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The gold rate in Kolkata is influenced by factors such as local demand, rupee-dollar trends etc. Gold is usually purchased as an investment or as jewellery. Find daily gold rates, monthly gold trends and a detailed analysis below.
  • Today's Gold Rate in Kolkata ( 25 Jun 2019 )
    ₹ 3,361
    Today's Gold Rate (22K) per gram
    Compare Gold Rate In Kolkata (Today & Yesterday)
    (25 Jun 2019)
    (24 Jun 2019)
    Rate Change
    Standard Gold (22 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 3,361 ₹ 3,355 ₹ 6 ↑
    Standard Gold (22 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 26,888 ₹ 26,840 ₹ 48 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) ( 1 gram ) ₹ 3,529 ₹ 3,523 ₹ 6 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) ( 8 grams ) ₹ 28,232 ₹ 28,184 ₹ 48 ↑
    Gold Price In Kolkata For Last 10 Days
    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    25 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,361 ₹ 26,888 ₹ 3,529 ₹ 28,232
    24 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,355 ₹ 26,840 ₹ 3,523 ₹ 28,184
    23 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,355 ₹ 26,840 ₹ 3,523 ₹ 28,184
    22 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,349 ₹ 26,792 ₹ 3,516 ₹ 28,128
    21 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,320 ₹ 26,560 ₹ 3,486 ₹ 27,888
    20 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,242 ₹ 25,936 ₹ 3,404 ₹ 27,232
    19 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,253 ₹ 26,024 ₹ 3,416 ₹ 27,328
    18 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,236 ₹ 25,888 ₹ 3,398 ₹ 27,184
    17 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,249 ₹ 25,992 ₹ 3,411 ₹ 27,288
    16 Jun 2019 ₹ 3,249 ₹ 25,992 ₹ 3,411 ₹ 27,288

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    Gold Price in Kolkata

    Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan city in India and is home to over 14 million people. The city is a hub for industries and accounts for a large chunk of all investments made in the country. Gold in India is generally not viewed as an investment opportunity and people typically keep their gold safe at home or convert it into jewelry. This mindset is however changing, and Kolkata which has one of the highest gross domestic product among Indian cities is leading the path. Fluctuating gold rates have not deterred Kolkata residents from buying gold, ensuring that Kolkata accounts for a large percentage of gold transactions in India.

    Gold rate in Kolkata depends largely on market fluctuations and availability. Gold buyers can opt for either 22 karat or 24 karat gold, depending on their needs. 22 karat gold is about 92% pure and commands a lower rate than 24 karat gold, which is 99.99% pure.

    Investing in gold is considered a profitable option for a large number of middle-class families in Kolkata and hence it is no wonder that the city ranks very high in the list of consumers in the country. A lot of topics relating to the precious metal, however, is often unanswered. So, in this page, we aim to cover every possible topic that relates to gold and gold rate in Kolkata.

    Kolkata is home to all major jewelers from across the country and houses some of the best gold stores. One can find gold shops in every major part of the city, with the most popular ones being Reliance Jewels, Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri, DK Basak Jewellers, Anjali Jewellers and Senco Gold. Residents can also opt for the smaller gold shops spread across the city to meet their individual needs.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for June 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    June 1 Rate Rs.3,314 per gram
    June 16 Rate Rs.3,411 per gram
    Highest Rate in June Rs.3,411 per gram on 16 June
    Lowest Rate in June Rs.3,365 per gram on 12 June
    Overall Performance Incline

    June 2019- Week 1 (1-9):

    • Steady local demand and positive market cues raised bullion’s profile globally as gold prices in Kolkata also climbed after opening at Rs.3,314 per gram.
    • Prices rose to Rs.3,330 per gram on 2 June on strong retail demand as a weak U.S. dollar made bullion cheaper, with industrial demand also seeing a rise.
    • Global financial uncertainty due to U.S.-Iran tensions increased investor bullion offtake, with the metal rising to Rs.3,372 per gram on 7 June before closing the week still higher at Rs.3,395 per gram on 9 June.

    June 2019- Week 2 (10 - 16):

    • The gold rate in Kolkata stood Rs.3,395 per gram on the 10th. This was the same price that it traded at the end of week 1.
    • A weakened dollar value recorded at the middle of week 2 caused the price of gold to surge t0 Rs.3,379 per gram on 13th.
    • The week ended with gold being traded Rs.3,411 per gram despite the US dollar faring well in comparison to other currencies.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for May 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    May 1 Rate Rs.3,293 per gram
    May 31 Rate Rs.3,314 per gram
    Highest Rate in May Rs.3,337 per gram on 17 May
    Lowest Rate in May Rs.3,241 per gram on 4 May
    Overall Performance Incline

    May 2019- Week 1 (1-5):

    • A drop in investor interest as well as fluctuating demand from local and Asian markets resulted in gold prices in Kolkata falling after opening at Rs.3,293 per gram on 1 May.
    • Despite looming geopolitical crises in the U.S., the U.S. dollar remained steady as bullion fell to Rs.3,250 per gram on 3 May amidst a slowdown in industrial offtake.
    • Gold plunged to Rs.3,241 per gram on 4 May as fears of an economic slowdown eased, but prices recovered as the week ended to trade at Rs.3,257 per gram on 5 May.

    May 2019- Week 2 (6-12):

    • An incline in investor interest led to a steady rise in global gold prices, with gold rates in Kolkata rising after a stagnant opening of Rs.3,257 per gram on 6 May.
    • Demand was fuelled by fluctuating equity markets which came on the heels of renewed tensions between Iran and the U.S. as well as the possibility of higher trade tariffs against China.
    • Gold rose to Rs.3,283 per gram on 10 May as local jewellers also increased their orders due to a depreciating dollar rate, with prices climbing to Rs.3,300 per gram when the week came to a close on 12 May.

