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PNB Debit Card

Punjab National Bank provides over 10 types of debit cards for the customers to choose from. The cards are available in RuPay and Master card variants. PNB also offers a debit card with an embedded EMV chip for international usage. Key Highlights: 
  • Withdrawal limit: Rs.5,000 to Rs.50,000 
  • Purchase limit: Rs.60,000 to Rs.1.25 lakh 
  • High withdrawal and transaction limits with PNB Debit Cards
  • Enjoy cashless shopping not only online but also at retail stores / merchant locations.
  • Get up to 2 Add-on Cards with select PNB Debit Cards
  • 3D Secure Password protection for PNB Debit Cards helps ensures safe transactions

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About Punjab National Bank

Founded in 1894, Punjab National Bank, famously known as PNB, is one of India’s oldest public sector financial services company, catering to over 80 million customers. Based in New Delhi, PNB currently runs 6300 branches and 7900 ATM’s across 764 cities. Additionally, the bank has extended its operations worldwide by establishing branches in Hong Kong, Dubai and Kabul. It also has representative offices in Almaty, Shanghai, Oslo and Sydney. Catering to a diverse customer base, PNB offers a range of products and services which include consumer banking, corporate banking, private banking, finance & insurance, mortgage loans, private equity, wealth management and credit cards.

PNB enjoys the reputation of being not only the third largest bank in India, in terms of assets, but is also ranked as the 248th largest bank worldwide. Having been a consistent performer, PNB was awarded the ‘Best Public Sector Bank’ by CNBC TV18 and recognized as the ‘Most Socially Responsive Bank’ by Businessworld & PwC in 2012. Also, it has figured in major rankings like the Forbes Global 2000 in 2013 and Fortune India 500 in 2011.

For the discerning Indian customer, PNB offers a range of debit cards, designed to address different needs. These cards offer the convenience of cashless transactions and quick access to cash from many of the PNB ATMs or any other associated ATMs. Please remember, PNB does not levy any charge on the debit cards for cash withdrawals from either PNB ATMs or any other bank ATMs.

Types of Debit Cards

Classic Debit Card (Magstripe)

  • This is a PIN based Debit Card designed for PNB Saving Account holders.
  • The card is available in 2 variants - Personalized version which carries the card holder’s name and the Non-Personalized version which does not carry the customer’s name.
  • The Classic Debit Card features a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 25,000/-, per transaction limit of Rs 15,000/- and a daily limit of Rs 60,000 for PoS and e-commerce transactions.
  • Transfer funds easily from one account to another PNB account using this debit card.

Platinum Debit Card (Magstripe)

  • This debit card is specially designed for Premium customers of PNB.
  • You can personalize your Platinum Debit card with not only your name but also your photograph.
  • This card features an ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000, PoS / e-commerce transaction limit of Rs 1,25,000 and a limit of $500 for all cross-border ATM, PoS and e-commerce transactions.

Add-On Cards (For Classic & Platinum Debit Card)

  • Customers with a Classic or Platinum Debit Card can take up to 2 add-on cards
  • The primary cardholder will be liable for all transactions carried out with the associated add-on card.


  • This card is dedicatedly designed for all MITRA Account holders but other customers can opt for it as well.
  • Can be used only at PNB ATMs without any charge but cannot be used for PoS/online transactions.
  • It is available in a Biometric variant and has a daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs 5,000.

RuPay Debit Card

  • This PIN based RuPay Debit card features a magnetic strip and can be used only within India.
  • The PNB RuPay Debit Card is compatible only with RuPay enabled ATMs and PoS Terminals.

RuPay Kisan Card

  • This card is designed for Kisan Account holders.
  • It features a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of up to Rs 25,000 with a per withdrawal limit of up to Rs 15,000 and a PoS Transaction limit of Rs 60,000 per day.

Master International Debit Card

For international transactions, Punjab National Bank launched the Master International Debit Card. This card is available in personalised and non-personalised options. There are maximum daily limits imposed as follows:

  • POS and ECOM transactions combined - Rs.1.25 lakhs per day
  • Cash Withdrawal - Rs.50,000 per day

If the customer is carrying out transactions in foreign currencies, the limits will be applicable as per the conversion rate.

Classic Debit Card (Master & RuPay Variant)

This card is issued under the general category and is available in both personalised and non-personalised cards. A personalised classic debit card will bear the customer’s name (indented) and the RuPay or MasterCard logo. The card can be used to carry out fund transfers from one account to another PNB account The card also has limits as follows:

  • Cash withdrawal - Rs.25,000 per day with a limit of Rs.15,000 per transaction.
  • There are no limits to transfer money into your own account, but each transaction is limited to Rs.1 lakh.
  • In case of third party transfers, the maximum transfer limit is equal to the cash limit.

