L1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2019

The L1 Visa is a document that helps a non-permanent transfer of a professional to the United States. He or she should belong to either executive, managerial or the specialized knowledge category. The person seeking an approval for L1 Visa can get an approval for a transfer to the United States under the following circumstances:

  • The applicant is joining the same organization or its parent or subsidiary in the US as he or she was working for in their native country.
  • The applicant is joining the headquarters of the company he or she is currently working for.
  • An advantage of the L1 Visa is that a working organization can transfer a large number of employees to the United States through the L1 blanket approval. The L1 blanket approval means that the requirement of getting individual approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS) for each employee for a transfer is eliminated.  A company qualifies for an L1 blanket approval under the following conditions:

    • The organization is originally based in the US and has over a 1000 employees.
    • The organization has previously received approval for at least 10 of its employees for an L1 Visa in the past 12 months.
    • The organization and its subsidiaries must have annual sales of at least $25 million.

    Question Asked In The L1 Visa Interview:

    General questions

    1. Which visa do you want an approval for?
    2. You want an approval for the L1 Visa.

    3. Have you visited the United States previously?
    4. If you have visited the United States previously, answer yes otherwise no.

    5. When did you return from your previous visit to the United States?
    6. Mention the exact date, month and year of your arrival to India from your last visit to the United States.

    7. What will be your designation in the mentioned company when you transfer to the US?
    8. Mention the title you will be given in the aforementioned organization when you are transferred to the US.

    9. Can you provide the petition letter?
    10. Provide the petition letter to the immigration officer.

    11. Can you provide your passport and immigration documents?
    12. Provide your passport and immigration documents to the immigration officer.

    13. Can you provide the visa fee receipt?
    14. Provide the visa fee receipt to the immigration officer which is worth $500.

    Questions about your current work

    1. What is the name of the organization in which you are currently working?
    2. Mention the name of your current organization to the immigration officer.

    3. How long have you been employed by your current organization?
    4. Mention the number of years you have been working for your current organization.

    5. What roles and responsibilities do you perform on a daily basis for your current organization?
    6. Mention the exact details of the type of roles and responsibilities you perform for your current organization on a daily basis to the immigration officer.

    7. Can you provide the name of some of the clients that your company has acquired?
    8. Mention the name of some of the clients that your company has acquired in recent years.

    9. What is your monthly/yearly salary?
    10. Mention the monthly/yearly compensation provided by your current organization.

    11. How many people currently are under your supervision in the company?
    12. Mention the number along with the details of the people who are currently under your supervision in the company.

    13. Why is the sponsor mentioned in the petition letter different to your current organization?
    14. If the sponsor mentioned by you in the petition letter is different to your current organization, provide logical and honest reasons to the immigration officer as to why it is so.

    15. Why have you not changed your organization even after working for more than 10 years here? Is there any specific reason?
    16. If you have been working for more than 10 years in your current organization, you need to mention the reasons for sticking with the company to the immigration officer. Providing logical reasons are going to put the company in good light in front of the immigration officer which will help you in the approval process.

    17. Have you gone through any training when you joined your current organization?
    18. Answer the question as applicable.

      • Type of work to performed in the United States    
    19. What kind of work is your organization into?
    20. Mention the exact type of work your organization performs with all the details.

    21. What kind of services do the clients generally avail from the company?
    22. Mention to the immigration officer the type of services that your clients avail from the company.

    23. What is the exact location of the company you will be transferred to in the United States? 
    24. Answer this question with the appropriate details mentioning the town/city/state of the office to which you are being transferred.

    25. What is the nature of work that you will do on behalf of your company in the United States?
    26. The immigration officer wants to know all the details related to your work that you will be doing on behalf of your company in the United States. You need to etch out the details of your job responsibilities and roles to the immigration officer.

    27. What will be your compensation in the United States and will you receive it in dollars or any other currency?
    28. Answer the question with appropriate details. If you will receive the compensation from your company in a foreign currency and not in dollars, you need to mention it to the immigration officer.

    29. Why can’t the work be performed from the country where you presently live?
    30. The immigration officer wants to know the reasons as to why it is absolutely necessary for you to travel to the United States to do the work instead of staying in the country where you presently live and work from there. Give logical reasons as to why you need to transfer so as to convince the immigration officer. 