    May 2019- Week 3 (13-19):

    • A rise in investor interest led to a steady rise in global gold prices, with gold rates in Kolkata rising after a stagnant opening of Rs.3,258 per gram on 13 May.
    • Demand was fuelled by fluctuating equity markets which came on the heels of renewed tensions between Iran and the U.S. as well as the possibility of higher trade tariffs against China.
    • Gold rose to Rs.3,285 per gram on 15 May as local jewellers also increased their orders due to a depreciating dollar rate, with prices climbing to Rs.3,304 per gram when the week came to a close on 19 May.

    May 2019- Week 4 (20-26): 

    • Sharp fluctuations in overseas demand resulted in gold rates in Kolkata varying significantly after opening at Rs.3,299 per gram on 20 May. 
    • Prices plunged to Rs.3,262 per gram on 21 May as declining retail sales due to a strong U.S. dollar dented demand, though a spurt in industrial offtake helped boost prices to Rs.3,268 per gram on 23 May. 
    • A sharp drop saw the yellow metal trade at Rs.3,258 per gram on 24 May as investor interest remained muted, but fears of the long-term impact of a trade war with China saw rates rise to Rs.3,277 per gram on 26 May. 

    May 2019- Week 5 (27-31):

    • Gold prices in Kolkata saw a steady rise as strong local offtake coupled with fluctuating equity markets increased interest in the precious metal, though prices opened static at Rs.3,277 per gram.
    • Local industrial demand rose despite the U.S. dollar rate being steady, which capped gains as the precious metal traded marginally higher at Rs.3,282 per gram on 29 May.
    • As fears of another global recession impacted equity and currency markets, investors sought safety in bullion resulting in the precious metal trading at Rs.3,314 per gram on 31 May.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for April 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    April 1 Rate Rs.3,294 per gram
    April 28 Rate Rs.3,305 per gram
    Highest Rate in April Rs.3,306 per gram from 10-12 April
    Lowest Rate in April Rs.3,246 per gram on 19 April
    Overall Performance Incline

    April 2019 - Week 1 (1-7):

    • Conflicting overseas cues and a drop in local offtake resulted in gold rates in Kolkata falling steeply during the week despite opening at Rs.3,294 per gram.
    • Encouraging economic data from China boosted equity markets and the dollar as interest in bullion fell, with gold rates dropping to Rs.3,269 per gram on 3 April and continuing to slide to Rs.3,254 per gram on 4 April.
    • Weak U.S. economic data and a subsequent weakening of the dollar rate bolstered bullion offtake with the yellow metal recovering as the week progressed, trading at Rs.3,279 per gram on 7 April.

    April 2019 - Week 2 (8-14):

    • After opening unchanged at Rs.3,279 per gram on 8 April, gold prices in Kolkata jumped to Rs.3,306 per gram on 10 April as a weak U.S. dollar rate and steady demand from investors bolstered prices.
    • Gold rates remained steady for a few days as stable local demand kept prices unchanged despite fluctuations in overseas offtake.
    • Prices dropped as a rise in the dollar rate capped bullion gains as the yellow metal’s value fell to Rs.3,281 per gram on 14 April.

    April 2019 - Week 3 (15-21):

    • Gold prices in Kolkata dropped sharply after opening at Rs.3,281 per gram on 15 April on weak local offtake as the metal’s safe-haven appeal fell steadily.
    • A resurgent U.S. dollar and steady interest in equities saw the precious metal drop to Rs.3,262 per gram on 18 April as jewellers also reduced orders due to the high import cost.
    • After briefly falling to Rs.3,246 per gram on 19 April, the precious metal’s value rose marginally to Rs.3,256 per gram on 21 April on renewed global slowdown concerns.

    April 2019- Week 4 (22-28):

    • There was a steady rise in gold prices in Kolkata after the metal opened at Rs.3,256 per gram on 22 April as stable local demand kept prices from fluctuating too wildly.
    • Gold rose to Rs.3,273 per gram on 23 April but a rising U.S. dollar rate saw demand fall as prices slipped back to Rs.3,262 per gram on 25 April.
    • A steady rise in overseas demand due to weak U.S. economic data once again boosted the precious metal’s value as the week ended with gold rates rising to Rs.3,305 per gram on 28 April.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for March 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    March 1 Rate Rs.3,435 per gram
    March 31 Rate Rs.3,294 per gram
    Highest Rate in March Rs.3,435 per gram on 1 March
    Lowest Rate in March Rs.3,264 per gram on 30 March
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -4.10%

    March 2019 - Week 1 (1-10):

    • Gold price in Kolkata fell sharply as waning retail demand and a drop in overseas interest impacted rates, though the metal opened strongly at Rs.3,435 per gram.
    • Gold rate in Kolkata soon slipped to Rs.3,354 per gram on 6 March as the rising dollar reduced local retail offtake due to the higher cost, with industrial demand also muted.
    • The precious metal fell to Rs.3,327 per gram on 9 March as positive U.S. economic data bolstered the dollar and equities, denting demand for gold further.
    • There was a marginal rise in price as the dollar stagnated after European currencies strengthened towards the end of the week, with gold trading at Rs.3,342 per gram on 10 March.

