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Work Visa
Work Visa

Published On : 2020-09-24

It is a type of work permit that enables you to enter into a foreign country and work there for a particular period of time. Without a work visa, you cannot work in a foreign country. Different countries may have different procedures and criteria for issuing work permit visas. Work permit visas are issued either on temporary or permanent basis. A temporary work visa remains valid for a particular period of time after which the visa holder needs to renew, if his employer wants to extend his (employee’s) stay.

The duration of a work visa depends on the amount of work you have and labor market conditions. In countries like New Zealand offers you the facility to apply for a work to residence visa. To turn your work visa into a residence visa, you need to fulfill the age, health and character requirements. Likewise, in the USA, a foreign citizen can get work visa permit for a maximum period of 6 months. All work visas to USA need to be approved by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Normally, it is the employer who applies for a work permit visa on your behalf. Work visas require an employer to contact the immigration authority of a particular country and get approval.

How to apply for a work visa

Different countries may have different procedures and criteria for issuing work permit visas to employees. You can apply for a work visa by using both online and offline modes of application.

Online application: You can apply for a work visa online by visiting the embassy website of a particular country. What you have to do is to fill all information online and pay the visa application fees. The visa application fees can also be transferred online.

Offline application: If it is an offline work visa application, you need to download the application form, fill all required details and send it to the concerned embassy of your destination country located in your country. But all countries may not accept online visa applications.

All your visa application needs to be supported by the proof of your education and work experience to support the fact that you meet the requirements for the job.

Steps to Follow while Applying for a Work Visa

  • Step 1: Decide whether you are applying online or offline.
  • Step 2:Get all necessary documents from your current and previous employers.
  • Step 3:Complete the visa application form by entering all required information.
  • Step 4:Pay the fees required for visa processing
  • Step 5:Send the filled application to the concerned embassy.

Time taken in processing work permit visa varies depending on the type of work you would be doing. Once you receive a work permit, you need to keep in mind a few things which include

  • You should not do any other work except the kind of job for which you have received permit.
  • You must carry the work permit with you during your office hours.
  • You should apply extension or work permit renewal, if needed, before the permit expires.
  • If you lose your work permit, you need to inform your employer a dapple for a fresh one.
  • In case, you resign during your stay in foreign countries, you must return to your country of your residence within 7 days.

Work visa eligibility

The following common eligibility conditions apply when you apply for a work permit visa:

  • You need to prove that you will leave the country once your work is done and duration of stay is over.
  • Should have enough money to take care of you and your dependents.
  • Having no record of criminal activities.
  • You don’t have any medical issues, have certificates of good health.
  • You would not take up any other work, apart from the work allotted by your employer.

Documents required

Your work permit visa application needs to be supported by the following c documents.

  • Copies of all academic qualifications.
  • Copies of professional qualifications.
  • Work experience certificates from the previous employers.
  • Employer’s reference letter.
  • Signed client contract (if any).

Apart from the following documents, you may requested to furnish further information/documents as per requirement of the immigration authority of a particular country.

Work visa denial

Sometimes it may happen that the immigration authority of your destination country rejects your work visa permit. A work visa permit may be rejected under the following circumstances;

  • Your employer’s failure to meet the requirements made by the immigration authority of a particular country.
  • If the job does not need that specialized skill or knowledge.
  • Because of some important document or information missing.
  • If you have a history of violating laws.
  • If the immigration thinks that you don't have the intention of coming back.


  1. How many types of work visa are there?

    There are two types of work-related visas. They are – Employment Visa and Business Visa. While employment visa is designated as ‘E’ visa, business visa is designated as ‘B’ Visa.

  2. Which documents need to be submitted at the time of applying for an employment visa?

    The documents which need to be submitted along with an employment visa application are as follows:

    • Valid travel document
    • Proof of employment of contract/engagement by the company
    • Proof of educational qualifications and professional expertise
    • Papers pertaining to registration of the company under the Companies Act
    • Proof of registration in the State Industries Department/Export Promotion Council/any recognised promotional body in the field of industry and trade.
  3. What is the validity period of a business visa?

    A business visa is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue.

  4. A business visa is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue.

    No, conversion of business visa is not allowed.

  5. What kind of work visa will be issued to those visiting the country to execute projects?

    Those visiting the country to execute projects will be issued an employment visa.

  6. Can an employment visa be converted to any other type of visa?

    Employment Visa cannot be converted to any other kind of visa except under certain circumstances. However, it will require prior approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  7. For jobs like foreign language teachers/interpreters and foreign specialist chefs, which type of visa is issued?

    Employment visa is issued to individuals who visit the country for jobs like foreign language teachers/interpreters and foreign specialist chefs.


News About Work Visa

  • Work visas to be provided faster under CEPA

    After the export turnover of more than $400 billion in FY22, an export strategy is being drawn up by the commerce and industry ministry for FY23. Talks have already begun with Indian embassies, export promotion councils, and commodity boards. CEPA had been signed by UAE and India on 18 February with the main aim of improving the bilateral trade in the next five years to $100 billion.

    28 March 2022

  • UAE bans flight from India indefinitely

    United Arab Emirates has suspended all flight services from India indefinitely due to the outbreak of second wave of Covid-19 in India. UAE citizens, diplomats, official delegations, golden residency visa holders and certain section of businessmen are exempted from travelling. However, they will have to Covid PCR test 48 hours prior to travelling. PCR test is mandatory at the airport and on the fourth and eight days of entry. The passengers will also have to quarantine themselves for 10 days.

    10 May 2021

  • Netherlands cancels all flights from India till May

    The Netherlands has announced that it has suspended all passenger flights arriving from India. The flight ban will take effect for all passenger flights from India from Monday. The ban will happen until 1 May. The flight restriction was announced on Sunday after the Cabinet had got the advice from the public health agency RIVM, NL Times.

    27 April 2021

  • Countries offering remote work visas to attract tourists

    Given that lots of people are working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic, some countries have decided to capitalize on the opportunity by offering remote work visas. The decision has been taken to help attract those who can do their job from their laptop. In case, you dreamed of living on a tropical island during the winter or amid the picturesque landscapes of Europe during the summer, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity. Some of the countries which is offering this opportunity are Georgia, Estonia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, and Barbados. While Georgia is offering a one-year work visa for free, the other countries offering it for a certain amount of money. Bermuda is charging 263 dollars for the one-year work visa while Estonia is offering the work visa for a year by charging 118 dollars. Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados part of the Caribbean is also offering the facility. While Barbados is offering it for a year by charging 2,000 dollars, Antigua and Barbuda is offering a Nomad Digital Resident (NDR) visa for a period of 2 years. The fee charged is 1,500 dollars.

    03 November 2020

  • India may block visas to Pakistani citizens

    Following the death sentencing of alleged spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, India is planning to block visas to Pakistani citizens. The Indian visa will be provided for medical purpose only. The restriction of granting Indian visa will affect Pakistani citizens visiting India for tourism, business, studies, etc. The government will also review the visa applications for business and pilgrimage visits. This move might affect the overall relationship both the countries share in terms of business, cultural exchange, tourism, etc. This move was considered after Pakistan decline consular access for former Indian Navy official Kulbhushan Jadhav case.

    20 April 2017

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