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  • EPF Form 11

    Form 11

    The primary aim of setting up the Employees Provident Fund was to improve the quality of life of employees and offer them social security and benefits. This initiative aims to simplify the relationship between an employer and his/her employee, building a conducive work atmosphere which propels an organization to greater heights. Maintaining track of this relationship would’ve been a hassle, if not for the introduction of various forms, each designed to fulfill a specific purpose. These forms simplify management, enabling both the employer and employee to utilize their time effectively.

    Every employee needs to submit a declaration when he/she takes up new employment in an organization which is registered under the EPF Scheme of 1952. This form contains basic information regarding an employee and it is mandatory for an employee to fill it upon joining an organization. An employee, through this form, can choose whether he/she would like to be a part of the Provident Fund structure in the current place of work. Employees with a salary above Rs 6,500 per month or those who have withdrawn their previous provident fund amount can decide whether or not they want to be part of EPFO scheme at their workplace.

    Table 1. Overview about EPF Form 11
    Form Name EPF Form 11
    Provided by EPFO
    Services Provident Fund(PF)
    Submitted for Basic information of Employee
    Mandatory Yes
    Eligibilty above Rs 6,500 per month
    Due Date 25th of the month.
    Importance for Employee and Employer
    Benefits for Helps employers keep track of new employees

    Contents of Form 11

    The revised structure of (Employee Provident Fund) EPF Form 11 requires employees to fill in the following information.

    • Name of employee
    • Date of Birth of employee
    • Father’s/Husband’s name
    • Gender
    • Mobile number
    • Email ID
    • Relationship of employee with Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme and Employees’ Pension scheme whether he/she was a member of these schemes
    • Previous employment details, including UAN, last working day and scheme certificate number
    • Educational credentials
    • Marital status
    • KYC details including bank account number, Driving license/election card, etc.
    • If an employee is a foreigner, then passport number is required

    An employer is also expected to provide a declaration stating certain facts regarding the information provided by an employee. This declaration contains the following details.

    • Date of employee joining work
    • PF ID number assigned to employee
    • UAN number of employee
    • Verification of KYC credentials

    Importance of Form 11

    Form 11 is an important declaration form which enables the provident fund department to maintain records of employees, helping them during inspections and cross checking of facts. It also provides invaluable information about an employee to an employer, helping an employer make informed decisions about the provident fund amount.

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