    March 2019 - Week 2 (11-17):

    • Gold rate in Kolkata were on the decline for the second straight week as a resurgent U.S. dollar resulted in a steep drop in local offtake after the precious metal opened at Rs.3,342 per gram on 11 March.
    • Gold price in Kolkata dropped to Rs.3,318 per gram on 13 March as rising investor confidence in equities impacted prices, though prices jumped to Rs.3,334 per gram on 15 March as fears over the Brexit vote saw increased demand for safe-haven bullion.
    • A delay in Brexit led to a strengthening in equities and the dollar, as gold price dropped to Rs.3,314 per gram on 16 March before closing the week lower at Rs.3,308 per gram on 17 March.

    March 2019 - Week 3 (18-24):

    • After opening at Rs.3,308 per gram on 18 March, gold prices in Kolkata dropped briefly to Rs.3,282 per gram on 19 March as a rising U.S. dollar capped gains from local offtake.
    • The continuing turmoil over Brexit and its impact on global markets resulted in investors switching to safe-haven assets like bullion, which boosted gold prices to Rs.3,308 per gram on 21 March.
    • Prices remained constant for a few days as steady local jeweller demand kept prices stable despite volatile overseas cues before a possible U.S. recession saw gold rates surge to Rs.3,333 per gram on 24 March.

    March 2019- Week 4 (25-31):

    • Weak overseas demand and declining interest from local jewellers due to the rising U.S. dollar rate dented gold prices in Kolkata despite the metal opening the week at Rs.3,333 per gram on 25 March.
    • Gold dropped to Rs.3,319 per gram on 28 March as investors increased their interest in equities and reduced bullion offtake, which pulled rates down to Rs.3,264 per gram on 30 March.
    • Weak U.S. economic data temporarily dented the dollar and boosted gold’s appeal as the metal closed the month at Rs.3,294 per gram on 31 March, though overall prices fell by a steep 4.10% during the month.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for February 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    February 1 Rate Rs.3,451 per gram
    February 28 Rate Rs.3,460 per gram
    Highest Rate in February Rs.3,497 per gram on 21 February
    Lowest Rate in February Rs.3,399 per gram on 15 February
    Overall Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 0.26%

    February 2019 - Week 1 (1-10):

    • Sluggish retail demand coupled with poor overseas cues resulted in gold price in Kolkata falling over the course of the week.
    • Gold rate in Kolkata was at Rs.3,451 per gram on 1 February before prices dipped on a decline in demand from retail sales.
    • The positive U.S. payroll results boosted equity markets and the dollar, as gold fell to Rs.3,422 per gram on 8 February.

    February 2019 - Week 2 (11-17):

    • Despite strong local demand, gold price in Kolkata fluctuated significantly on conflicting cues after opening at Rs.3,430 per gram on 11 February.
    • Gold price dipped to Rs.3,404 per gram on 13 February as overseas industrial orders were sluggish, with reduced offtake by investors also impacting the metal’s value.
    • A rising dollar reduced gains from positive local cues as gold prices dropped to Rs.3,399 per gram on 15 February but a late rally saw gold trade at Rs.3,446 per gram on 17 February.

    February 2019 - Week 3 (18-24):

    • Gold price in Kolkata saw significant fluctuation as local demand failed to keep prices steady in light of conflicting cues from overseas and a recovering dollar.
    • The precious metal traded at Rs.3,446 per gram on 18 February and rose to Rs.3,464 per gram on 20 February as jeweller offtake remained high.
    • A weak dollar and volatile markets increased gold’s safe-haven appeal as the metal surged to Rs.3,397 per gram on 21 February but prices dropped to Rs.3,451 per gram on 23 February following the Fed Reserve’s hawkish economic outlook.
    • Prices recovered marginally as the week ended to close at Rs.3,459 per gram on 24 February.

    February 2019 - Week 4 (25-28):

    • There was minimal fluctuations recorded in gold price in Kolkata as local jeweller demand kept prices steady after opening unchanged at Rs.3,459 per gram on 25 February.
    • A minor drop in the dollar rate saw a slight increase in retail demand as gold rate in Kolkata rose to Rs.3,460 per gram on 26 February, though industrial demand from Asia remained weak pending the outcome of trade talks between the U.S. and China.
    • In spite of a general decline in bullion interest following the Fed Reserve’s comments on monetary policy, gold rates did not change and closed the month at Rs.3,460 per gram on 28 February.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for January 2019 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters  Gold price (24 karat) 
    Rate on 1st January2019 Rs.3,282per gram 
    Rate on 31st January2019  Rs.3,428per gram 
    Highest Rate in January 2019  Rs.3,428per gram on 31 January 
    Lowest Rate in January 2019  Rs.3,282per gramon 1 January 
    Overall Performance  Incline 
    Percentage Change 4.44%
    Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Kolkata January 2019
    Graph for Gold Rate (24K) in Kolkata January 2019

    January 2019 - Week 1 (1 - 6):

    • Growing local demand and positive overseas cues boosted gold price in Kolkata, with the precious metal opening the year priced at Rs.3,282 per gram.
    • Market turbulence as a result of the U.S. government shutdown and a weak dollar led to increased reliance on gold, as the metal rose to Rs.3,327 per gram on 4 January.
    • A recovering dollar led to a slight dip in overseas demand that impacted local rates as well, resulting in the precious metal trading at Rs.3,319 per gram when the week ended on 6 January.

    January 2019 - Week 2 (7 - 13):

    • In line with trends across other cities, gold rate in Kolkata rose significantly during the second week with the metal trading at Rs.3,290 per gram on 7 January.
    • With global demand for gold rising due to market uncertainty over Brexit and the prolonged government shutdown in the U.S., local gold prices also received a boost as they rose to Rs.3,315 per gram on 10 January.
    • A weak dollar bolstered local demand as gold traded at Rs.3,334 per gram on 11 January, with the price remaining constant when the week ended on 13 January.

