Today's Gold Rate in Pune Last Updated : 27 Nov 2022

The Gold rate today Pune is determined by different factors such as local demand for the metal, the rupee-dollar relationship and geopolitical factors. Though the majority of Gold demand in Pune is for industrial use, its use in jewellery and ornaments is also quite high. Detailed information on Gold prices in Pune can be found below.

Gold can be bought in either the 22 Karat form or the 24 Karat form and the gold rates vary depending on the purity and quantity of gold present in an item. 22 karat gold is about 92% pure, making it less expensive than 24 karat gold, which is 99.99% pure.

  • Today's Gold Rate in Pune (27 Nov 2022)

    ₹ 4,938
    Today's Gold Rate (22K) per gram

    Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In Pune (Today & Yesterday)

    Rate Change
    Standard Gold (22 K) (1 gram) ₹ 4,938 ₹ 4,938 ₹ 0 ↑
    Standard Gold (22 K) (8 grams) ₹ 39,504 ₹ 39,504 ₹ 0 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) (1 gram) ₹ 5,185 ₹ 5,185 ₹ 0 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) (8 grams) ₹ 41,480 ₹ 41,480 ₹ 0 ↑

    Daily Gold Rates

    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    27 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,938 ₹ 39,504 ₹ 5,185 ₹ 41,480
    26 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,938 ₹ 39,504 ₹ 5,185 ₹ 41,480
    25 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,938 ₹ 39,504 ₹ 5,185 ₹ 41,480
    24 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,938 ₹ 39,504 ₹ 5,185 ₹ 41,480
    23 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,908 ₹ 39,264 ₹ 5,153 ₹ 41,224
    22 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,918 ₹ 39,344 ₹ 5,164 ₹ 41,312
    21 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,933 ₹ 39,464 ₹ 5,180 ₹ 41,440
    20 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,943 ₹ 39,544 ₹ 5,190 ₹ 41,520
    19 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,943 ₹ 39,544 ₹ 5,190 ₹ 41,520
    18 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,958 ₹ 39,664 ₹ 5,206 ₹ 41,648

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    Today's Gold Price in Pune

    Gold Rate in Pune change on a daily basis, keeping into account world gold rates and market trends. Pune has transformed itself from an educational hub to a cosmopolitan city in the last few years and is now considered as an excellent destination for safe investments. Gold, has been the preferred choice of investment in India regardless of the prevailing gold rate today, making it a commodity which is always in demand. Pune boasts of a qualified, professional crowd, one which has the money and wisdom to invest in gold.

    With no gold mine in Pune, residents depend on gold supplied from other cities in India and exported gold to cater to their needs. This would mean that the gold here is a bit more expensive compared to places which produce gold.

    Pune is considered one of the best destinations in India for safe-haven investments such as gold. Despite the surging gold prices, people’s participation in the bullion trade has not been deterred in the city. However, there are a lot of questions left unanswered that are related to the precious metal. So, here is a detailed explanation aimed at covering every possible topic that relates to the bullion and its investment in Pune.

    November 2022 Gold Rate in Pune

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    November 1 Rate Rs.4,970 per gram
    November 24 Rate Rs.5,180 per gram
    Highest Rate in November Rs.5,253 per gram on 17 November
    Lowest Rate in November Rs.4,970 per gram on 1 November
    Overall Performance Incline

    October 2022 Gold Rate in Pune

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    October 1 Rate Rs.4,970 per gram
    October 31 Rate Rs.4,980 per gram
    Highest Rate in October Rs.5,033 per gram on 27 and 28 October
    Lowest Rate in October Rs.4,980 per gram on 31 October
    Overall Performance Decline

    September 2022 Gold Rate in Pune

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    September 1 Rate Rs.4,964 per gram
    September 30 Rate Rs.4,912 per gram
    Highest Rate in September Rs.4,975 per gram on 23 September
    Lowest Rate in September Rs.4,891 per gram on 22 September
    Overall Performance Decline

