Gold Rate In Raichur Today

  • Today's Gold Rate in Raichur (03 Oct 2022)

    ₹ 4,745
    Today's Gold Rate (22K) per gram

    Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate in Raichur (Today & Yesterday)

    Rate Change
    Standard Gold (22 K) (1 gram) ₹ 4,745 ₹ 4,760 ₹ -15 ↓
    Standard Gold (22 K) (8 grams) ₹ 37,960 ₹ 38,080 ₹ -120 ↓
    Pure Gold (24 K) (1 gram) ₹ 4,982 ₹ 4,998 ₹ -16 ↓
    Pure Gold (24 K) (8 grams) ₹ 39,856 ₹ 39,984 ₹ -128 ↓

    Daily Gold Rates

    Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 K)
    1 gram 8 grams 1 gram 8 grams
    02 Oct 2022 ₹ 4,745 ₹ 37,960 ₹ 4,982 ₹ 39,856
    01 Oct 2022 ₹ 4,760 ₹ 38,080 ₹ 4,998 ₹ 39,984
    30 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,745 ₹ 37,960 ₹ 4,982 ₹ 39,856
    29 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,745 ₹ 37,960 ₹ 4,982 ₹ 39,856
    28 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,675 ₹ 37,400 ₹ 4,909 ₹ 39,272
    27 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,655 ₹ 37,240 ₹ 4,888 ₹ 39,104
    26 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,705 ₹ 37,640 ₹ 4,940 ₹ 39,520
    25 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,705 ₹ 37,640 ₹ 4,940 ₹ 39,520
    24 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,715 ₹ 37,720 ₹ 4,951 ₹ 39,608
    23 Sep 2022 ₹ 4,755 ₹ 38,040 ₹ 4,993 ₹ 39,944

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    Todays Gold Price in Raichur

    Raichur is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, located between the Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers. Raichur's culture and history are well-known, as it was once ruled by various dynasties, including the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Bahmani Sultans of Vijayanagara, and the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur.

    Check - Today Gold Rate

    Gold is seen as a very strong indicator of social status. When it comes to weddings and marriages, for example, a father will define his social position in the eyes of others by giving his daughter gold jewellery for the wedding that is heavier in quantity than what his competitors gave. This is a common tendency that has persisted over time, making it impossible to turn away. Let's take a closer look at Raichur's gold rate.

    Where to buy gold in Raichur?

    When buying gold in Raichur, make sure that you are buying from a well-established and certified dealer. Ensure that the gold is marked, stamped, engraved or in some way certified and determined to be authentic gold of whichever purity you choose – 22 karat or 24 karat. Do get a certificate of authenticity which contains details of purity, gold rate on the date of purchase and the amount of gold purchased – along with the gold.

    How can I check whether the gold that I have purchased is authentic?

    One of the easiest ways to check the authenticity of your gold is to conduct the float test. Take your gold ornament and put it in a bowl of cold water. If the gold item sinks to the bottom of the bowl, then it is real gold since the precious metal’s density is high, otherwise it fake or a plated gold ornament. The other way to check is by taking your gold ornament and bringing it close to a magnet. If it sticks to the magnet then it is fake gold. Real gold will not stick to the magnet.

    FAQs on Gold rate in Raichur

    1. What is the significance of gold in Indian weddings in Raichur?

      As gold is considered as the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and signifies fortune, prosperity and wealth, it features prominently in Indian marriages.

    2. Why is 24 karat gold not used for making jewellery in Raichur?

      The 24-karat gold is of the highest purity and is very soft. This softness allows the yellow metal to be easily drawn into wires and beaten into sheets. Because of this exceptional softness, it is difficult for a jeweller to craft intricate jewellery pieces with 24 karat gold.

    3. Which composition of gold is more durable, 22 karat or 24 karat in Raichur?

      As 22 karat gold has other metals blended, it is considered more durable than 24 karat gold.

    4. Which gold is best to invest in Raichur?

      If you are looking forward to long term investment in Bhubaneshwar then 24 karat gold is the best option. If you are looking forward to making jewellery, then investing in 22 karat or 18 karat gold would be a better option.

    5. What precautions should be taken while purchasing gold jewellery in Raichur?

      While purchasing gold jewellery in Raichur, you need to make sure to check for purity, negotiate making charges, and cross check the price of the yellow metal. You must know that the price varies based on the purity of gold.

    6. What is the difference between 22 karat gold and 24 karat gold in Raichur?

      The difference between 22 karat gold and 24 karat gold is the amount of pure gold that is present in it. 24 karat gold is 100% pure gold, that is, it is composed of 100% pure gold. 22 karat gold, on the other hand, is composed of 91.67% pure gold. The 22 karat gold has impurities mixed with it in the form of alloy of metals like silver and copper.

    7. Which factors affect the gold price in Raichur?

      The gold prices in Raichur are affected by various external factors such as the rate of Indian currency with respect to US dollar, price of oil, important political events, etc. The internal factors such as the policies introduced by the government, interest rate, the demand for gold, etc., also have an impact on gold prices in India.

    8. Is the Raichur gold price determined by an organisation or entity?

      No, the gold price is not determined by an organisation or entity. A group of companies or entities set it by considering various factors.

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