Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Most nations require the nationalities of other nation to obtain a visa prior to visiting the territory of their nation. Depending on the country and their visa policies, the application process may differ, however, they are similar in nature. Most countries need other nationalities to have a valid passport or travel document in order to qualify for the visa. In addition to passports, most countries need the applicants to either submit an invitation letter, proof of address, proof of sufficient funds, etc. to qualify for their visa. Based on the applicant’s profile and specific visa requirements, he/she may need to submit additional documents.

Indian passport holders who wish to visit other countries are required to obtain a visa prior to their travel. The visa is a document that indicates the permissible period of stay, validity, restrictions, etc. While the visa norms of one country may differ from the other, Indian passport holders need to provide the following documents/details to enter most countries:

  • Visa application form – Most visas are issued to applicants after they have submitted the completed visa application form along with the passport size photograph and other documents.
  • Passport/travel documents – In order to visit other nations, Indians are required to either provide their passport or any other valid travel documents. Most countries need the passport to be valid for at least six from the intended date of travel. Additionally, the passport must have sufficient blank pages for immigration stamping.
  • Biometrics Certain countries need Indian visitors to provide their biometric details such as fingerprints either prior to the arrival or at the immigration check.
  • Invitation letter – Indian nationalities may require providing a letter of invitation while applying for a visa of few specific countries.
  • Visa interview – Depending on the category of the visa, Indian nationalities are required to appear for the visa interview while applying for the visa of certain specific countries.
  • Visa fee – Based on the applicant’s visa requirement pertaining to stay period, entry scheme, etc. Indian visitors are required to pay a certain visa fee as the processing fee. The visa depends on various factors such as the period of stay, entry scheme, etc.

The following list contains the names of the Popular Countries and their Visa Requirements Pertaining to Indian Nationalities:

Name of the country Visa option
Afghanistan Visa is required
Albania Visa is required
Algeria Visa is required
Andorra Visa is required
Angola Visa is required
Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa is required
Argentina Visa is required
Armenia Visa is required
Australia Visa is required
Austria Visa is required
Azerbaijan e-Visa is required
Bahamas Visa is required
Bahrain e-Visa is required
Bangladesh Visa is required
Barbados Visa is required
Belarus Visa is required
Belgium Visa is required
Belize Visa is required
Benin Visa is required
Bhutan Visa is not required
Bolivia Visa on arrival facility
Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa is required
Botswana Visa is required
Brazil Visa is required
Brunei Visa is required
Bulgaria Visa is required
Burkina Faso Visa is required
Burundi Visa is required
Cambodia e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Cameroon Visa is required
Canada Visa is required
Cape Verde Visa on arrival facility
Central African Republic Visa is required
Chad Visa is required
Chile Visa is required
China Visa is required
Colombia Visa is required
Comoros Visa on arrival facility
Republic of the Congo Visa is required
Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa is required
Costa Rica Visa is required
Croatia Visa is required
Cuba Visa is required
Cyprus Visa is required
Czech Republic Visa is required
Denmark Visa is required
Djibouti Visa is required
Dominica Visa is not required
Dominican Republic Visa is required
East Timor Visa on arrival facility
Ecuador Visa is not required
Egypt Visa is required
El Salvador Visa is not required
Equatorial Guinea Visa is required
Eritrea Visa is required
Estonia Visa is required
Ethiopia e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Fiji Visa is not required
Finland Visa is required
France Visa is required
Gabon e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Gambia Visa is required
Georgia e-Visa is required
Germany Visa is required
Ghana Visa is required
Greece Visa is required
Grenada Visa is not required
Guatemala Visa is required
Guinea Visa is required
Guinea-Bissau e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Guyana Visa on arrival facility
Haiti Visa is not required
Honduras Visa is required
Hungary Visa is required
Iceland Visa is required
Indonesia Visa is not required
Iran Visa is required
Iraq Visa is required
Ireland Visa is required
Israel Visa is required
Italy Visa is required
Ivory Coast e-Visa is required
Jamaica Visa is not required
Japan Visa is required
Jordan Visa on arrival facility
Kazakhstan Visa is required
Kenya e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Kiribati Visa is required
Kuwait Visa is required
Kyrgyzstan e-Visa is required
Laos Visa on arrival facility
Latvia Visa is required
Lebanon Visa is required
Lesotho e-Visa is required
Liberia Visa is required
Libya Visa is required
Liechtenstein Visa is required
Lithuania Visa is required
Luxembourg Visa is required
Macedonia Visa is required
Madagascar Visa on arrival facility
Malawi Visa is required
Malaysia e-Visa is required
Maldives Visa is not required
Mali Visa is required
Malta Visa is required
Marshall Islands Visa on arrival facility
Mauritania Visa on arrival facility
Mauritius Visa is not required
Mexico Visa is required
Micronesia Visa is not required
Moldova Visa is required
Monaco Visa is required
Mongolia Visa is required
Montenegro Visa is required
Morocco Visa is required
Mozambique Visa on arrival facility
Myanmar e-Visa is required
Namibia Visa is required
Nauru Visa is required
Nepal Visa not required
Netherlands Visa is required
New Zealand Visa is required
Nicaragua Visa is required
Niger Visa is required
Nigeria Visa is required
North Korea Visa is required
Norway Visa is required
Oman Visa is required
Pakistan Visa is required
Palau Visa on arrival facility
Panama Visa is required
Papua New Guinea Visa is required
Paraguay Visa is required
Peru Visa is required
Philippines Visa is required
Poland Visa is required
Portugal Visa is required
Qatar e-Visa is required/Visa on arrival facility
Romania Visa is required
Russia Visa is required
Rwanda e-Visa is required
Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa is not required
Saint Lucia Visa on arrival facility
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa is not required
Samoa Entry Permit on arrival
San Marino Visa is required
Sao Tome and Principe e-Visa is required
Saudi Arabia Visa is required
Senegal Visa is not required
Serbia Visa is not required
Seychelles Visitor's Permit on arrival
Sierra Leone Visa is required
Singapore e-Visa is required


