H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers

An H1B visa is one of the most commonly procured visas by individuals who wish to work in the United States of America.

What is H1B Visa?

A non-immigrant visa issued by the United States of America, the H1B visa allows companies in the US to employ foreign workers in occupations that necessitate the knowledge and technical expertise in specialized areas such as engineering, architecture, science, mathematics along with medicine. The visa holder will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in order to apply for this.

A H1B holder will remain in status as long as the employee/employer relationship exists regardless of whether the alien is working full time or part time with that employer. This individual will be able to apply for a sick leave, vacation, maternity leave or paternity leave, go on strikes or be otherwise inactive without it affecting their status. Work relationship of the individual holding the H1B visa also matters.

One of the steps that individuals will have to go through prior to procuring a H1B Visa is attending a personal interview. Based on the interview, individuals may or may not receive their H1B visa. Below are some of the most commonly asked interview questions along with appropriate answers for them?

Interview questions can be categorized into the following - General, Qualifications, Prior experience or current employer / H1B Company or Sponsor Company.

General Interview Questions:

  1. Why do you wish to visit the United States of America/what is the purpose of the trip?
  2. The reason to travel to the United States of America is for the purpose of employment. Applicants must also mention the name of the company that you will be working with.

  3. What will you work as at the aforementioned company?
  4. Individuals must mention the position that they will be taking up with the company along with the responsibilities that they will be handling.

  5. Have you been to the United States of America before?
  6. Individuals must answer verifiably and if they have visited before, they must provide details as to when they visited the States and for how long such as business or vacation, etc.

  7. Have you studied in the United States of America?
  8. Applicants must answer appropriately and if they have studied, they must provide details of the University and course that they studied in.

  9. Are you planning to return to India? If so, why?
  10. Individuals must respond appropriately and provide all necessary details.

  11. Are you married? If so, for how long?
  12. Individuals must answer yes or no.

  13. Do you have family in the United States of America?
  14. Applicants must tell the authorities if they have family members residing in the US and also the cities that they stay in.

  15. Why do you want to work in the United States of America?
  16. Individuals must provide an honest answer to this question and outline all the reasons as to why they wish to work in the US.

  17. Have you applied for an immigrant visa in any other country?
  18. Applicants will have to provide appropriate and honest answers to this question and if they have procured an immigrant visa, general details regarding that must be provided.

  19. Have you travelled outside the country before?

Applicants must answer appropriately and should provide general details of their travels if they have done so previously.


  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • Applicants must provide verifiable answers.

  • Are you studying currently?
  • Individuals must provide verifiable details regarding the same.

  • What subject did you major in?
  • Applicants must provide details of the subject that have majored in/currently majoring in and also reasons for choosing that particular major.

  • Can I see your degree/educational certificates?
  • Applicants must provide all certificates regarding their degree(s).

  • Did you undertake any research projects while studying?
  • Individuals must provide verifiable answers and also provide general details regarding this.

  • What is the subject of this research paper/thesis?
  • Applicants must provide verifiable details regarding their research paper/thesis.

  • Which year did you graduate in?
  • Individuals must answer this question honestly and also mention details if they have back logs.

  • Do you have prior job experience?
  • Individuals will have to provide verifiable details regarding their job experiences and provide supporting documents for the same as well.

  • Have you been a part of any internships before?
  • Applicants will have to provide details regarding all the internships that they have been a part of along with the duration and provide supporting documents for the same.

Current Employer/H1B Employer

  1. Which company do you work for as of now?
  2. Individuals must provide details of their current employer along with supporting documents.

  3. How long have you been working for in this company?
  4. Applicant must provide verifiable information regarding the same and must be honest with their answers.

  5. What are your current responsibilities?
  6. Individuals must provide details of their responsibilities right from the smallest one to the most important responsibility. Documents supporting this are also welcome.

  7. Why are you leaving your current company?
  8. Individuals must provide a generic but diplomatic answer such as - International exposure and better growth.

  9. Please show us your experience letters?
  10. Individuals must show original supporting documents.

  11. How did you come to know about your employer in the US?
  12. Individuals must provide verifiable and appropriate answers. They can also be specific if they can such as mentioning the name of the job portal they received the answer from and so on.

  13. How did you contact the employer in the US?
  14. Appropriate and verifiable answer must be given by the individual. In case the individual has a direct answer such as answering to a request online, then they can say so.

  15. What is the name of the company you will be working at? Is it legitimate?
  16. Individuals must provide a verifiable answer and also proof of the legitimacy of the company by providing supporting documents and information about the H1B sponsor company.

  17. Provide general information about your employer.
  18. Applicants must provide basic information and structure of the company in easy to understand and simple terms.

  19. What is the name of the CEO/President of your employer?
  20. Applicant must provide details of their CEO or President of the company as required.

  21. How many years has your H1B employer been in business and what is their annual turnover?
  22. In case applicants know the exact answer, they must provide the details else it is safer to say that they are not very sure.

  23. How many employees work at your sponsor company?
  24. In case applicants know the exact answer, they must provide the details else it is safer to say that they are not very sure.

  25. How many rounds of interviews did you have to go through?
  26. Applicants will have to provide a verifiable answer along with a brief description of each round.

  27. How was the interview conducted?
  28. Individuals will have to provide appropriate answer such as whether it was over the phone, Skype, etc.

  29. What is the salary that you will receive in your sponsor company?
  30. Applicants must provide a verifiable and exact figure.

  31. Where in the United States will you be working at? Do you know the cost of living in that city?
  32. Applicants will need to tell the interviewer exactly where they will be put up and an approximate cost of living, whatever a realistic figure is.

