Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam Last Updated : 25 May 2022

  • Today's Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam ( 25 May 2022 )

    ₹ 66.5
    Today's Silver Rate per gram

    Compare Silver Rate In Visakhapatnam (Today & Yesterday)

    Rate Change
    Silver (1 gram) ₹ 66.5 ₹ 65.9 ₹ 0.6 ↑
    Bar Silver (1 Kg) ₹ 66,500 ₹ 65,900 ₹ 600 ↑

    Silver Price In Visakhapatnam For Last 10 Days

    Date Silver (1 gram) Bar Silver (1 Kg)
    24 May 2022 ₹ 66.5 ₹ 66,500
    23 May 2022 ₹ 65.9 ₹ 65,900
    22 May 2022 ₹ 65.9 ₹ 65,900
    21 May 2022 ₹ 65.9 ₹ 65,900
    20 May 2022 ₹ 65.9 ₹ 65,900
    19 May 2022 ₹ 65.1 ₹ 65,100
    18 May 2022 ₹ 65.1 ₹ 65,100
    17 May 2022 ₹ 65.4 ₹ 65,400
    16 May 2022 ₹ 64.5 ₹ 64,500
    15 May 2022 ₹ 63.7 ₹ 63,700

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    Silver Price in Visakhapatnam

    Silver rates in Visakhapatnam depend on the demand, supply and use of the white precious metal in several domains such as industries, photography, jewelry, silverware and coins among others. Silver price patterns in Visakhapatnam are determined by jewelry and retail investment, robust industrial demand, and solar power expansion in addition to medicinal uses of silver among others.

    Industry experts point out that production patterns and utilization of gold and silver differ which has an impact on the prices of the precious metals in the long term. Demand for silver shoots up if the government raises tariffs on gold imports. Also, local taxes, transportation costs besides additional costs by jewelry stores influence silver rates in Visakhapatnam.

    Silver as an Investment

    There are several pertinent factors to consider before investing in silver such as liquidity, storage and resale value in Visakhapatnam. Silver jewelry is more in demand in rural areas across the country whereas urban areas prefer investment in traditional silverware and coins in terms of investment, gift articles and as a status symbol.

    Jewelry - Silver articles such as tableware and idols made of silver are much more in demand in Visakhapatnam in addition to gifting silver utensils during festive and auspicious occasions. However, silver jewelry is also gaining increasing popularity owing to aspirational and aesthetics-driven youngsters. Intriguingly, investment in silverware has been on a decline due to under-karating in the recent past.

    Coins - Silver coins have intrinsic value or numismatic value, scarcity value and metal value, which largely depends on market demand and speculation. Coins are a solid investment in that you own real pure silver and not some paper backed by a bank.

    ETFs - Silver exchange traded funds (ETFs) are not currently available in the country. Investors can nevertheless trade in silver ETFs in the US market. Investors can also buy stocks of reputed silver mining companies listed on the Nasdaq or Dow stock exchanges.

    Where to Buy Silver in Visakhapatnam?

    There are several big silver showrooms which offer pure Hallmarked silver such as Khazana jewellery, Joyalukkas, Sri Kanakadurga Jewellers, Lalithambika Jewellers and GRT jewellers among many others. Daily fluctuation in silver prices is caused by short-term movements in the market which can be offset by long-term investors who can invest in silver and resell at lucrative rates.

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    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for April 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    April 1 Rate Rs.71,700 per kg
    April 30 Rate Rs.69,500 per kg
    Highest Rate in April Rs.75,200 on 18 April
    Lowest Rate in April Rs.68,800 per kg on 28 April and 29 April
    Overall Monthly Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -3.06%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for March 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    March 1 Rate Rs.70,000 per kg
    March 28 Rate Rs.71,300 per kg
    Highest Rate in March Rs.77,600 on 9 March
    Lowest Rate in March Rs.70,000 per kg on 1 March
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 1.85%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for February 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    February 1 Rate Rs.65,300 per kg
    February 28 Rate Rs.70,100 per kg
    Highest Rate in February Rs.70,600 per kg on 24 February
    Lowest Rate in February Rs.64,900 per kg on 7 February
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 7.35%

