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Union Bank of India Debit Card

With a strong backbone of 96 years of banking, Union Bank of India aims to be the ‘bank of choice’ by building long lasting relationships with its customers through continuous innovation, performance and delivery. Since its inception in 1919, the bank has progressed by leaps and bounds, proving its mettle with continuous profits throughout its 96 year tenure. Union Bank of India has been a very active player in the economic development of India, extending its support to industries, exports, agriculture, trading and other segments. With a large customer base of 49 million, Union Bank of India has successfully implemented core banking solutions ensuring maximum connectivity amongst customers.

Union Bank of India now has over 4000 branches focusing on products like deposits, accounts, personal finance, NRI banking, remittance, treasury, MSME banking, agricultural banking, corporate banking and foreign investments. UBI’s banking products are developed with state-of-the-art technology ensuring efficiency and convenience to a banking customer. Under the personal banking umbrella, Union Bank has a wide array of products comprising of loans, deposits, cards insurance and investments. As an e-banking enabled financial institution, Union Bank offers ‘Union BillPay’, for all types of online transactions and strategically located ATM centers at 60,000 locations in India.

A Union Bank debit card comes with flexible withdrawal options, add-on cards, 24/7 customer service, international acceptance and world class security features. Existing UBI customers can link their savings account to new debit cards or get a completely new debit card linked to multiple accounts. UBI debit card holders can make up to 10 transactions per day. Savings account holders can do up to 5 free transactions per month at any other bank ATM and will be charged a fee of Rs 20/- for every transaction after that.

What does your Union Bank of India debit card offer?

  • Cash withdrawals can be done at 1 million plus ATMs across the globe.
  • Multiple account access with just a single card.
  • Free life insurance coverage provided for the debit card holder.
  • Redeem accrued reward points for exciting offers, gift vouchers, and merchandise or for booking movie, bus or air tickets.

Types of Union Bank of India debit cards

Union Bank International Debit Card

Accepted across the globe, the Union Bank International debit card is a personal card facilitating cash withdrawals at 60,000 ATMS in India and at over 1 million ATMs worldwide. Customers can make secure online transactions with the Verified by Visa (VbV) registration and also use their Union Bank of India debit cards to make purchases at multiple merchant outlets.

  • The bank provides add-on cards for joint accounts and customers can have access to three accounts linked to a single debit card.
  • The insurance cover provided to a Union Bank of India debit card user is Rs 2 lakhs for the principal holder and Rs 1 lakh for an add-on cardholder.
  • Union Bank of India provides lost card liability up to Rs 1000/- after the loss has been reported.
  • The UBI International debit card is issued free of charge with an ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 25,000/- per day and a purchase transaction limit of Rs 25,000/- per day.

UBI RuPay Debit card

The UBI RuPay debit card works on the PaySecure e-commerce platform providing security for online transactions with a two-step authentication process. PaySecure offers a simple but efficient transaction model, enhancing customer experiences with reduced processing times and low dropout rates.

IRCTC Union Bank Prepaid Card:

Union Bank of India has introduced a prepaid card in collaboration with IRCTC and named it the ‘IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card’. The card can be used by UBI’s customers to book railway tickets on www.irctc.co.in. There are two card type options – virtual and physical card.

Virtual card – If customers opt for the IRCTC UBI Prepaid virtual card, the card number is sent via email. Using the credentials on the email, customers can book railway tickets online on the IRCTC website.

Physical card – If UBI customers take the IRCTC UBI Prepaid physical card, the plastic magnetic strip is sent to the address of the customer through courier. Customers can also collect plastic cards from any branch of the bank. This card can then be used to book railway tickets on IRCTC online.

Type of card KYC requirements Card validity Card limit
Virtual card Partial KYC 1 year Rs.10,000
Physical card Partial KYC 1 year Rs.10,000
Full KYC 3 years Rs.50,000

Features of the IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card:

Some of the important features of the card are:

  • The initial load amount on the prepaid cards is Rs.500, which can be loaded at the time of card purchase.
  • Only one prepaid card per user is issued by the bank.
  • You are required to have a PAN card to be eligible to purchase the card.
  • There are no additional charges for top-up on this card.
  • You can visit any UBI branch to avail cash based top-up facility.
  • Up to three top-ups are allowed on this card in a day.
  • You can also reload your prepaid card using internet banking facility.

Charges on the card:

There are no transaction charges for the first five transactions every month using the IRCTC Union Bank Prepaid Card for the purchase of railway tickets online. The transactions are free for the customer for the first six months from the launch of this card. After the free usage period or six months after the launch date of the card, customers will be charged Rs.10 for every subsequent transaction.