  33. Did you have to pay for your H1B petition related expenses?
  34. Individuals will have to answer Yes or No as appropriate.

  35. What will your duties be?
  36. Applicants will have to explain their duties briefly.

  37. What projects is your sponsor company engaged in?
  38. Applicants will have to give a brief description of the projects that their sponsor company will engage in with examples, if need be.

  39. Please show us your tax related documents.
  40. Applicants will have to provide all their tax related documents without any hesitation.

  41. Can I see some photographs of your sponsor company?
  42. Individuals will have to show photos of their company and as many as possible. It would be advantageous if they show photos of the company’s exterior as well as interior.

  43. How do you plan on supporting yourself until you receive your paycheck?
  44. Individuals will have to give a brief and honest answer such as - ‘I have saved a certain amount of money when I was with my previous company which I can convert to dollars.’ If the employer is providing accommodation or loans, then the interviewee must mention this detail.

  45. Please show me documents pertaining to your project.
  46. Applicants must provide all documents such as appointment letter and other details and all these must be printed on the company letterhead.

  47. Please show us the Income Tax return documents of your sponsor company.
  48. Individuals will have to show the necessary documents.

  49. Please show me your I-129 and I-797.
  50. These documents must be provided. The I-129 is the document provided by the employer for the purpose of H1B and I-797 is the H1B document of approval from USCIS.

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News About H1-B visa

  • Top U.S Senator Has Stated That H1B Visa Applicants Are Now Being Diverted To O Visa.

    Recently, a top senator in the United States of America stated that all potential H1B visa applicants are being diverted to apply for the O visa as the later type of visa does not have a numerical cap on it.

    H1B visa is for highly-skilled workers in the U.S. whereas, the O visa is for people who have demonstrated extraordinary abilities.

    In his recent letter to John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary, Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated that the number of applications for O visa has tripled in the last 10 years. The increasing applications may be an issue when it comes to the integrity of both the visas in the future.

    24 July 2017

  • Trump-Modi Meet Brings Disappointment for H1B Visa Aspirants, Companies

    Narendra Modi-Donald Trump meet Both patted each other on the back like ‘true friends’ and said goodbye in style, leaving the media guessing whether this was the beginning of a Modi-Obama like bonhomie or a one-night stand.

    It was Trump who made a direct demand on the concerns of his side, by asking for the removal of trade barriers to US firms. The US had a trade deficit of $20 billion with India for fiscal FY17. While Modi missed the opportunity to raise key issues such as H-1B visa restrictions, which have become a pain for the Indian IT-sector.

    The recent restrictions on work permits imposed by Trump administration has been a big concern for the NRIs in that country. Trump’s policy on foreign workers isn’t anything new. Modi had enough time to work on a prompt way to appropriately pitch this issue during the high-profile meet. But he missed the chance.

    The US issues 85,000 H-1B visas every year. Applications always outnumber the available permits by a big margin. The department issues visas through a lottery system and a good number is secured by Indian nationals. Trump had accused foreigners including Indians for stealing the jobs last year.

    For India too much is at stake. The IT sector constitutes at least 10% of India’s GDP and much of it is dependent on outsourcing activities for firms in the US and other developed countries. If the US clamps down on hiring foreigners imposing restrictions that are difficult to comply for Indians, Indian IT companies such as Infosys and TCS will have to make fundamental changes in their business models and will see a sharp rise in their employee costs as these firms will be under pressure to hire more Americans.

    The only tangible outcome of Modi-Trump meet is the promise of stronger ties in fighting terrorism including those emerging from Pakistan.

    29 June 2017

  • H-1B Visa Applications Open From April 3rd

    Indian IT professionals can file their H1-B visa requests for the fiscal year beginning 2018 from April 3rd, 2017. The fiscal year 2018 begins from October 1st, 2017 and all applications for H-1B visas preceding this date stand to be rejected. An announcement from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) listed the date of commencement for visa filing, but has yet to provide a deadline before which applications are to be filed.

    According to the USCIS, there are no changes in the visa applications to be filed, contrary to speculation regarding a possible executive order that would alter the process of visa filing.

    The H-1B program allows for 85,000 visas to be issued under the program, with 65,000 of these being general category visas and the remaining 20,000 for foreign students with Master’s or higher degrees from U.S. universities seeking to work in the United States. While regular processing of H1-B visas will begin once applications are received for the particular period, there will be no premium processing of these visas as per a recent ruling.

    22 March 2017

  • H1-B visas important for American tech giants: Sarna

    As reports of President Donald Trump's plans to curb the scheme of H-1B visas are doing the rounds, Navtej Sarna, India's envoy in the USA believes that these visas contribute in making American firms more competitive in the international arena. Not only that, Sarna believes that it also helps in generating more employment opportunities.He says that the H-1B visas have helped in increasing the number of innovations on the American soil. Indian as well as American tech giants depend on the H-1B visas to employ thousands of employees every year. With the help of this visa, American firms can hire workers from other countries to engage in specialty jobs that demand technical as well as theoretical expertise. Sarna says that H-1B is important as almost 9 out of the best 15 tech companies in the Indian subcontinent are American. Continuation of H-1B visas will be important for making the bond between India and the USA stronger which will, in return, yield better businesses for both the countries.It is to be noted that India is one of the best sources of skilled labour in the American IT industry, constituting a considerable part of the H-1B visas. So, if Trump tries to scrape it off, it will directly affect Indo-American ties.

    22 February 2017

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