    August 2022 Gold Rate in Pune

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    August 1 Rate Rs.5,038 per gram
    August 31 Rate Rs.5,059 per gram
    Highest Rate in August Rs.5,106 per gram on 5 August
    Lowest Rate in August Rs.5,038 per gram on 1 August
    Overall Performance Incline

    July 2022 Gold Rate in Pune

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    July 1 Rate Rs.5,122 per gram
    July 31 Rate Rs.5,059 per gram
    Highest Rate in July Rs.5,153 per gram on 5th July
    Lowest Rate in July Rs.4,959 per gram on 18th July
    Overall Performance Decline

    Gold as an Investment in Pune

    Gold is often considered as a safe investment as the risk factor involved in this is very less and there is always a demand for it. There are plenty of ways to invest in gold, depending on the money at hand and the needs.

    • Jewelry – Indians and residents of Pune in particular love their jewelry and while most might not view buying jewelry as an investment it could be a worthy asset in times of need. The drawback of investing in jewelry is that we fail to factor in wastage and making charges, which may lower the actual value of gold. Resale of jewelry might however not fetch market value.

    • Bullion Bars – Gold bullion bars can be an investment option for those with large investment capacities. The bars generally weigh close to 1 kg and have high purity, being about 99.5% pure and are considered a good option for those who can afford them. High net worth individuals in Pune have woken up to gold bars as an investment and the city has seen a slow growth in them.

    • Bullion coins – These coins are much cheaper than bars and can be an investment option for people who are looking to spend less. Pune is home to a vast upper middle class society and gold coins can be a perfect investment option for them. These coins are easy to sell and provide a source for liquid assets.

    • Allocated Gold Accounts – Investing in gold through allocated gold accounts can be a smart option for those who wish to own gold but are not keen to keep it with them. Banks which offer this account would keep the gold with them and it can be accessed by the owner when needed.

    Investments in gold act as a safety valve against inflation, as it has good resale value and can be a life-saver in case of emergencies.

    What are the means of Investing in Gold in Pune?

    Pune, being an excellent destination for safe-haven investments in the country has a lot to offer for gold and gold investment. From the most consumer-centric jewellery, ornaments and gold coins to other investments like gold bullions and gold Exchange Traded Funds also known as gold ETFs.

    Things to know before Investing in Gold in Pune

    Before investing in the bullion, one must know about a lot of things such the purity level, labour charges and even the time of your purchase. Here’s a list of things to consider to give you an in-depth knowledge before making an investment.

    • The purity of gold - Gold is classified into many levels based on its purity. The most common ones are 24 karat, (99.9% and above), 22 karat (92% pure), 18 karat (75% pure and 14 karat (58.33% pure) gold. The 24 karat gold is considered as the purest form of the precious metal. However, the high level of purity limits its level of customizability to jewellers and 24 karat being very brittle is liable to break easily while performing sophisticated works on them. Hence, 22 karat gold is chosen over the 24 karat gold by jewellers to perform personalise designs according to its need.
    • Certification - Once you’ve zeroed in on the purity, the next thing to know is the certification of gold you’re purchasing. Gold is usually certified into two categories - KDM gold and Hallmarked gold. They are categorised based on the metal used for alloying and purity. Before making the investment, it is important to ensure that the gold being purchased has the right certification.
    • Time of purchase - Most people believe that the time of purchase has nothing to do with the price of gold. In Pune, however, gold rates tend to go higher during the festive and wedding seasons due to an increase in consumer demand as opposed to purchases during the off season. Hence, it is also important to keep track of the prices during the time of purchase. Lookout for seasonal offers which major jewellery outlets put up often.
    • Labour charges - Another thing to consider when buying gold is the labour charge. A labour charge is a compensation for the man-hours spent on the type of jewellery you are buying. It also depends on the detailing required for the design. It can either be machine-made or man-made. Man-made jewellery is usually priced higher than the machine-made jewellery. However, at most jewellers, customers can also negotiate for a discount on the jewellery.

