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  • Gold Rate in Indore

    Daily Gold Rates
    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    24 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648 ₹ 3,154 ₹ 25,232
    23 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648 ₹ 3,154 ₹ 25,232
    22 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648 ₹ 3,154 ₹ 25,232
    21 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648 ₹ 3,154 ₹ 25,232
    20 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,956 ₹ 23,648 ₹ 3,154 ₹ 25,232
    19 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,936 ₹ 23,488 ₹ 3,133 ₹ 25,064
    18 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,936 ₹ 23,488 ₹ 3,133 ₹ 25,064
    17 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,936 ₹ 23,488 ₹ 3,133 ₹ 25,064
    16 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,936 ₹ 23,488 ₹ 3,133 ₹ 25,064
    15 Oct 2016 ₹ 2,936 ₹ 23,488 ₹ 3,133 ₹ 25,064

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    Gold Price in Indore

    Indore is the largest 2 tiered metropolitan city of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is also described as one of the commercial capitals of the state. Indore has a good investment environment and the infrastructure is developing rapidly and the standard of living is increasing and so is the educational standard.

    Gold rate plays an important role for business and investment deals in Indore. Gold can be used as an asset to get loans from the banks as well. Indore’s population is at 2.161 million as of 2011, thus increasing the demand for gold in Indore.

    Gold as an investment:

    Gold can be bought in the form of jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and traded etc.

    Jewelry - In Indian households, every person wears gold as a jewelry and they don’t look at it as a form of investment. They are purchased during major occasions such as wedding, festivals etc. But, gold jewelry is lower in value when reselling ornaments, considering making charges and wastage.

    Gold Coins - This is the common form of owning gold as an investment. The rates are prices on its weight and a small premium based on its supply and demand.

    Gold bars - They are the most traditional way of investing in gold. This can be traded in the international markets as well.

    Gold Exchange Traded Fund - It is a type of mutual fund which invests in gold and the units of the mutual fund scheme is listed in the stock exchange. You need to open a demat account and trading account. A brokerage fee is charged for buying and selling the Gold ETFs.

    Where can you Buy Gold from in Indore?

    There are many dealers in Indore. Some of the major gold dealers are Rupali Jewellers, Bhayanti Jewels & Thewa Jewellery, Alankar Jewellers, Anand Jewellers, Tanishq Showroom, Orra Jewellery etc. The jewelers will offer gold in the form of ornaments, coins, bars and in other customized forms that customers require. Jewelers will take the old gold in exchange for new gold ornaments. You can also buy gold coins and bars from the bank, but they won’t buy it back from you.

    Trend of Gold Rate in Indore for August 2016 (rates per gram for 24k Gold)

    First Day Rs.3,249 per gram
    Last Day Rs.3,225 per gram
    Highest Price Rs.3,283 per gram on 18th August
    Lowest Price Rs.3,225 per gram on 31st August
    Trend Decline
    Change -0.74%

    August '16 - Weeks 1 (1st to 7th)

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,249 per gram on the first day of the week.
    • There was a slight increase in gold rates from 2nd August to 05th August as U.S economy did not perform as expected.
    • Following weak trend overseas, gold rates declined on 06th and 07th of August.
    • Gold closed at Rs.3,226 per gram.

    August '16 - Week 2 (8th to 14th)

    • Gold rate remained steady on the first day of the week when it continued to trade at Rs.3,226 per gram.
    • Gold rate increased and traded at Rs.3,260 per gram from 10th to 14th of the month as Fed rate hike muted for a while.
    • Gold rate remained unchanged till the end of the week.

    August '16 - Week 3 (15th to 21st)

    • Gold rate continued to trade at Rs.3,260 per gram.
    • Slight increase was reported from 16th to 18th of August as investors shrugged Fed rate hike speculations.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,280 per gram on the 18th of August which was the highest gold rate recorded for the month.
    • Gold fell due as U.S economy grew and traded at Rs.3,278 on the 19th of August.
    • U.S growing economy led to strong dollar rate which adversely affected the gold rates in India. Gold closed at Rs.3,278 per gram.

    August '16 - Week 4 (22nd to 28th)

    • Gold rate was steady on the first day of the week as it continued to trade at Rs.3,278 per gram.
    • A firm dollar lead to decrease in gold rate. Gold fell on 23rd August and traded at Rs.3,268 per gram for the next three days.
    • The constant trend this week can be attributed to constant demand from domestic jewelers and coin makers.
    • Gold closed at Rs. 3,236 per gram.

