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Axis Bank Debit Card

Axis Bank offers various types of debt cards which cater to the specific needs of their diverse base of customers. The bank also provides a rewards program for its debit cardholders which allows customers to gain reward points with every purchase. Axis Bank also offers debit cards for women and the youth.

Key Highlights:

  • Earn rewards every time you spend 
  •  Over 15% discount on dining  
  • Personalized card designs 
Debit Card
  • Make online transactions
  • Quick ATM withdrawals
  • Bonus points & gifts

Overview of Axis Bank

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India with a network of 2402 branches and 12,922 ATMs spread across the country. The bank also has its presence in the international arena with offices in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Colombo and Shanghai. Axis Bank caters to a diverse clientele comprising of retail businesses, MSME, agriculturists and large and mid-corporates. Axis Bank holds the distinction of being the first Indian private sector bank to upgrade their representative office in Shanghai to a full-fledged overseas branch. With a wide spectrum of innovative banking products, Axis Bank provides an array of debit cards offering customers convenient cashless shopping, exciting discounts, rewards from the eDGE Loyalty program and personalized card designs. Axis Bank debit cards come with enhanced security features for purchase transactions on Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode platforms.

What does your Axis Bank debit card offer?

  • Customise and craft your own Axis Bank debit card with MyDesign!
  • Higher withdrawal and purchase transaction limits on every Axis Bank debit card.
  • Complimentary access to VIP airport lounges.
  • Fuel surcharge waivers at petrol bunks across India.
  • Enhanced insurance coverage for the primary debit card holder.

Types of Axis Bank debit cards

Premium Cards

Burgundy World Debit Card

The Burgundy World Debit Card is a global card with lifestyle privileges tailor made to meet the requirements of a Premium banking customer. Loaded with benefits, this card offers higher transaction limits, dining and travel benefits, rewards redemption, free ATM withdrawal options and insurance coverage to a Premium debit card holder.

Wealth Debit Card

Wealth Account holders can design their own version of the Axis Bank Wealth Debit Card available with unlimited privileges, complimentary access, no issuance and annual fee charges, fuel surcharge waivers and free ATM withdrawal options.

Priority Platinum Debit Card

Introduced mainly for Priority customers of Axis Bank, the Priority Platinum Debit Card offers 25% cashback on movie spends, fuel surcharge waivers, issuance and annual fee waivers and insurance coverage for the debit card holder.

Segmented Cards

Youth Debit Card

Targeted at the younger generation, the Youth debit card can be procured by Axis Bank customers aged between 18 and 25. The card offers withdrawal and transaction limits of Rs 40,000/- per day, purchase protection, shopping and dining discounts, along with zero lost card liability options.

Ladies First Debit Card

Designed exclusively for homemakers, the Ladies First Debit Card helps them manage their household finances better with a monthly spends tracker, interest on savings, spa and lifestyle privileges, rewards on grocery and apparel purchases, convenient transaction options and an instant debit card procurement process.

Power Salute Debit Card

The Power Salute debit card is generally issued to defense personnel with a load of benefits like insurance coverage, issuance and annual fees waivers and free ATM withdrawals across India.

NRI Domestic Titanium Debit Card

The NRI Domestic Titanium debit card comes with insurance benefits, purchase protection, zero lost card liability, 24/7 customer support mainly issued for NRO accounts.

Value Added Cards

Titanium Rewards Debit Card

As a rewards debit card holder, customers can be part of the Axis Bank eDGE rewards program enjoying privileges on shopping and dining and get other benefits like airport lounge access, 5% cashback on movie spends, higher transaction and withdrawal limits, fuel surcharge waivers and design their own Titanium Rewards Debit Card.

MyDesign - Image Debit Card

Let your Axis Bank debit card be a reflection of ‘You’. Choose or create an image of your choice to be printed on your debit card along with the variant of the card that you need. Depending on the type of card, Axis Bank will charge a nominal designing fee for every MyDesign debit card created.

Basic Cards

Titanium Prime Debit Card

Prime savings account holders can enjoy rewards program benefits, zero issuance charge, insurance coverage and higher purchase limits with their Titanium Prime Debit Cards.

Titanium Prime Plus Debit Card

Titanium Prime Plus Debit Card is an out and out shopping card offered to Prime Plus savings account holders, loaded with benefits like insurance coverage, 10% cashback on movie tickets, rewards program, zero issuance charges along with MyDesign options.

Visa Classic Debit Card

As an international debit card, the Visa Classic debit card offers enhanced protection to users as a chip or PIN enabled debit card along with unlimited shopping, dining, and travel benefits.

Commercial Debit Cards

MasterCard Business Debit Card

The MasterCard Business Debit Card is a commercial card packed with attractive benefits, safety features and high transaction limits mainly for self-employed entrepreneurs, helping them manage their business expenses efficiently.