    January 2019 - Week 3 (14 - 20): 

    • Gold price in Kolkata rose steadily during the week on stable industrial demand and burgeoning retail sales due to the wedding season.
    • The yellow metal traded at Rs.3,334 per gram on 14 January and apart from a brief drop to Rs.3,316 per gram on 15 January due to demand vagaries, rose consistently due to a weak dollar.
    • Gold rate in Kolkata surged to Rs.3,359 per gram on 18 January and remained constant till the week ended on 20 January as investor demand and rising Asian industrial orders kept prices steady.

    January 2019 - Week 4 (21-27):

    • Gold opened at a stable Rs.3,359 per gram on 21 January but a steady decline in Asian industrial offtake saw rates fall to Rs.3,341 per gram on 23 January.
    • Despite fluctuating markets investors avoided increasing stakes in bullion ahead of the U.S. Fed Reserve meeting.
    • Prices briefly rose to Rs.3,359 per gram on 24 January on steady retail sales but a weak rupee capped gains as jewellers reduced orders due to the high import cost.
    • Despite a rise in overseas sales and positive market cues, gold price in Kolkata fell to Rs.3,344 per gram when trading ended on 27 January on static local demand.

    January 2019 - Week 5 (28-31): 

    • Steady industrial demand and rising interest from retail buyers propped up gold price in Kolkata following a static start where the metal traded at Rs.3,344 per gram on 28 January.
    • Gold rate in Kolkata jumped to Rs.3,888 per gram on 29 January on a surge in jeweller demand due to increased retail offtake as overseas demand also rose steadily.
    • Expectations of a reduction in interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve boosted investor interest in gold as the metal was priced at Rs.3,428 per gram on 31 January to record a 4.44% increase in value over the course of the month.

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    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for December 2018 (rates per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    December 1 Rate Rs.3,166 per gram
    December 31 Rate Rs.3,284 per gram
    Highest Rate in December Rs.3,284 per gram on 30 and 31 December
    Lowest Rate in December Rs.3,166 per gram on 1 December
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 3.72%
    Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Kolkata December 2018
    Graph for Gold Rate (24K) in Kolkata December 2018

    December 2018 - Week 1 (1 - 9):

    Parameters Gold price (per gram of 24 karat gold)
    December 1 Rate Rs.3,166 per gram
    December 9 Rate Rs.3,226 per gram
    Overall Weekly Performance Decline
    • Gold in Kolkata opened the month at Rs.3,166 per gram and rose steadily as overseas cues and growing retail demand boosted prices.
    • Growing uncertainty over economic growth and a bleak outlook regarding the Brexit deal led to higher demand for safe-haven bullion, as gold rose to Rs.3,212 per gram on 6 December.
    • The wedding season boosted local demand, as the metal closed the week trading at Rs.3,226 per gram on 9 December to record a rise of Rs.60 during the week.

    December 2018 - Week 2 (10 - 16):

    Parameters Gold price (per gram of 24 karat gold)
    December 10 Rate Rs.3,226 per gram
    December 16 Rate Rs.3,279 per gram
    Overall Weekly Performance Incline
    • In a reversal of fortunes, gold price in Kolkata rose this week as steady local demand and a spike in industrial orders kept the metal’s rate high.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,226 per gram on 10 December and rose to Rs.3,279 per gram on 11 December on positive overseas trends.
    • Equity markets recovered from fears of a no-deal Brexit and the dollar strengthened, but strong local demand kept gold steady at Rs.3,279 per gram o 16 December.

    December 2018 - Week 4 (24 - 31):

    Parameters Gold price (per gram of 24 karat gold)
    December 24 Rate Rs.3,241 per gram
    December 31 Rate Rs.3,284 per gram
    Overall Weekly Performance Incline
    • When trading began for the final week, gold rate in Kolkata was recorded holding at Rs.3,241 per gram on the 24th with strong domestic demand from jewellers and retailers amid the firm trends overseas.
    • Strong global cues coupled with an increased safe-haven demand for the metal led to gold trading at Rs.3,274 per gram on the 27th.
    • Trading concluded for the month with gold price in Kolkata at Rs.3,284 per gram on the 31st with strong investor demand compounded with favourable market trends overseas. Kolkata registered an increase of 3.72% in gold rates during the month.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for 2018 (24K Gold per gram)

    Months First Day Last Day Highest Rate Lowest Rate Overall Monthly Performance Percentage Change
    January 2018 Rs.3,090 per gram Rs.3,127 Rs.3,168 on 26 January Rs.3,088 on 4 January Incline 1.19%
    February 2018 Rs.3,146 Rs.3,163 Rs.3,191 on 18 and 19 February Rs.3,105 from 11 to 13 February Incline 0.54
    March 2018 Rs.3,147 Rs.3,148 Rs.3,148 on 8, 9 and from 24 to 31 March Rs.3,123 from 17 to 23 March Incline 0.03%
    April 2018 Rs.3,159 Rs.3,231 Rs.3,243 from 20 to 23 April Rs.3,159 from 1 and 2 April Incline 2.27%
    May 2018 Rs.3,231 Rs.3,217 Rs.3,248 on 15 and 16 May Rs.3,197 on 18 May Decline -0.43%
    June 2018 Rs.3,194 Rs.3,146 Rs.3,210 on 15 and 16 June Rs.3,146 on 30 June Decline -1.50%
    July 2018 Rs.3,146 Rs.3,082 Rs.3,165 on 7 July Rs.3,082 on 30 and 31 July Decline -2.03%
    August 2018 Rs.3,079 Rs.3,116 Rs.3,116 on 31 August Rs.3,030 on 17 August Incline 1.20%
    September 2018 Rs.3,129 Rs.3,167 Rs.3,187 on 19 September Rs.2,114 on 3 September Incline 1.21%
    October 2018 Rs.3,167 Rs.3,292 Rs.3,303 on 25 October Rs.3,167 on 1 October Incline 3.94%
    November 2018 Rs.3,184 Rs.3,045 Rs.3,196 on 6 November Rs.3,045 on 30 November Decline -4.36%
    December 2018 Rs.3,166 Rs.3,284 Rs.3,284 on 30 and 31 December Rs.3,166 on 1 December Incline 3.72%

