Gold Rate In Ludhiana Today Last Updated : 27 Nov 2022

Ludhiana is one of the major cities in Punjab. Therefore, gold rates in Ludhiana depend on the gold rates persisting in the state of Punjab and closely follows the trend of rates elsewhere in the country. Gold rate today in Ludhiana are dynamic and fluctuate every day.

  • Today's Gold Rate in Ludhiana (27 Nov 2022)

    ₹ 4,965
    Today's Gold Rate (22K) per gram

    Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In Ludhiana (Today & Yesterday)

    Rate Change
    Standard Gold (22 K) (1 gram) ₹ 4,965 ₹ 4,965 ₹ 0 ↑
    Standard Gold (22 K) (8 grams) ₹ 39,720 ₹ 39,720 ₹ 0 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) (1 gram) ₹ 5,213 ₹ 5,213 ₹ 0 ↑
    Pure Gold (24 K) (8 grams) ₹ 41,704 ₹ 41,704 ₹ 0 ↑

    Daily Gold Rates

    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    27 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,965 ₹ 39,720 ₹ 5,213 ₹ 41,704
    26 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,965 ₹ 39,720 ₹ 5,213 ₹ 41,704
    25 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,965 ₹ 39,720 ₹ 5,213 ₹ 41,704
    24 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,965 ₹ 39,720 ₹ 5,213 ₹ 41,704
    23 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,935 ₹ 39,480 ₹ 5,182 ₹ 41,456
    22 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,945 ₹ 39,560 ₹ 5,192 ₹ 41,536
    21 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,960 ₹ 39,680 ₹ 5,208 ₹ 41,664
    20 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,970 ₹ 39,760 ₹ 5,219 ₹ 41,752
    19 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,970 ₹ 39,760 ₹ 5,219 ₹ 41,752
    18 Nov 2022 ₹ 4,985 ₹ 39,880 ₹ 5,234 ₹ 41,872

    Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Rate in Ludhiana (1 gram)

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    • 3 Months
    • 6 Months

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    Today's Gold Price in Ludhiana

    Gold is a popular commodity as well as form of investment for the residents of Ludhiana, who invest in gold as a form of hedging against inflation. Gold rates in Ludhiana have been declining this year following the trend of gold prices in the rest of the country.

    Gold is popular in the form of jewellery and ornament in Ludhiana. This is true for both the urban and rural populace. Gold rate in Ludhiana varies for different varieties of gold, with the base price considered to be that of gold bullions. Jewelleries and coins usually have higher rates owing to the workmanship costs that get added to the final price of the gold.

    November 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    November 1 Rate Rs.4,998 per gram
    November 24 Rate Rs.5,208 per gram
    Highest Rate in November Rs.5,282 per gram on 5 November
    Lowest Rate in November Rs.4,998 per gram on 1 November
    Overall Performance Incline

    October 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    October 1 Rate Rs.5,002 per gram
    October 31 Rate Rs.5,009 per gram
    Highest Rate in October Rs.5,061 per gram on 27 and 28 October
    Lowest Rate in October Rs.5,009 per gram on 31 October
    Overall Performance Decline

    September 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    September 1 Rate Rs.4,997 per gram
    September 30 Rate Rs.4,955 per gram
    Highest Rate in September Rs.5,007 per gram on 23 September
    Lowest Rate in September Rs.4,923 per gram on 22 September
    Overall Performance Incline

    August 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    August 1 Rate Rs.5,060 per gram
    August 31 Rate Rs.5,065 per gram
    Highest Rate in August Rs.5,128 per gram on 5 August
    Lowest Rate in August Rs.5,039 per gram on 23 and 24 August
    Overall Performance Incline

    July 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameter Gold price (24 karat)
    July 1 Rate Rs.5,144 per gram
    July 31 Rate Rs.5,081 per gram
    Highest Rate in July Rs.5,175 per gram on 5th July
    Lowest Rate in July Rs.4,981 per gram on 18th July
    Overall Performance Decline

    June 2022 Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
    June 1 Rate Rs.4,869 per gram
    June 30 Rate Rs.5,023 per gram
    Highest Rate in June Rs.5,139 per gram on 28th June
    Lowest Rate in June Rs.5,023 per gram on 30th June
    Overall Performance Decline

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    Gold buying patterns in Ludhiana

    Gold id preferred in the physical form in Ludhiana like the rest of the state. Major gold products in the city include:

    Over the counter: Gold jewellery is a popular item with the people of Ludhiana. Being one of the prosperous cities in the country, Ludhiana residents have been banking on gold products as investment and savings option. Major jewellers in the city include PC Jewellers, Nikkamal Jewellers, Ganpati Jewellers, Palace Jewellers, Nataraj Jewellers, to name a few. Physical gold is also sold as coins by major banks and private dealers in the city. Gold bullion is sold at base gold rates persisting for the day and are offered by a select few large dealers only.

    Traded gold: Gold can also be purchased through spot and futures contracts. These contracts are available in a specified time, with spot contracts preferred by those who want the gold to be delivered at the earliest. Futures contracts lets Ludhiana residents buy gold at current prices and get it delivered at a later rate, thereby shielding them against negative market pressure. Gold ETFs can also be traded at the Bombay Stock Exchange

    FAQs on Gold Rate in Ludhiana

    1. What is the price of gold in Ludhiana today?

      The price of gold in Ludhiana as on 11 February 2021 is Rs.4,831 per gram or Rs.48,310 per 10 grams.

    2. What has been the trend of gold rate in Ludhiana in 2021?

      Gold rates in Ludhiana have shown steady decline after being in the Rs.5,000 per-gram range during January. However, with the economy gradually recovering, gold prices have seen a decline.

    3. Why is the gold rate in Ludhiana constantly changing?

      Gold rates in India are dependent on the international price of the yellow metal. Due to constant changes in the international price of gold due to various factors, gold rates in Ludhiana have been fluctuating.

    4. Will the gold rate in Ludhiana rise in 2022?

      At the current trend of gold rate in Ludhiana, gold rates may see some volatility at its current level and also witness support in its lower levels. With the COVID-19 crisis, gold prices had reached an all-time high in August 2020. However, with the economy recovering slowly, the value of gold may fluctuate.

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