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    A Canada Student Visa is necessary if you wish to undertake an educational course in the country. The visa will allow you to reside in the North American country for the duration of your course, and a visa is usually needed only in case the course you undertake is more than six months long.

    Documents Required for Canada Student Visa

    Following are the documents you will have to submit to the embassy when applying for a Canada student visa:

    • Proof of Acceptance: In case you wish to enroll in a primary or secondary educational institution, university or college in Canada, a letter of acceptance must be sent to you by the school. The original letter must be attested to your student visa.
    • Proof of Identity: Any document that can prove your identity as well as your permanent residence, such as a travel document or a passport will suffice. Two passport-sized photographs must also be submitted and the name of the applicant along with his / her date of birth mentioned on the back of each photograph.
    • Proof of Financial Support: A proof that you can financially afford your stay in Canada must be submitted to the officials. You must be able to prove that you possess adequate money to support yourself while residing in Canada, and the documents you can furnish for the same include documents that can prove that you hold a Canadian bank account, proof of education / student loan from a bank or financial institution, a bank draft in convertible currency, bank statements for the past four months, a letter from the institution or individual sponsoring your trip, documents that prove your payment of accommodation and tuition fees, or proof of any scholarship that may support your educational program.
    • Letter of Explanation: There may be cases wherein individuals decide to avail a Canada student visa even if they do not require one. The benefit of doing so is that you can find part-time employment on campus at the university or college at which you study full-time, and can also make an application for the renewal of your student visa in case you choose to continue studies in the country. Should you avail a Canada student visa even if you do not require one, a letter of explanation that reveals why you have applied for a student visa must be attested with your application as it will help the visa officer understand your reasons.

    How to Apply for a Canada Student Visa?

    Prior to making an application for a Canada student visa, you will be required to get a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution. Whether it is a university or a school district, the letter must be printed on the institutions official letterhead and disclose the tuition fees you will have to pay along with the dates on which the course will start and end in addition to the date by which your will have to register. Once the acceptance letter has arrived from the institution of your choice, you can proceed to filling out the application for a Canada student visa.

    After filling out the application form completely and accurately, you will have to attest the aforementioned documents and pay the relevant fees to the Visa Application Centre corresponding to your area, after which your application will be processed by the officials. You will also have some biometric scans to be done, for which you can visit any Visa Application Centre or the Citizenship and Immigration department of Canada in nations where there are no Visa Application Centres.

    After you have filled in your application and submitted it to the authorities, it will be approved if you have properly filled out all the requested application form and submitted them in addition to making the processing fee payment as well as providing all supporting documentation as requested.

    In case your application has been deemed incomplete, it will be returned to you and no file will be created. Moreover, your application will not be recorded until you have submitted a complete application.

    How to Track Your Canadian Student Visa Application Status?

    You can check the status of your Canada student visa application at the Canada Visa Application Centre. All you have to do is to enter your date of birth along with your tracking number and hit Submit and it will tell you how long it will take for your application to be processed.

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