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  • How To Change Employee Name In EPF Account

    One of the most distressing things that can happen with an EPF is that you go to check the status of your fund and realise that you name has been entered incorrectly. It is something that can happen to any one of us and is not something you should fret over. This is because the process of changing the name on an EPF account is actually quite simple. It just requires a declaration from you, as the account holder, and from the company that you were or are working for along with suitable supporting documents and the corrections will be made. So let’s take a look at the form for changing the name on EPF account.

    The EPF name correction form

    The EPF name correction forms a simple document. It is more of a letter than a document. It is addressed to the Regional EPFO Commissioner and must follow this format:

    • Address the letter to the Regional P F Commissioner.
    • State the subject of the letter as “Joint declaration by the member and the employer.”
    • State that you are or were an employee of the establishment that got your details wrong and that the letter is being written to request for corrections to be made to your details.
    • In a table with 3 columns enter the detail that needs to be changed, the correct entry and the wrong entry that has been made. This form can be used for the correction of the following errors
      • Errors in name
      • Errors in the name of the father or the husband
      • Errors in PF or EPS account numbers
      • Errors in date of birth
      • Errors in date of joining an organisation and
      • Errors in date of leaving and organisation
    • All the columns will be mentioned on the form and you will have to fill the ones where the information recorded needs to be corrected.
    • Once the form is filled, you can mention the documents that you are going to provide as proof of the changes you are requesting for.
    • As far as attesting the form is concerned:
      • You will need to affix your name to the form and sign it.
      • You will also have to enter the name of the authorised signatory from your previous organisation.
      • The authorised signatory will also have to sign the application form and affix the company seal on the form.

    Supporting documents for name change in EPF Account

    There is a list of documents that the government has declared to be acceptable for these changes and that list includes documents like:

    • PAN card
    • Driver's license
    • Passports
    • Voters ID card
    • ESIC ID card
    • Aadhaar card
    • Bank or post office passbooks
    • Certificates related to schools and education
    • Copy of a phone or electricity or a water bill that has your name on it
    • Certificates of birth or death that have been issued by the registrar
    • A certificate that is created based on the records of government service (state or central)
    • In extreme cases a letter issued by a recognised public figure, which has been verified by the proper authorities, can also be used as proof.


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