    Gold as an Investment in Kolkata

    Investments in gold have evolved over the centuries and gold now offers more investment avenues than ever before. Gold investments act to balance rising inflation, with changing gold rates negating any inflation which could creep in. Some of the popular gold investment options in Kolkata are mentioned below.

    • Jewelry – Jewelry has been the preferred choice of Indians when it comes to buying gold. Traditionally jewelry was not seen as an investment but people are warming up to it now. Gold jewels can be exchanged or sold, making it a decent investment option in case of emergencies.

    • Gold Accumulation Plans – These plans provide an investor with the opportunity to deposit a specific amount on a monthly basis. After completion of an agreed upon time period the investor can choose to cash in the deposits in exchange for gold coins or jewelry.

    • Gold Bullion Bars – Gold bars are seen as a safe investment and every country invests in keeping certain gold bars as reserves. Kolkata has a large number of high net worth individuals and gold bars can be a sound investment opportunity for them. These bars are 99.5% pure and can weigh up to 1 kg each, making them excellent high value investments.

    • Gold Bullion Coins – These coins are an ideal investment option for those with low reserves. Coins can be purchased according to weight, weighing anywhere between 1g to 10 g. With no wastage and making charges, coins offer better value for money than jewelry and can also be converted into liquid assets if need be.

    • Allocated Gold Accounts – A lot of people worry about the safety of their gold investments and this plan is perfect for those who wish to own gold but do not want to keep it with them. Gold accounts ensure that the gold is safe and secure in banks, with the owner having freedom to access it at any point.

    How are Gold Rate fixed in Kolkata?

    Gold rates are often set on the same principle in all the states and cities in the country. But, as variables often differ in different states and so does the demand, we see prices that are dissimilar in most places. Coming to the part about how gold rates are fixed, we can say that it hinges on a number of factors. These include:

    • Rate of gold in the international market: The reason why gold rates in the international exchange matters is because much of the bullion in the country is imported. Gold rates in the global market depends on how well the US dollar is performing. This is because the metal is mostly trade in US currency.
    • Import duty: Every state has a different import duty which is added on top of the duty that should be paid for importing the metal into the country. Gold prices in the market may vary depending on the duty paid at a particular point in time.
    • Bank margins: Usually, banks are one of the few institutions that are designated to import gold into the country. When banks get the metal into the country, they decide on a profit margin before selling the same to the retailers. The percentage cut banks decide to take will also have a bearing on how gold rates are set.
    • The MCX: The Multi Commodity Exchange, known commonly as the MCX, is a market where commodities are exchanged. Prices on this index will impact how gold is priced in a city, in this case, Kolkata.
    • Associations: Bullion association is an association of traders and retailers who come together to discuss any and all of their gold related concerns. To set a rate, these traders often consider some of the biggest retailers and their latest pricing while also taking into account the profitability of the rate they set.

    Like every other city in India, fixing gold rates in Kolkata involves a set procedure. While the process is the same, the various costs involved is what brings the rate difference. In this section, we tell you how gold rate in Kolkata is fixed.

    • Import duty
    • GST on gold
    • Marginal cost of banks importing the gold
    • Local bullion association along with some of the leading dealers in the city
    • Cost of gold on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
    • The Rupee-US dollar dynamic

    When fixing gold prices, all the aforementioned factors come into play. The import duty though remains the same for all imports, same is the case with the GST too. After this, the local association decide on what price better reflects the market dynamic (demand, inflow, outflow etc). Once all this are taken care of, the performance of the US dollar and the Indian rupee provides direction to prices.

    Factors behind the rise of Gold Price in Kolkata

    Up until 2003, gold prices around India remained around the Rs.3,500 bracket, but things changed soon after the Lehman Brothers crash happened in 2008. When the markets crashed, people felt that investing in gold, whose prices were rising significantly would help offset their losses. Now, ever since 2008, gold prices have risen by more than 750% within a decade.

    Future of Gold Price in Kolkata

    While we have mentioned how gold prices have gone up over the last couple years, there is a chance that bullion trading has seen its best days already. These days there’s very few reasons why gold rates should spike, unless the world again goes through a bad debt situation like it did in 2008. Som expect gold prices to remain more or less flat for much of 2017.

    Gold loans in Kolkata

    Availing loans against gold has become rather common of late with several NBFCs like Muthoot Finance and Manappuram Gold Loans have been established with this as their core business principle. There are also several other NBFCs and banks which offer loans against assets like gold. To provide a loan, they usually value the gold at the current day’s rate and will keep it as a collateral tilt he borrowed amount is completely repaid with interest.