Business Platinum Debit Card

Your Axis bank debit card can be your business identity with your business name and logo printed on your card! Business banking customers can benefit immensely from the Business Platinum debit card with specially designed programs like Business Savings Plan and other value-added benefits helping them to efficiently manage their businesses. The card also offers other privileges like fuel surcharge waivers, insurance coverage, rewards program and airport lounge access.

Business Titanium Rewards Debit Card

Offering the best rewards program to its business banking customers, Axis Bank presents the Business Titanium Rewards debit card with enhanced insurance coverage and high transaction limits.

Smart Privilege Debit Card

The Smart Privilege Debit Card is issued to women customers holding Smart Privilege accounts with Axis Bank. The card comes with withdrawal and purchase limits of up to Rs 1,00,000, rewards program and insurance coverage for the card holder.

Rewards+ Debit Card

Axis Bank presents the Rewards+ Debit Card, a contactless debit card which offers you a world of the most exclusive benefits and privileges. Making contactless debit card payments is now possible with your Rewards+ debit card which comes with high daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000 and a daily transaction limit of Rs 4 lakh. Enjoy a waiver on fuel surcharge when you swipe your card for fuel purchases and also enjoy up to 5% cashback on movie tickets booked online or purchased at the box office. Travel in comfort as your Rewards+ Debit Card provides you access to some of the finest airport lounges in cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. This card also offers you multiple insurance covers such as Personal Accident Cover Insurance (including Permanent Total Disability) worth Rs 3 lakh, Air Accident Cover worth Rs 1 crore, zero lost card liability and purchase protection worth Rs 1,75,000 and also access to the Axis Bank 24hr customer helpline for resolution of any card related issues or queries. Not to forget, you can personalize your Rewards+ Debit Card with an image of your choice to flaunt your style.

Secure+ Debit Card

Leave behind all worries of debit card misuse or fraud with the Secure+ Debit Card from Axis Bank. Available as a contactless debit card as well, the Secure+ offers a wide range of benefits such as high purchase limits of Rs 75,000 and cash withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000, Personal Accident insurance cover worth Rs 5 lakh for your and your family’s safety, emergency hotel / travel assistance up to Rs 80,000 when you’re traveling abroad or within India and emergency cash assistance worth Rs 5,000 when you’re travelling within India. The Secure+ card also comes with cover worth Rs 75,000 for fraudulent transactions carried out with your card in the event of loss, skimming, phishing, theft, counterfeit, online usage, PIN based transactions which have been done 15 days before the loss of the card. Also, with the Secure+ Debit Card, you get to be part of Axis Bank’s eDGE Loyalty Rewards program where you get to earn reward point for card transactions. Points can be redeemed for 500+ rewards and exciting offers.

Display Debit Card

Enjoy the best of safety and cashless convenience with the Axis Bank Display Debit Card which offers enhanced coverage and added benefits along with transaction security provided by NetSecure. The card comes with high daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 1 lakh and a daily purchase limit of Rs 4 lakh, along with providing complimentary lounge access at airports across India. For freedom if usage, this card allows an enhanced number of 10 charge-free financial and non-financial transactions at non-Axis ATMs and also allows unlimited access to ATMs internationally (subject to a 3.5% mark-up fee). The Display Debit Card offers a robust armor of insurance cover with Personal Accident Coverage Insurance cover worth Rs 5 lakh, Air Accident Cover worth Rs 25 lakh, zero lost card liability against loss due to loss, theft or fraudulent usage of the debit card. Additionally, Display Debit Card holders automatically become eligible for the Axis eDGE Loyalty Rewards program where card purchases let you earn reward points which can then be redeemed on offers or rewards.

Switching Off Axis Bank Debit Card

Axis Bank allows customers to switch off their debit cards when they are not in use. This feature is an added security measure for customers who have large amounts of money in their accounts and wish to safeguard it against any fraudulent activity. In addition to safeguarding the customer’s account, this feature also allows the account holder to control the amount that they spend on their debit card.

Another reason why this feature has been introduced is due to the near-field communications (NFC) technology that is enabled on most Axis Bank debit cards. The NFC feature enables customers to make cashless transactions up to Rs.2,000 without having to enter their ATM PIN. Axis Bank allows their customers 5 NFC transactions per day.

Switching off a debit card is a fairly simple process and the request is instantly activated. The following are the steps to switch off an Axis Bank debit card:
  • Login to the Axis Bank internet banking website
  • Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab, followed by the ‘My Debit Cards’ option.
  • Clicking on this option provides all the debit cards linked to the account.
  • Select the debit card that is to be switched off
  • Select the ‘Switch ON/OFF Card’ option from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • Withdrawal limits and purchase limits of the debit card will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Switch Off’ button at the bottom of the page.

