Today's Silver Rate in Pune Last Updated : 09 Feb 2023

Silver rate in Pune is influenced by several factors such as demand, geo-political, economic, etc. One of the main factors that influence the price of the metal is the prevailing dollar rate. They have an inverse relationship with each other. More information on the price of silver in Pune can be found below.
  • Today's Silver Rate in Pune (09 Feb 2023)

    ₹ 73.5
    Today's Silver Rate per gram

    Compare Silver Rate In Pune (Today & Yesterday)

    Rate Change
    Silver (1 gram) ₹ 73.5 ₹ 74 ₹ -0.5 ↓
    Bar Silver (1 Kg) ₹ 73,500 ₹ 74,000 ₹ -500 ↓

    Silver Price In Pune For Last 10 Days

    Date Silver (1 gram) Bar Silver (1 Kg)
    09 Feb 2023 ₹ 73.5 ₹ 73,500
    08 Feb 2023 ₹ 74 ₹ 74,000
    07 Feb 2023 ₹ 74 ₹ 74,000
    06 Feb 2023 ₹ 74 ₹ 74,000
    05 Feb 2023 ₹ 74.2 ₹ 74,200
    04 Feb 2023 ₹ 74.2 ₹ 74,200
    03 Feb 2023 ₹ 76.4 ₹ 76,400
    02 Feb 2023 ₹ 77.3 ₹ 77,300
    01 Feb 2023 ₹ 74.8 ₹ 74,800
    31 Jan 2023 ₹ 74.5 ₹ 74,500

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    Silver Price in Pune

    Pune is a cosmopolitan city with a high standard of living. The city has transformed itself into a professional hub and is home to some of the biggest brands in the world. Residents of the city have a high disposable income limit and silver is viewed as an interesting investment option by many of them. Given this high income, the varying silver rate today does not deter Pune residents from buying it.

    Silver Price in the Most Popular Indian Cities

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune for January 2023 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver price (per kg)
    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    January 1 Rate Rs.74500per kg
    January 31 Rate Rs.74300per kg
    Highest Rate in January Rs.75800 per kg on 16 January and 17 January
    Lowest Rate in January Rs.73500 per kg on 6 January and 19 January
    Overall Monthly Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -0.26%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune for December 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver price (per kg)
    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    December 1 Rate Rs.69800 per kg
    December 31 Rate Rs.74300 per kg
    Highest Rate in December Rs.74700 per kg on 21 December and 22 December
    Lowest Rate in December Rs.69800 per kg on 1 December
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 6.05%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune for November 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver price (per kg)
    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    November 1 Rate Rs.63,700 per kg
    November 30 Rate Rs.68,000 per kg
    Highest Rate in November Rs.68,500 per kg on 15 November
    Lowest Rate in November Rs.63,700 per kg on 1 November
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 6.75%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune for October 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver price (per kg)
    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    October 1 Rate Rs.62,000 per kg
    October 31 Rate Rs.63,000 per kg
    Highest Rate in October Rs.67,000 per kg on 5 October
    Lowest Rate in October Rs.60,500 per kg on 15 October and 16 October
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 1.61%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune for September 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver price (per kg)
    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    September 1 Rate Rs.58,000 per kg
    September 30 Rate Rs.61,500 per kg
    Highest Rate in September Rs.63,200 per kg on 23 September 2022
    Lowest Rate in September Rs.58,000 per kg on 1 September and 7 September 2022
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change -6.03%

    Things to keep in mind while making silver investment:

    At times, it is difficult to invest money in costly metals like gold. That is why you can for other affordable and reliable metals like silver. In India, silver is considered both auspicious and precious to invest money in. It is a good investment option for both rural and urban population. However, keeping a few things in mind will help you make better investment decisions. Those points are as follows:

    1. Invest in silver coins
    2. - If you are looking forward to making a small investment then you should consider buying silver coins. This is a good option for people with salaried individuals who wish to invest money regularly. Another advantage of buying silver coins is that it is available with banks and other reliable financial institutes. However, you need to note that the banks do not buy back silver coins.
    3. Keep an eye on silver prices
    4. - To make better investment choices, it is important to keep track of silver rates on a daily basis. Silver rates get affected by various reasons like government policies, low supply and high demand, crude oil prices, etc. That is why, choose a time when silver rates are comparatively low to make an investment.
    5. Buy from reputable sellers
    6. - In general, silver coins and bars can be purchased from any local jeweller. However, it is advisable to buy from a reputable jeweller to ensure the authenticity of the metal. It is a simple and easy way to ensure that the item purchased is pure and on selling in future, you will get a fair price for your investment. Avoid buying precious metal from unknown traders in the market, as there is risk of you getting cheated in such deals.