The card is PIN based and can be swiped at POS outlets. It can also be used online for e-commerce transactions. You need to register for a 3D Secure password which will enhance the security of your transactions, or you can opt for OTPs to verify and confirm the payment.

Platinum Debit Card

This premium debit card is designed for elite customers of PNB. The card will be personalised with the customer’s name and photo. It bears the same characteristics of the Classic Cards and a few additional benefits, such as:

  • The daily cash withdrawal is limited to Rs.15,000 per transaction for up to Rs.50,000 per day.
  • The daily limit for POS and ecommerce transactions is Rs.1.25 lakhs.
  • If the card is a RuPay card, you cannot use it for international transactions. The card will also have only the name indented.
  • Customers can opt for two add on cards for their close family members.

EMV Card

This card is meant for international usage and has an EMV chip embedded in it. The card also has the magstripe and is personalised with the name embossed on the card. The card is PIN based which will be required to verify your ATM and POS transactions. The card carries the following limits:

  • Cash withdrawals at ATM - Rs.50,000 per day
  • POS and ecommerce - Rs.1.25 lakhs per day

Customers can link 3 accounts to one EMV card.

Rupay MUDRA Debit Card

PNB offers the MUDRA debit card on the RuPay platform. The card is non-personalised and has the following limits:

  • Cash withdrawals at ATM - Rs.25,000 per day
  • POS and ecommerce - Rs.60,000 per day

The MUDRA scheme is offered under PMMY (Prime Minister MUDRA Yojana). Customers can maintain working capital accounts through this card.


PNB offers the Uphaar Card which is a prepaid debit card which is ideal for both those who hold an account with PNB and for those who don’t. It can be used to make purchases at POS terminals and online. This card also makes an ideal gift for individuals and corporates. The features of this card are as follows:

  • Anyone can purchase this card for a minimum of Rs.500 and a maximum of Rs.50,000.
  • The card can be purchased through account payment of by cheque.
  • The card bears no issuance charges.
  • It will be valid for 36 months from the date of issue.
  • The bearer of the card can use upto Rs.25,000 daily..
  • Cash withdrawals cannot be made with the card.
  • The card cannot be reloaded.


Suvidha Card is also a prepaid debit card that can be used by the holder at POS terminals and online. This card also makes an ideal gift for individuals and corporates. The card can also be used by companies to pay incentives, salaries and bonuses. The difference between the Suvidha card and the Uphaar card is that the Suvidha card can be used at ATMs to make cash withdrawals.

  • Anyone, whether they are an account holder or not, can purchase this card.
  • The Suvidha card can be purchased for a minimum of Rs.500 and a maximum of Rs.50,000.
  • The card can be purchased through account payment of by cheque.
  • The card bears no issuance charges.
  • It will be valid for 36 months from the date of issue.
  • The bearer of the card can use upto Rs.25,000 daily.
  • Fund transfers from PNB to PNB accounts can be done through ATMs.
  • The card can be reloaded by transferring from the PNB account, or by cheque. Reloading can be done by the purchaser of the card.

How to Generate a PNB ATM PIN

Green PIN for debit cards is an initiative introduced by Punjab National Bank (PNB) to generate ATM PINs for its customers who have forgotten or lost their ATM PIN. It is a paperless service that can be availed through PNB net banking and SMS. The following are the steps that can help a PNB customer generate their ATM PIN.


  • PNB customers can regenerate their ATM PIN by sending the following SMS from their registered mobile number: card number to 5607040
  • After the SMS is sent, the customer's credentials are validated by the system and a 6-digit OTP is sent to the customer.
  • The debit card PIN can be reset at any PNB ATM by using the OTP as a password.


  • Insert the debit card at the ATM and select the ‘Banking’ option, followed by ‘GREEN PIN’.
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP that is sent to the registered mobile number through SMS.
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP and press the ‘OK’ button.
  • Set a 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • The new PIN set will have to be re-entered for confirmation.
  • If the PINs entered on both occasions match, the new PIN is saved and the a confirmation of the same will be displayed on the screen.

Internet Banking

  • Customers can also set their ATM PIN through PNB’s internet banking services. The steps are as follows:
  • Login to PNB’s internet banking website.
  • Select the ‘Value Added Services’ option, followed by ‘Card Related Services’ and ‘Set/Reset Debit Card PIN’.
  • Choose the account that is linked to the debit card and click on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Enter the CVV, expiry date of the debit card, and the 6-digit OTP send to the registered mobile number as an SMS. Click on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Once the credentials have been validated, a 4-digit ATM PIN must be set. It will have to be re-entered for confirmation.
  • If the PINs entered on both occasions match, the new PIN is saved and a confirmation of the same will be displayed on the screen.

