the KYC will appear as ‘Pending’.

    e) Will the UAN facility be available to non-permanent Government employees, i.e., the contract-based workforce?

    The UAN facility is available to all members who contribute towards EPFO. This is inclusive of contract-based employees, as well.

    f) My personal details are incorrect in the UAN card. How can I get these corrected?

    You should submit the correct information to your employer, along with relevant proof. The employer will validate and submit this information to the concerned field office. Since the UAN card is dynamic, it will be automatically updated.

    g) Why am I allocated two Universal Account Numbers?

    If there are two Universal Account Numbers allotted to you, this could be because your previous employer did not file your date of exit, and the transfer of service to your current establishment was made as well. In such a scenario, you should immediately report the issue either to your employer or send an email to uanepf@epfindia.gov.in, mentioning your UANs. After verification, the previous UAN will be blocked, and the latest UAN will be active. Subsequently, you will be required to submit a request for the transfer of service and funds to the active UAN.

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