Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti Holiday 2019

Maharshi Valmiki was a famous Sanskrit poet in the country. As a poet, his contributions were enormous. He authored Ramayana, an ancient Indian epic poem based on Hindu mythology. Ramayana has 7 cantos and 24,000 verses. The precise date of the birth of this great poet is not known. People entrust that he survived in the similar period of Lord Rama. The birthday of Maharshi Valmiki is usually observed on Ashwin Purnima according to Hindu lunar calendar.

Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti 2019

Year Date Day States
2019 13 October Sunday Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana

Early Life Of Valmiki

Rishi Valmiki was believed to be a highway dacoit. His earlier name was Ratnakara. He used to rob people during his early life. When he met Narad Muni, who was a Hindu messenger, there was a big turn in his life. He started following Lord Rama and meditated for several years. His atonement was declared successful by a divine voice one fine day. He was renamed as Valmiki. In Hinduism, this Sanskrit poet has a great spiritual relevance.

Celebration Of Valmiki Jayanti

Sometimes, the birth of Maharshi Valmiki is referred to as Pragat Diwas. Hindu devotees shall celebrate the day with enthusiasm. The day is celebrated with meetings and shobha yatras. Free food is offered by devotees to mark the day. Prayers are recited as well. The temples of Maharshi Valmiki are attractively decorated with different flowers of a variety of colours.. The entire atmosphere will be exciting to watch.

Facts About Maharshi Valmiki Temple

  • The largest festival of Maharshi Valmiki is situated in Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai. This is a 1,300 years old temple. Rishi Valmiki rested at this location after penciling Ramayana. Later on, the temple was built in his name.
  • Brahmotsavam festival is held every year in March. On full moon light, special prayers shall be organised every month.
  • Marundeeswarar Temple supervises Maharshi Valmiki Temple. During the sovereignty of Chola, Marundeeswarar Temple was constructed.
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