Hong Kong Visa For Indians

Ever since the policies have been relaxed, the procedure to apply for a Hong Kong visa for Indians has turned out to be extremely simple and trouble-free. Unlike other country visas, a Hong Kong visa requires an Indian applicant to apply and complete a PAR (Pre-arrival Registration) before entering or visiting the country.

As per the current norms, an Indian citizen can enjoy a visa-free visit and stay for a maximum of 14 days, provided that he/she completes the PAR successfully online. Individuals exempted from the PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration) requirement include:

  • Indian official passport holders
  • Indian diplomatic passport holders
  • Hong Kong Travel Pass holders
  • Indian citizens who have enrolled for an e-Channel service for frequent visitors

Every PAR for an Indian citizen is valid for 6 months, given that an applicant meets the immigration requirements. An applicant can use a notification slip with a valid passport to enjoy multiple visits to Hong Kong without a visa.

During each visit, the applicant can stay in Hong Kong for a maximum of 14 days. However, if the PAR is unsuccessful, an Indian citizen can apply directly for a valid entry visa to the Immigration Department if he/she intends to visit Hong Kong.

For better understanding, the information on a Hong Kong visa is explained in detail below.

Eligibility Criteria For A Hong Kong Visa For Indians

An Indian resident should apply and complete a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration) before he/she transits or visits the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administration Region) visa-free facility. An Indian citizen can utilize the online service for applying a PAR if he/she:

  • Intends to transit or visit the HKSAR (except direct transit via air and not leaving the airport’s transit area)
  • Intends to stay in Hong Kong not more than 14 days
  • Has an Indian passport with a validity of 6 months

Note: PAR is not applicable to an Indian citizen if he/she has the right to land/abode in HKSAR, is on an unconditional stay in HKSAR, and has a permission to stay in HKSAR for residence, study, or employment.

If the immigration requirements are met, an Indian citizen belonging to the following categories can visit HKSAR without a Pre-arrival Registration:

  • A valid official passport holder
  • A valid diplomatic passport holder
  • A valid HKSAR travel pass holder
  • Has an entry visa for the HKSAR
  • A holder of the United Nations Laissez Passers, who are transiting or coming to the HKSAR for an official purpose
  • Enrolled successfully for the e-Channel service as a frequent visitor

Note: An Indian citizen who is a member of the operating sea-crew/air-crew or a seaman can enter into the HKSAR without a PAR, provided that the immigration requirements are met.

An Indian citizen should also apply for a visa to the immigration division if he/she:

  • Wants to visit HKSAR and stay there for not more than 14 days
  • Intends to come to HKSAR for study, employment, book a residence etc.

General Procedure

  • An applicant should visit the official Government website of Hong Kong for a pre-arrival registration and fill only the correct information. The details should be exactly the same as it is in his/her passport.
  • Once the application is submitted, the computer processes the application automatically and the result is notified instantly to the applicant.
  • If the result is successful, the registrant should have the “PAR Notification Slip” printed.
  • An applicant should crosscheck the entered data on the slip to verify if all the details are correct before signing it.
  • For some reasons, if the PAR is unsuccessful, an applicant should apply for a valid entry visa at the Immigration Department so that he/she is allowed to visit HKSAR.

Validity Of The Registration

  • PAR is valid for a period of 6 months, given that the applicant meets all the immigration requirements.
  • During this 6-month duration, an applicant, with the acquired PAR Notification Slip and a valid passport, can utilize to make multiple visits to HKSAR without a visa.
  • For every visit, an applicant can stay in HKSAR for not more than 14 days.
  • An applicant is permitted to apply for another registration only if the current registration expires.

Registration Enquiry

  • An applicant can check his/her registration validity from the official online portal of PAR.
  • If the notification slip is not printed, damaged, lost, or defaced, an applicant has to reprint the slip via the “View or Print Registration Notification Slip” option. For this, an applicant has to input the same answer to the question selected at the time of application process.

Note: A notification slip cannot guarantee an applicant’s entry into the HKSAR. According to the Hong Kong Laws Chapter 115, an applicant can be still under the control of an Immigration Ordinance.

  • An individual who wants to enter or visit Hong Kong should fulfill the usual immigration requirements, which usually include travel documents with sufficient return abilities to his/her home country.
  • An applicant cannot raise any criminal or security issues to the HKSAR.
  • An applicant shouldn’t have any possibility to become a burden to the HKSAR.
  • An applicant should have a proper purpose to visit Hong Kong with enough funds to afford the duration of stay.
  • A visitor is not permitted to become a school/university student, take employment (unpaid or paid), or join or establish in any kind of business at Hong Kong.

Required Documents

Before applying for a Hong Kong visa, an Indian applicant has to keep the following documents ready:

For A Family Visit Visa:

  • A duly signed visa application form that includes correct information about the applicant.
  • A cover letter that states the applicant’s name and the journey schedule.
  • A copy of a certificate that serves as a proof of relationship with the family member he/she is going to visit in Hong Kong. This could be a photocopy that shows spouse’s/parent’s name, marriage certificate, or birth certificate.
  • Financial statements of the applicant, which could be tax receipts, employment proof, bank statements, salary slips, employment contract etc.
  • A copy of the first and last page of the passport.
  • A copy of transportation arrangement, which could be flight itinerary.

Documents and Forms that a Sponsor should submit:

  • A copy of the invitation letter.
  • A visa application form, which has to be completely filled by the sponsor.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport (with the stay label) or Hong Kong ID card.
  • A copy of sponsor’s financial statements, which could be tax receipts, employment proof, salary slips, bank statements etc.
  • A copy of Hong Kong’s residential proof, which could be electricity bill, phone bill, lease agreement, etc.

For A Business Visit Visa:

  • A duly signed visa application form with complete and correct details of the applicant.
  • A visa application for entry into the HKSAR.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s Business/Company Registration Certificate.
  • A copy of the invitation letter from the sponsor.
  • A cover letter stating the applicant’s name, his/her current designation, stay schedule, journey expenses, etc.
  • A copy of applicant’s financial statements, which could be salary slips, tax receipts, bank statements, etc.
  • A copy of hotel bookings.
  • A copy of transportation agreement, which could be the flight itinerary.
  • A copy of the first and last page of the passport.

An applicant is required to fill accurate details while applying for a PAR. Failure in doing so can render his/her application to be invalid. In addition, any individual who willfully and knowingly provides a false statement or information, he/she is accountable for prosecution as per the Hong Kong Laws.

Hong Kong Visa Fees

If an applicant is unsuccessful to acquire a PAR, he/she has to instantly apply for a valid VISA directly with the help of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The visa fee is 190 HKD per passport and has to be paid through a Bank Draft.

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