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  • Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card – ICICI Bank

    Overview of ICICI Bank Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card

    The features and benefits that ICICI debit card provides is difficult to surpass. Whatever be your lifestyle, ICICI will have a debit card that perfectly suits your spending needs. Not to mention the supreme safety and convenience that the many ICICI debit cards provide. With just the one card, it is easy to gain access to your funds no matter where you are in the world. Over a millions locations around the world accept Visa/MasterCard, and your ICICI debit card can be used at all of them. What’s more, Debit cards from ICICI are fortified with the most advanced technology in safety to give you the safest experience with your money.

    "ICICI Bank Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card" is designed to make your travels, shopping, entertainment and shopping experience better than ever before with thrilling features, discounts and much more.

    Features and Benefits

    • Every time you travel on the Mumbai Metro you can avail up to 20% discount on the fare when you use the ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card.
    • Your Mumbai Metro transit chip will be recharged automatically with ?200 whenever the balance falls below ?50
    • If you book your movie tickets on the portal www.bookmyshow.com using your Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card, you can avail the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 free’ offer. You can get a maximum of two tickets per month with a card. The ticket price can be up to ?250 and the offer is on a first come first serve basis.
    • You will also get the ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ offer if you go to any of the Big Cinemas theatres across the country. You can book online as well at www.bigcinemas.com. You can avail a maximum of two tickets per month with your card. The ticket price must be within Rs. 250. The purchase of the tickets should be done with your ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card.
    • The same offer of ‘Buy 1 Get 1 free’ is also available at www.inoxmovies.com. The tickets can only be bought online to avail this offer. You can get a maximum of 1 ticket per month with your debit card. The ticket price must be within ?250.
    • Dine out for cheaper with your ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card. The culinary treats programme lets you avail a 15% discount at over 800 restaurants in all the metro cities in India including Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai etc. visit www.culinarytreats.com or download the app for more details.
    • Travel more comfortably by swiping your Unifare Coral Debit Card and gaining complimentary entry to airport lounges around the country. Simply swipe for a minimum of Rs 25 and enjoy the lounge. You can visit up to two airport lounges per quarter for free with your card. For the entire list of participating Airport lounges check out the official website.
    • Zero surcharge on fuel purchases at select HPCL pumps. If you spend more than Rs. 401 on fuel at select petrol bunks 2.5% surcharge will not applicable on the expense. Simply swipe your ICICI Bank Unifare Coral Debit Card to pay for your fuel and avail this offer.
    • Use your card for debit card purchases and earn PAYBACK Reward Points. You can gain 6 points for every ?200 spent at merchant establishments in India and 10 points for every ?200 spent at merchant establishment outside India.
    • ICICI Bank Mumbai Metro Debit Card has a high withdrawal and transaction limit so that you do not feel limited when it comes to your lifestyle. The daily purchase limit at retail outlets and on merchant websites is Rs. 2,50,000. The daily cash withdrawal limit at ATMs is Rs. 1,50,000.
    • As an ‘ICICI Bank Mumbai Metro Debit Card’ cardholder you will be getting complimentary Accident Insurance as well as Purchase Protection. The complimentary Air Accident Insurance is worth ?20 Lakh, the complimentary Personal Accident Insurance is worth ?10 Lakh and the Purchase protection for goods purchased with the card is worth ?2.5 Lakh. You will be benefited from the insurance if the Debit Card purchase is worth ?499 or more, and the purchase should have been made within the last 30 days. In the case of Air Accident Insurance, you will be benefitted if the flight ticket was bought with the Debit Card.

    Joining Benefits:

    • You will be gifted with a Wills Lifestyle Gift Certificate which is worth ?500
    • Cleartrip Discount voucher worth Rs. 3550.
    • Gift voucher from The MobileStore worth Rs.1000
    • Shop at Ezoneonline to avail a 10% discount.
    • On joining, you will be getting 1,000 Bonus PAYBACK Reward Points.

    Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card FAQs

    1. Does the ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card have the features of a Mumbai Metro Smart Card as well?

      Ans. This dual purpose card has the features of a metro card and that of a debit card which means that you can use it to travel on the metro and to withdraw money from ATMs, pay for shopping as well as online transactions. This is possible because of the presence of a Mumbai Metro Transit chip embedded along with the Debit Card Chip.

    2. What is Auto Recharge?

      Ans. Auto Recharge is a feature which enables the ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card to recharge the Mumbai Metro Transit chip when the balance on the card falls below Rs. 50. Rs. 200 will be automatically charged from your Bank Account and added on to the card. This feature makes it more convenient for your travel on the metro.

    3. Will I be notified when the card is automatically recharged?

      Ans. You will receive an SMS when the amount has been automatically debited from your bank account and added on to the debit card. You will not receive an SMS when Auto Recharge is triggered on the Mumbai Metro Transit chip in your Debit Card, but you will receive an SMS once your Bank Account is subsequently debited with the Auto Recharge amount.

    4. What will happen if the Auto Recharge facility is not used for a long time?

      Ans. If the Auto Recharge facility is not used for more than 24 months at a stretch, the facility will be deactivated. In order to activate the facility again you will have to call the customer care and make a request for a replacement card, which will be charged.

    5. Is it possible for me to get a refund of the amount that is there on my Mumbai Metro Transit Chip?

      Ans. Yes. Your money can be refunded from the Mumbai Metro Transit Chip. First the Auto Recharge facility will be deactivated, and then the value will be refunded. Once the facility has been deactivated, it cannot be activated on the same card again, you will need to request for a replacement card.


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