• H4 Visa Interview Questions And Answers

    The H4 visa is generally issued to the spouse and children (below the age of 21 years) of an H category Visa holder in case they are accompanying their spouse to the United States. The H4 Visa holder has to be financially dependent on the H category Visa holder and has to be a family member. The visas that come under the H category are H-1A, H-2A, H-1B, H-2B AND H3.

    Questions Asked In The H4 Visa Interview Process

    Before a person is granted an H4 Visa, he or she has to go through an interview process before being approved for the same. There are 3 different categories of questions asked by the immigration official in the interview. The questions are asked about the H4 Visa, about you and marriage with your spouse. The specific H4 Visa questions asked in the interview are:

    About the H4 Visa

    1. Which type of visa do you want an approval for?
    2. You want an approval for the H4 Visa.

    3. Why do you need an H4 Visa?
    4. You need an H4 Visa because you want to accompany your spouse to the United States who is a H1 Visa holder.

    5. Did you or someone else make an appointment for the interview?
    6. Answer the question truthfully as to whether you or someone else has made the appointment.

    7. How did you obtain all the documents required for the H4 Visa interview?
    8. Answer the question as appropriate.

      In some cases, the dependent husband/wife will go to the United States later than the H1 Visa holder. For such instances, the H4 Visa interview questions asked by the immigration officer are:

    9. In which month and year did your spouse get an approval for the H1 Visa?
    10. Answer the exact month and year when your spouse got the approval for the H1 Visa.

    11. What are the reasons for you not attending the visa interview with your husband/wife?
    12. Give the exact reasons as to why you did not attend the visa interview with your husband/wife.

    About you

    1. What do you plan on doing in the United States?
    2. The immigration officer wants to know what you will be doing in the United States during the period of your stay.

    3. Are you planning to be employed in the United States?
    4. As a H4 Visa holder, you will be financially dependent on your spouse, so for this question, your answer should be no.

    5. Do you have any family members residing in the United States?
    6.  Answer the question as applicable.

    7. Which city/town are you currently residing in your native country?
    8. Answer this question with the relevant information.

    9. Do you reside with your family or friends?
    10. Answer the question as applicable.

    11. Who do you plan on residing within the United States?
    12.  For this question you should answer that you will be staying with your spouse.

    13. Who will financially support you during your period of stay in the United States?
    14. For this question you should answer that your spouse will support you financially.

    Questions about your marriage

    To confirm that you and your spouse are married, the immigration officer will verify the details of your marriage by asking you certain question which are:

    1. Can you show me a document that legally states your marriage to the H1 Visa holder?
    2.  You can show your marriage certificate as proof of marriage with the H1 Visa holder.

    3. Can you show me some of your wedding pictures?
    4.  You can show the pictures from your wedding album to the immigration officer.

    5. Can you show me your wedding invitation?
    6.  You need to show the immigration officer your wedding invitation.

    7. What is the duration for which you have been married to your current spouse?
    8.  Answer this question with the relevant information.

    9. What is the date of your marriage?
    10. To answer this question, you need to mention the exact date, month and year of your marriage.

    11. Was your marriage love or arranged?
    12. Answer the question accordingly.

    13. Who arranged the marriage?
    14. The immigration officer wants to know the people who arranged your marriage. It could be your family, cousins or friends.

    15. Mention the date you and your spouse met for the first time.
    16. The immigration officer might also want to know the date you met your spouse. If you do not remember the exact date, you can mention the month and the year.

    17. At which location did you get married?
    18. To answer this question, you need to mention the city, state and the country in which you were married.

    19. Do you have any proof of your marriage being registered?
    20. To answer this question, you need to provide the marriage certificate to the immigration officer.

    21. What amount of money was spent on your wedding ceremony and who financed it?
    22. Provide the appropriate details for this answer to the immigration office such as the net spend on the wedding and who financed it.

    23. Did you get engaged before getting married to your spouse?

      If you did get engaged before marriage, you need to provide proof to the immigration officer for the same.

    24. After marriage, did you go for your honeymoon? If yes, where?
    25. Provide the appropriate details to the immigration officer for the question asked.

    About your spouse

    1. What is the date of birth of your spouse?
    2. Mention the exact date, month and year of the birth of your spouse.

    3. Which university did your spouse graduate from?
    4. Mention the university and the year in which your spouse graduated.

    5. What is the highest degree completed by your spouse?
    6. Mention the highest degree completed by your spouse.

    7. Which organization does your spouse work for?
    8. Mention the organization for which your spouse currently works.

    9. What is the location of the organization in which your spouse currently works?
    10. Mention the location of the organization your spouse currently works in.