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    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for January 2022 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    January 1 Rate Rs.66,600 per kg
    January 31 Rate Rs.65,400 per kg
    Highest Rate in January Rs.69,300 on 21 January
    Lowest Rate in January Rs.64,300 per kg on 10 January
    Overall Monthly Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -1.80%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for December 2021 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    December 1 Rate Rs.66,300 per kg
    December 31 Rate Rs.66,000 per kg
    Highest Rate in December Rs.66,300 on 1, 28, and 29 December
    Lowest Rate in December Rs.64,600 per kg on 15 December
    Overall Monthly Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -0.45%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for November 2021 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    Rate on 1 November 2021 Rs.68,700 per kg
    Rate on 30 November 2021 Rs.66,500 per kg
    Highest Rate in November Rs.71,700 per kg on 13 and 14 November
    Lowest Rate in November Rs.66,500 per kg on 30 November
    Overall Monthly Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -3.20%

    Trend of Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam for October 2021 (rates per kg)

    Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
    October 1 Rate Rs.63,700 per kg
    October 31 Rate Rs.68,900 per kg
    Highest Rate in October Rs.70,300 on 25 October 2021
    Lowest Rate in October Rs.63,700 per kg on 1 October 2021
    Overall Monthly Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 8.16%

    FAQs on Silver Rate in Visakhapatna

    1. Should I purchase hallmarked silver?
    2. Yes, silver products that are hallmarked indicate they are pure.

    3. How can I tell whether my silver is pure or not?
    4. You may have your silver analysed to see if it's pure. This can be done through authorised dealers and sellers who will inspect the silver markings. Aside from that, you can perform tests such as the magnet test, the stench test, and the ice test.

    5. Is it possible to trade silver bullions and coins on the futures market?
    6. India does not yet have a silver trading platform. You can, however, invest in silver on the futures market in the form of silver bars, coins, and bullions.

    7. When is the best time to buy silver for me?
    8. When prices are low, it is the greatest time to buy silver. You can monitor silver prices on a daily basis and analyse their trends.

    9. What factors that influence the price of silver in India?
    10. In India, variables such as inflation, gold prices, industrial demand, mining costs, and bulk purchases influence silver prices.

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    Silver Rate - Sitemap

    News About Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam

    • Silver trading at Rs.65,600 per kg

      On Monday, a kilo of silver was trading at Rs.65,600 per kg. There was no change in the price of the white metal when compared to yesterday’s trading price. The price of 24-karat gold recorded a slight increase of Rs.10 on Monday and was trading at Rs.47,660 in Mumbai. In the other metropolitan cities, i.e., Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai consumers were required to shell out Rs.51,170, Rs.49,710, and Rs.47,660 for every 10 grams. The price of 10 grams of 22-karat gold in New Delhi and Mumbai was Rs.46,910 and Rs.46,660 respectively. In India, the price of gold jewellery varies due to factors like excise duty, state taxes, and making charges.

      25 October 2021

    • Silver prices unchanged in India on 21 September 2021

      The prices of silver in India remained unchanged on 21 September and were at Rs.60,000 for a kg. Unlike silver, gold prices also fell in India on 21 September. Gold rates fell by Rs.260 and were at Rs.46,130 for 10 grams. Gold jewellery prices in India are different in every state and depend on the making charges, state taxes, and excise duty. The prices of 22-carat gold in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are at Rs.45,450, Rs.45,130, and Rs.43,600 for 10 grams, respectively. The prices of 24-carat gold in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are at Rs.49,580, Rs.46,130, and Rs.47,560 for 10 grams, respectively.

      21 September 2021

    • Indian spot gold rate and silver price today

      Price of gold trading at Rs.47,190 dropped and also has been lower than the average gold price by 0.22%.

      In the global markets, the price of gold grew 0.18% to $1816.7 per Troy ounce. The value of silver also dropped 0.06% to $25.2 per Troy ounce.

      The price of platinum went up by 0.05% to $1078.0 per Troy ounce. Meanwhile in India, gold traded at Rs.47,161 per 10 gram on MCX, with a change of Rs.51.9.

      On MCX, gold futures prices in India rose 0.11% to Rs.47161 per 10 gram. On MCX, silver futures increased nearly 0.19% to the price level of Rs.62145 per kg.

      23 August 2021

    • On Multi Commodity Exchange, silver futures grew nearly 1.78 percent on Monday

      The price of silver shot up by Rs.1239.9 per kilogram on Monday. The increase recorded in the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) saw a kilogram of the white metal cost Rs.69,270. Globally, silver price plunged by 2.18 percent and was trading at $26.1 per troy ounce.

      Gold price also recorded an incline in the country on Monday. 10 grams of the precious metal cost Rs.46,811 on the MCX after recording a jump of 0.12 percent. Spot gold price also increased by 56.2 and stood at Rs.47,170. In the international market, gold futures were up by 0.45 percent and was trading at $1779.7 per troy ounce. The price was 2.25 percent higher than the average gold price observed in the past 30 days.

