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  • Gold Rate In Tuticorin

    Daily Gold Rates
    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    22 May 2017 ₹ 2,756 ₹ 22,048 ₹ 2,947 ₹ 23,576
    21 May 2017 ₹ 2,761 ₹ 22,088 ₹ 2,954 ₹ 23,632
    20 May 2017 ₹ 2,761 ₹ 22,088 ₹ 2,954 ₹ 23,632
    19 May 2017 ₹ 2,757 ₹ 22,056 ₹ 2,949 ₹ 23,592
    18 May 2017 ₹ 2,765 ₹ 22,120 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648
    17 May 2017 ₹ 2,721 ₹ 21,768 ₹ 2,910 ₹ 23,280
    16 May 2017 ₹ 2,706 ₹ 21,648 ₹ 2,894 ₹ 23,152
    15 May 2017 ₹ 2,702 ₹ 21,616 ₹ 2,890 ₹ 23,120
    13 May 2017 ₹ 2,703 ₹ 21,624 ₹ 2,891 ₹ 23,128
    12 May 2017 ₹ 2,702 ₹ 21,616 ₹ 2,890 ₹ 23,120

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    The price of gold is on the rise in 2016. A wide range of international and national factors such as oil prices, currency fluctuations, US jobs data, interest rates, stock markets, current account deficit, economic outlook, import duties, inflation and so forth influence the price of the precious metal. Gold rates are also dependent on the supply and demand dynamics of the metal. Contraction in production may result in spike in the price of Gold. Gold rates vary across different cities in India due to the transportation costs, making and procurement costs among others.

    Tuticorin or Thoothukudi is a seaport city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tuticorin, one of the fastest growing ports in the country, is often touted as the ‘Emerging Energy and Industrial hub of South India.’ Tuticorin has a thriving fishing industry besides a thermal power plant.

    Most residents in Tuticorin view the precious metal as a form of safe investment which can come to their rescue during any financial crisis.

    Gold rates in Tuticorin

    Gold rates are set for recovery in 2016 as evident in the increase in the gold rates across cities in India including Tuticorin. 1 gm of 24 karat gold which was pegged at Rs.2578 on December 27th, 2015, rose by 0.1% to Rs.2583 on January 8th, 2016. Gold rates rose further throughout January in that 1 gm of 24 karat gold which pegged at Rs.2663 on January 17th rose by 1.4% to Rs.2701 on January 19th. The trend continued with the price of 1 gm of gold (24 karat) pegged at Rs.2717 towards the end of January. The month of February witnessed a similar trend as the price of gold rose by 5.4% to Rs.2865. The month of March witnessed a similar trend as 1 gm of 24 karat gold touched Rs.3035. Gold rates in Tuticorin fell from July-August 2015 onwards in that 1 gm of 24 karat gold which was pegged at Rs.2723 on August 20th, 2015 plummeted to Rs.2623 and Rs.2600 in the following months of September and November respectively.

    Gold Rate Trend in Tuticorin for October 2016 to December 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor October November December
    1st day Rs.3,152 per gram Rs.3,075 per gram Rs.2,890 per gram
    Last day Rs.3,065 per gram Rs.2,938 per gram Rs.2,821 per gram
    Highest price Rs.3,152 per gram on 1st October and 2nd October Rs.3,166 per gram on 5th and 6th November Rs.2,892 per gram on 2nd December
    Lowest price Rs.3,021 per gram on 15th and 16th of October Rs.2,932 per gram on 9th November Rs.2,767 per gram on 22nd December
    Trend Decline Decline Decline
    Change -2.76% -4.45% -2.38%

    Gold Rate Trend for Tuticorin in October 2016

    • When October began in Tuticorin, gold was trading at Rs.3,152 per gram.
    • Prices remained the same on 2nd as demand seemed to stabilise but went down over the next few days.
    • By 6th, gold priced had gone down to Rs.3,040 per gram but declined steadily over the next few days.
    • Gold rates hit the lowest for the month at Rs.3,021 per gram on 15th and 16th as demand seemed to tumble.
    • The month ended with the yellow metal trading at Rs.3,065 per gram, charting a change of 2.76%.

    Gold Rate Trend for Tuticorin in November 2016

    • As the US election results were announced, markets around the world crashed bringing gold prices up significantly.
    • The month began with gold trading at Rs.3,075 per gram which went up to reach Rs.3,066 by the 9th.
    • But When PM Narendra Modi announced demonetisation, gold rates started going down due to a lack of cash in the system.
    • For the next few days, till the end of the month, gold prices declines steadily to end the month at Rs.2,938 per gram.
    • Overall, November saw gold prices change by -4.45%.

    Gold Rate Trend for Tuticorin in December 2016

    • December began with gold trading at Rs.2,890 per gram and seemed to go down over the course of the month.
    • On 2nd, gold rates hit the highest for the month at Rs.2,892 per gram before going on a downward trajectory.
    • The 22nd saw gold prices hit their lowest rate at Rs.2,767 per gram and seemed to improve, albeit only slightly.
    • Thanks to the imminent arrival of New Years, gold prices seemed to stabilised towards the end of December.
    • The month ended with gold trading at Rs.2,821 per gram, thereby bringing about a change of -2.38% for the month.