    August '16 - Week 5 (29th to 31st)

    • Gold rate stayed unaffected on the first two days of the week as it continued to trade at Rs.3,236 per gram.
    • On the last day of the month, 31st of August, lowest gold rate for the month was recorded when gold traded at Rs.3,225 per gram.
    • Despite a rate hike that can be implemented by U.S government, experts forecast increase in gold rates in the second half of the year due to the upcoming festival in India.
    1st July rate   Rs.3,112
      31st July rate   Rs.3,249
      Highest rate in July   Rs.3,249 on 31st
      Lowest rate in July   Rs.3,112 on 1st
      Overall performance   Gain/Positive
      % Change   + 4.4%

    July'16 - Week 1 (1st to 3rd)

    • Gold prices in Indore remained steady with a slight climb through the month of July.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,112 on 1st July.
    • Prices climbed to Rs.3,182 per gram as demand grew louder.

    July'16 - Week 2 (4th to 10th)

    • Equities saw a huge decline leading investors back to gold as a safer investment.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,182 per gram on July 4th.
    • Prices climbed through the week but as the U.S. economic data should positive trends, gold slipped.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,246 per gram by the end of the week, an overall increase for the week.

    July'16 - Week 3 (11th to 17th)

    • Prices through Week 3 remained constant as demand in the domestic market was muted.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,226 per gram on 11th July till 15th July.
    • Prices increased on 16th and 17th July and gold rates were at Rs.3,234.

    July '16 - Week 4 (18th to 24th)

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,234 per gram on 18th July.
    • Reacting off global cues, gold slipped to Rs.3,224 per gram.
    • Domestic demand helped keep gold prices stable.
    • As the dollar gained strength, prices dropped slightly to Rs.3,223 per gram by the end of the week.

    July ‘16 - Week 5 (25th to 31st)

    • Demand from domestic jewellers enabled gold rates to keep a steady pace.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,223 from 25th July to 30th July.
    • Prices picked up on July 31st with gold trading Rs.3,249 per gram.
    1st June rate Rs.3,038
    30th June rate Rs.3,112
    Highest rate in June Rs.3,192 per gram on 27th June
    Lowest rate in June Rs.3,018 per gram on 3rd June
    Overall performance Rise
    % Change +2.43%

    Jun'16 - Week 1 (1st to 4th)

    • The price of gold on the first day of the month was Rs.3,038 per gram which was quite high as compared to certain other cities.
    • Rates were steady until the 2nd after which a slight decrease was noted.
    • At the end of the week, the price of gold was Rs.3,063 per gram.

    Jun'16 - Week 2 (5th to 11th)

    • Gold rates were relatively steady in the second week of the month.
    • From the 5th to the 7th, the price of gold was Rs.3,063 per gram after which a slight increase was noted.
    • On the 9th and the 10th, the price of gold was Rs.3,094 per gram and increased by Rs.29 on the 11th.

    Jun'16 - Week 3 (12th to 18th)

    • The rate of gold was steady with no changes whatsoever throughout the entire week.
    • From the 12th to the 18th, the price of gold was Rs.3,123 per gram.

    Jun'16 - Week 4 (19th to 25th)

    • The price of gold was Rs.3,123 per gram on the 19th after which a decline in price was noted.
    • However, gold rates from the 20th to the 25th were the same at Rs.3,075 per gram.

    Jun'16 - Week 5 (26th to 30th)

    • The rate of gold was Rs.3,075 per gram which was the same as the price seen the previous week.
    • On the 27th, gold rates peaked to touch Rs.3,192 per gram.
    • A decline was noted in the price after that to Rs.3,112 per gram from the 28th to the 30th of June.
    1st May rate Rs.3,154
    31st May rate Rs.3,018
    Highest rate in May Rs.3,155 from the 8th to the 11th of May
    Lowest rate in May Rs.3,003 on the 30th of May
    Overall performance Loss / Negative
    % Change -4.31%
    Graph for Gold Rate In Indore for April 2016

    May'16 - Week 1 (1st to 7th)

    • Gold rates were recorded at Rs.3,154 on the 1st and 2nd of May after which a small decline in prices saw rates drop to Rs.3,139 on the 3rd day of the month.
    • Prices dropped by Rs.6 to Rs.3,133 on the fourth day and remained unchanged on the fifth as well.
    • A further decline by Rs.10 saw prices drop to Rs.3,123 on the sixth day of the week and they remained stable on the last day of the week too.
    • Prices fell consistently during the week and the difference in rates between the first and last day of the week was Rs.31.

