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  • Gold Rate In Jabalpur

    Daily Gold Rates
    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    25 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    24 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    23 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    22 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    21 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    20 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    19 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    18 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    17 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200
    16 Apr 2017 ₹ 2,832 ₹ 22,656 ₹ 3,025 ₹ 24,200

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    Having a rich historical heritage, Jabalpur was ruled by some prosperous kings. With royalty came the fascination for gold. Now a tier 2 city in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is not only flourishing in the agricultural sector, it also has a number of industries. Apart from that, Jabalpur is also home to ordnance factories and defence organizations. Due to a strong economy, people invest in gold, since it is a safe haven during a crisis.

    Gold Price in Jabalpur

    Owing to market trends, economic scenario, and international trading, the price of the yellow metal in Jabalpur may fluctuate for short or medium term. A volatility in prices does not depreciate the value of gold. People in Jabalpur can purchase the yellow metal as bars, coins, and jewellery of weights 1 gram, 10 gram, 50 grams, and 100 grams. Gold is usually available in values 24 karats and 22 karats, with prices varying due to the quality of the precious metal.

    24k Gold

    Gold of 24 karat is pure gold, which is mainly available in the form of coins. Due to its softness, 24 karat gold cannot be crafted into jewellery, unless it is mixed with some alloy. People generally buy coins of 24 karat gold. As on March 14, 2016 one gram gold is valued at Rs 2,975. With prices in the global market fluctuating, the value of gold can either increase or decrease in the coming days.

    22k Gold

    Gold available in 22 karats is a cheaper variation of the yellow metal. Rated 92% pure, this form is widely used to make ornaments. The rate of 1 gram gold on March 14, 2016 is Rs 2,778.

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur for October 2016 to December 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor October November December
    1st day Rs.3,249 per gram Rs.3,168 per gram Rs.2,938 per gram
    Last day Rs.3,168 per gram Rs.2,975 per gram Rs.2,884 per gram
    Highest price Rs.3,249 per gram on 1st & 2nd October Rs.3,247 per gram on 11th & 12th November Rs.2,938 per gram from 1st-7th December
    Lowest price Rs.3,133 per gram from 14th-19th October Rs.2,949 per gram from 25th-27th November Rs.2,810 per gram from 22nd-26th December
    Trend Decline Decline Decline
    Change -2.49%                                   -6.09% -1.83%

    Gold Rate Trend for Jabalpur in October 2016

    • Gold prices in Jabalpur appreciated in the first week of October, trading at Rs.3,249 per gram on 1st October.
    • A sudden drop in demand due to rising markets led to a marginal decline in price, though domestic demand kept prices stable.
    • Strengthening markets due to strong economic data led to a decrease in gold demand, which led to prices falling to Rs.3,133 per gram on 14th October.
    • Reduced demand from the jewellery sector due to enhanced scrutiny of purchases led to a lowering of demand from the domestic market as well.
    • Prices recovered marginally as the month ended, though prices were still lower than expected, as gold traded at Rs.3,168 per gram on 31st October, resulting in an overall decline in price of 2.49%.

    Gold Rate Trend for Jabalpur in November 2016

    • Prices in November showed extreme volatility due to fluctuating markets.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,168 per gram on 1st November and prices rose to Rs.3,197 per gram in the next few days due to uncertainty in the U.S. markets.
    • The demonetisation policy and the surprise victory of Donald Trump led to markets crashing across the world, which increased demand for gold and led to a rise in price.
    • As markets stabilised, demand fell as industrial demand declined globally due to fears of a slowdown in Asian markets.
    • The currency crisis in India led to reduced demand for retail gold during the festive season, which kept gold prices low.
    • A slight recovery led to prices reaching Rs.3,012 per gram on 23rd November before declining demand led to a drop.
    • Gold ended the month trading at Rs.2,975 per gram on 30th November, a decline of over 5.50%.

