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    Despite being one of the smaller nations in the world, Philippines ranks highly among tourists, with over 5 million people visiting the country in 2015. A rich heritage combined with a laid-back lifestyle attract tourists from different corners of the world. Individuals looking to visit the country will need a Philippines Visa, which is typically issued by the Philippine Embassy.

    How To Get A Philippine Visa From India

    The number of Indians visiting the Philippines is growing every year, with both tourists, and individuals looking for business opportunities visiting the country. The visa application process is offline, with the application to be submitted to the Philippine Consulate or Embassy. Indians who wish to apply for a Philippine Visa need to download the application form and submit it to their nearest Embassy/Consulate.

    One should determine the kind of visa they want, fill the application form corresponding to this requirement and then submit the duly filled form along with relevant documents to the Embassy/Consulate.

    Philippines Visa Requirements For Indian

    Indians who wish to travel to the Philippines need to ensure that they satisfy these few basic requirements.

    • They should have a valid passport, with sufficient validity even after they complete the trip.
    • They should be of good character, with no criminal case against them.
    • Sufficient income to sponsor the trip. This includes proof of income to stay in the country, in addition to money for a return ticket.
    • They should have a genuine and valid reason to visit the country. Reasons could range from travel to business or work.

    Documents Required For Philippines Visa

    Individuals looking to travel to the Philippines need to submit the following documents:

    • Duly filled application form. The form should be filled in English and needs to be legible.
    • Recent passport size photograph. This picture should be taken within 6 months of application.
    • Financial statements. These include the bank statements issued by competent bank authorities. The statements for the last 6 months need to be produced.
    • An applicant should produce his/her original passport. This passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the intended completion of the trip.
    • Valid tickets which indicate the return of an individual to India. This is to prove that an individual has no intention to illegally stay in the country.
    • Demand draft in favour of “Embassy of the Philippines”. This DD should be equal to the visa fee. Note that no cash payments are permitted.
    • No objection certificate (NOC) from the employer/college in case an individual is planning to visit the country for travel.
    • Photocopy of the credit card/travellers check to indicate financial independence.
    • Photocopy of IT statement.
    • Letter of enrolment in case of a student visa.
    • Letter from the local host (in case an individual is being sponsored).
    • Children under the age of 18 years should have an Affidavit of Support, in addition to a Consent to Travel from the parent.

    Additional documents could be requested, depending on the applicant.

    Philippine Visa Fees For Indian

    Indians looking to visit the Philippines will have to pay the fee, as highlighted in the table below.

    Visa type Fee (Rs.)
    Temporary Visa (single entry) 2,840
    Temporary Visa (multiple entry) 8,520
    Transit Visa 2,840
    Temporary Visa (Seaman) 1,420
    Student Visa 17,500
    Pre-arranged Employment Visa 28,400
    Special Visa (non-immigrant) 28,400

    In addition to the aforementioned fee, an extra service fee might be charged to process an application.

    Student Visa Philippines

    The Philippines might not be the most popular destination among Indian students, but there are a sizeable number of Indians who are pursuing educational courses there. The most popular course for Indian students in the Philippines is medicine, with close to 4,000 students travelling to the country every year. This number is expected to increase as the quality of education improves in the country.

    How To Get A Student Visa For Philippines

    Students who wish to pursue a course in Philippines are expected to fill Form 2 and submit it to the Embassy/Consulate. The form can be downloaded from the official website of the Philippine Embassy. Details like the name, nationality, sex, date of birth, contact number, passport number, validity of passport, local reference, etc. should be filled in the form.

    The following documents should be submitted in addition to the form to process the application.

    • Passport size photo (1)
    • Original passport
    • Photocopy of ticket
    • Bank statements
    • DD for the processing fee
    • Letter of enrolment from school/college where the student wishes to pursue a course
    • Clearance from the police
    • DD towards payment of police clearance
    • Valid medical certificate, including an X-ray of the chest
    • Original certificate which indicates that an individual is eligible for a particular course (in case of Medicine or Dentistry only)

    Philippine Student Visa Status

    An applicant will be informed about the status of his/her application by relevant authorities once the application is submitted.

    Philippines Tourist Visa

    Around 75,000 Indians visited the Philippines in 2015, with this number growing every year. The country is becoming increasingly popular among a certain section of travellers, thanks to the affordable lifestyle. Indians looking to travel to the Philippines can do so on a Temporary Visitors Visa, which can be availed by filling Form 2 and submitting it to the Embassy/Consulate.

    How to get a Tourist Visa for Philippines

    Individuals looking to travel to the Philippines should fill Form 2 and submit it to the Philippine Embassy/Consulate. They will also have to provide certain documents like passport, photograph, copy of credit cards, sponsorship letter, photocopy of IT returns, marriage certificate (if traveling as a couple), original birth certificate (if traveller is a minor), in addition to any documents which the Embassy/Consulate could ask for. The requisite fee should be paid and the application will be processed by relevant authorities. The visa will be provided if there are no major discrepancies in the information submitted.


    News About Getting Phillipines Visa From India

    • India and Philippines to begin air service negotiation

      The  Government of Indian and Philippines are speculated to being their negotiations for the much awaited air services. The air services will allow groups to travel between both the countries which are expected to boost tourism and economy for both the parties. The result of this negotiation could lead to resuming the Delhi-Manila air services. Both the countries have been busy promoting tourism through various channels. Recently, both the countries have eased their passport and visa policies to boost tourism. The air service negotiation is anticipated to begin shortly.

      20 December 2017

    • Philippines targets one lakh Indian visitors by end of year

      The Tourism Department of Philippines is expecting one lakh Indian visitors by end of the year. The Philippines received over 70,000 visitors in the last year, however, considering popular attractions, destinations, and facilities, a growth in tourism is expected by the end of the year. Moreover, Indians who hold the UK, US, Japan, Schengen or Australian visas can take advantage of the visa on arrival facility offered by the Philippines.

      26 October 2017

    • Travelling to America on a O-1 Visa

      The current US administration, led by President Trump, is increasing visa restrictions, especially in the H-1B category. H-1B is the category that allows professionals looking to work in the US to enter the country.

      However, there’s another category called O-1 that professionals can use to travel and work in the US. The US Department of Homeland Security states that O-1 is a nonimmigrant visa for individuals possessing extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, arts, athletics, or business, or anyone with a demonstrable record of extraordinary achievement in television/movie industry.

      There are 4 classifications of O-1 visa:

      O-1A Visa: For people with extraordinary skills in the sciences, athletics, business, or education.

      O-1B Visa: For people with extraordinary skills in arts or motion picture/television industry.

      O-2 Visa: For people who accompany an O-1, athlete or artist, to assist in specific events or performances, with “skills and experience” critical for the O-1 individuals’ successful performance.

      O-3 Visa: For the spouse/children of O-1’s and O-2’s.

      The O-1 Visa has risen in popularity among Indian visa aspirants in the recent years, although getting an O-1 visa is considered difficult. According to a TOI report,1137 Indians entered the US on O-1 in 2015 alone.

      12 July 2017

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