• Ker Puja Holiday 2018

    Ker Puja is a festival predominantly celebrated in Tripura, a state in the Northeast part of India. This is held a few weeks after Kharchi Puja, and is the tribal festival held in order to worship the deity of Vastu Devata. It is believed that, in the past, the Puja took place to enhance the general well being of the people of Tripura.

    Ker Puja 2018 – 2019

    Year Day Date Holiday States
    2018 Saturday 4th August Ker Puja Tripura
    2019 Sunday 7th July Ker Puja Tripura

    History Of Ker Puja

    Ker Puja is performed two weeks after the start of Kharchi Puja. In between the two Pujas, a total of 14 different deities have been worshipped. The last part of this process of Ker Puja, where Ker is honoured, the guardian deity of the Vastu Devata.

    How Is Ker Puja Celebrated?

    During the Puja, entrances of the capital city of Tripura, Agartala is closed off to protect the area. The people here are restricted in many ways. They are not allowed to dance, wear shoes, or even light fires. Anyone not adhering to these rules is burdened with a fine and the Puja begins again.

    During this time, the elderly, expectant mothers, and the sick are moved to villages nearby. This is done to prevent any mishaps that may occur. The ceremony beginds with a loud bang on the morning of Ker Puja, indicating the start of Ker Puja. People during this time are discouraged from screaming or crying.

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