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  • H1b Visa Interview Process

    You must go to the US consulate or embassy where the interview for your H1B Visa is scheduled. If you carry an application that is incomplete, you will not be admitted. People who need assistance must inform the consulate about their needs at least 48 hours before the interview.

    Arrive at consulate:

    When you reach the consulate, you will have to stand in a line outside the consulate. If you want you enter the consulate, you will have to be a visa applicant. Before you can enter, the authorities might ask for your appointment letter, original passport and receipt for the visa application fee. Things that you cannot take inside the consulate are cell phones, electronic equipment, perfumes, sprays, bags, backpacks, liquids, food, bottles, sealed packages, sealed envelopes, etc. Before you can enter, you must dispose of any item that is not allowed inside the consulate. Washroom facilities and drinking water can be availed inside the consulate.

    Security Check:

    The moment you enter the consulate, you will be going through a thorough security check. This will also include a metal detector scan of your full body.

    H1B Visa Fingerprint Verification:

    After the security check is done, you will get a token for the visa interview. You will have to move towards the process for fingerprint verification. An officer will be taking your fingerprints for verification. These fingerprints will be matched with the prints taken at the VAC (Visa Application Centre). The requirements for fingerprints can change across consulates and over time. You will have to follow the instructions that are provided by the official at the desk.

    Waiting Area:

    After the fingerprinting is over, you will have to move to the lounge area and wait. You must be quiet in that area and wait for your interview call. Meanwhile, all your documents must be ready with you. As soon as your name has been announced, you will have to move towards a particular window with a number. Greet the person interviewing you with a smile when you reach the window and follow all the instructions that are provided by your interviewer.

    The Interview:

    Your interviewer will be seated behind a glass window. On that window, you will find a microphone which you can use to speak with the interviewer. Through a speaker that’s also present on the glass window, you will be able to hear what the interviewer says. There is a slot under the window. This slot can be used for exchanging documents with your interviewer.

    Your documents will be verified by the interviewer and questions will be asked. Be truthful and confident while answering the questions asked by the interviewer. Make sure that you only answer the questions that are asked. Presenting more documents than required or answering more than what is asked is not the right thing to do during your interview. The primary objective of the interview is to ensure that all the data you’ve provided in your application is true and you qualify for the visa that you require. If the visa application is approved by your interviewer, you will get to know about it immediately. The passport will be delivered to you at the mailing address within a period of 3 to 4 days by courier. In certain cases, you might be allowed to collect the passport.

    If The Visa Is Denied:

    In case the visa is denied or it is on hold, you shall be informed about it. As soon as the interview process is over, you will be able to collect your passport.

    Unable To Attend Interview For H1B Visa:

    All the people who do not make it to the US visa interview process are considered as ‘No-Show’ applicants. The receipt for the US visa fee is deactivated for a No-Show applicant. An individual who missed the interview for the H1B Visa must wait for two working days for reactivating the receipt for the US Visa. After this, the interview can also be rescheduled. The receipt for the US Visa application fee is valid for 365 days from the payment date. With this receipt, you can visit the Consulate or Embassy only once. The same visa fee can be utilised if you reschedule the interview with a year.

    A new DS-160 will be needed if there is a substantial change in travel plans, employment, etc. The version that is saved can be used for updating the new form and submitting it. A new CEAC barcode will be created after it. You may use the original CEAC barcode for your appointment if nothing has changed.

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