The debit card is instantly switched off once this process is complete and can be switched on again following the same steps.

Benefits of holding an Axis Bank Debit Card

  • Customers are entitled to world class offers, discounted prices, luxury indulgences and flexible banking options with their Axis Bank debit cards.
  • MyDesign - Make your Axis debit card as unique as you! Design a card with your favourite image and special effects in just three easy steps.
  • Online shopping is now safer with your Axis Bank debit card, enabling users to transact on secured platforms using Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode services.
  • Purchase transactions using your Axis Bank debit card are also secured and validated using your debit card PIN at all retail outlets.

Axis Bank Debit Card Offers

  • The eDGE Loyalty program from Axis Bank gives you an opportunity to earn and redeem your accrued reward points from over 500 attractive reward options comprising of electronics, travel tickets, retail merchandise and dining offers.
  • Shop at various online retail merchants and travel sites using your Axis debit cards and pay back your purchases with easy monthly instalments within a period of 3 or 6 months.
  • Enjoy a minimum of 15% discount on dining at over 1400 restaurants using your Axis Bank debit card.

Quick tips to use your Axis Bank Debit Card

  • Ensure completion of a debit card transaction at merchant outlets and ATMs to avoid fraudulent activity on your card.
  • Axis Bank customers are advised to take necessary precautions to safeguard their PIN details and not disclose it unnecessarily.
  • While using your Axis Bank debit card at PoS terminals customers should make sure that the merchant establishment has subscribed to Visa or Visa Electron services.
  • Customers should mandatorily sign at the back of their debit cards for merchants to validate their signatures at the time of purchases.

FAQs for Axis Bank Debit Cards

  1. Do I have to enter my Axis Bank debit card PIN during purchase transactions?

    Yes, customers have to enter their debit card PINs for all domestic purchase transactions. In the cases of international transactions the PIN feature has been implemented only in a couple of countries other than India. In all other countries customers do not have to enter their PINs to authenticate purchase transactions.

  2. What happens when a customer enters an invalid PIN during transactions?

    During purchase transactions, if the wrong PIN is entered then the transaction will be declined by the bank. While withdrawing cash from ATMs, the debit card will be temporarily blocked by the bank after three invalid attempts.

  3. What does the Card Protection Plan from Axis Bank offer?

    The Card Protection Plan from Axis Bank offers fraud protection, free replacement of cards, emergency cash advance facility, emergency travel and hotel assistance and valuable documents registration.

  4. What are the options available to an Axis Bank customer for generating an ATM PIN?

    Axis Bank debit card users can generate their PINs easily at the nearest Axis Bank ATM or by using the phone banking facility.

  5. How are online transactions secured by Axis Bank?

    Axis Bank allows users to transact safely using their debit cards on Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode platforms.

News about Axis Bank Debit Cards

  • Security Breach Affects AXIS Bank Customers

    AXIS Bank customers have been asked to change the security codes on their debit cards recently as India was hit by possibly its largest security breach of financial data, where over 3.2 million cards were affected, of the 3.2 million cards 2.6 million were on the Visa and MasterCard platforms and 600,000 were on the RuPay platform. The Payments Council of India has ordered a forensic audit of the bank servers and a Bengaluru based security firm called SISA is presently conducting a forensic audit. Customers have reported unauthorised transactions originating from locations in China. It is suspected that the breach originated when a malware was introduced into the Hitachi Payment Services which gave hackers access to sensitive account information. AXIS Bank has not commented on queries posted last Wednesday.

    26 October 2016

  • Deals to save money while purchasing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are finally available in India for sale. Customers can either purchase it online through various sites such as Flipkart, Amazon India etc or they can directly purchase it from the retail stores. This time, e-commerce sites have come up with various deals and cashback offers for the customers. An exchange discount of up to Rs. 24,500 is being provided by Flipkart and Rs. 16,000 by Snapdeal. These e-commerce sites have also come up with various EMI offers. The customers can now buy the phone with EMI as low as Rs. 2,930 for 24 months. Some of these retailers are also offering cashback offers. The customers can avail the cashback offer of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000 while using Paytm to buy the iPhone. Snapdeal has also offered 10% cashback discounts to all the customers who are axis bank card holders. However the cashback offers provided by Flipkart and Amazon were limited time deals. Airtel is also not lagging behind in all this. It has decided to provide the buyers with extra 10GB of data every month for the next one year.

    17 October 2016

  • Axis Bank introduces contactless debit cards with visa!