      28 June 2021

    • Indian spot gold rate and silver price

      The price of spot gold remained unchanged yesterday at Rs.48680 and was on par with the average gold price observed this week which is Rs.48874.3.

      In international markets, price of gold fell by 0.14% to $1885.5. Prices of silver also dropped 0.27% to $27.7.

      The cost of platinum also slumped 0.65% to $1144.5. In India, the cost of gold was priced at Rs.48,766 per 10 gram on MCX. The price of 24 karat gold in the Indian spot market was recorded to be at Rs.48,680.

      10 June 2021

    • Silver futures fall by 0.8 percent on Friday

      On the Mutli Commodity Exchange (MCX), the futures of the white metal fell by 0.8 percent to cost Rs.71.748 per kg. In the international market, silver rates edged lower and an ounce cost $27.72 after recording a fall of 0.1 percent.

      Gold price was also under pressure today amid a drop in global rates. On the MCX, the futures of the yellow metal were down by 0.4 percent. The drop which was the third fall in four days saw 10 grams of gold cost Rs.48,358. Globally, spot gold was down by 0.2 percent and was trading at $1,872.21 per ounce. Among other precious metals, platinum edged up by 0.4 percent and was trading at $1,200.57.

      21 May 2021

    • Yellow metal falls close to Rs.47,000; silver cheaper by Rs.700

      The price of gold and silver dropped as investors kept a close eye on the policy cues by the Federal Reserve and rise in US treasury yields.

      Gold futures dropped 0.39% or Rs 186 at Rs.47,117 per 10 grams. The cost of silver slipped 1.04% or Rs.730 to Rs.69,470 per kg.

      In the spot market, price of gold in New Delhi on Monday dropped Rs.81 to Rs.46,976 per 10 gram due to rise in the value of rupee. Silver also fell Rs.984 to Rs.67,987 per kg. Spot gold slipped 0.5% at $1,767.76 per ounce. U.S. gold futures dropped 0.5% at $1,770.00 per ounce. The value of Palladium fell 0.6% to $2,924.12 per ounce. The cost of Silver slipped 0.9% to $26.00 per ounce. Platinum dipped 1% at $1,216.75.

      29 April 2021

    • Silver rate up by Rs.206; gold prices incline

      Gold prices increased by Rs.159 to Rs.46,301 per 10 grams on 15 April after recovery was seen in the international price of the metal. The precious metal had closed its previous session at Rs.46,142 per 10 grams.

      Silver prices also were at Rs.67,168 per kg, inclining by Rs.206 compared to its previous closing price of Rs.66,962 per kg. In the international market, gold prices were trading green at $1,745 per ounce while silver showed a flat trend at $25.52 per ounce.

      According to sources, the price of gold and silver increased due to a decline in the dollar value in the market.

      16 April 2021

    • Silver rates jump in the Visakhapatnam on Monday

      Silver prices in the Visakhapatnam edged higher on Monday. On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), the rates jumped up by 1.43 percent to cost Rs.75,220 per kg. In the global market, silver rates eased by 0.1 percent to cost $28.28 per ounce.

      The price of the yellow metal also climbed. On the MCX, October gold futures were up 0.46 percent and cost Rs.55,040 for every 10 grams. Gold prices in the country have shot up by more than 40 percent this year. In the international market, the price of the bullion was steady. Spot gold was trading $2,333.40 per ounce. It must be noted here that the holdings of SPDR Gold Trust fell by 0.46 percent to 1,262.12 tonnes on Friday.

      10 August 2020

    • Silver and gold prices holding steady in the international market

      Gold prices increased to Rs.48,190 per kg compared to Rs.47,960 per 10 grams on Tuesday according to various reports. In the National Capital Region, the price of 22-karat gold was holding steady at Rs.47,000 per 10 grams while in Chennai it is Rs.46,290 per 10 grams. In Mumbai, 22-karat gold was priced at Rs.46,600 per 10 grams.

      On the Multi Commodity Exchange, gold futures for August increased marginally by 0.01% to Rs.47,944 per 10 grams and silver futures dipped by 0.28%. Trade tensions between China and the United States of America eased after China plans to accelerate the purchases of American farm goods to be complacent with the Phase-1 trade deal.

      The price of gold increased by 1% to set a record high on 22 June due to escalating geopolitical tensions between China and India and increasing to COVID-19 cases. Due to dipped risk appetite, gold prices continued to incline with a record incline in COVID-19 cases in the country. With the economy taking longer than expected to recover, demand for the safe-haven metal inclined.

      24 June 2020

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