    11. What line of profession is your spouse into?
    12. To answer this question you need to mention the profession of your spouse. Mention exactly what your spouse does with all the details.

    13. Is your spouse currently residing in the United States? If yes, for how long?
    14. If your spouse is currently residing in the United States, mention the exact number of days, years and months of his/her stay.

    15. How long has your spouse been employed by your current company?
    16. Mention the exact number of days, months and years for which your spouse has been Employed by his/her current organization.

    17. What is your spouse’s income for the year?
    18. Answer this question truthfully as the immigration officer will ask for proof to verify your answer.

    19. Can you provide the bank statement of your spouse’s bank account?
    20. Provide bank statements and pay stubs of your spouse’s bank account.

    21. Has your spouse applied for a green card in the United States?
    22. Answer as applicable.

      The immigration officer will verify the information you provide to him or her and if you have the answers prepared for the H4 Visa interview questions mentioned above, you should be able to get an approval for it.

    News About All Type of Visa

    • DHS awaiting final clearance to revoke work authorization for certain H-4 visa holders

      In a status report filed on May 22 with the DC Court of Appeals, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said that it was still awaiting final clearance on the rule to revoke work authorization for H-4 visa holders. In the report, DHS noted that once the proposed draft has received final clearance from the agency, it would be sent for review to the Office of Management and Budget. Doug Rand, the former assistant director for entrepreneurship who helped implement the H-4 work authorization rule under the Obama administration has stated that individuals in the country would be able to see the draft only after it is reviewed and entered in the Federal Register. It needs to be mentioned that in February, DHS was granted additional time of three months to respond to a lawsuit filed by an organization named ‘Save Jobs USA’. The organization filed the lawsuit on the back of the claim that H-4 visa holders with work authorization were taking away jobs from American workers.

      14 June 2018

    • Govt Working to Keep H-4 Visas

      The Indian government has stated it is working to persuade the U.S. government to stop the repeal of H-4 visas. The H-4 visa programme was instated in 2015 and permits the spouses of H-1B visa holders to seek employment while the H-1B holder applies for permanent residency. The H-4 visa programme repeal would affect a large number of Indians who have benefitted from the visa provisions.

      The External Affairs Minister stated that the Indian government is in talks with the White House and is also in touch with senators in an effort to stay the repeal. The government has also raised concerns over possible changes to the H-1B visa programme that could negatively impact applicants.

      A decision on the status of the H-1B and H-4 visa programmes is expected soon.

      30 May 2018

    • US Government planning to withdraw H-4 visa work permit

      The US government is going expected to issue notifications to withdraw work permit in June. The government is already in its final stages of the process to rescind work permit of certain categories of H-4 visa holders. The US court has been notified by the Trump administration that this decision is going to affect a number of Indians. H-4 visas are the visas issued to the spouses and/or children of the H-1B visa holders. A large number of highly skilled professionals currently employed in the US and working on H-1B visa are from India. The provision of H-4 visa which was initiated by the Obama government is likely to be put to an end by the Trump administration. The H1-B visa gave the opportunity to the H1-B visa holders to work legally in the US.

      The government under ex-president of USA Barack Obama stated to give work permit to a certain category of H-4 visa holders under an executive order from the administration. According to a recent report, 93% of the total H-4 visa holders who have permission to work in the US are from India. A bilateral group of 130 US lawmakers who were led by Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal urged the Trump government not to discontinue the work authorization grant to certain spouses of non-immigrant workers holding H-1B visas.

      The lawmakers insisted that by providing work permits to the spouses of H1B visa holders will not only help the companies recruit highly-qualified employees but also put US policy on par with other countries, such as Canada and Australia. The Trump government is currently reviewing the H-1B visa policy as they think that at present the visa is being misused by companies to replace American workers.

      29 May 2018

    • Indians Hold A Staggering 93% of H4 Visa In The US

      A massive 93% of the total H4 visa holders in the US, which allow work authorization, are from India as per a latest Congressional report on the spouse visa. The report also said that 25% of the H4 visa holders live in California. Ninety three percent of the applications granted for employment authorization are women, while men accounted 7%. The report added that 93% of the approved applications were issued to Indian born individuals, 5% were issued to individuals born in China and the remaining 2% were issued to individuals born in other countries. Since the rule was implemented in May 2015, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has granted 126,853 applications for H4 visa holders recorded as of 25 December 2017. These approval numbers include 90,946 approved initially, 35,219 renewals, and 688 replacements for lost cards.

