• Singapore Visa For Indians

    If you are an Indian citizen who wants to visit Singapore, you require a Singapore visa. This visa will grant you entry in Singapore for a specific period of time. Indians who have diplomatic or official passports do not need a visa to enter Singapore.

    How to Apply For Singapore Visa from India?

    Indians can apply for a Singapore visa online using the e-Visa application system. The High Commission of Singapore in India does not accept any walk-in applications. All the visa applications have to be submitted online. Applicants have to fill up Form 14 A to apply for a visa. This form is available for free on the website of ICA. The applicants can submit their applications through any authorized agent as well.

    Apart from this, a local contact of yours in Singapore can apply for a visa online on behalf of you via SAVE (Submission of Application for Visa Electronically). To apply, your contact will have to use their Sing Pass account.

    Once your visa application is approved, you can print the e-visa.

    Singapore Visa For Indians
    Singapore Visa

    Documents Required For Singapore Visa in India

    1. Form 14 A (Completed).
    2. Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
    3. Recent passport-sized photograph (2 photos).
      1. Applicants have to submit color photos that are 35 mm wide and 45 mm high and do not have any borders.
      2. The full face of the applicant should be visible in the photo and the facial image (chin to crown) should be between 25 mm and 35 mm.
      3. The person in the photo should not wear any headgear unless he/she wears it because of racial or religious reasons. In this case the headgear should not cover the features of the applicant’s face.
      4. The photos should be clicked against a plain white background.
      5. The photos should have either a matt or a semi-matt finish.
      6. Unclear or scanned photos will be rejected.
    4. Other relevant documents such as LOI (Letter of Introduction), Letter of Guarantee from Shipping Agent, In-Principal Approval Letter, Residential Proof, Employment Letter, Company Invitation Letter, etc.
    5. All the documents that are in Hindi have to be translated in English.

    Singapore Visa for Indians Fees

    • The fee for applying for a Singapore visa is S$30 . This fee has to be paid at the time of application. For making the payment online, you need to have a MasterCard or Visa Credit or Debit Card. This fee is non-refundable in nature.
    • Apart from the visa fee, the authorized visa agents may ask you to pay a service charge of Rs.300.
    • DisclaimerThe fees and charges can be changed at the discretion of the Singapore ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority).

      Singapore Visa Application Status India

      Applicants can check the status of their Singapore visa application online. To do so, they have to visit the website of ICA and click on ‘Visa (SAVE)’. On the next page, they have to click on ‘Status Enquiry’ and enter their Application Reference Number and Travel Document Number.

      If their application is approved by the ICA, they can click on ‘Proceed’ to avail a copy of their e-Visa.

      Singapore Visa Validity for Indian

      The validity of a Singapore visa can be different and is dependent on the type of visa the applicant is applying for. Once the validity period is over, the visa holder will have to return back to India or apply for an extension. If you apply for an extension of your visa, you will have to pay fees for the same.

      Singapore Visa FAQs:

      1. What do I do if I lose my e-visa copy?

      2. In case you lose your copy of e-Visa, you can print a new copy by following the same steps for tracking the status of visa application. You can also contact your authorized visa agent to get a new copy.

      3. Does a Singapore visa guarantee entry in the country?

      4. No, a Singapore visa does not guarantee entry in the country. You also need to fulfil the other requirements. For example – You need to have a valid passport, confirmed return air ticket and you have to provide proof that you have enough funds that will last during your stay in Singapore.

      5. Can I apply for a Singapore visa in person at the office of the High Commission of Singapore?

      6. No, you cannot apply for a Singapore visa in person at the office of the High Commission of Singapore.

      7. By when do I apply for a Singapore Visa?

      8. You should apply for a Singapore Visa at least a month before your trip.

      9. How much time will it take to process my Singapore visa application?

      10. Your Singapore visa application will be processed within a period of 1 working day after you submit it to the authorized visa agent. This one working day does not include the submission date, public holidays and weekends.


    News About Singapore Visa for Indians

    • Singapore secures the 2nd position in World’s most powerful Passports

      Henley Passport Index has listed Singapore Passport as the second most powerful Passports of the world. Based on the level of cross-border access provided to each country, Henley Passport Index calculates and prepares a list of most powerful passport of the world. While Germany is still at the first position with visa-free access to 177 countries, Singapore passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 176 countries. Indian is at the 86th position with visa-free access to 49 countries. The visa-free facility includes visa on arrival, visa-free, and e-Visa options provided to each country by other nations. Germany and Singapore have been at the top of the list for past few many years enjoying visa-free access to most other countries.

      15 January 2018

    • Growth of Indian visitors to Singapore

      A recent report reveals Indians to be the fastest growing visitors to Singapore. The Indian Government’s initiatives to ease the passport and visa application process has boosted tourism for other nations. There are many countries who have relaxed their visa norms and started offering visa on arrival to Indians. When compared to the last year, a growth of 14% has been noticed when it comes to Indians visiting Singapore for tourism. In addition to strengthening ties between the nations, the growth in tourism is benefiting Singapore’s economy.