How to request for an IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card:

If you want to opt for the IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the IRCTC official website and click on the tab that says ‘IRCTC PrePaid’ on the right hand corner of the portal.
  2. The website will redirect you to a link where you can click on ‘Request for new card’.
  3. In this step, you can also select between physical plastic card or virtual card.
  4. You can also choose between personalised or non-personalised card.
  5. You are then required to enter details such as First name, Last name, PAN, mobile number, address, email ID, Aadhaar number, etc.
  6. You must then enter the amount and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. In order to pay the amount, you must select the mode of payment such as internet banking.

How to top-up the Prepaid Card:

To top-up the IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card, you must do the following:

  1. Visit the IRCTC website and click on the IRCTC – UBI Prepaid Card.
  2. Upon clicking on the tab, you can then select the ‘Reload your Card’ option for top-up.
  3. You are then required to enter the Prepaid Card number which requires the top-up.
  4. Click on the ‘Top-up’ button and enter the desired amount for top-up.
  5. Once the top-up is successful, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number. You will also receive a mail on your registered email ID stating the same.

How to purchase a railway ticket on IRCTC using the IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card:

If you are purchasing an IRCTC ticket, you must first:

  1. Visit the official IRCTC website.
  2. Select the ‘Plan My Travel’ option on the portal and click on plans for ticket purchase.
  3. You are then required to select the train details and click on the ‘Book Now’ option.
  4. After confirming the journey details, you must enter your details.
  5. Upon submission of personal information, you are redirected to the payment link.
  6. This step requires you to choose the ‘Prepaid Card’ option.
  7. In this step, you have to enter your CVD2, card number, PIN, and expiry date, in order to initiate the transaction.
  8. Once the transaction is initiated, IRCTC will confirm booking of ticket and PNR details are shared via email or SMS to the customer.

Generating a New ATM PIN for a Union Bank debit card


Union Bank allows its customers to change their ATM PIN through the bank’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Changing the PIN requires calling the bank’s 24-hour helpline from the customer’s registered mobile number and following the steps listed below:


  • Call one of the following call centre numbers:
    1. Toll-free: 1800-22 22 44/ 1800-208 2244
    2. Chargeable: 080-25300175/ 080-25302510
  • Choose the option for information on debit cards
  • Select the option for ATM PIN registration
  • Enter the 16-digit debit card number
  • Enter the expiry date of the card
  • Enter the bank account number linked with the debit card
  • Enter date of birth

Generating a new PIN

On registering with the bank’s IVR service, the customer receives an 8-digit tracking ID through SMS on their registered mobile number. The steps listed below should be followed to regenerate a new ATM PIN:

  • Call one of the IVR numbers mentioned above.
  • Choose the option for generating a new ATM PIN.
  • Enter the 16-digit debit card number.
  • Enter the CVV number printed on the back of the debit card.
  • Enter the 8-digit tracking ID.
  • Enter the new ATM PIN and re-enter to confirm the new PIN.
  • If successful, the same will be confirmed by the IVR system.

The new ATM PIN is activated instantly following the confirmation from the IVR.

Green PIN

Union Bank customers can also use the bank’s Green PIN initiative to generate a new ATM PIN. This requires the customer to visit a Union Bank ATM and follow the instructions listed below:

  • Swipe the debit card in the machine and select the option to generate a new ATM PIN through the Green PIN method.
  • An OTP is then sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Once the OTP is entered, the new ATM PIN can be set.

Union Bank of India Debit Card Offers

Get rewarded at every step! Union Rewardz - the loyalty program from UBI for debit card holders is a one-of-a-kind rewards redemption program offering exciting merchandise and gift vouchers in exchange for accrued reward points. Adding value to a debit card holder’s purchase transactions, the program enables a customer to earn amazing rewards and benefits. As a member of Union Rewardz, customers are entitled to hassle free, cashless transactions and are eligible to accrue rewards points from their very first transaction. A Union Bank debit card user can earn 1 Union reward point for every Rs 100 spent at Point of Sale terminals and from online transactions. First time debit card users are rewarded with 100 bonus points for usage at Point of Sale terminals and on the internet, provided they perform a minimum of three transactions in the same month.

Benefits of holding a Union Bank of India debit card

  • Union Bank of India debit cards are secured by ‘USecure’, a comprehensive e-commerce platform which lets UBI debit card users bank, shop and transact without any hassles. USecure is provided as a collaborated effort from Union Bank along with Visa, MasterCard and RuPay. USecure comprises of the following services - RuPay, Verified by Visa (VbV), MasterCard, PaySecure and SecureCode and customers are required to subscribe to these services to perform online transactions and purchases.
  • A unique feature of the UBI debit card is Union Instacash, a service that allows a user to withdraw cash up to Rs 1000/- at select merchant outlets (PoS). The bank levies a charge of Rs 10/- per Instacash transaction.