    Major Gold Dealers in Pune

    Most of the gold purchased in Pune is through the established players, with pan India presence. Some of the big names in Pune are KP Gems World, Krishna Jewellers, VS Waikar and Sons, Sagar Jewellers and Tikhe Saraf. Gold can be purchased at the smaller stores across town too, with stores catering to individual needs and demands.

    How are Gold Prices determined in Pune?

    Gold rate in Pune mainly follow an international trend,i.e., when the gold price rises or loses in the international market, rates move proportionally in Pune simultaneously. Another aspect on which gold prices in Pune are dependent are the exchange rates. If the US dollar rises against the Indian rupee, cost of importing gold will also increase. This will, in turn, increase gold prices in Pune. Other factors that determine gold prices are:

    • The minimal cost charged by banks to import the gold
    • Price of gold on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
    • Goods and Services Tax (GST) on gold

    What Are The Factors Affecting Gold Prices In Pune?

    One of the most common misconceptions in Pune is that gold rates surge higher during festivals. However, the only reason prices tend to go up is due to the increased consumer demand during the festive season. Hence, it isn’t necessary that the arrival of the festive season will result in gold rates going up.

    However, gold marketed in the global markets are influenced by various aspects such as interest rates, exchange rates and the movement of the US dollar index. Gold is inversely proportional to the dollar,i.e., when the dollar value rises, gold plunges and vice versa. Similarly, if you’re sure that US dollar index will gain against other currencies, please proceed and buy gold as gold rates will definitely decline against a strong dollar index.

    FAQs on Gold Rate in Pune

    1. Why is the price of gold different in different cities of Maharashtra?

      The price of gold varies from city to city due to various reasons. Various cities levy their own local taxes which definitely impacts the price of gold. Apart from that the transportation cost also plays a major role in the price of gold going up or down. These are two of the primary reasons which determines why the price of gold varies in different cities of Maharashtra.

    2. How is the price of gold in Pune determined?

      There are various factors which plays a role in the price of gold in India. The gold’s international rates determine the price of gold in India. If the price of gold rises globally so does the price of gold in India and if the international rates fall then so does the price in India. The value of rupee also plays a role in the price of gold. If the value of rupee falls against the dollar then the price of gold rises. There are various economic and political decisions which impacts the price of gold.

    3. How do I know the best time to buy gold in Pune?

      You must check the price of gold on a daily basis to decide the time when you should buy gold. There are various daily newspapers and news online portals who update the price of gold on a daily basis for different karats of gold. You can keep on checking the price and once it falls down, you can go ahead and buy gold in Pune.

    4. How has Covid-19 impacted the price of gold in Pune?

      Covid19 or Corona Virus has created a huge impact on the global financial markets including the Indian markets. The financial institutes in India have suffered, companies from different sectors have suffered loses as the outbreak of the pandemic has made it difficult to conduct business. This has led to financial crunch which has resulted in unemployment. Due to inflation and many other economic ramifications, investors have turned to gold which is considered a safe haven, which has resulted in the price of gold rising.

    5. What are things I must keep in mind before buying gold in Pune?

      You must check the price of gold before buying them. Remember, different karats of gold will have different prices, hence make sure you are aware of the price before buying. Always make sure the gold you are purchasing is hallmarked or BIS certified gold. Be aware of the buy-back clause which is if you sell gold in future, the seller will obtain it at the selling price or a cut in price will be involved. Do obtain the certificate of purchase after buying the gold.

    Check Gold Price in NearBy Cities of Pune

    News on Pune Gold Rate

    • Gold prices decline today

      Gold prices witnessed a fall in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai on Thursday. The price of 10 gram of 22 karat gold is Rs.48,400 while 10 gram of 24 karat gold costs Rs.52,800. In Chennai, 10 gram of 22 karat and 24 karat gold are priced at Rs.48,960 and Rs.53,410, respectively. Gold is priced at Rs.48,400 per 10 gram of 22 karat gold and Rs.52,640 per 10 gram of 24 karat gold in Mumbai and Kolkata.

      25 November 2022

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