    Selling Gold in Kolkata

    Selling gold in Kolkata is relatively simple as nearly every jewellery store offers you this service. All you’d have to do is walk into a jeweller near you, who will value your gold and pay the total amount based on how much it weighs. However, what we suggest is that you go to reputed jewellers and retailers so that you don’t get hoodwinked by scamsters.

    These are some of the most important things you should know about investing in gold in Kolkata. If you are really looking to invest in the metal, be advised that rates haven’t seen the best of days in the past few months and isn’t likely to go up any time soon.

    What impact has GST had on gold rate in Kolkata?

    As per the Income Tax regulations, gold as a commodity is taxable under the law and with the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 1st July, 2017, the price dynamic has underwent a major rejig. As per the old law, gold was taxed at 12.2% , of which 10% was the import duty, 1% was the excise duty, while the remaining 1.2% was the VAT complement of the tax. At present, the the excise and VAT duty have been scrapped and has been replaced with a GST of 3% and the 10% import duty still remains.

    On the retail front, there are a few different components to look at. For instance, there’s the 5% making charge on top of the 10% import duty, and 3% GST.

    Ways to invest in gold in Kolkata

    Being a major metropolitan city, Kolkata certainly offers a lot of scope for gold investment. For people looking to invest in the yellow, there are plenty of avenues to choose from. These range from obvious consumer-centric instruments like jewellery and gold coins, while there are also other investment-driven options one can explore like gold bullions and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

    Things to know before investing in gold in kolkata

    In this section we will talk about the various things you should know about before investing in gold. Here are a list of things every gold investor must know before making their purchase:

    • The purity level: Gold is available in multiple levels, which are based on how pure they are. These are four of the mostly known ones, i.e,, 14 karat (58.33% pure), 18 karat (75% pure), 22 karat (92% pure), and 24 karat (99% and above). A 24K gold is also considered to be the purest form of gold. For jewellery purposes, 22K gold is commonly used as it offers designers a certain level of customizability. Another reason 22K gold is used instead of 24K is because the latter is far too brittle to withstand complex and intricate designs.
    • What the labour charges are: Every jeweller, irrespective of where they are based, add what is known as labour charge. This is the compensation for the man hours spent creating a piece of jewellery. Sellers usually add this amount to the overall cost of the product.
    • Certification: Every gold type is certified with an authentication letter and most jewellers provide the a certificate stating that their gold is either KDM or Hallmark certified. Make sure your gold has the right certification before making the purchase.
    • Timing of the purchase: The timing of your purchase can have a bearing on how much your jewellery could cost. For instance, during festive seasons when demand is high, you are likely to spend more as opposed to buying during the off season. Also be on the lookout for additional offers which reputed jewellers put up from time to time.
    • Keep the weight in mind: When a jewellery is weighed before a sale, any other stones used (emerald, diamond etc) will also be included in the pricing. This may increase the price of your jewels further. So, keep this in mind when purchasing studded jewellery.

    What factors influence gold rate in Kolkata

    There are a number of reasons why gold is priced different in almost every other city in the country.

    • One of the things that play a role is logistics. You see, India has very few gold mining companies and in order to make up for the shortage, we import gold from other countries like Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Ghana, Peru, Bolivia among others.
    • The second factor is the Central Bank, which sometimes imports gold when there’s an especially high demand for the metal. As a consequence of this, gold prices also rise up.
    • The third factor is the Indian Rupee. Depending on how good or bad the rupee is performing, gold rates differ. For instance, if the rupee gains upto 100 points on the dollar i.e., if the value falls from say Rs. 64 for 1 USD to Rs.62 per 1 USD, gold rates drop. This is because the importing cost decline due to a stronger rupee. The opposite is also true, if rupee falls and dollar gains, gold rates increase.

    What’s the difference between KDM and Hallmark gold

    KDM and hallmark are two entirely different things, in that KDM alludes to the process of using other metals to make jewellery that would last long. On the other hand, Hallmark is the certification provided to piece of gold based on its purity levels. The latter is follows a clear cut instruction set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the arbitrator of sorts for gold standards in India.

    Gold or Gold ETF: Which is a better option?

    Whether a gold or gold ETF is a better option depends on the reason behind your purchase. If, for instance, you are buying gold for personal consumption, there’s no other way than to buy gold. On the other hand, if you want to buy gold from an investment point of view, you could take a clear look at ETFs. But, before going for it, you should know that ETFs aren’t the same as physical gold, in that you won’t have it with you. Also, ETFs are taxable in you register any capital gains after you liquidate your assets.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for 2017 (24K Gold per gram)

    Months First Day Last Day Highest Rate Lowest Rate Overall Monthly Performance Percentage Change
    January 2017 Rs.2,843 Rs.2,989 Rs.3,014 on 24th January Rs.2,843 on 1st & 2nd January Incline 5.13%
    February 2017 Rs.2,989 Rs.3,008 Rs.3,010 from 20th-22nd February Rs.2,977 on 2nd February Incline 0.63%
    March 2017 Rs.3,030 Rs.2,987 Rs.3,030 on 1st and 27th March Rs.2,945 on 15th March Decline -1.41%
    April 2017 Rs.3,011 Rs.3,021 Rs.3,096 on the 22nd and 23rd of April and on the 17th of April Rs.3,005 on the 10th of April Incline 0.33%
    May 2017 Rs.3,021 Rs.3,015 Rs.3,021 on 1st May Rs.2,937 on 11th May Decline -0.19%
    June 2017 Rs.3,030 Rs.3,011 Rs.3,080 on 7 June Rs.2,994 on 19 & 20 June Decline -0.62%
    July 2017 Rs.3,011 Rs.3,001 Rs.3,044 on 3 July Rs.2,903 on 14 July Decline -0.33%
    August 2017 Rs.3,005 Rs.3,041 Rs.3,072 on 17 August Rs.2,971 on 7 August Incline 1.19%
    September 2017 Rs.3,041 Rs.3,109 Rs.3,185 from 9 to 11 September Rs.3,041 on 1 September Incline 2.23%
    October 2017 Rs.3,109 Rs.3,091 Rs.3,138 from 12 to 17 October Rs.3,079 from 27 to 29 October Decline -0.57%
    November 2017 Rs.3,071 Rs.3,085 Rs.3,123 on 20, 25th and 26th November Rs.3,035 18 November Incline 0.45%
    December 2017 Rs.3,074 Rs.3,098 Rs.3,098 on 30 and 31 December Rs.3,001 on 12 and 13 December Incline 0.78%