      23 November 2017

    • India's biggest challenge is job creation says Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister

      Putting emphasis on creation of jobs as the biggest challenge that faces India, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that the country needs to build better links between skill development and jobs. He said that India also needs to decrease incentives on investment of capital and take a fresher look at its labor laws to make sure that the demographic dividend does not become demographic deficit. Recently at a conference in New Delhi, he said that India's biggest challenge is creation of jobs. It will prove to be a real challenge because India has lost a lot of time because of employment legislation.

      He said that the scope of opportunity for the workers intensive activities is going to become smaller over the years and if India does not make significant and immediate changes in the coming 10 years, then the country will face a huge problem. He said that India needs to build a balance while incentivizing capital investment and investing in creation of skill. The connection between skills and jobs is clear. India has taken quite a few steps in skill but the connection with jobs has not been strong enough, he said.

      27 July 2017

    • You can get your passport stamped with e-Visa market reports

      If you plan on visiting a foreign country, you may need a travel visa. There are many countries that require foreign travelers to obtain a visa to enter their country. This government document usually comes in the form of a stamp or sticker that's placed inside your passport.

      As the name suggests, an e-visa is essentially the same as a regular visa but you apply for it online instead of in person. You can apply for an e-visa through the website of the country which you are visiting. There's no distinguishable difference between a traditional travel visa and an e-visa, other than the application process. Assuming you are approved for an e-visa, the country's travel department will typically email you a link to download and print the e-visa. You'll then need to carry this e-visa when attempting to enter the country as a foreign traveler.

      24 July 2017

    • India should prepare to face IT protectionism and other such challenges in the future: President

      President Pranab Mukherjee stated that Indians should gear up to encounter challenges such as IT protectionism in the future. He stressed on the necessity of basic innovation and research for the country to prosper. Mukherjee was addressing the audience at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru.

      The President mentioned that currently Indians were losing the jobs that they exclusively enjoyed in foreign countries earlier. He stated that the country has been ignoring innovations and research in academics for a long time. As long as the country does not make investments in these fields, further progress will not be achieved.

      The President also said that the presence of bright students, good teachers, and a conducive atmosphere for education is necessary to excel in academics. He stated that there is a need to implement skill development initiatives as well.

      12 July 2017

    • E-Visa facility in Pune ranks lowest in the country

      Despite E-Visa being a convenience for people, in Pune the facility ranks the lowest. According to an executive, we accept that proper awareness and advertisement is needed to make the service more popular. This is something which needs to be addressed and the state tourism department should take the initiatives along with the foreign registration offices. In the future, we will be holding some meetings with the stakeholders and draw up a plan in this connection. There isn't much awareness about the facility yet. But we feel that the service is not being promoted properly stating to the reason that it is currently the lowest in the country. The e-visas in Pune contribute to 0.3% of visas availed currently. Another executive added by saying, one needs to keep in mind that it has been just one-and-half months since the service was launched at Pune airport. But we feel that the service is not being promoted properly. There isn't much awareness about the facility yet.

      27 June 2017

    • Non-Immigrant visas to the United States increase

      Ever since Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America issued the executive order and imposed a suspension for a period of 120 days on the refugee programme and a ban for a period of 90 days on travel to the US from the citizens of Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran and Iraq, which was later taken down by the courts, a considerable amount of confusion and anxiety has been prevalent among the people from different countries who wish to travel to the United States of America.

      In India, both job seekers and students are very confused about heading out for the United States of America. As per the information provided by the United States Department of State, there a drop by 16% in the total number of student visas issued to people of Indian origin. However, the number of non-immigrant visas have shot up by 1.6%. Some of the visas that are issued are Business Visa (B-1), Tourism and Visit (B-2), Temporary Work Visa (H-1B), Student Visa (F-1), Dependent Visa (H-4), and Intra company Transfer (L). Above 50% of the total visas that have been issued fall under the categories B-2 and B-1. H-4 visas and H-1B visas account for 9% and 12.8% of the total visas issued, respectively. 5.9% of the visas accounted for F-1 visas.

      12 June 2017

    • Visa-on-arrival received by Indian for the first time in Dubai

      An Indian passport holder with a valid American visa was welcomed in Dubai and provided with a visa-on-arrival on the 1st of May. The passenger was not identified however.

      Earlier, in the month of March a proposal was approved by the UAE cabinet to provide visa on arrival to Indian passport holders who have a green card or a valid US visa.

      According to certain reports, visa would be valid for 14 days and extension of another 14 days can be availed.

      11 May 2017

    • Clampdown of Singapore Visa seen as a problem for IT companies in India

      H1-B regime has been tightened and lately there has been a lot of spotlight on it. According to R. Chandrashekhar, President of Nasscom, the visa issue is not going to be the deciding factor for the growth of IT industries. He agrees that messages and signals from the US are not extremely welcoming or positive. But he added that there has not been too many regulatory or legislative changes in the framework.

      He mentioned that the Singapore visa issue is a stronger barrier at present. New visa issuance has been shut down completely. Indian techies in Singapore stands at less than 10,000 now which can impact the chasing of future deals.

      27 April 2017

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