    Gold Rate Trend for Jabalpur in December 2016

    • The last month of the year saw gold prices continue to slide due to poor demand and unfavourable market conditions.
    • Gold traded at Rs.2,938 per gram on 1st December and remained stable for the week due to steady demand.
    • Prices fell as markets rose on positive economic cues, resulting in demand for gold dropping.
    • Christmas led to higher sales volumes, which boosted markets and currencies, reducing demand for gold as a safe haven asset.
    • Prices fell to a low of Rs.2,810 per gram on 22nd December as retail demand also dropped.
    • An easing of the currency shortage led to increased demand from jewellers, which raised domestic gold prices marginally.
    • Gold ended the month trading at Rs.2,884 per gram, though the value of gold fell by 1.83% during the month.

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur for July 2016 to September 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor July August September
    1st day Rs.3,112 per gram Rs.3,249 per gram Rs.3,212 per gram
    Last day Rs.3,249 per gram Rs.3,225 per gram Rs.3,279 per gram
    Highest price Rs.3,246 per gram on 6th and 7th July Rs.3,283 per gram on 18th August Rs.3,285 per gram from 24th to 26th September
    Lowest price Rs.3,112 per gram on 1st July Rs.3,225 per gram on 31st August Rs.3,212 per gram on 1st and 2nd September
    Trend Incline Decline Incline
    Change +4.40 % -0.73% +2.09%

    Gold Rate Trend of Jabalpur in July 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,112 per gram on 1st July.
    • Demand was high in domestic and global markets as prices rose consistently for most parts of the first two weeks.
    • Prices fluctuated through most parts of the second and third week as marginal inclines were written off by subsequent declines.
    • Prices remained constant at Rs.3,223 from the 22nd to the 30th of the month thanks to firming trends.
    • The month closed with gold trading at Rs.3,249 per gram on 31st July.

    Gold Rate Trend of Jabalpur in August 2016

    • The rate of gold per gram on the 1st of August was recorded at Rs.3,249.
    • Prices fluctuated as the month progressed, rising and falling on certain days until they gained stability at Rs.3,226 on the 6th and remained unchanged until the 9th.
    • Domestic demand was stable as jewellers and retailers increased their offtake for the festive season, leading to a consistent increase in rates until the 18th when they hit Rs.3,283 – the highest recorded rate in August.
    • Prices then fluctuated again and the yellow metal closed the month at Rs.3,225 per gram.

    Gold rate trend of Jabalpur in September 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs.3,212 per gram on 1st and 2nd September, which was the lowest rate for this month.
    • The highlight for this month was that the interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve was put on hold as the U.S. presidential elections were too close.
    • Prices remained stable from the 3rd of September to the 12th at Rs.3,229.
    • Prices rose gradually until the 24th when they hit Rs.3,285 per gram and remained stable until the 26th of September.
    • Prices remained constant for the last four days of the month and closed September at Rs.3,279 per gram.

    Gold Rate trend in Jabalpur for April 2016 to June 2016 (per gram of 24 karat gold)

    Factor April May June
    1st day Rs. 2, 989 per gram Rs. 3, 154 per gramRs.3,038
    Last day Rs. 3, 154 per gram Rs. 3, 018 per gram Rs.3,112
    Highest price Rs. 3, 154 per gram on 30th April, 2016 Rs. 3, 155 per gram from 7th- 11th May, 2016Rs.3,192 per gram on 27th June
    Lowest price Rs. 2, 989 per gram from 1st-11th April, 2016 Rs. 3, 003 per gram on 30th May, 2016Rs.3,015 per gram on 3rd June
    Trend Prices rose Prices fellRise
    change +5.52% increase -4.31% decrease+2.44%

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur in April 2016

    • Gold traded at Rs. 2, 989 for a gram at the start of April as the jewellers strike continued.
    • Poor demand kept the price stable for the week.
    • The strike was called off, leading to an upsurge in demand that raised prices.
    • International demand was muted but domestic demand kept pace, stabilising the price.
    • Prices rose marginally in the last week, with gold gaining 5.52% in the month.