    May ‘16 - Week 2 (8th to 14th)

    • Following an increase at the start of the week, gold rates remained stable at Rs.3,155 for the first four days of the second week of May.
    • A drop by Rs.43 saw prices decline to Rs.3,112 on the fifth day of the week and rates remained unchanged for the remainder of the week.
    • The overall decline in prices over the course of the week was recorded at Rs.43.

    May ‘16 - Week 3 (15th to 21st)

    • Gold prices rose by Rs.28 on the first day of the third week of May and stood at Rs.3,140 on the 15th and 16th of May.
    • Prices then fell by Rs.12 to stand at Rs.3,128 for the next four days.
    • A decline of Rs.34 on the 21st of May saw prices fall to Rs.3,094 as the week came to a close.
    • The third week of the month also recorded losses and the overall decline in prices over the course of the seven-day period was Rs.46.

    May ‘16 - Week 4 (22nd to 31st)

    • Gold prices remained constant at Rs.3,094 until the 24th of the month after which a decline of Rs.26 saw prices fall to Rs.3,068 and they remained unchanged for another day.
    • Prices fell to Rs.3,040 on the 27th and again by Rs.15 on the 28th and remained at Rs.3,025 on the 28th and the 29th of May.
    • A further decline by Rs.22 on the penultimate day of the month pushed prices to Rs.3,003, which was the lowest recorded rate in May.
    • Prices increased by Rs.15 on the last day of the month to close at Rs.3,018.
    • Gold prices fell by Rs.136 between the first and last day of May.
    1st April rate Rs 2,989
    30th April rate Rs 3,154
    Highest rate in April Rs 3,154 on 30th
    Lowest rate in April Rs 2,989 from 1st to 11th
    Overall performance Gain/Positive
    % Change + 5.52%
    Graph for Gold Rate(24K) in Indore March'16

    Apr ‘16 - Week 1 (1st to 3rd)

    • An impact of strikes held in March was witnessed in the first few days of April.
    • Announcements about an impending Fed rate hike had an effect on demand, as investors adopted a cautious approach.
    • Gold traded at Rs 2,989 on 1st, with no change in prices over the week.

    Apr ‘16 - Week 2 (4th to 10th)

    • The cautious approach adopted by investors was visible into the second week, as demand was low.
    • Markets were slow, with gold rates remaining unchanged from the previous week.
    • Gold continued to trade at Rs 2,989 in Indore for the entire week.

    Apr ‘16 - Week 3 (11th to 17th)

    • International trends had no major implication on gold rates in Indore.
    • Gold traded at Rs 2,989 on 11th, before crossing the Rs 3,000 mark on 12th.
    • Gold traded at Rs 3,038 from 12th onwards, with no further change witnessed in the week.

    Apr ‘16 - Week 4 (18th to 24th)

    • Markets remained dull over this period, with minor variations in gold rates observed.
    • Gold traded at Rs 3,038 on 18th, unchanged from the previous week.
    • Prices fell marginally on 24th, as gold traded at Rs 3,033.
    • There were no further changes in the week.

    Apr ‘16 - Week 5 (25th to 30th)

    • The final week of April saw increased demand for gold, pushing up prices.
    • Gold traded at Rs 3,033 till 28th, unchanged from the previous week.
    • Price shot up by over Rs 80 on 29th, touching Rs 3,120.
    • A further increase was seen on 30th, as gold rates touched Rs 3,154, the highest for April.
    1st March rateRs 3,068
    31st March rateRs 2,989
    Highest rate in MarchRs 3,093 from 12th to 17th
    Lowest rate in MarchRs 2,989 from 22nd to 31st
    Overall performanceLoss/Negative
    % Change-2.57%
    Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Indore Feb'16

    Mar'16 - Week 1 (1st to 6th)

    • The month began on a good note, as gold was priced at Rs 3,068.
    • Protests against the government’s decision to hike excise duty on gold were witnessed during the week.
    • Protests disrupted trade, impacting markets.
    • There was no change in gold rates over the week, with the price staying steady at Rs 3,068.

    Mar'16 - Week 2 (7th to 13th)

    • Protests continued into the second week, impacting market trade.
    • Prices remained unchanged till the 11th.
    • A slight increase was observed on 12th, as prices went up to Rs 3,093.
    • There was no further change during the week.

