• Check Visa Status With Passport Number

    In order to travel to most countries in the world, an individual is required to have a valid passport and an approved visa. While ordinary passports in India have the validity of ten years from the date of issue and which can be renewed later, the visa for other countries have a shorter validity and are also subject to a fee payment. Most visa offer single and multiple entry options based on the applicant's requirements. In order to apply for a visa, the applicants can either choose to opt for the traditional paper-based method or take advantage of the latest eVisa facility offered by many countries. Also, there are many countries who offer visa-free entry and visa on arrival facility to certain specific nationalities.

    Check Visa Status With Passport Number
    Check Visa Status with Passport Number

    Visa Application Process

    In most visa applications, the applicants are required to provide required documents pertaining to identity proof, address proof, and other documents based on the type of the visa. At times, the applicants may be asked to submit the passport itself so once the visa is approved, it can be attached to the passport and given back to the applicant. In a typical situation, the applicants can visit the official websites to obtain the details and information concerning the time-frame, documents, etc. required for the visa application. Based on the particular country, the applicants are expected to submit the visa application few days in advance that can help them avoid unexpected last minute delays. The application process for a visa differs from one country to the other. Depending on the nationality of the applicant, type of visa, and other factors, an individual can find the approximate processing period.

    Visa Application Reference Number

    Once the details are furnished and submitted along with the required document at the embassy/consulate, the applicants will be provided with an application identification or an acknowledgement receipt number which is also known as a reference number, file number, etc. The reference number is useful and essential when it comes to checking the status of the visa application. Based on the country, the applicants may have more than one method to obtain the current status of the application process. Most visa authorities provide an online platform to check the status of the visa application, while few others also provide either a telephone number or other contact options to retrieve the status. Understanding that visa is an important document, it is recommended to keep a copy of the reference number or at least to make a note of the unique reference number since it functions as an identifier that will locate the application accurately and provide an up-to-date status.

    The reference number/file number can be used on the official visa website of that country to retrieve the latest information on the visa application, however, if you do not have a file number, you can still continue to check the status by using the passport number. Not all countries offer this service, however, the majority of visa applications are checked with the usage of passport number itself.

    How to Check Visa Status With Passport Number

    If you have already applied for a visa and looking for an update on the status, you will need a certain basic personal information along with the passport number. Though this service is not offered by all countries, most of them do provide an option to carry out an online visa application status check with the passport number. By visiting the official visa website of the country that the applicant is likely to visit, he/she can enter the passport number to get the visa application status instantly. If there is no online option to check the status, the applicant may refer to the website to find a telephone number or other contact details which can also help them get a status update on the application. The entire process for checking the visa application status with a passport number doesn’t take more than 2-5 minutes and can be performed by following few simple online steps.

    Text/E-Mail Notifications

    During the visa processing period, the authorities will also send out the status on a periodical basis. Few countries also send out text SMS and/or email notifications to keep the applicants updated. Through the text SMS and/or email notification facility, the applicants can keep an eye on their application at different stages. Typically, the notifications are sent out when the application reaches the concerning authority, getting processed/reviewed, approved/rejected, and dispatched for collection/delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Will I need a visa to enter India?
    2. Yes, except for the nationalities of Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives (under certain criteria), all foreigners need a visa to enter India.

    3. What type of Indian Visa will be required for visiting family/friends in India?
    4. The applicant will be required to apply for the tourist visa for a stay up to a maximum of six months. Nationalities with UK and US passports can stay for a maximum of 180 days under the long-term tourist visa scheme.

    5. What type of visa is required to visit India for business?
    6. Based on the frequency of the travel, the applicant can apply for a business visa under the multiple-entry scheme. The visa can be obtained for a maximum of five years if the applicant is a director, chairman or the CEO of the company he is representing.

    7. Can I work in India with a business visa?
    8. No, a business visa doesn't allow the holder to work in India, in order to work in India, the applicant must apply for an employment visa.

    9. Do I need a transit visa for travelling through India to another country?
    10. Yes, the transit visa is applicable for travelling through India to any other destination country. The transit visa is valid for 15 days which allows a maximum stay of 72 hours for each entry.

    11. Which type of visa is applicable for participating in a seminar?
    12. The conference visa allows the visitor to attend seminars, conferences, and various types of workshops in India.