    Trend of Gold Rate in Kolkata for 2016 (24K Gold per gram)

    Months First Day Last Day Highest Rate Lowest Rate Overall Monthly Performance Percentage Change
    January 2016 Rs.2,587 Rs.2,692 Rs.2,705 on 30th Rs.2,555 on 5th Incline 4.05%
    February 2016 Rs.2,718 Rs.3,067 Rs.3,092 on 26th Rs.2,718 on 1st Incline 12.84%
    March 2016 Rs 3,090 Rs 3,018 Rs 3,090 on 1st and from 3rd to 18th Rs 3,018 from 22nd to 31st Decline -2.33%
    April 2016 Rs 3,018 Rs 3,018 Rs 3,018 throughout the month Rs 3,018 throughout the month No Change 0.00%
    May 2016 Rs. 3,018 Rs. 3,003 Rs. 3,157 on May 7 Rs. 3,026 on May 25 Decline -0.49%
    June 2016 Rs.3,015 Rs.3,221 Rs.3,266 on 27th of June Rs.2,988 on 3rd of June Incline 9.30%
    July 2016 Rs. 3,252 Rs. 3,292 Rs. 3,305 on July 7 Rs. 3,218 from July 27 to 29 Incline 2.70%
    August 2016 Rs.3,271 Rs.3,237 Rs.3,287 on 5th to 7th August Rs.3,232 on 9th August Decline -1.03%
    September 2016 Rs.3,218 Rs.3,244 Rs.3,244 on 7th to 30th September Rs.3,218 on 1st and 2nd September Incline 0.81%
    October 2016 Rs.3,244 Rs.3,130 Rs.3,244 on 1st to 11th October Rs.3,100 on 18th October Decline -3.51%
    November 2016 Rs.3,130 Rs.2,943 Rs.3,154 on 8th to 13th November Rs.2,919 on 27th November Decline -5.97%
    December 2016 Rs.2,884 Rs.2,843 Rs.2,909 on 5th and 6th December Rs.2,749 from 24th to 26th December Decline -1.42%

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    News About Kolkata Gold Rate

    • Gold Close to 14-month Highs on Dovish Federal Reserve

      Gold prices surged by over 1% on expectations of a dovish statement by both the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank presidents, which indicated possible interest rate cuts.

      Spot gold rose by 1% to $1,352.23 per ounce while U.S. gold futures recorded a 0.8% rise to $1,358.34 per ounce.

      Markets and analysts are cautious ahead of the Fed’s economic projections after its meeting, though many expect it will not change borrowing costs for the moment.

      With major global central banks adopting dovish stances due to global tensions impacting economic growth, bullion demand could continue to see steady growth.

      18 June 2019

    • Subdued Dollar and Rate Cut Hopes Spur Gold On

      Gold rose to a weekly high in trading as expectations of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve supported the metal. A weak U.S. dollar and soft inflation data also bolstered bullion.

      Spot gold rose by 0.3% to $1,336.56 per ounce, with U.S. gold futures also rising by 0.3% to $1,340.3 per ounce.

      Disappointing U.S. inflation figures served to reinforce expectations of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve, which is seen as positive for gold. A weakened U.S. dollar also supported gold’s position. The benchmark currency fell by 0.1% against a basket of global currencies, making gold cheaper for non-dollar holders.

      13 June 2019

    • Low Dollar Boosts Gold’s Profile

      Gold prices rose to their strongest position in almost two weeks as the dollar fell. Spot gold rose by 0.3% to trade at $1,325.51 per ounce as the dollar weakened on rising optimism of a break in the Sino-U.S. trade deadlock.  

      There was also a rise in U.S. gold futures on positive investor sentiment. Futures rose by 0.5% to trade at $1,328.90 per ounce.  

      Analysts state that prices are set to rise in the short term but prices could see a rebound if there is a slowdown in the global economy. It is hoped that a thaw in trade relations between the U.S. and China could boost production and markets.


      18 February 2019

    • Rural Gold Demand Slated to Rise After Budget

      Demand for gold is slated to rise among rural Indian buyers following proposals in the Interim Budget, according to traders. With this sector driving close to 60% of total gold consumption in the country, it is expected to boost the flagging gold market. 

      The jewellery industry is hoping tax sops to the middle class and waivers for farmers will translate into higher gold jewellery sales, especially since the precious metal is still considered a valuable asset for this sector.  

      Gold rates in Kolkata saw a marginal rise following the budget announcement, though jewellery offtake remained more or less static. While traders and jewellers have welcomed the tax breaks, they are dissatisfied that import duty on gold and silver has remained the same, which would affect their bottomlines. 