    Mar'16 - Week 3 (14th to 20th)

    • Protests continued into the third week, albeit a few jewellers were open for business.
    • There was a slight drop in rates on 18th, as prices fell from Rs 3,093 to Rs 3,033.
    • Prices stayed at this mark for the rest of the week.

    Mar'16 - Week 4 (21st to 27th)

    • Most jewellers were open for business in the city in the fourth week.
    • Prices fell marginally on 22nd, dropping to Rs 2,989.
    • There were no further price changes during the week.

    Mar'16 - Week 5 (28th to 31st)

    • As protests ended, market trade returned to normalcy.
    • There was, however no change in gold rates from the previous week.
    • Prices stayed at Rs 2,989 for the entire week.
    1st February rate Rs.2,714
    29th February rate Rs.3,068
    Highest rate in February Rs.3,068 on 27th, 28th and 29th
    Lowest rate in February Rs.2,714 on 1st
    Overall performance Gain/Positive
    % Change +13.04%

    Feb '16 - Week 1 (1st to 7th)

    • Gold prices were up in the 1st week.
    • Rates were Rs.2,714 on 1st and Rs.2,882 on 7th.
    • Prices appreciated on all days of the week, rising cumulatively by Rs.168 over the course of the week.

    Feb '16 - Week 2 (8th to 14th)

    • Gold prices appreciated in the second week also.
    • Prices were Rs.2,875 on 8th and Rs.3,045 on 14th.
    • Gold breached the 3,000-mark for the first time this month on 12th by rallying to Rs.3,045, before fluctuating back to Rs.3,045 by 14th.

    Feb '16 - Week 3 (15th to 21st)

    • Gold continued its positive streak in the 3rd week.
    • Prices were Rs.2,994 on 15th and Rs.3,028 on 21st.
    • Gold dropped to Rs.2,952 on 16th but rallied from behind to rise on all remaining days of the week to settle at Rs.3,028.

    Feb '16 - Week 4 (22nd to 29th)

