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Many people who work in the UK wish to get their families to stay with them or visit them. The UK immigration policy allows families to stay together in the country through a Family visa. The stay duration has to be at least 6 months to apply for ‘family of a settled person’ visa.

Family Visitor Visa:

Family members who wish to visit their relatives in the UK for a short period of time (below 6 months) can apply for a Standard Visitor visa. This visa is required by people who live outside EEA and Switzerland. It can be applied for only if the person who the applicant is visiting is a British citizen/someone settled in the UK/someone who has Humanitarian Protection Status/someone who has been granted asylum in the UK.

UK Family Visa:

UK Family Visa can be applied by:

  • Family members who are from outside the UK and wish to live in the UK.
  • Family members who want to extend their stay in the UK.

Family Visa: Apply from outside the UK

This visa is also called ‘family of a settled person’ visa. To apply for this UK visa, applicants have to be the family of a person who lives in the UK. This person who lives in the UK should be a British citizen/settled in the UK/have Humanitarian Protection Status/have been granted asylum in the UK.

The family member can come to the UK for the following reasons:

  • To join his/her partner (fiancé(e), spouse, unmarried or civil partner) or parents.
  • To look after his/her child.
  • To be taken care of by his/her family in the UK.

Using this visa, applicants can work and study in the UK as well.

Duration of Stay:

The visa allows people stay for as long as 2 years and 6 months. If they wish to stay in the UK for a longer duration, they can apply for an extension. If they wish to permanently stay in the UK, they can apply for the same after they are eligible for it.

Family Visa: Extend your stay in the UK

Family members who come to the UK using the ‘family of a settled person’ visa have the option to extend their stay if they are in the UK and are not from EEA and Switzerland. People who wish to switch to a ‘family of a settled person’ visa can also apply for this visa.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Family Visa

  • The family member coming to the UK must be at least 18 years old, unless it is an application for a child.
  • The relationship of the member and the person in the UK must be genuine and has to be recognized in the UK.
  • The family member coming to the UK is willing to live with the partner or relative in the UK after the application. This rule is not mandatory for people who are coming to look after a child.
  • The family member coming to the UK has a decent place to live.
  • The family member coming to the UK knows English. It is not mandatory for an adult dependant.
  • If the person is coming to join his/her spouse/partner, then he/she has to be civil or married partner or are living together in a relationship for at least 2 years or are engaged to become civil partners or to be married. Proof that no previous relationships exist for both partners have to be provided. During the engagement period, the person using this visa will not be allowed to work.
  • If a person is applying for this visa for himself/herself, then he/she must have 18,600 Pounds per year. If he/she is applying for himself/herself and a child, then the financial requirement is 22,400 Pounds per year and 2,400 Pounds per year is the requirement for every additional child.
  • If a person is bringing a child through this visa to the UK, then the child’s age has to be less than 18 years and the name of the child has to be mentioned on the application. A separate application for the child has to be submitted.
  • To join parents in the UK, the child coming has to be below 18 years and has to live with the parent(s) in the UK. He/she must not be in a civil partnership/married or live an independent life. He/she has to be accommodated and supported without the use of public funds.
  • People who come to look after a child have to prove that the child is below 18 years and they are the only parent or person responsible for him/her. They have to prove that the child lives with another care taker or parent permanently who is either a British citizen or settled in the UK and is not the their partner. They have to prove that they want to help in raising the child and have access to him/her in person. They have to prove that they can support themselves financially without the help of public funds.
  • If someone is coming to the UK to be taken care of, then he/she has to be dependent of a grandchild, parent, sister, brother, daughter or son who lives in the UK. He/she to prove that he/she is over 18 years and is in need of long-term care and are unable to perform household and personal tasks because of age, disability or illness. He/she has to prove that the care he/she is coming for is not available in the country he/she lives in and the person who will be taking care of him/her in the UK will be able to support him/her and take care of him/her without using public funds for at least 5 years.

UK Family Visa Processing Time

It takes around 12 weeks for a family visa application to be processed. If family members apply for an extension, it will take the department at least 8 weeks to process this application. Same day approval is available for premium applications in case of extension requests.

In case of extension application, if the case is a complex one, then the applicant will be notified and may be asked to provide supporting documents, attend an interview because of personal reasons.

UK Family Visa Fees

The fee for a ‘family of a settled person’ visa depends on the reason of travel.

Reason Fee
Live with parent/partner 1,464 Pounds
To look after one own’s child 1,464 Pounds
To be taken care of by a relative 3,250 Pounds

The fee for extension of visa depends on the type of application.

Applying for Application Type Fee
Self Online/By Post 993 Pounds
In person (Premium Service) 1,583 Pounds
Family Member Online/By Post 993 Pounds per person
In person (Premium Service) 1,583 Pounds per person

Applicants might have to pay a healthcare charge with their application.

Note – The fees and charges may be changed at any time at the discretion of the UK Government.

Documents Required to Apply for UK Family Visa

  • Valid passport or another travel ID. The passport should have at least one blank page.
  • Proof relationship.
  • Old passports.
  • Proof of finances.
  • Proof of English knowledge.
  • Tuberculosis test results (if you are coming from a country for which this test is required).

Depending on individual cases, other documents may be asked for.

How to Apply for UK Family Visa

People can apply for this visa online. They will have to submit their biometric information (fingerprints and photo), which will be collected at a visa application center.

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