    13. Does the employment visa allow the family to stay in India?
    14. The spouse and children may need to apply for the entry visa in order to accompany the employment visa holder.

    15. What are the requirements for a student visa?
    16. The applicant must submit the filled in visa application form along with a copy of the acceptance letter from the concerned Institute or University. Additionally, the applicant is also required to submit proof of sufficient funds to support his/her stay in India.

    17. How can I enter restricted/protected areas such as Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Nagaland, etc.?
    18. Along with the regular tourist visa, the applicant will be required to obtain the Restricted/ Protected Area Permit (RAP/PAP) from the Ministry of Home Affairs or FRRO. The permit will be available at an additional cost.

    19. Is there an option to expedite the visa processing time?
    20. Yes, in case of an emergency such as an unfortunate death of a family member, a request can be submitted to the Consulate Generals of India which can be processed on the same day based on certain factors.

    21. Do I need a visa to take my pet to India?
    22. Visa is not required for pets, however, there are specific guidelines for carrying pets to India.

    23. Is the visa fee refundable due to application rejection?
    24. No, visa fee is non-refundable.

    25. How can I retrieve my visa application details?
    26. By following a few simple steps online with the application reference number, applicants can retrieve the details of their application. In case the applicant has lost the reference number due to any reason, he/she may contact the visa helpline team through an e-mail or a phone call.

    27. How do I check the status of my visa application?
    28. The visa status can be obtained online or by contacting the visa application helpline.

    29. Should I book my stay and airline tickets before applying for the visa?
    30. No, applicants are advised not to book their stay and airline tickets until the visa application is approved.

    31. How long does it take for the visa application to be processed?
    32. The visa application processing time varies based on the type of visa application and the applicant's nationality along with other factors.

    33. Is there an option to submit the application without an appointment?
    34. Yes, only in case of an emergency.

    35. How do I make the visa fee payment?
    36. The visa fee payment can be carried out online as well as at the visa application centre.


    News About Check Visa Status With Passport Number

    • Conference of parliamentarians to be held for Indian origins

      In an effort to encourage the engagement with Indians living abroad, the Government of India will organize a conference of the members of parliaments in various countries. The PIO (person of Indian origin) Parliamentary Conference will be held next year and focus on addressing concerns raised by many PIO parliaments. The initiative was announced in one of the media interactions organised by the Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents (IAFAC).

      28th December 2017

    • Czech Republic Visa Application Centres inaugurated in Chandigarh, Jalandhar

      The Czech Republic Embassy and VFS Global inaugurated Czech Republic Visa Application Centres in both Chandigarh and Jalandhar, further extending the visa application network in North India. With these 2 centres, the total number of Czech Republic visa centres in India is now 16.

      The Chandigarh centre was inaugurated by the Czech Republic Ambassador in India, Milan Hovorka, in a ceremony held today. The centre is located at:





      Chandigarh – 160002

      On the occasion, Hovorka said that the launch of the Chandigarh Visa Application Centre reflects the Czech Republic’s sincere commitment to fulfill the growing demands of Czech Visas among tourists, businesses and culture in India.

      The Chief Operating Officer of VFS Global - Middle East and South Asia, Vinay Malhotra said that the Czech Republic is rapidly increasing in popularity as a tourist destination among Indian travellers.

      12 July 2017

    • India to offer long-term business and tourist visa to Dutch passport holders

      Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to the Netherlands, announced that Dutch passport holders will be offered long-term business and tourist visa. Netherlands is the third largest source of FDI in India and also has the second largest Indian population in a foreign country after the UK. This year, the 2 countries are celebrating 70 years of Indo-Dutch diplomatic relations. Modi invited the CEOs of major Dutch companies to invest in India as Netherlands is considered a natural partner, helping with the development of the Indian economy. He described India as a land of opportunities with a growth rate of more than 7%.

      The PM is on a 3-nation tour where India has made 7,000 reforms to attract FDI in real estate, defence, and other sectors. Modi thanked the European Nations for supporting India's membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime. India has signed 3 MoUs with Netherlands in Social Security, cultural cooperation, and water cooperation. PMs of both the countries reaffirmed their commitment to the climate change accord and development of renewable energy. Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, commended India’s major sustainable initiatives such as ‘Clean India’ and ‘Make in India’.