    Trend of Silver Rate in Pune

    Silver is among the most precious metals in Pune given that it is a major city in the state having many industries. Silver is valued in Pune both as jewellery and as a form of currency. The metal has been considered an important metal showcasing wealth and value for many decades. The white metal is considered auspicious and is kept as an asset in most homes. Even if there are constant fluctuations and declines in the stock markets, the value of silver remains steady and is a reliable source of income. Silver prices depend largely on the gold prices in India and in the international market.

    What Are The Factors Affecting The Silver Rate in Pune?

    Many factors play a role in the fluctuating silver prices in Pune. One of the major factors which affect silver rates in Pune is the international trend of silver and gold. Along with this, the domestic demand of silver along with the fluctuating trend of the U.S. dollar also affects the prices of the metal. In many instances, geopolitical tensions between countries, uncertainties in the equities market, changes in import taxes, rate cuts by central banks play a significant role in the constant changes in silver rates.

    FAQs on Silver Rate in Pune

    1. Where can I buy the best quality silver in Pune?
    2. You can visit various retailers and jewellers to check the best quality silver which can be bought in Pune.

    3. Will the silver price in Pune change?
    4. Yes, the silver price can change in Pune depending on a number of factors such as the crude oil prices, the international trend of the bullion market, the global state of political and social tensions along with the price of the rupee and the U.S. dollar.

    5. How do I know the quality of silver in Pune?
    6. The quality of silver can be known by checking if the silver you are purchasing is sticking to a magnet. If it does, the quality of silver is not good. The best quality of silver is the Sterling Silver Alloy which has 92.6% of silver and 7.4% of other metals.

    7. Why do investors invest in silver if the prices of US dollars and oil fall?

      Silver is a precious metal and is considered to be a safe haven and less volatile in nature. Hence, when the price of US dollar and oil is impacted negatively, the investors in order to make profit turns toward investing in gold.

    8. Why do silver rates fluctuate in different cities in India?

      The main reason behind the varied rates of silver across different cities and states in India is the addition of transportation charges of the precious metal. In addition to that, the rates also vary depending on the discount provided for bulk purchases. The transportation charges added to the price of silver leads to the fluctuating rates across the country during the same period.

    9. Silver coins or bars, which is a better purchase?

      However, silver bars are a preferred choice to receive maximum returns if you want to purchase bulk stocks.

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    News About Pune Silver Rate

    • Silver and gold prices rise

      The price of silver and gold grew. While the yellow metal grew 0.28%, silver traded higher at 0.26%.

      The price of gold in India was retailing at Rs.51,027 for every 10 grams, while silver retailed at Rs.62,000 per kg.

      23 May 2022

    • Silver futures prices fell on 14 March 2022

      Silver futures prices trading down by Rs.315 or 0.45% on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and are at Rs.70,055 per kg. The main reason for the fall in prices is the geopolitical tensions. Silver prices in the spot market were at Rs.69,713 per kg on 11 March 2022. In the global markets, silver rates shed 0.9% and were trading at $25.58 for an ounce.

      14 March 2022

    • Silver prices slip below Rs.63,000 in India

      The silver futures gained by 0.15% or Rs.92 and stands at Rs.62,036 per kg. The yellow metal, gold, on the other hand, gained about 0.10% or Rs.46 and stands at Rs.47,956 per 10 grams on MCX.

      The US economic growth has accelerated and posted its best performance in almost four decades in the fourth quarter of 2021. The report was issued by the Commerce Department.

      30 January 2022

    • Gold prices fall by Rs.54 and silver rates dip to Rs.59,217

      Gold rates had reached Rs.46,502 per 10 grams during the previous trade. The price of silver had also reduced by Rs.178 and reached Rs.59,217 per kg.

      In the international market, gold traded at $1,794 per ounce. Silver rates had been flat at $22.28 per ounce.

      12 January 2022

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