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News About Visa Requirements for India

  • Visa may start offering cross-border payments in India

    Global payments service provider Visa is likely to offer the facility of cross-border payments in India as it applied for a license for the same. The licence will allow Visa to offer inward and outward remittances of money in India. Visa said that it will use use a quicker new blockchain ledger technology to ensure faster transactions, and will most probably partner with a private sector bank. Currently, the space for cross-border payments is largely controlled by Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). However, transactions made through SWIFT are slow and expensive. Visa will use the SWIFT systems for processing transactions.

    Currently, a customer sending money to a beneficiary residing in UK has to send the money through another third-party account called a Nostro account. Nostro then settles the transaction with the final beneficiary. However, the time taken to complete the transaction is long.

    Since, Visa has a working relationship with almost all the lenders around the globe,the time taken to settle remittances will be quick. Visa in India will have to compete with companies such as Wise, PayPal, Western Union, Remitly and MoneyGram.

    24 June 2021

  • Visa to postpone the hikes in merchant swipe fees with the pandemic in action

    Visa has been planning to hike the swipe fees for merchants for some time now. However, now it is planning to postpone the same owing to the COVID-19 situation. The hike has been planned to release the ongoing pressure on the retail sector during the pandemic.

    An insider statement has revealed that the credit company had made plans to introduce significant changes. These include the increase in the rates of eCommerce transactions and reduction in the rates for payments which involve education and real estate. However, as per the latest announcement, the changes will be implemented later next year in the month of April.

    30 November 2020

  • Electronic visa norms relaxed for foreigners travelling to India on business trips

    The government has relaxed the electronic visa or e-visa norms for businesses. The move has been taken to enable faster and more convenient arrival for those visiting the country on business trips. With the relaxation of norms, a foreign national can now avail a business e-visa for one year with multiple entries. Earlier, foreigners were allowed only two entries for 60 days. Other developments include removing the limit on the number of times a foreign national can apply for an e-visa in a calendar year and widening the scope of the visa.  

    It needs to be mentioned here that going forward, those falling sick during their visit to the country would not need to convert their business e-visa to medical visa or apply for a separate visa to get treatment. The nationals of all countries who are eligible for grant of e-visa can visit the country on a business e-visa for a continuous period of 180 days every visit. The list of airports that allow e-visa holders to enter the country has also been expanded with Port Blair and Bhubaneshwar joining the list.  

    It is noteworthy to mention that applicants cannot use the e-visa to get entry into certain restricted areas such as Arunachal Pradesh. 

    8 March 2019

  • Change in visa format to check entry of persons involved in child sexual abuse

    The Indian government has brought about a change in its visa format to prevent child sex abuse. Going forward, foreign nationals applying for a visa to enter India would be required to fill in a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, the individuals would be required to declare whether they have any criminal record, denied a visa in the past due to a pending case etc. The development in the change of visa format was informed by Women and Child Development (WCD) minister Maneka Gandhi through Twitter.

    It needs to be mentioned here that the WCD ministry had requested the revision of the visa application process when it comes to foreign nationals travelling to the country. As per WCD officials, the implementations of the new visa process started a month back through the Bureau of Immigration, which is under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    Gandhi stated that the request for a change in the visa application process was made based on complaints received by the Ministry. She hoped that the new step would act as a deterrent for perpetrators.

    26 October 2018

  • Greece visa application centers to remain open on Saturdays

    Global Visa Center World (GVCW), the Greek visa service provider in a bid to further ease the visa application process for Indian citizens planning to visit the country will keep its centers open on Saturdays as well. This was informed in a release by GVCW, which operates in five different geographical zones. As per the release, the 15 visa application centers that exists in the country including the ones in Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai shall be kept open from 10 am to 4 pm. Applicants can collect their passports on Saturday as well as avail prime time visa services to submit their applications through this centers. It needs to be mentioned that GVCW has been mandated to assist the Hellenic Consular Authorities to issue Greece visas by the Ministry of Greece.

    16 May 2018

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