      3 July 2017

    • Increase in Foreign Tourists This Year

      Foreign tourists have been drawn to India’s culture and beauty for a long time. The Union Ministry of Tourism has stated that tourism in the country has grown this year when compared to last year. A growth of 55.3% and 19.5% has been recorded in the number of foreign tourist arrivals under the E-Tourist and normal Visa respectively. This year has seen a total of 6.3 lakh foreign tourists who have arrived on a normal Visa when compared to the 5.27 lakh and 5.09 lakh visitors in the month of May in the year 2016 and 2015 respectively. The list of top 15 countries which have registered for an E-Tourist Visa to India is led by United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, UAE, Thailand, and South Africa.

      21 June 2017

    • White House Says that PM Modi’s ‘New India Vision’ Will Aid Job Creation in the US

      Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has long had a vision for a new India, and the White House administration has revealed that it will aid job creation in the United States. The Prime Minister is expected to meet President Donald Trump for the very first time when he travels to the United States later this month. The meeting for the two national leaders is scheduled for the 26th of June, and it is expected to revolve around expanding the partnership between the United States and India.

      Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary for the White House revealed that “US energy and technologies, including natural gas, are helping to build Prime Minister Modi's vision for a new India and creating thousands of US jobs in the process."

      15 June 2017

    • About France launches a visa application center (VAC) in Bangalore

      The French tourism agency - Atout France has opened a visa application center (VAC) in Bangalore to facilitate visa applications from their office in Langford town. Considering the increasing number of Indian visitors in France, the new center in Bangalore will be a part the global pilot project to encourage French tourism. The applicants from cities can also visit Bangalore to apply for their visa. With an estimated turnaround time of 48 hours from application, the new French visa will be provided to the applicants from one of the fully-equipped VACs in Bangalore. The VAC will accept payments from the applicants in cash as well as through debit and credit cards. The French VACs are also expected to be opened in Delhi and Mumbai in the near future. The new center will cater to a large number of applicants that will boost the economy of France through tourism. Bangalore is one among the few places from where the most number of Indians are visiting France for tourism, education, business, etc.

      22 May 2017

    • Dubai Initiates Visa-On-Arrival for Indians

      Dubai has initiated visa-on-arrival service for Indians who have a valid US green card or visa. In March, the decision to offer visa-on-arrival facility from May 1, 2017 to people with Indian passports and US green card/visa was approved by the UAE Cabinet. This step has been taken to improve the economic, political and trade relations between India and UAE. To avail this visa, travelers must ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months. The visa will allow them to enter in the UAE for 14 days and provide an option to extend the stay for another 14 days.

      11 May 2017

    • Indian Embassy to the US plans to hold Open House on visa-related issues

      The Indian Embassy in Washington and its 5 consulates in the US have taken the initiative to hold an Open House to address issues related to visa, passport and Overseas Citizens of India card. Navtej Sarna, the Indian Ambassador to the US, said at a reception held in his honour by the top Indian-American community associations, that the Indian Embassy will hold Open House on visa-related issues from January. The Open House will be held every fortnight wherein people can walk in to have their grievances related to passports, visas, and OCI cards by the senior officials. Deputy Indian Ambassador, Taranjit Singh Sandhu highlighted the role of the Indian American community in strengthening India-US relationship. He urged the gathering to involve 2nd generation Indian Americans in community activities to strengthen India-US ties.

      19 December 2016

    • Visa centre for the UAE opens in Delhi

      A visa issuance centre and overseas consular office for the UAE has been set up in New Delhi. The issuance of Emirati visas will be eased out the consular services for all the residents of India and citizens of India. This will be facilitating Indian workers to enter the UAE. At present, this is the 6th overseas operation centre started by the UAE in a foreign country.

      This will accelerate the visa procedure at the UAE entry points. The center in India was inaugurated by the undersecretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Mohammad Mir Abdullah Al Raisi. Delhi's Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung was present there along with other Indian and Emirati officials. This center used the latest techniques that are internationally acclaimed and issues visas for achieving customer satisfaction. Indian who wish to work in the UAE must submit all the required documents, and medical certificates. Biometric screens and the submitted documents will be analyzed and verified for authenticity. This process will ensure that the people entering the UAE do not have any contagious diseases. Appreciation towards this process was expressed by Al Raisi and he mentioned that the relationship between India and the UAE are getting better.

      26 October 2016

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