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  • Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card – ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card

    For office-goers and students, commute to office and colleges has been a perennial problem especially in busy cities like Bangalore. Even after the advent of mobile-app based cab and mini bus services, people still struggle to reach their offices and other destination on time. To the relief of Bangaloreans, the metro rail services “Namma Metro” was inaugurated in 2011. After more lines were introduced in 2015, a lot of people shifted to using the Metro for their daily commute. Metro offers a traffic-jam free, punctual, safe and fast commute, be it rain or sunshine. To make the ticketing process easy and less time-consuming, monthly passes were introduced.

    The result of an unique partnership between Bangalore Metro and ICICI Bank, the ICICI Unifare Bangalore Metro Debit Card, was designed to offer travel convenience with many other privileges.

    Features and Benefits of ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card

    The following advantages come with the ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card.

    • Dual Purpose Card

      This card combines the benefits and features of both debit card by ICICI Bank and Bangalore Metro Smart Card. With this single card, you can travel conveniently in Namma Metro and also make purchases at over 22 million merchant establishments.

    • PAYBACK Points

      Customers get 6 points for every Rs.200 spent at merchant establishments in India. For every Rs.200 spent outside India, 10 points are awarded.

    • Exciting Reward Redemption Options

      PAYBACK points accumulated on the Unifare Metro Card can be used for Bangalore Metro auto recharges. Also, the PAYBACK points can be redeemed at over 50 partners.

    • Auto Recharge Options

      You don’t have to waste time on long queues to recharge the metro card with the exciting auto recharge option. The inbuilt Bangalore Metro transit chip that comes with the card will be automatically recharged for Rs.200 if the balance on the card goes below Rs.100.

    • Card Security

      This debit card has an inbuilt microchip that makes card duplication virtually impossible. You don’t have to be worried about counterfeiting and duplication with this extra chip security.

    • High Withdrawal and Transaction Limit
      Domestic International
      WithdrawalLimit Rs.1 lakh Rs.1 lakh
      TransactionLimit(outletsandwebsites) Rs.2 lakhs Rs.1.5 lakh
    • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

      For spends above Rs.401 on fuel at select HPCL fuel stations, customers get a waiver of 2.5% surcharge when their ICICI Bangalore Metro Debit card is used for making purchases.

    • MasterCard Benefits

      Cardholders are eligible for a minimum discount of 15% at over 800 restaurants under the Culinary Treats program. Also, customers are eligible for all platinum platform benefits offered by MasterCard.

    Eligibility and Documentation for ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card

    • To avail the ICICI Bank Unifare Metro Platinum card, the customer must hold a savings account with ICICI Bank.
    • Address proof, Identity proof and application form with photos will be required to obtain this debit card. Keep documents like passport, PAN card, driving license and ration card ready to show as address and ID proof.
    • Do contact ICICI Bank to know more about the documentation required and eligibility conditions.

    Fees and Charges for ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card

    The following fees and charges apply for the ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card.

    AnnualFee Rs.299 plusservicetax
    JoiningFee Rs.299 plusservicetax
    Cardreissuance Rs.299 plusservicetax

    The annual fee will be charged from the second year while the joining fee is charged only for the first year.

    Mumbai Metro Coral Debit Card FAQs

    1. Where will the auto recharge on ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card be triggered?

      Ans. The auto recharge will be triggered at the entry gate of Bangalore Metro Stations if the balance on your card is less than the threshold limit (Rs.100). When you exit at the destination metro station, you will also be able to view the updated balance on the transit chip card.

    2. Will I receive an update through SMS if an auto recharge is triggered?

      Ans. No, you will not get an SMS if an auto-recharge is triggered. However, you will receive a message if your account is debited with the auto recharge amount.

    3. Can I deactivate the auto recharge facility?

      Ans. Yes. To deactivate the auto recharge facility, you can contact the customer service representatives at the designated metro stations. Please note that once deactivated, the auto recharge facility cannot be activated again.

    4. What do I do if my ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Platinum Debit Card is lost or stolen?

      Ans. If your card is lost or stolen, contact the ICICI customer care cell immediately to report the loss of card. The bank will block the card to avoid card misuse. Standard card reissuance charges will apply in case of stolen/lost/damaged cards.

    5. Can I deactivate the Namma Metro Transit Chip on my card and get a regular debit card?

      Ans. Yes, you can do the same by contacting the ICICI Customer care. Before deactivating the transit chip on the card, you must deactivate the auto recharge facility by contacting the customer care representatives at Namma Metro stations. After deactivation of the auto recharge facility, the card will still be usable for metro travel till the balance on the card is exhausted.


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