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur in May 2016

    • Gold was trading at Rs. 3, 154 as demand continued to be strong.
    • A stronger Dollar led to a drop in prices globally, which affected prices domestically.
    • Renewed demand and market instability helped gold rally for a while, and prices reached a high of Rs. 3, 155.
    • The near certainty of an interest rate hike led to the price plunging to a low of Rs. 3, 003 in the last week, with gold losing 4.31% of its value.

    Gold Rate Trend of Jabalpur in June 2016

    • Gold rates through the month of June stayed relatively constant and were not badly affected by the trends in the global markets.
    • Gold traded at Rs.3,038 on 1st June and dipped to the lowest for the month at Rs.3,015 per gram on 3rd June.
    • The highest recorded was Rs.3,192 per gram on 27th June.
    • Domestic demand kept gold prices steady with a slight incline of 2.44%.
    January February March
    1st day Rs. 2,601 per gram Rs. 2, 775 per gram Rs. 3,068 per gram
    Last day Rs. 2,775 per gram Rs. 3,068 per gram Rs. 2,989 per gram
    Highest price Rs. 2,789 per gram on 27th and 28th Jan, 2016 Rs. 3,068 per gram on 27th and 28th Feb, 2016 Rs. 3, 093 per gram from 12th- 17th March, 2016
    Lowest price Rs. 2,601 per gram from 1st- 3rd Jan, 2016 Rs. 2,775 per gram on 1st and 2nd Feb, 2016 Rs. 2,989 per gram from 22nd- 31st March, 2016
    Trend Prices rose Prices rose Prices fell
    Change +6.68% increase +10.55% increase -2.57% decrease

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur in January 2016

    • The price of one gram of gold was Rs. 2, 601 in January, with prices rising due to high demand.
    • Prices were stable for a week and then steadily began to climb as global markets experienced volatility due to a fluctuating Dollar.
    • Domestic demand from jewellers continued to prop up the price domestically as gold prices fell internationally.
    • A slump in the price in global markets led to a dip in price domestically but gold recovered to close the month at Rs. 2, 775.

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur in February 2016

    • Gold began trading at Rs. 2,775per gram, continuing its stable run from the previous month.
    • Gold continued to rally as domestic demand stayed constant due to the wedding season.
    • Prices stayed high and increased as gold began to rally internationally as well.
    • Prices dipped towards the end of the month but recovered to close at Rs. 3,068.
    • Gold gained a whopping 10.55% in the month.

    Gold Rate Trend in Jabalpur in March 2016

    • The start of the month saw gold trading at Rs. 3,068 per gram as jewellers kept demand high.
    • The announcement of a strike by jewellers nationwide led to demand stagnating.
    • The price remained constant due to lack of demand from jewellers.
    • Due to sustained drop in demand, the price fell towards the end of the month over uncertainty as to how long it would continue.
    • Gold ended the month at a low of Rs. 2,989, a loss of 2.57%.

    Gold investment avenues in Jabalpur

    Gold has always been a preferred investment and is always considered as an earning asset. Though gold may witness price fluctuations from time to time, there has been no drastic depreciation in value of the yellow metal. It is considered a safe and secure form of investment. This precious metal can be bought in the form of bars, coins, jewellery, and also be traded.


    There are a number of jewellers in Jabalpur who sell gold in the form of ornaments, coins, bars and in other customized forms according to the customer’s requirement. Considered as an ideal investment mode, gold should always be bought from authorized places. It is also advisable to look for BIS certification while purchasing the yellow metal. A certificate of authenticity which contains amount of gold purchased, rate on the date of purchase, and details of purity, – along with the gold is also a must. This certificate can prove helpful in case of a resale. Nationalized banks also sell certified coins. However, there is no buy-back policy in banks.

    Market trade:

    The awareness and demand of gold as a tradable commodity is increasing among the people of Jabalpur. Apart from buying gold in the form of bullions, coins, and ornaments, people are also investing in paper gold. As an investment, the yellow metal can be bought as gold futures, as well as Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. It is easy to buy gold futures early and sold later when the market experiences instability in gold prices

    **Disclaimer: The gold rates mentioned above are subject to change as per the market conditions. Before buying gold, it is advisable to refer the current rates.**

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