Quick tips to use your Union Bank of India debit card

  • Customers are advised to safeguard their debit card PINs as UBI blocks a debit card after three invalid withdrawal attempts at an ATM.
  • While doing online purchases make sure that the website you are transacting on is a secure portal, as debit cards are more susceptible to cyber fraud attacks.
  • Any fraudulent activity suspected on your Union Bank debit card should be reported immediately to the bank.
  • Customers should always ensure that they properly complete any type of transaction done using their Union Bank debit cards to avoid any fraudulent activity.

FAQs for Union Bank of India Debit Cards

  1. Are there any scenarios when my Union Bank of India debit card might not work?
  2. Yes, your Union Bank debit card might not work due to various factors like insufficient account balance, surpassing your daily limits, network failures, wrong PIN entries, invalid VbV passwords, physical damage to your card and hot-listing of a debit card.

  3. Does UBI charge any fee for ATM withdrawals outside India?
  4. Yes, Union Bank charges a fee of Rs 125/- per transaction plus 2.5% of currency conversion charges for any cash withdrawals done outside India.

  5. Do I have to pay any fee for replacement of my debit card or PIN?
  6. Union Bank levies a fee of Rs 100/- for replacement of debit cards and Rs 25/- for regeneration of an ATM PIN.

  7. How are multiple accounts managed with a Union Bank debit card?
  8. While doing an ATM transaction, a customer can select the account of his choice from his linked accounts. But while making online purchases, the primary account is always accessed for debits.

  9. Can an OTP be used for multiple online transactions?
  10. An OTP is valid only for a single transaction and expires after it has been used. For future transactions a customer has to request for a new OTP to complete the transaction.

News About Union Bank of India Debit Cards

  • UBI, Kotak Securities introduces co-branded stock trading service

    United Bank of India (UBI) and Kotak Securities have joined hands to introduce their unique co-branded share trading product, which is explicitly tailor made for their customers. It goes by the name Trio and was initiated under the brand called U-Connect. This will largely concentrate on delivering online transaction services. But UBI clients have the liberty to opt for offline modes as well. The inaugural function was graced by Mr. P. Srinivas, the CEO and MD of UBI and Mr. Kamlesh Rao, CEO of Kotak Securities. The other dignitaries were Executive Directors, Mr. Sanjay Arya and Mr. K. Venkata Rama Moorthy and several senior officers from both the enterprises. As per the agreement, UBI clients will be given a 3-in-1 accounts complete with debit cards – savings and demat accounts with the bank as well as a trading account via Kotak Securities. UBI has lately launched online services such as savings account opening, FD account opening, RuPay global chip debit card and Mudra Card amenities.

    15 October 2015

  • India’s first RuPay Platinum International Debit Card, courtesy Union Bank of India

    RuPay has made commendable achievements in its brief career so far. Now it has attained yet another feather in its cap by introducing the country’s first RuPay Platinum International Debit Card with United Bank of India (UBI). The bank has already started issuing the cards.

    The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of UBI, Mr. P Srinivas, has inaugurated the same in the cordial presence of the Executive Director, Mr. Sanjay Arya, and the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. N Rajendran in the previous week at the bank’s headquarters in Kolkata.

    24 September 2015

  • Union Bank of India Launches New Debit Card

    Progressive public sector goliath, the Union Bank of India, recently launched a new debit card to add onto its already impressive stable of offerings across the country. The new card, Business Debit Card, was launched in association with Visa and is part of the Union Bank’s digital initiative. This card will feature Rs.50,000 as the daily cash withdrawal limit and a shopping limit through online purchases and POS outlets of Rs.2 lakhs. The Union Bank’s Chairman and Managing Director Arun Tiwari believes that this new debit card will improve customer comfort and will aid in the adoption of the bank’s digital initiatives that are in line with the government’s 'Digital India' vision. The bank also plans to open a hundred more ‘Comfort Lobbies’ that will be active 24x7 and 11 additional e-initiatives to add to its existing list of 20 IT enabled services.

    17 August 2015

  • NFC enabled Debit Cards by Union Bank to lead the launch of the Bank’s Digitisation

    In a bid to increase functionality and offer smart card benefits to its users, Union Bank will be shortly launching NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled debit cards. With the addition of this technology, customers will need to just tap their cards at a Point of Sales (PoS) interface to conduct a transaction.

    With the growing acceptance and use of NFC across mobile devices, better things can be expected regarding reduced turnaround times for banking processes for Union Bank customers. Public sector banks usually have had the image of being the slow adopters of technology. But with plans of having 100 digital branches to be opened, Union Bank is defying the status quo. Plus, a planned tie-up with Paytm, a possible partnering with Flipkart and mobile wallets as well as mobile passbooks are some of the few leaps that the bank is looking forward to.

    Advance in digitisation of services, addition of smart card features like NFC can be just precursors to a reducing cost of operation and faster serviceability to customers of Union Bank.

    8 July 2015

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