      1 February 2019

    • Gold Prices At 8-Month High on Fed Rate Hike Pause

      Gold prices held steady as the Federal Reserve’s monetary tightening policy appeared to be ending, boosting interest in the yellow metal. Spot gold remained at a stable $1,319.87 per ounce while gold futures rose 0.7% to trade at $1,319.30 per ounce. Spot gold has seen a nearly 2.8% rise in value during the month on strong global interest. 

      U.S. interest rates were steady as the Federal Reserve indicated it would put off further rate hikes, indicating rising economic uncertainty. The dollar index fell after the Fed’s cautious assessment of the economic outlook.  

      Bullion usually rises on low interest rate expectations as the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding bullion reduces, which dents demand for the U.S. Dollar. The long-awaited trade talks between the U.S. and China also began yesterday, which had markets slightly shaky. 

      U.S. payroll data increased for January 2019 which indicated labour strength in spite of a recent perceived loss in business confidence. 

      31 January 2019

    • On demand for safer investments, gold prices rise on Wednesday

      On Wednesday, gold prices rose on the back of the demand for safer investments. The demand for safer investments comes at a time when equity markets are falling, and concerns are being raised over the outlook for global economic growth. Spot gold reached near a six-month high after witnessing a jump of 0.1 per cent to cost 1,283.61 dollars per ounce. U.S gold futures also rose by 0.3 per cent to cost 1,284.80 per ounce. 

      It needs to be mentioned here that Asian shares turned tall on the first trading day of 2019 as the economic data from the world’s second largest economy i.e., China erased the gains made in U.S stock futures. The Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for the last month of 2018 i.e., December fell to 49.7 following a raft of soft trade data from the Asian region. 

      When it comes to other precious metals, silver was down 0.5 percent, platinum was flat while palladium gained 0.08 per cent. The metals were trading at 15.36, 791.50, and 1,264.99 dollars respectively.

      2 January 2019

    • Gold rates increased today, silver rate also bounced back

      Triggered by higher overseas prices and the enhanced demand from the retail jewellers, gold rates have fallen for the second day. Gold prices continued to grow. They climbed by Rs.230 per 10 grams at the bullion market. The fresh buying by the makers of coins and industrial units have pushed the price of silver by Rs.250 a kg. In the national capital, gold rate of 99.9% purity was reported to be up by Rs.230 per 10 grams and gold rate of 99.5% was also up by Rs.230 per 10 grams. Sovereign gold was constant at Rs.25000 per piece of 8 grams. Sliver ready jumped from Rs.37750 to Rs.38000 per kg. Moreover, weekly-based delivery also increased by Rs.236 per gram. For buying and selling of 100 pieces, silver coins remained unchanged at Rs.74000 and Rs.75000 respectively. Gold rates have gone up in international markets today. The rate of spot increased by 0.1% an ounce. Gold prices have been up by 2% this week. The weakened USD against some major currencies such as Japanese yen has supported the price of gold.

      28 December 2018

    • Things to know about gold and silver prices

      On Monday, gold prices fell for the second consecutive day owing to slackened demand from local jewellers amid a weak trend overseas. Silver prices in the country, however, remained steady with every kilogram costing Rs.38,400. Here are certain things that you need to know about gold and silver prices:

      • In Delhi, prices of 99.9 per cent and 99.5 per cent purity dropped by Rs.190 each.
      • While 99.9 per cent pure gold cost Rs.32,000 for every 10 gram, every 10 gram of 99.5 per cent pure gold cost Rs. 31,850.
      • A piece of 8-gram sovereign gold cost Rs.25,000.
      • Buying of silver coins remained unchanged at Rs.74,000 and selling of 100 pieces of silver coins was Rs.75,000.
      • Silver weekly-based delivery declined by Rs.124 to Rs.37,930 per kilogram.
      • Globally gold prices came down on Monday as the dollar held firm below a 19-month peak on safe-haven demand on the back of concerns of a global economic slowdown.

      20 December 2018

    • Gold Remains Steady As Dollar Inches Higher

      Gold rates were steady as the dollar rebounded, though local demand was flat. Spot gold traded at $1,236.85 per ounce even as the greenback recouped its earlier losses. However, gold futures dipped by 0.4% to trade at $1,241.4 per ounce.

      Asian stocks fell sharply, following trends seen across U.S. bourses as investors worried about slackening economic growth. Declines in long-term U.S. Treasury yields and fears over the resurgence of trade disputes also fuelled the drop in stocks.

      Domestic demand meanwhile remained stagnant as the falling rupee capped gold gains.

      5 December 2018

    • Gold prices rises on Tuesday, silver prices falls

      Gold prices for Tuesday, the 28th of November, remained steady around the RS.32,000 per 10 gram margin while silver rates declined due to a weaker demand for the metal.

      While gold prices ended at Rs.31,850 per 10 gram on the day, silver prices fell to Rs.37,300 per kg, which was a Rs.150 drop from the previous sessions rates. This comes after gold had gained Rs.100 per 10 gram over Monday’s session.

      Gold of 99.5% and 99.9% purity were unchanged at Rs.31,700 per 10 gram and Rs.31,850 per 10 gram respectively. Sovereign gold, on the other hand, remained unchanged at Rs.24,800 per piece of  8 gram.

      Silver rates dropped down by Rs.150 to Rs.37,300 per kg. In the global market, gold was seen inching lower as the US dollar firmed up. Spot gold prices went down by 0.1% to $1,220.97 per ounce while US gold futures dropped by 0.2% to $1,220.2 per ounce.

      Further, gold prices have dropped by as much as 10% since its peak in April as investors have retreated towards the US dollar owing to the trade war between the US and other European countries and China, as well as the interest rate hike scenario.

      29 November 2018

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