Documents Required For Schengen Visa

In order to apply for a Schengen Visa which allows an individual to visit any of the countries in the Schengen Zone, the applicant is required to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. Though there might be a slight difference in the requirements based on the embassy of a particular Schengen country, they are more or less similar and can be fulfilled by submitting additional documents.

A Schengen Visa can be obtained for a single as well as multiple entry travel plan which will allow the traveler to visit more than one Schengen country. In addition to documents pertaining to identification and economic status, applicants are also required to submit specified documents as applicable and requested by embassy/consulate of a particular Schengen country. Since the application process may take time depending on the embassy/consulate, an applicant is requested to take an appointment at least 15 days prior to the departure date. Currently, the following common documents are required by the Schengen countries for the visa application process –

  1. Filled in visa application form
  2. One passport size photograph
  3. Copy of the passport with at least two blank pages and three months of validity
  4. Copy of previous visas
  5. Flight itinerary with dates and flight numbers
  6. Copy of the travel health insurance policy which covers medical emergencies and also valid for all Schengen countries (if the visa application is rejected, the policy can be cancelled for a refund)
  7. Proof of accommodation
  8. Proof of sufficient funds to support the expenses during the travel

If the applicant is a minor, the following additional documents are required to be submitted -

  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Signature of both the parents on the application
  • Copy of the court order for instances where one of the parents has full custody of the child
  • Copy of specified identity proof of the parents
  • If the minor will be travelling alone then a notarized authorization is required. The authorization needs to be signed by either both the parents, guardians or the parent who has legal custody of the child.

The following list outlines the additional documents required for each type of Schengen visas -

Airport Transit Visa

An airport transit visa is required for passing through the international zone of an airport which is located in a Schengen country. The requirement for this type of visa depends on the nationality of the traveler, destination country, and other factors. The airport transit visa allows a traveler to stop and wait at an international airport of a Schengen country without leaving the designated airport area. The application for an airport transit visa requires the following documents -

  • Copy of the valid visa for the destination country
  • Copy of airline tickets

Transit Visa

Transit visas are non-immigrant visas that allows the individual to pass through a Schengen country without the permit to stay there. The application for a transit visa requires the following documents -

  • Copy of the valid visa for the destination country
  • Copy of airline tickets

Tourist Visa For Visiting Friends Or Relatives

When the applicant applies for a tourist visa to meet his/her relative, the following documents need to be submitted -

  • Copy of the bank statement for the last six months
  • Original ‘official affidavit of support’ is required and applicable for an individual who does not have sufficient funds in his/her account to support the travel expenses
  • A letter containing details of the travel plan including the purpose of travel, entry and exit date, etc.
  • The first-time travelers are required to furnish the following details as well:
  • Past three years’ IT returns
  • Appointment letter
  • Reference letter from the employer
  • If the individual is an owner of a company, they are required to submit the following details:
  • Business registration details
  • IT returns
  • Bank statement
  • If the individual is an owner of a company, he/she is required to submit the following details:
  • Copy of flight tickets
  • Details of accommodation and other documents as applicable

An individual can also apply for a visa to visit his/her relatives and/or friends. Based on whether the applicant or the relative/friend is covering the travel expenses, a formal declaration will need to be submitted along with the visa application. The following documents are required to be submitted for this type of visa -

  • The formal invitation from the relative/friend
  • The residency permit of the relative/friend if they are not a citizen of the Schengen country
  • If the travel expenses are covered by the applicant, then only the address and passport copy of the relative/friend is required.

Tourist Visa without Visit to Any Relatives/Friends

When the applicant applies for a visa only for the purpose of tourism and not for business or to meet any relative/friend, then the following documents are required -

  • Bank statement for the past six months
  • Details of the travel itinerary including hotel reservations, etc.

Business Travel

If the applicant needs to visit any of the Schengen countries for business or to meet existing or potential business partners/clients, the following documents will be required -

  • Recent bank statements
  • A brief description of the applicant’s job responsibility and also about the company/organization that he/she is representing
  • Original certified copy of Memorandum and Article of Association of registered companies or Trade License and other official documents of a company/business/organization
  • Purpose of the visit indicated through a formal cover letter
  • A letter issued by the employer detailing the purpose of the travel along with the itinerary for the days that will be spent in the Schengen countries.
  • An invitation letter from the employer
  • An indication of the travel expenses to be covered by either the employer or the employee or both
  • Copy of the airline tickets
  • Proof of accommodation including address and details of stay

Travel For Training Purposes

  • Copy of the enrolment certificate

Other Short-Term Travel Purposes

  • Invitation letter from concerned person/establishment
  • Copy of airline tickets
  • Detailed description of the itinerary and purpose of travel

Travel For Employment Purpose

  • Two applicable forms need to be filled in and submitted
  • Copy of the employment contract from the employer in the Schengen territory

Travel For Studying

  • For individuals who are applying for the visa to study, two application forms are required to be submitted
  • The letter of acceptance from a University/College/School in the Schengen country
  • Proof of financial sustainability

Travel To Reside In Schengen Country With A Schengen Spouse

  • Two applicable forms need to be filled in and submitted
  • Copy of the marital certificate
  • If the spouse is a citizen of the Schengen country, the copy of the spouse’s passport or the residency permit of the spouse if he/she is not a citizen of the Schengen country.


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