    Gold Rate Trend in Tuticorin for July 2016 to September 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor July August September
    1st day Rs.3,130 per gram Rs.3,201 per gram Rs.3,184 per gram
    Last day Rs.3,214 per gram Rs.3,142 per gram Rs.3,176 per gram
    Highest price Rs.3,214 per gram on 30th and 31st July Rs.3,210 per gram on 5th August Rs.3,197 per gram on 8th September
    Lowest price Rs.3,119 per gram on the 19th and 25th of July Rs.3,142 per gram on the 31st August Rs.3,120 per gram on 1st September
    Trend Incline Decline Decline
    Change +2.68% -1.84% -0.25%

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in July 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,130 per gram on the 1st of July and increased consistently until the 4th after which they began fluctuating.
    • Fluctuations continued over the course of the month and the lowest recorded rate in August was Rs.3,119 per gram on the 19th.
    • The precious metal closed the month of July trading at Rs.3,214 per gram.
    • The overall increase in prices between the first and last day of August was 2.68%.

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in August 2016

    • The rate of gold per gram on the 1stt of August was recorded at Rs.3,201.
    • Prices fluctuated over the course of the month, with stability being achieved only on few days.
    • The highest recorded rate of gold in the month of August was on the 5th when they touched Rs.3,210 per gram.
    • The lowest recorded rate during the month was on the last day of trading, when they fell to Rs.3,142 per gram.

    Gold rate trend of Tuticorin in September 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,120 per gram on 1st September.
    • Prices continued to increase consistently until the 8th of the month when they hit Rs.3,195 per gram – the highest recorded rate in August.
    • Prices then fluctuated for a few days after which they began declining gradually until the 18th
    • A minor decline on the 15th then saw prices settle at Rs.3,135 until the 18th.
    • Consistent increases were recorded between the 20th and 25th of September after which prices decreased gradually until the 28th.
    • Gold closed the month trading at Rs.3,176 per gram.

    Gold Rate Trend in Tuticorin for April 2016 to June 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor April MayJune
    1st day Rs. 2,890 per gram Rs. 3,069 per gramRs.2,934
    Last day Rs. 3,069 per gram Rs. 2,914 per gram on May 31stRs.3,105
    Highest price Rs.3,069 per gram on April 30th Rs. 3,076 per gram on May 2ndRs.3,180 per gram on 27th June
    Lowest price Rs. 2,869 per gram on April 4th Rs. 2,899 per gram on May 30thRs.2,916 per gram on 3rd June
    Trend Increase DecreaseRise
    Change +6.19% -5.05%+5.83%

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in April 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs. 2,890 per gram on April 1st.
    • Demand in the domestic market picked up as the strike was called off.
    • Gold prices steadily increased by 6.19% by the end of the month.
    • The highest price recorded was on the last day of the month at Rs. 3,069.

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in May 2016

    • Gold traded on an inclined path at the beginning of the month, but the rest of the month was gloomy.
    • Expectations of a hike in the interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve dampened the appeal of goal.
    • With low demand from investors, gold prices started dropping ending the month with a 5.05% decline.
    • On March 1st, gold traded at Rs. 3,069 per gram and by the end of the month, rates dipped its lowest for March, trading at Rs. 2,899 per gram.

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in June 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs.2,934 per gram on 1st June.
    • Gold prices hit all-time lows amidst the negative air in the global market due to the Brexit polls.
    • Owing to the fresh offtake in the domestic market, prices picked up indicating a 5.83% for the month of June.
    • The highest price for the month of June was recorded at Rs.3,180 per gram on 27th June.

    Gold Rate Trend in Tuticorin for January 2016 to March 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor January February March
    1st day Rs. 2,538 per gram Rs. 2,720 per gram Rs. 2,976 per gram
    Last day Rs. 2,710 per gram Rs. 2,984 per gram Rs. 2,891 per gram
    Highest price Rs. 2,719 per gram on January 28th Rs. 2,984 per gram on February 25th and 29th Rs. 2,991 per gram on March 8th to 10th
    Lowest price Rs. 2,538 per gram on January 1st and 3rd Rs. 2,720 per gram on February 1st Rs. 2,874 per gram on March 28th
    Trend Increase Increase Decrease
    Change +6.77% +9.70% -2.85%

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in January 2016

    • On January 1st, gold traded at Rs. 2,538 and ascended as the month went on.
    • There was a steady inflow of demand from the global and domestic market.
    • The trend for January denoted a good rise of 6.77% in Tuticorin.
    • Gold rates hit its peak for the month on 28th trading at Rs. 2,719 per gram.

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in February 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs. 2,720 per gram at the start of February.
    • Gold experienced a few rises and falls but there prices were relatively stable.
    • Climbing rates, with the highest on 25th and 29th, marked a 9.7% increase.

    Gold Rate Trend of Tuticorin in March 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs. 2,976 per gram on March 1st.
    • Demand in the domestic market stalled as the jewellers called for a nationwide strike.
    • International demand helped the rates remain stable with a few falls.
    • Gold traded at Rs. 2,891 per gram on 31st March indicating a 2.85% decline. 

    Gold as an investment

    Gold is widely sold in the form of bars and coins in Tuticorin. Gold is viewed as a safe hedge against inflation and a conventional form of investment. There is a spurt in the demand for the precious yellow metal during festivals and weddings. Gold is considered auspicious and handed down from generation to generation in Tuticorin.

    Physical Gold: Residents in Tuticorin sell various forms of traditional jewelery which are in demand. Customers can buy gold with hallmark certifications across major jewelry stores in Tuticorin. Bullion bars are also sought-after in Tuticorin as a popular form of investment. Coins are gifted during auspicious occasions.

    Gold contracts: Consumers in Tuticorin invest in gold contracts at Multi Commodity Exchange and National Spot Exchange. The NSE and MCX sell gold contracts with electronic settlement mechanisms. Many prefer investing in commodity futures as they have low brokerage costs compared to stocks. The Forward Markets Commission regulates the said exchanges.

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