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  • Visa Interview Questions and Answers For L1

    An L-1 visa is a document that is necessary to enter the USA for working purposes only in L-1 status. This visa is not intended for immigrants and is valid for a relatively short span of time. The duration varies based on the country, such as, three months for applicants from Iran to five years from applicants from Japan, India or Germany and is based on a schedule of reciprocity. However, this schedule can be extended to a maximum of 7 years.

    This visa can be procured by those employed in an international organization which has offices in the US as well as other countries. Through this visa, workers can move to the organization’s office in the States, but only after working in the office abroad, for a minimum of a year, within the most recent three years, before getting admission in the States. Employers in the US and outside must be related in the following four ways:

    • Subsidiary and Parent
    • Headquarters and Branch
    • Mutual parent owning sister companies
    • Same people/percentage owning ‘affiliates’

    Spouses of those who have l1 visa can work in the States by using an L2 visa.

    The following are some of the common questions asked during the interview.

    General Interview Questions for L1 Visa:

    1. What is the purpose of this trip to the United States of America?

      The reason to travel to the United States of America is for the purpose of employment. Applicants must also mention the name of the company that they will be working for.

    2. What will your position be at the aforementioned company?

      Individuals must mention the position that they will be taking up with the company and also the responsibilities that they will have to take care of.

    3. Have you been to the United States of America before?

      Individuals will have to answer this question honestly and if they have visited before, they must provide details as to when they visited the States along with details of the duration and purpose of visit.

    4. When was the last time you visited United States of America?

      Applicants must answer correctly and provide relevant details and supporting documents if need be.

    5. Are you planning to return to India? If so, why?

      Individuals must respond appropriately and provide all necessary details.

    6. Are you married? If so, for how long?

      Individuals must answer yes or no and also mention the number of years that they have been married for.

    7. Please show me your petition letter.

      Individuals must provide their petition letter.

    8. Please show us your Passport and papers.

      Applicants must give their Passport and papers.

    9. Please show us the visa fee receipt.

      Applicants will have to provide the fraud detection fee receipt which would cost $500.

    10. Have you travelled outside the country before?

      Individuals must provide honest answers and should provide general details of their travels if they have done so previously.

    Current Work:

    1. What are your educational qualifications?

      Individuals must give an overview of their educational qualifications. Providing degree certificates is also encouraged.

    2. For how long have you been working at the present company?

      Individuals must provide verifiable details regarding the same.

    3. What is your present salary?

      Individuals will have to mention their current salary and also provide salary slips, if needed.

    4. What are your roles and responsibilities presently?

      Applicants must provide necessary details.

    5. Who are your customers?

      Applicants must mention the names of all the customers they work with.

    6. What is your present designation?

      Individuals must give details of their current designation.

    7. Who are the clients who have previously worked with?

      Individuals must answer this question honestly and also provide brief details.

    8. How many people currently report to you?

      Verifiable details regarding the number of people reporting to the applicant must be given.

    9. Why is the sponsor of your petition not your current company?

      Applicants will have to give a verifiable and honest answer to the above question.

    Regarding Work in the States:

    1. Which company do you work for as of now?

      Individuals must provide details of their current employer along with supporting documents.

    2. What does the company do?

      Applicant must provide verifiable information about the company they are working for, and provide photographs if they have it.

    3. Who are your clients? What work are they engaged in?

      Individuals must provide relevant details of the clients they are working for along with a brief description of the work undertaken by them.

    4. Where will you be working in the States?

      The location where applicants will be working from, must be shared.

    5. What will be exact nature of your job in the States?

      Individuals must provide verifiable details about the nature of the job that they will be doing.

    6. What will your salary be in the US?

      Individuals must provide verifiable and honest answer and provide relevant documents regarding the same, if they have any.

    7. Will you be on a US payroll or foreign payroll?

      Verifiable and honest answers must be provided for the same along with the reasons for it.

    8. Why do you need to travel to the States? Can the work not be done in your native country?

      Applicants must provide reasons as to why it is necessary for them to visit the States and also impress gently, upon the importance of doing the same.

    9. How long will you stay in the States?

      Individual must provide a direct answer. In case he/she is not sure regarding the duration of their travel, they must be honest in saying so.

    10. How will your client benefit from your travel to the States?

      Applicants must outline the reasons for their travel to the States while also touching upon the importance of their role in the company they will be working with.

    L-1A/L-1B Visa:

    1. What type of a budgetary authority will you have in the company?

      Applicants will have to give a brief overview regarding their authority when it comes to the budgetary tasks in their new company.

    2. Will you have to power to hire or fire employees?

      Individuals will have to provide an answer that is verifiable and also mention exactly the limit of their authority.

    3. Have you hired/fired employees before?

      Applicants will have to mention their jurisdiction when it comes to the above.

    4. How many people report to you?

      Applicants must provide a verifiable and exact figure.

    5. What is the procedure involved in hiring or firing an individual?

      Applicants will need to tell the interviewer exactly the procedure the company follows while hiring/firing individuals and also their authority on the same.

    6. What is your special skill set?

      Individuals will have to answer Yes or No as appropriate.

    7. Was this tool developed by you?

      Applicants will have to provide a verifiable answer to the same.

    8. For how long have you been engaged in your area of specialization?

      Individuals will have to give a specific and verifiable answer.

    9. Are you familiar with ABC technology?

      Applicants will have to provide an honest and verifiable answer to the same.

    10. Why can’t associates in the States handle this technology?

      Individuals will have to provide an honest but diplomatic answer to the same without hurting the sentiments of workers in the States. Individuals must also give a verifiable answer.

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      However, the same report said that, the fees and charges for e-visas remain unchanged. Supposedly, fees have risen from 2,700 baht to 4,100 baht for either single or multiple entry visas for a one year period while the same for five year period has gone from 5,100 baht to 8,200 baht.

      Speaking on the issue, an embassy official suggested that though the fees have increased, the duration and the number of entries into India has also been changed.

      Thailand, currently, is among the 20 countries which can have multiple entry visas for a total of a five-year period.

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