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  • Documents Required For Schengen Visa

    All Schengen states require a similar set of documents to be submitted by the applicant in order to obtain a Schengen Visa. The basic set of documents required by all applicants for any type of visa is as follows:

    • A fully completed and signed application form
    • Two passport sized photographs taken according to the specified format
    • A valid passport with a validity period not less than 3 months from the departure date with a minimum of two blank pages
    • A copy of the airline ticket reservation
    • A copy of the travel medical insurance policy

    If the applicant is a minor, the following additional documents are to be submitted:

    • The birth certificate of the minor
    • A completed application form bearing the signatures of both the parents of the minor
    • If only one parent has custody over the minor, a family court order is required to be submitted as well
    • Should the minor be travelling solely by himself or herself, a document bearing the signature of both guardians or parents should be submitted as proof of authorization.

    In addition to the above, depending on the Schengen visa applied for, travellers are required to provide the following documents:

    Schengen Tourist Visa

    • The most recent bank statement showing sufficient funds
    • A letter stating the purpose of the trip, the duration, any relevant personal data of the traveller and any details pertaining to the trip
    • An itinerary stating where the applicant will be on each day of his trip within the Schengen Area
    • A copy or copies of any hotel or hostel reservations made
    • In the case of travellers applying for the first time the following documents are to be submitted as well:
      • Previous three years IT returns
      • Letter of appointment from the employer
      • Proof of the employer or company’s existence
    • A reference or leave letter from the applicant’s employer
    • In case of self-employed individuals the following documents are required:
      • Registration of the business
      • Latest IT returns
      • Most recent bank statement
    • Any additional documents that may be requested

    If the applicant is applying for a Schengen Tourist Visa with the purpose of visiting friends or relatives who are citizens of any country within the Schengen Area then the following additional documents are to be attached along with the ones mentioned above:

    • If all expenses are to be borne by the applicant, then documents showing proof of the applicant’s financial status will be required along with the passport details, name and address of the friend or relative he or she is visiting.
    • If the expenses of the applicant are borne by a friend or relative residing in the Schengen Area, an official document issued by concerned authority stating the same will be required
    • A document stating that the applicant’s friend or relative is extending an invitation to the applicant
    • If the applicant’s relative or friend does not hold citizenship for a Schengen country, a copy of his or her residence permit will have to be provided

    Schengen Business Visa

    For applicants looking to travel to any of the Schengen member states for official or business reasons, the following documents are required to be submitted:

    • A cover letter signed by the applicant stating the reason for his trip to the relevant country
    • A brief write-up on the applicant’s organization of employment
    • Any of the following documents:
      • Original and certified copies of the organization's Articles of Association and Memorandum
      • Partnership documents if any
      • Trade License
      • Proprietorship documents
    • Most recent bank statements
    • An official letter from the applicant’s employer explicitly stating in detail the reason for travel and whether the company, the applicant, or both will be taking care of the applicant’s expenses during his or her period of stay
    • An itinerary detailing the whereabouts of the applicant for the duration of the trip
    • A letter of invitation from the partnering organisation functioning within the Schengen area
    • Reservations of both airline tickets as well as hotels
    • Proof of previous business relations between the organisations if any

    While these are the most common Schengen Visas that travellers apply for, there are other kinds of Schengen visas, which require additional documents to be submitted:

    Schengen Transit Visa or Airport Transit Visa

    • The applicant is required to hold a visa that is valid for the country of destination that he or she is travelling to
    • A valid airline ticket for the country of destination

    Schengen Visa for Educational Purposes

    • Both relevant applicants forms to be signed and filled in
    • An acceptance letter from the institution in the specified Schengen state
    • Proof showing the applicant can sufficiently meet living expenses for the duration of his or her stay
    • In case of travelling for the purpose of training, an enrollment certificate from the relevant institution will have to be provided

    Schengen Visa for Employment Purposes

    • Both relevant applicants forms to be signed and filled in
    • Contract of employment stating agreement of the same between the employer from the Schengen country specified and the applicant

    Schengen Visa for Applicants With a Schengen Spouse Looking to Reside in a Schengen Country

    • Both relevant applicants forms to be signed and filled in
    • The original marriage certificate
    • If the applicant’s spouse is a citizen of a Schengen member country, then a copy of his or her passport will be required to be submitted
    • If the applicant’s spouse is not a citizen of a Schengen member country, but resides in that particular country, then a copy of the resident permit will be required to be submitted


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