      16 May 2018

    • Decision to revoke H4 visa permits faces objections from US lawmakers

      15 lawmakers from California have written a letter to the Homeland Security Secretary, Kirsten M Nielsen, raising concerns about the possible ban on H4 visa permits by Trump administration. In the letter, the lawmakers have asked the government to reconsider their decision saying that H4 visa permit not only has economic merits but also supports family unity as the spouses of H-1B visa holders share the burden of the expenses by earning dual incomes. As per the lawmakers this not only benefits the highly skilled immigrants but also the US citizens many of who have been employed by these migrants.

      The H4 visa permits were first handed out in 2015 by the Obama administration after many high skilled workers in places such as Silicon Valley were struggling to provide for their family on one income. Since the H4 visa permit has been implemented, over 1 Lakh workers have been granted approval for employment most of which are women. The scrapping of the permit might also lead to the expertise learned in the country to be used against it as immigrants are forced to look for other options and move abroad as per the lawmakers. Last year, the US president, Donald Trump, signed an order which would restrict the rules of H-1B Visa program.

      7 May 2018

    • H-4 Entrepreneurs of India in limbo as the US reconsiders visa rules

      The Trump’s administration in December 2017 stated that it was reconsidering to discontinue the H-4 visa holders’ work authorization so that Americans can have access to more number of job opportunities.

      However, the case of many Indian entrepreneurs appears to be in the same dilemma to issue them authorized work permits. Since the statement, over 1 lakh spouses who were waiting for their permanent residency in the United States received an EAD (Employment Authorization Documents).

      The new regulation led many highly skilled professionals to take part as employees in the U.S. economy. Though there are millions of entrepreneurial and high-skilled professionals creating jobs in America, sadly, the new rule will affect the H-4 EAD in a worse way.

      22 February 2018

    • H-4 Visa holders may not be allowed to work in the US

      The Department of Homeland Security of the US has proposed a new rule under which H-4 Visa holders will not be allowed to work in the US. H-4 Visas are issued to spouses of H-1B Visa holders to enter and stay in the US as per the specifications mentioned on the principal applicant’s visa. Under Obama’s administration, H-4 holders were allowed to work in the US, however, Trump’s administration is planning to revoke the authorization to work. If the new rule comes into force, it can result in loss of over 10,000 H-4 jobs. The Government of India has been in talks with the US Government to ease the H-1B Visa policies as it helps the economy of both the nation, however, as of now, the US Government has not provided a clear answer on the changes to the policy.

      22 December 2017

    • Approximately two million visitors from India expected by the United States in 2018

      The US is focused on attracting almost two million Indian visitors in 2018 and has begun pushing strategies to promote the country as a favored destination according to Brand USA Global Trade Development Manager Suzana Shepard Durini. She further added that India was ranked 11th by the number of arrivals to the US in 2016, but ranked sixth in spending.

      Brand USA is the first public-private alliance in the country to advertise the US as a primary travel destination and to convey visa and entry policies. Programmes like India Mission and educational seminars are being organized to promote the US as a premier destination.

      Day-long educational seminars will be conducted by Brand USA for trade throughout the year in cities such as Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, and Jalandhar.

      20 September 2017

    • Immigration officer of Indian origin in UK banned for deception

      A consultant of Indian origin who was given a license by the British government has been prohibited for deception and bad conduct. The person was appointed to serve as an immigration adviser.

      The consultant’s name is Alpesh Patel who used to work at Aaryas Careers Ltd, which is based in London. He was asked to repay 7,460 pounds as a fine to the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC) of the United Kingdom. He was also instructed to pay 172,600 pounds to complainants.

      He is reported to have cheated people who could not take care of their immigration work by themselves. His role was to offer immigration advice to anybody who needed it.

      12 July 2017

    • India emerges as medical tourism hub owing to low-cost technologies

      Health experts are of the opinion that India is emerging as a prime medical tourism hub. The treatment offered in Indian accredited facilities are observed to be on par with developed nations. However, the cost of medical treatment in India is much cheaper in comparison. This gives medical tourism in India a definite advantage over other countries.

      Experts also mention that digitisation in the health sector will ease medical tourism.

      Growth in the healthcare industry is set to improve employment opportunities in India. This will have a positive impact in medical equipment and pharma industries.

      80% of medical tourists opt for India due to low cost of treatment. The visa requirements for foreign patients seeking medical treatment in India has also been streamlined. A checklist with relevant information will be put up on the embassy website to avoid clearance issues when patients arrive.

      One of the main reasons for an increased number of patients from Maldives, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan coming to India is the visa-on-arrival scheme offered to them. Removal of restrictions such as issuance of new visa after 2 months of the previous visit has also attracted medical tourists from Gulf countries.

      29 June 2017

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