    • Gold prices were positive in the last week of February, ending a highly profitable month for the yellow metal.
    • Rates were Rs.3,005 on 22nd and Rs.3,068 on 29th.
    • Gold traded above 3,000 throughout the week, settling at Rs.3,064 by 26th and then rising marginally to Rs.3,068 by 29th.
    4 th January rate Rs.2,621
    31 st January rate Rs.2,775
    Highest rate in January Rs.2,789 on 27th, 28th and 29th
    Lowest rate in January Rs.2,549 on 5th
    Overall performance Gain/Positive
    % Change +5.86%
    Jan'16 -Week 1 (4 th to 10 th )
    • Gold prices appreciated marginally over the course of the 1st week of January.
    • Rates were Rs.2,621 on 4th and Rs.2,630 on 10th.
    • Gold dropped to Rs.2,549 on 5th before trading in the positive for the rest of the week to touch Rs.2,630 by 10th.
    Jan'16 -Week 2 (11 th to 17 th )
    • Gold prices declined during the 2nd week of January.
    • Prices were Rs.2,636 on 11th and Rs.2,598 on 17th.
    • Gold prices dropped on consecutive days from 11th to 14th to settle at Rs.2,598.
    • Prices were stable at Rs.2,598 for the rest of the week.
    Jan'16 -Week 3 (18 th to 24 th )
    • Gold gained value in the 3rd week.
    • Prices were Rs.2,654 on 18th and Rs.2,729 on 24th.
    • Gold fell marginally to Rs.2,644 on 18th before recovering back to Rs.2,654 by 21st.
    • Prices appreciated by Rs.82 on 22nd to rise to Rs.2,736.
    • Prices were volatile in the last 2 days as they fluctuated between Rs.2,661 and Rs.2,729.
    Jan'16 -Week 4 (25 th to 31 st )
    • Gold rates appreciated again the last week of January.
    • Rates were Rs.2,729 on 25th and Rs.2,775 on 31st.
    • Gold had all positive sessions till 27th to touch Rs.2,789.
    • Prices were stable at Rs.2,789 till 29th before dropping to Rs.2,700 on 30th.
    • Gold regained the lost value on 31st to end the month at Rs.2,775.
    1st December rate Rs.2,550
    31st December rate Rs.2,558
    Highest rate in December Rs.2,665 on 5th and 6th
    Lowest rate in December Rs.2,550 on 1st
    Overall performance Gain/Positive
    % Change +0.31%
    Dec'15 - Week 1 (1st to 7th)
    • Gold prices appreciated in the 1st week of December.
    • It was priced at Rs.2,550 on 1st and Rs.2,596 on 7th.
    • Gold rose immediately to Rs.2,630 on 2nd but lost the gains over the next two days to settle at Rs.2,551 on 4th.
    • Prices rallied to Rs.2,665 on 5th and 6th but dropped by Rs.69 to end at Rs.2,596 on 7th.
    Dec'15 - Week 2 (8th to 14th)
    • Gold was slightly higher in the 2nd week of December.
    • Prices were Rs.2,593 on 8th and Rs.2,597 on 14th.
    • Gold dropped to Rs.2,565 by 12th before rallying to Rs.2,664 on 13th.
    • Gold settled at Rs.2,597 on 14th.
    Dec'15 - Week 3 (15th to 21st )
    • Gold rates were down in the 3rd week.
    • Prices were Rs.2,576 on 15th and Rs.2,552 on 21st.
    • Gold was rallied on 19th to breach Rs.2,600 mark by settling at Rs.2,614.
    • Prices dropped by Rs.62 on 21st to settle at Rs.2,552.
    Dec'15 - Week 4 and Week 5 (22nd to 28th, 29th to 31st )
    • Gold rates were volatile in the last days of the month.
    • Rates were Rs.2,562 on 22nd and Rs.2,558 on 31st.
    • Gold was priced at Rs.2,637 on 23rd but dropped to Rs.2,558 on 24th.
    • Prices rallied again to Rs.2,627 on 25th where it stayed till 27th.
    • Gold fell to Rs.2,558 on 28th and remained at the same level till the end of the month.
    1st November rate Rs.2,686.50
    30thNovember rate Rs.2,558
    Highest rate in November Rs.2,686.50 on 1st
    Lowest rate in November Rs.2,550 on 21st, 22nd and 25th
    Overall performance Loss/Negative
    % Change -4.78%
    Nov '15 - Week 1 (1st to 7th)
    • Gold prices in Indore depreciated in the 1st week of November.
    • It was priced at Rs.2,686.50 on 1st and Rs.2,590 on 7th.
    • Gold was stable in the first 3 days hovering around the 2,680 level.
    • Gold had 4 consecutive days of losses from 4th to 7th when prices dropped by an overall amount of Rs.90.
    Nov '15 - Week 2 (8th to 14th)
    • Gold lost value in the 2nd week of November.
    • Prices were Rs.2,590 on 8th and Rs.2,557 on 14th.
    • It rose to Rs.2,612 on 9th but dropped to Rs.2,580 on 10th and then to Rs.2,573.50 on 11th.
    • Prices appreciated by a significant margin on 12th to touch Rs.2,627 before dropping by Rs.70 in the next 2 days to settle at Rs.2,557 for the week.
    Nov '15 - Week 3 (15th to 21st)
    • Gold rates were stable overall in the 3rd week.
    • Prices were Rs.2,557 on 15th and Rs.2,550 on 21st.
    • Gold appreciated to Rs.2,680 on 16th but lost out the gains over the next 3 days to rest at Rs.2,562 on 19th.
    • Gold rose slightly to Rs.2,571 on 20th before settling at Rs.2,550 on 21st.
    Nov '15 - Week 4 and Week 5 (22nd to 28th, 29th to 30th)
    • Gold rates were volatile in the last few days of the month.
    • Rates were Rs.2,550 on 22nd and Rs.2,558 on 30th.
    • Gold rose to Rs.2,579 on 23rd before losing out the gains over the next 2 days to settle at Rs.2,550 again on 25th.
    • Gold gained Rs.32 on 26th to touch Rs.2,682 and lost a little to rest at Rs.2,578 on 29th.
    • Gold lost Rs.20 on the last day to settle at month-ending rate of Rs.2,558.

    Gold Price Trend in Indore

    The gold rate as on 15th June 2015 was Rs.2,535 for 1 gram of 22 karat gold and for 1 gram of 24 carat gold was Rs.2,718. The gold rate was the highest on 13th June 2015 at Rs.2,720 per gram. On April 1st 2015 the gold rate was high at Rs.2,622 for 24 karat 1 gram gold.

    Gold is a preferred investment and it has always come to rescue as an earning asset. India has been the largest buyer of gold since forever. Paper money might lose its purchasing power due to inflation but gold never actually loses its value. What changes is the value of the paper currency. Gold never sees drastic depreciation in value, even if prices fluctuate in the short or medium term. It is considered a safe and secure form of investment.

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