    Axis Bank, a private lender has announced the launch of a new range Contactless Secure + Debit cards for regular savings account customers. This was a part of the bank’s initiative to provide contactless technology to a wider customer base. The card was launched on the VisapayWave platform and will enable the customers to pay at NFC enable sale terminals and use the debit card at Point of sale terminals. As of now, around 40% NFC enabled Point of Sale terminals have been established by Axis Bank. The new range of debit cards will help customers carry out transactions much faster.

    1 September 2016

  • Axis Bank delivers India’s first 'display variant' debit card

    Axis Bank has become India’s third largest private sector bank in a short span of time owing to their innovative financial products and a willingness to take risks when it is deemed worth the effort. Axis Bank’s latest surprise is a 'display variant' debit card which does away with the trouble of creating one time password (OTP) over SMS while handling transactions. OTP is a reliable security measure and cannot be abandoned. The card, which is now targeted at high-value NRE clients, has an implanted EMV chip, a display screen as well as a touch sensitive key to help you generate the OTP on the cash card itself. This OTP, in union with the user ID and password, permits the client to transfer money online without having to wait for the OTP on phone. The card is of course endowed with free ATM access globally with loyalty point programme, lounge offers, dining and shopping privileges and more not to mention the air accident cover of INR 25 lacs and a personal accident cover of INR 5 lacs.

    2 December 2015

  • Axis Bank Launches “LIME” to Bank, Pay and Shop

    India’s third-largest private lender, Axis Bank, has launched a mobile banking application “LIME” that will allow customers who hold accounts and also non-customers to split bills, shop, compare and make money transfers via mobile wallets. This application is designed to offer a seamless banking experience to customers and will provide higher levels of customer engagement. LIME can be used by friends to pool money or to plan group travel. The bank is now available for Android devices and will soon be available for Apple devices also. Given that 47% of Axis Bank transactions happen through mobile, it comes as no surprise that the bank is concentrating on improving digital medium.

    In LIME, a user wallet is created once the details are entered which can then be used for services like ATM withdrawal and money transfer. Conventionally, a customer would require debit card and will have to key in the PIN for money withdrawal from ATM. With a new banking direction, Axis Bank also aims to bring down the base rate. Axis Bank is also venturing into tie-ups with partnership banks.

    Customers can shop online with MasterCard which will be offered with LIME and can make payments at PoS terminals that accept debit cards and credit cards.

    11 September 2015

  • Axis Bank’s contact-less debit cards to ease BMTC & Kochi Metro experience for commuters

    Axis Bank has drawn a roadmap for launching contactless debit cards in India. These plans entail associations with cab companies, city transportation suppliers like BMTC Bangalore and Cochin Metro Rail where Axis bank's debit and credit cards can be utilized for 'touch and go' disbursements. The bank has already commenced integrating contactless facility on its global forex cards. It will present receipt devices in BMTC buses in a while and is also strategizing automated money collection methods for Kochi Metro. Travelers too can make use of this card in cafes and eateries in other countries as well.

    23 August 2015

  • Contactless cards are next in the offing from Axis Bank.

    Axis Bank would soon be launching contactless cards, which will work on the near-field communication (NFC) technology. The bank would be targeting its premium section of customers, which amounts to over 1.70 lakhs of its total customer base in India. Axis Bank would be launching a pilot phase with the inclusion of just 100 merchants based in two cities and this facility will be available with the bank’s premium debit cards, credit cards and multi-currency forex cards.

    Axis Bank would be targeting customers using debit cards for everyday transactions with amounts lesser than Rs 2000. This has ideated from current trends which show that debit card transactions worth Rs 12,000 to 13,000 crore are done with payments below Rs 2000. Since contactless payment technology is yet to catch up with Indian customers, Axis Bank would be launching this feature with the segment that will be able to quickly adapt to it.

    17 August 2015

  • ‘Secure Plus’ by Axis Bank: Redefining Debit Card Security

    Be it spending on the latest gadget, splurging on jewellery or even paying for a meal at a restaurant, swiping cards is still not a commonplace sight in India. Less than 10% of users actually go along with card transactions throwing all care to the wind.

    Believing the concern over card security to be the primary reason for such a behaviour, Axis Bank has recently launched ‘Secure+’, a debit card with extended security features. Encompassing a specific ‘security’ chip, Secure Plus allows its users to disable it during certain periods. In case the user loses his/her wallet with a bunch of other cards, a call to an Axis Bank executive can render Secure Plus and all other cards invalid for use.

    Extended security features such as these allow the user to claim up to Rs. 75,000 on disputed transactions. Emergency assistance in cases of non-cash transactions pertaining to lost tickets or wallets is also provided. Add to that an accident insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakhs and suddenly, a Rs. 300 annual charge for the card looks like a steal of a deal.

    2 July 2015

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