    31. Will your direct supervisor be also residing in the United States?
    32. Answer the question accordingly.

    33. Can you mention the details of the person who will be your primary contact in the United States?  
    34. The immigration officer wants to know the details of your primary contact such as his/her name, residential address etc.

    35. What will be your plan of action if you are out of work in the United States?
    36. The immigration officer wants to know your plan of action if you are unemployed during period of stay in the US.

    37. Will you be working at your company’s office or at the location of the client?
    38. Answer the question accordingly.

      • Questions asked for the approval for L1A and L1B Visa
    39. Will you have any authority over the amount of budget to be utilized by the company?
    40. Answer the question with a yes if you have control over the utilization of the budget of the company and mention other details like to what extent else say no. 

    41. Will you have the authority to employ or dismiss an employee from the company?
    42. Answer the question with appropriate details. Mention the extent of your authority in the company to the immigration officer.

    43. What unique skill sets do you possess?
    44. Mention the unique skill sets you possess to the immigration officer.

    45. How many years of experience you have in this line of profession?
    46. Mention the answer with appropriate details.

    47. Why cannot the citizens of United States who are working in the same organization do the work that you are supposed to do when you are transferred to the United States?
    48. This is an important question that you need to answer carefully. Mention the logical reasons as to why the locals cannot perform the job that you are supposed to do after you are transferred to the US.


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    • Britain should make visa process for Indians easier if it wants money and trade

      The current perception of Britain is that they are not very welcoming a destination for Indians. This fact has driven several students of Indian origin to go to other countries. In official interactions between Britain and India, it has become evident that it is a bigger loss on Britain’s part. Several changes are underway in Britain, with the immigration at the Brexit conundrum’s heart. Large scale immigration is the driving force behind the Leave vote.

      As per current statistics, the picture is pretty complex. In the year 2016, the biggest number of the voluntary returns of the people without any right to stay in Britain were the Indians. The most number of the work visas issued were to the Indians. There was a major drop in the number of Indian students visiting Britain.

      The nature and quality of migration to Britain from India has changed. Previously, semi-skilled workers used to go to Britain to work in cloth mills and factories. Now, working professionals from India working in British multinational organizations and Indian companies visit Britain. The greatest challenge for the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May is to resolve the visa issue for the professionals during talks with India for a free trade agreement.

      12 June 2017

    • Number of passport issued rise due to comprehensive rules says Sushma Swaraj

      Simplifying the rules has resulted into the rise of the number of passports issued by around 50% in this quarter. Sushma Swaraj, the external affairs minister of India, said that prior to NDA's governance, there were around 77 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs). But after the NDA took charge, 16 new PSKs have been opened including those in the northeastern states.

      Swaraj said that this has happened mostly because the rules of application have been simplified. She added that this just goes to show that the rules majorly didn't make sense and were impractical to an extent where they were turning to be an obstacle in getting a passport. She added that the NDA government has also established Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) so that it becomes easier for people to apply for passport. The government has announced to establish 86 such centers out of which 52 are already active and running.

      12 June 2017

    • No need to panic over US visa rules: Minister

      Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that there is no need to panic over the US visa regulation issue and assured that there will not be a fall in the number of H-1B visas issued to Indian IT workers.

      Speaking to the media on Saturday, the minister said that many developed countries across the world are taking measures to protect jobs of locals and raise the bar for immigrants. She added that only 17% of visas are issued by the US to Indian companies, stressing that this is a small number compared to how much Indian firms benefit companies in the US.

      Recently, the Donald Trump administration has tightened the screw on immigration and has called out for merit-based immigration.

      Sitharaman laid out the fact that US companies will make a favourable decision based on the good India-US ties that we have.

      Indian IT firms have been hiring locals in the US after the recent proposed visa rule change.

      31 May 2017

    • Indian tourist visa prices increased, says Indian Embassy

      In recent news, it is being reported that Indian tourist visa prices have been hiked for those who apply through the normal process.

      However, the same report said that, the fees and charges for e-visas remain unchanged. Supposedly, fees have risen from 2,700 baht to 4,100 baht for either single or multiple entry visas for a one year period while the same for five year period has gone from 5,100 baht to 8,200 baht.

      Speaking on the issue, an embassy official suggested that though the fees have increased, the duration and the number of entries into India has also been changed.

      Thailand, currently, is among the 20 countries which can have multiple entry visas for a total of a five-year period.

      13 April 2017

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