Blocking a PNB Debit Card

In case of loss or theft of a debit card, PNB customers should block the card to prevent any misuse. PNB customers can block their debit card using the following methods:

Calling the PNB toll free number

The quickest way to get a PNB debit card blocked is by calling the bank’s toll-free customer care number. When a customer calls the bank’s helpline, they will have to verify the details of their account before the card can be blocked. The customer will have to provide details such as account number, date of birth, and most recent transactions.


Customers can also block their debit card by sending an SMS from their registered mobile number to 5607040.

Internet Banking

Customers can block their debit card using PNB’s internet banking services. The steps to block a debit card are as follows:

  • Login to the bank’s internet banking website.
  • Click on the ‘Value Added Services’ tab on the dashboard.
  • Under the ‘Value Added Services’ tab, select ‘Emergency Services’, followed by ‘Debit Card Hotlisting’.
  • Next, select the account number. The next step is to choose the card number that is to be blocked.
  • If the card number is not listed, the number can be manually entered.
  • A password must be entered to authenticate the request.
  • A confirmation of the request would be displayed on the screen.

Visiting a bank branch

If the above-mentioned methods are not successful, the customer can visit a PNB branch are have the debit card blocked.

Guidelines for Failed ATM Transaction

If your ATM transaction has failed, here is the redressal mechanism put in place by PNB to help customers get their problems resolved:

  • File a complaint by calling the Customer Relationship Centre.
  • The complaint will be resolved within 7 working days.
  • In case resolution is delayed, you will be compensated Rs.100 per day if you claim is lodged within 30 days from the transaction date.

Green Pin

A Green PIN is a One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent by the bank to the customer on their registered mobile number. It is a 6 digit number that can be used only once to carry out a transaction. The PIN is valid for 72 hours from the time of its receipt. Earlier, customers would have to wait 24 hours to 48 hours for the debit card to get activated. The Green PIN makes debit card activations much faster as it is done at the request of the customer. The customer can then set a PIN of their choice at a PNB ATM or through Internet Banking. The Green PIN saves paper as no physical form of the PIN is issued.

Eligibility for PNB Debit Cards

The following categories of customers are eligible to apply for PNB Debit cards.

  1. All KYC compliant Savings / Current Account holders who:
    • Maintain the minimum balance in their accounts
    • Regularly operate their PNB accounts
  2. All new customers, opening an account with PNB are eligible to apply.
  3. Customers who have an Overdraft facility in the nature of a personal loan)
  4. Joint Accounts operating under the “Either or Survivor” / ”Former or Survivor” mandate
  5. Kisan Cash Credit Account holders (eligible for Kisan Cards)

Benefits of PNB Debit Cards

  • These debit cards are accepted at all MasterCard Acceptance Marks
  • Widely accepted throughout India at all Maestro merchant locations and all ATMs with the Cirrus / MasterCard logo.
  • All your transactions are secured with a PIN number, which can be changed by you as and when you like.
  • For added transaction protection, PNB Debit cards function with a 3D Secure code which must be created by the cardholder themselves.

Quick Tips to Transact Safely with your PNB Debit Card

  • You must never disclose your PIN number to anyone.
  • Do change your PIN number once you start using your PNB Debit Card.
  • To prevent fraudulent use of your debit card, never hand your card to anyone else to operate.
  • If you have hot-listed your debit card, please ensure that the card is destroyed by cutting it into pieces, once the hot-listing process is complete.

FAQ’s for PNB Debit Cards

1. What is the maximum number of accounts which can be linked to my PNB Debit Card?

You can link a maximum of three accounts to your PNB Debit Card, given that all the linked accounts are held in the same name and capacity.

2. If a lost card is eventually traced/found and restored to the cardholder, can it be re-activated?

No. A card once hot listed / blocked cannot be re-activated. You must put in a request for a fresh card.

3. Is there any Issuance Fee for debit cards?

No. All PNB Debit Cards are issued free of cost. However, a nominal fee of Rs. 100 per year will be charged after one year of card issuance.

4. Where can I use my PNB Debit Card?

You can use your debit card to withdraw cash at all ATMs bearing the Cirrus/Maestro logo, not only within India but also worldwide.

5. What is the validity of a PNB Debit Card?

PIN based Maestro Debit card has no expiry date. However Signature based Debit Card is valid for 7 years from the date of issue.

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