Whoever said wishes don’t come true hasn’t explored our offers!
Whoever said wishes don’t come true hasn’t explored our offers!
  • How to Check for UK Visa Status

    Thousands of people apply for a UK visa every other day. Reasons vary from tourism to work to education to even settlement. However, prior to going to the United Kingdom, applicants will have to first apply for a visa to the UK.

    There are different types of visas that customers need to apply for based on the reason they are visiting the country for. Customers can apply for a visa is three months before travel and this is the earliest at which they can apply. The visa processing time varies based on the city/country customers are applying from.

    For example, if an individual is applying for the same from New Delhi, India then based on the visa applied for, processing time varies.

    • For visit visas such as long term visit, visa will be processed within ten days.
    • For other visit visas such as general visit, business visit or other visits, processing time is within 15 days.
    • For family visit, visas are processed within 30 days and if the purpose is transit, it takes about 60 days for visas to be processed.
    • For all of the above, stay duration is 6 months or less.
    • For PBS or Point Based System visas, the processing duration is 10-15 days.
    • Settlement visas take up to 10 days for processing.
    • Non-settlement visas can take up to 90 days but majority are done within 10 days.

    UK Visitor Visa Fees:

    The cost for a standard visitor visa is £87. The cost varies based on the visitor stay.

    Steps to Receive a Faster Response:

    In case customers have applied for settlement using SET (AF, F,LR,M,O) forms, they can receive a response within five working days through additional processes.

    • In addition to the visa fee, they will have to pay another £400 per person and fill out the respective form.
    • Biometric information must also be provided.

    Status of UK visa:

    Customers will receive information regarding their visa status via an SMS or through the email ID provided during application submission. Customers also have the option of checking the status of their visa online on the official website.


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    News About UK Visa Status

    • China and India accounted for almost 50% of UK's visitor visas

      Visitor visas accounted for the majority of the total visas granted by the UK to nationalities in non-European Economic Area for the financial year that ended on June 30, 2017. China and India contributed to nearly 50% of the visitors.

      According to the UK's home office, almost 4.14 lakh Indians were granted visas, with a surplus of 10% to the previous financial year. Whereas the number of the visas granted to the Chinese saw a rise of 24% to 5.16 lakh. Study visas was the most common visas granted to citizens of countries belonging to non-European Economic Area.

      20th September 2017

    • Popularity of O-1 visa for travel to the US sees a rise

      The popularity of O-1 visa for US travel has been increasing at a steady rate, amidst H-1B visa issues. O-1 Visa is available in four categories, i.e., O-1A, O-1B, O-2, and O-3.

      An individual will be eligible for O-1 non-immigrant visa if he/she has extraordinary ability in the fields of business, athletics, education, science, and art. Individuals who have shown a record of extraordinary achievement in the television industry and those that have received national/international accolades are also eligible for this visa.

      For O-1A visa the applicant should demonstrate “extraordinary ability”, whereas for O-1B visa, “distinction” is expected. Experts are of the opinion that it is relatively easy to get the O1-B visa, as the process is less rigorous. Media recognition or acknowledgement among peers in the relevant field will make an individual eligible for this visa.

      12th July 2017

    • Easier Short-Term UK Visas may become a reality

      During Prime Minister Theresa May visit, India hopes to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom to provide Indian students, businessmen and academicians with short term visas. Acting High Commissioner to the UK Dinesh Patnaik hopes to see these developments come to light after the Prime Minister first bilateral visit to India. This will the Theresa May first diplomatic visit outside the European Union since she has been appointed Prime Minister of the UK. India has a strong trade relationship with the UK and the recent Brexit would require the UK to look outside the European Union for strong trade ties. The short term visas would facilitate an ease in business activities between the two countries as the UK is shifting a large portion of its jobs to India. In the next 3 to 4 months as many as 2,000 jobs are expected to move to India. India hopes to secure the same concessions offered to Chinese for the UK visa, which is, 6 month to 2 year visas at 87 pounds.

      3rd November 2016

    • UK Visas can now be availed from the comfort of your home

      Indian residents can now avail visas for European countries from the comfort of their homes. The agency that many countries have outsourced visa issuance to, VFS Global, has now offered to send a visa submission officer as well as the equipment required to collect biometric data to your home for a cost. Individuals from all over India can make the most of the demand mobile visa service to get UK visas. Certain Schengen countries such as Denmark and Hungary have also agreed to make use of VFS and start using the system in the near future.

      10th August 2016

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