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  • NRE Debit Card – ICICI Bank

    Overview of ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card

    ICICI Debit Cards are all about security and convenience. Why carry around cash when you can simply carry one card for all your expenses. Get access to your funds anytime you want and simply swipe your card at over a millions locations that accept Visa/MasterCard around the globe to make payments. Choose the type of debit card for you, each with unique features and benefits to compliment your needs and lifestyle. Also, ICICI Debit Cards can be safely used for online shopping thanks to the best in safety features that the cards possess.

    ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card is crafted to please it’s customers with silver privileges while shopping. The card is loaded with special features, benefits and discounts while shopping, dining and much more.

    Features and Benefits:

    • This Debit Card comes with a high withdrawal and transaction limit. The daily purchase limit at retail outlets and on merchant websites is Rs. 1,00,000 in India and Rs. 75,000 outside the country. Further, the daily cash withdrawal limit at domestic and international ATMs is Rs. 50,000.
    • ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card makes online transactions a simple task. Booking movie tickets, travel arrangements, shopping and more can be done in a few simple steps with the ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card. Simply register yourself for "Verified by VISA" and start paying the convenient way.
    • Each time you make any payment with the ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card you will be earning PAYBACK reward points. For every Rs. 200 that you spend at merchant establishments in India, you will be earning 2 points. If you use the card to make purchases at merchant establishments located outside India, you will be earning ten points for every Rs. 200 spent.
    • You will be protected from misuse of your card, loss, theft or misplacement thanks to the added security of Zero Liability Protection. Simply inform the bank to report misuse/loss by calling the 24-hour Customer Care within 15 days and providing the necessary documents. Your balance will be restored in your account at the earliest.
    • Every time you make a transaction on the ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card, you will get an SMS notification on your phone so that you have complete control over your expenses.
    • Itemized billing system makes sure that you stay on top of your finances with the ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card. You will receive regular bank statements with detailed information about purchases made on your debit card, including the date, merchant name and amounts spent.

    NRE Debit Card FAQs

    1. How many PAYBACK points will I receive if I use my card in London?

      Ans. If you are using your ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card outside India, you are eligible to earn 10 points for every Rs. 200 that you spend.

    2. What is the maximum amount I can spend on online shopping with my ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card?

      Ans. If the merchant website is an Indian one, you can spend up to a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000 per day. If the merchant website is a foreign one, you can spend up to a maximum of Rs. 75,000 per day.

    3. I have lost my ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card. How can I be eligible for the Lost Card liability feature?

      Ans. The first thing that you must do when/if you lose your debit card is to inform the bank. From the day that you lost the card, you have 15 days to report the fact to be eligible for the Lost Card liability feature.

      You must make sure that your most current contact details are provided to the bank since you will receive alerts every time there is a transaction with your card.

      You must have made at least one transaction in the account within the last 90 days from the day that you lost your card.

    4. How do I redeem the reward points that I have collected?

      Ans. You can choose among the 400 PAYBACK reward products for the ones that you find most attractive to redeem your points. Next you must log in and place your order on the rewards that you have picked. You should receive the items that you picked within two weeks.

      The other option that you have is to visit a PAYBACK Partner and shop for your preferred items. First, ask if payment with PAYBACK points is possible. You must provide the sufficient documents including your PAYBACK card and your PAYBACK details in order to pay with your PAYBACK points.

      You could also shop online at a PAYBACK partner. Simply pick the items that you would like to redeem your points on, select PAYBACK points as payment option and then enter your PAYBACK details. Your purchase will be home delivered to you.

    5. How much cash can I withdraw from my ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card per day?

      Ans. You can withdraw a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per day from your card, both in India or abroad.


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